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The following story is fiction about young man who is picked on by his older cousins until he devises a way to make them accept him as a peer.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Memorial Day Snowballs


It happened again just like it did every time the family got together.  Shad's cousins were two to four years older than he was and that meant that they were bigger, stronger, knew more and were capable of beating him every time they got together.  It did not matter when he was a baby because nothing mattered then.  It did not even matter when he was six or seven because they were so much bigger than he was that he did not complete.  But now that he was eleven, no longer sheltered by his parents, he was exposed to the power of three young teens feeling their oats and hormones.

Shad never had a chance of winning or even tying.  He was very angry that he was constantly the loser; the last in everything except shame.  On the winter break family get together the free-for-all snowball fight between the four cousins was the breaking point.  Not only could each of them make snowballs faster than Shad but their missiles were larger and launched harder.  They ganged up on him and soon he fell under a barrage of snowballs.  Once that happened, he was pounced on and his face was rubbed in the snow.  It was an indignity that caused Shad to decide that he had to get even.

It took a month for a plan to form and grow into something that had a chance of success.  The next family gathering would be at his house and that was a critical issue.  Shad took advantage of the heavy snow falls of February to carefully make an arsenal of snowballs which he stored in the old refrigerator in the garage which was only used for summer parties.  By the time February ended, Shad had a huge stockpile.  He was anxiously awaiting the family get together in the spring.

Shad was most unhappy that in early April, the spring get together was canceled.  July Fourth was so long off and that get together was always at Grandma and Grandpa's place where there was a great view of the big fireworks show.  While Shad was trying to find another plan, the spring get together was rescheduled for Memorial Day at his house.  Shad was over joyed and that would be even better than April for his plan.

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The big day came.  It was a scorcher with record high temperatures and after the barbeque, Shad got his pure white missiles and launched his attack.  Shad managed to make several direct hits on his very surprised cousins.  They were even more effective because the snow had hardened into ice.  Unarmed, his cousins fled (at least out of range).  Shad was overjoyed.  For the first time ever, he had been victorious.

Although Shad was triumphant on the battlefield, there was a force he had not reckoned on – parents.  He was quickly restrained.  Quick judgment was rendered and he was fated to be spanked.  Not only spanked but immediately spanked and where his cousins could watch.  That was absolutely disastrous.

His cousins on hearing this, were perversely delighted.  Most boys consider spankings as great entertainment – when given to others.  It took a few minutes before Brad realized that this would set a precedent that could adversely affect them all.  He quickly spoke with Jay and Trey.  "This was another battle in the kids against grownups continuing conflict." he explained and that took precedent over cousin rivalries.

"Uncle," said Brad as respectively as he could, "We don't think that Cousin Shad should be spanked.  This is a matter for us young men to work out."  Shad was surprised for he was about to lose his pants and be bent over his father's lap for a humiliating public spanking.  And what was this – his oldest cousin was defending him – after being successfully attacked?

Several fathers talked while boys waited.  Then Shad was given a choice.  "You can get a spanking or you can accept the judgment of your peers.  Which will it be?"

Shad had a difficult decision for he did not know how angry his cousins were.  On the other side, taking the spanking was a little boy's solution which would prove to his cousins exactly what he was trying to disprove.  "Peers." he said definitively and walked over to them.

Two fathers quickly admonished their sons that they had better behave properly especially with regard to Shad.

Brad placed his hand on the back of Shad's neck and with Jay on the other side lead the way to the other side of the garage away from the adults, little kids and girls.  Trey was carrying the bag with the remaining ammo.  Shad was somewhat nervous but at least his cousins were not treating him as a baby.  He hoped that they would be reasonable.  "We hope that you don't think you're getting away with this.  You're just not going to be spanked by your daddy.  You're going to be spanked by us."  Shad's hopes were totally dashed.  As his other cousins seconded the oldest one's taunt, he tried to decided if a spanking from his dad with them watching was worse than a spanking from them (without the adults about).  He made a decision however that he would accept whatever his cousins decreed should be his punishment.

Once they were behind the garage he was subjected to 'lectures' about how he misbehaved and that he was going to be spanked so that he would change his ways.  He was made to drop his jeans and lean against the garage bent low so that his butt was raised up.  His cousins then took turns using the snowballs as spanking missiles.  The heat had taken its toll and the remaining snowballs were now mushy rather than nicely firm as they were when first taken from cold storage.

The snowballs partly disintegrated in flight and then squished on contact.  Rather than hurting they made a large wet spot and much of the soft snow/ice fell in Shad's pants (about his ankles).  Once the missiles were exhausted, the spanking was declared over and Shad was allowed to restore his jeans.

They then gave him a great big group hug to welcome his passing the test showing that he was no longer a little boy.  Shad managed to ignore that his pants were wet for the rest of the afternoon as he played – at long last as an equal – with his big cousins.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 14, 2011

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