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The following story is fiction about a boy who learns he is a spanko.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Metamorphose into a Spanko


Victor did not want to go to the lake for vacation.  He told his parents that repeatedly.  So many times, in fact, that if the direction of the comments were reversed, he would have been complaining that they were nagging him.  Of course, they told him that there would be other kids to play with, lots of things to do and that he would have a great time.  Victor did not believe them.

They got there late and all there was to do was to get settled into the lakeside cabin.  The first morning thirteen-year-old Victor did some scouting to see if he could find a playmate.  The only others he could find were a few babies barely in elementary school and a gaggle of older teens who immediately shooed him away because he was a mere baby to them.  He was grumpy at lunch and sorta reluctantly went swimming when his mom could watch.  At least he understood the safety regulations.  He made sure that a large dish of 'I told you so!' was served at dinner.

The next day things changed for the better.  A short way down the road, a family moved in.  It was made to order for Victor as he quickly got to know Frank and Tracy two brothers who were a year older and younger respectively than he was.  Two playmates, and hopefully to be friends, to share his vacation.  Guys to run, hike and swim with – and since they were three no need for constant monitoring by a parent when swimming.

It was just a couple of days that Victor learnt that not all parents raise their kids in the same way.  They had gotten back from exploring the woods more than an hour later than they had been told to.  Mr. Pollack was not pleased in the least nor did he care that Victor was about.  He immediately yelled at his sons and declared that they would be spanked.  Victor did not have any knowledge of spanking except from old stories and believed that it was as obsolete as candles for lights.

Victor watched with huge eyes as Mr. Pollack yanked Frank's shorts down to his ankles and easily flipped him over his lap for a spanking.  He was fascinated as the large heavy parental hand was raised and brought crashing down onto Frank's bare bottom with great force.  For the very first time he saw a spanking and even the boy's bottom turn flaming red as it was soundly spanked.  He was equally impressed by the spanking that Tracy received.  "If you were in my charge, boy, you would be getting a well-deserved spanking also." said the man.  Victor did not have any idea way he had such intense feelings.© YLeeCoyote

He could not get the image out of his head the rest of the day.  Then even when he was in bed the vivid sight, indelibly burned into his memory, kept him up in more than one way.  He could not help to play with his hard shaft as he replayed the exciting event in an auto repeating loop mode in his mind.  He rolled over onto to his side so that he could give himself a few spanks.  Even the sound of his gentle self-spanks seemed loud in the silence of the cabin so that he was glad he had shut his bedroom door and hoped that his parents had done the same.  By the time he had succumbed to the power of the dark, spanking was permanently embedded in his erotic universe.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning Victor could hardly eat in his rush to get out to and talk to Frank and Tracy about spanking.  He wanted to know everything about it.  His interest after his new found erotic pleasures was many times that of what it was right after the event.  Both brothers were a bit confused by his obsessive interest for they both considered spanking to just be a major pain in the ass.  This was surely the result of years of unpleasant experiences with spanking, i.e., receiving them.

It was only after the trio got to a little beach far from the main swimming beach, which was near the cluster of cabins, that Victor actually shut up as they bounded in for a long morning of wet horseplay in the lake.  When they stopped for lunch Victor resumed with his spanking talk and it actually got more intense.  Between bites Frank observed "You haven't had any experience with spankings.  They fucken hurt, dude!"

Upon questioning Frank admitted to what Victor had noticed.  "I did get at least half hard when I was being spanked." but he quickly added: "I get hard a lot no matter what I'm doing." as an explanation.

"You need a good hard spanking, Victor." suddenly declared Tracy most emphatically and with a smile (or maybe a smirk).

"My dad doesn't spank me and your dad can't so it isn't gonna happen." scoffed Victor.

"I'll SPANK you – if you ask me really nicely." snapped Tracy now grinning.  Even Frank was grinning.

It was decision time.  Victor had to put his money where his mouth was or drop the topic.  "OK, Tracy, show me."

Tracy looked at him.  "Show you what?"

Victor got the message and asked properly.  "Please give me a spanking."  Naturally, Tracy agreed and directed that Victor lay over his outstretched legs. There was not any need to remove any clothing because they were all naked since they were skinny dipping.  Once Frank was in position Tracy held his outer wrist up on his back to assure he remained in place and started to spank the year older boy.

Tracy began with a few birthday type spanks.  Either they would lull Victor into thinking spankings don't hurt or immediately scare him away.  The trick worked and Victor laughed a bit at which point Tracy started to hit harder.  Victor started to react more but Frank sat on his legs effectively immobilizing him.  Although Victor was making noise the experienced pair knew he had not experienced real spanking yet.

