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The following story is fiction about girls learning to spank.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I found the drawing by Trident on the web.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Merit Badge in Babysitting


I was an innocent little boy of ten when this happened.  April, my sister, was two-years older and very enthusiastic about being a girl scout.  It was pretty much all she talked about at the time.  In less than two years that would change and boys would be the topic constantly.

Of course, we fought just like the kid job specs said we should but we were naughty in that we did not do that as much as we should as compared to my friends and their big sisters some of whom were downright mean, cruel and evil.  All they lacked were tall pointy black hats, black cats and flying brooms.

Although we did not know it in just three years we would be bigger and stronger and better equipped to fend off their attacks.  But, sorry, I digress.  The biggest thing April fussed about was getting scout merit badges.  It was always a big deal to her.  I loved that Mom had made her learn how to sew (and incidentally get the sewing badge) by refusing to sew the badges on her sash so she had to do it herself.  At dinner one evening she proudly showed off some new badge and announced that the next one she was going for was babysitting.

April went at this very intently, as always, but that made no difference to me.  What did make a difference was that she was actually nicer to me.  She almost acted like a big brother for she would take me places including, once, even a ball game that she did not care about one bit for she read a school book as we sat in the stands.  She had a plan that I did not know about for several weeks.  A couple of days after that ball game she very nicely asked me “Sammy, would you please help me getting my merit badge?”

How could I refuse after her intensive spell of being super nice to me?  So I replied “Yeah.  How?  When?”  She explained that all I would have to do was to accompany her to her scout meeting.  “With thirty girls?” I asked, surprised.© YLeeCoyote

“No.  Just the eight of us working on the babysitter merit badge.”  That wasn’t so scary as a huge troop so I agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

The meeting was set for seven and just like on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” TV show everyone showed up within three minutes.  The eight girl scouts and we three younger brothers plus the leader, Mrs. Penning, we were a dozen.  That woman planned well for she had a couple of games for us boys to play with while she got the meeting going.

It was a few minutes later we found out why we were there.  The topic was proper discipline for naughty boys.  And guess who was going to be the practice subjects.  That’s right – we three boys.

Marty was selected first and Mrs. Penning demonstrated all sort of things about getting the boy’s pants and underpants down and holding the naughty boy while over the lap.  That, of course, was the preliminary to the real event – the actual spanking.  In this initial demonstration Mrs. Penning did not give hard spanks but only play spanks.  Afterwards Marty was actually laughing as he pulled up his pants.  Two of the girls followed along with this demonstration working with Bobby and me while the other six girl watched intently.  Even though we naughty boys didn’t struggle the girls had some trouble getting us into position.  I guess that they really needed to learn how to spank.  I never noticed Mom having any trouble when she spanked me.

For the second round, us volunteers paired with our sisters to do the exercise.  April smiled at me and promised not to hurt me.  I think she did better than the first two girls had for she quickly got my pants down and pulled me over her lap.  I guess that she had learnt stuff watching Mom spank me.  It felt funny and somehow different from when I was over Mom’s lap.  Even her hand was different and she initially patted my bare bottom.  Then she gave me the allowed three spanks.  The first two were pretty gentle but the third time she hit hard.  We all dressed again.

It was snack time and Mrs. Penning was preparded.  Everyone got milk and the girls fruit cups but there was some very scrumptious chocolate cake for us boys.  Mrs. Penning explained that our sisters told her that what we liked best.  None of us would have liked the fruit cup.

For the third and final round the remaining three girls had their turn.  It was pretty much the same as the second round.  My girl had trouble and could not even play spank me properly.  She was told to work with the other girl who also had difficulties.

They wanted some posed pictures and one of them was a group shot.  My sister insisted that I join in.  She made some silly argument that our folks would disapprove if I was missing.  However, the other two sisters did worry about that.  Mrs. Penning encouraged me with the promise of a piece of that wonderful cake to take home.

April surprised me by getting my pants down and pulling me back over her lap as you can see in the photo.  The girls were very appreciative and gave us each a quarter which was a lot back then.  We also each received a piece of cake so the earlier promise really was meaningless.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was some aftermath.  April insisted on practicing at home and even had Mom watch to give suggestions.  Since those were always play spankings I didn’t mind since she did take me places.

But ……

But a couple of weeks later Mom was going to spank me for some misdeed or other and had sent me to my room to wait (and worry).  I was surprised that April come in while I was waiting.  “Mother said that I may give you a real spanking this time since you have earned one.”

I figured that it would be an easier spanking than from Mom so I went along.  April did really well quickly getting my pants and briefs down and me over her lap as she sat on my bed.  I got a couple of play spanks and started to relax.  That was a very big mistake for she then gave me a zillion hard spanks.  I actually cried and even continued as she held me afterwards.

A few months later I realized that letting April spank me was wrong because after that she always convinced Mom to allow her to spank me – real punishment spankings.  I never liked those but I guess I was not suppose to.  Need I say that April absolutely loved them.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 16, 2021

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