Tracy mouthed to his brother "Your hairbrush."  Now Frank had lots of long hair so he had an old style hairbrush to keep it under control.  He dug into his pack and fished it out and gave it to his brother.  When the wide oval hardwood brush back first struck Victor, the impact was significantly greater than that of Tracy's bare hand causing the spankee to howl and yell from both surprise and pain.  Tracy was enjoying spanking the know-it-all older boy and watching his bottom turn dark red so he continued happily.

Frank watching carefully noticed how Victor's body language rapidly changed.  He got off Victor's legs and grabbed Tracy spanking arm.  Quietly, he told Tracy: "Just use your hand now."  With the change back to just hand spanks, Victor quickly moved away from the world of pain and was driven (spanked!) deep into his erotic zone.  After a few minutes he went over the edge and experienced a great orgasm much to the amusement of the brothers.

"OMG!" exclaimed Victor, "That was TOTALLY AWESOME!"  After he recovered, he saw that the brothers were laughing at him.

"That was not a real spanking.  Real spankings HURT far too much to make us cum like that." said Frank with Tracy agreeing.  "You only came like that because Tracy switched back to a gentle hand spanking."  Victor was at a loss for words to describe his confused state so he ran into the water and the others followed.

"That was great fun." declared Tracy to his brother, "I want to do it more.  A lot more!"

"Yeah and I want to show Victor what a real spanking is.  Let's be cool and not talk about this for a while." responded Frank as they headed for the water.

Later that day, Victor wanted another spanking but Frank explained it would be better to wait.  Of course, he planned to roast Victor's tail and wanted to do it sometime before he had to get back so that it would not be noticeable to his parents.

* * * * * * * * * *

Never was there a boy so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as Victor the next morning.  He had replayed the previous day's fantastic spanking experience many times in the privacy of his bed and was anxiously looking forward to a repeat thrill.  He met up with his friends and they headed up the mountain for a fun day.  Victor's parents were delighted that their son was enjoying the vacation so much.

Of course both brothers were also anxious to get going this morning for they were planing to properly roast Victor's tail so that he would truly know what a real spanking was.  They had made some plans so as to minimize the possibility of interruptions.  Although Victor was anxious to get started Frank told him "You have to wait a bit until we get to the perfect place to spank you proper.  But you may enjoy the anticipation."

About an hour later, the three turned off of the trail to get to a little clearing that the brothers knew of from the past.  "It will be nice and private over there." they assured Victor.  That was certainly true but the real reason the brothers selected this place was because there was an old wall there which provided a perfect seat.  It wasn't any trouble at all to get Victor to strip and lay over Frank's lap as he sat on the end of the wall.  Since this was higher although just as narrow as a chair seat it meant that Victor was pretty much suspended so Tracy helped him balance by holding his arms.

Frank started, just as Tracy had, spanking with his bare hand.  Victor quickly moved into his fantasy space.  Then Frank reached into his pack which he had placed behind himself and extracted a flip-flop.  Unlike the wooden backed hairbrush that would easily bruise, this was like a stiff rubber paddle.  It was a most effective spanking implement and multiplied the teen's spanking power to that of an adult's.  Very quickly Frank had Victor howling and begging him to stop.  With Frank's grip on his waist and Tracy holding his arms, Victor could not escape the stinging spanks of the flip-flop.

Frank just continued spanking using the short rubber-like paddle to great effect.  Victor's bottom quickly became a hot red pain center and soon after his crying turned into bawling.  After what seemed an eternity to Victor, Frank stopped the spanking and helped the confused Victor up.  When Victor recovered they explained.  "You have now received a real, honest-to-goodness punishment spanking. That's the sort we were complaining about – not like the playful spanking that you got yesterday."

Victor was quite humbled.  He appreciated that they help cool the raging inferno they had lit in his butt with their ice-cold water bottles.  He was very grumpy for a several hours but then understood the lesson his friends had given him.

By the time they returned to their cabins, Victor was back to normal and the only physical signs of the real spanking he had received were covered by his shorts.  A gentle fire still raged inside his butt and when he got to bed, his mind was quite befuddled.  This confusion did not prevent the fun activities he indulged in the night before with one exception.  This time he did not give himself any spanks but just rubbed his butt to stimulate the still smoldering fire that Frank had ignited in the morning.

The only thing Victor was sure of as he slipped into dreamland was that he loved getting spanked.  You would surely guess be correct if you said that Victor was spanked in his dreams.  In the morning as he went to meet his friends, he worried about how he could get them to spank him again.  His worries were misplaced for they were all too anxious to help him to get spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 21, 2016

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