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Almost thirteen year old Rob (no longer Bobby, if you please) walked slowly home from school.  The note from school safely inside his notebook inside his book bag.  The note that guaranteed that he was going to get his bottom tanned that evening by his father.  Tanned with his two brothers, Abel (15) and Kenny (11), watching.  Spankings in his house were always given with the other brothers watching.

"More effective." his father had declared many times.

Rob had thought about that many times also.  His father was right but not because they hurt any more that way or that any of them learnt not to anything because the others were spanked but because they were more embarrassing.

It was embarrassing to be stripped naked as the day you were born with your brothers watching even though they had been naked with each other since forever thousands of times without giving it a second thought.

It was embarrassing to be hauled over dad's lap with your brothers watching even though they all had been many times.© YLeeCoyote

It was embarrassing to be spanked over dad's lap with your brothers watching even though they all had been many times.

It was embarrassing to be spanked until you were bawling like an infant with your brothers watching.

It was embarrassing to be punished with your brothers watching.

When Abel had turned fourteen just a year ago, there was a change.  He was allowed to strip himself rather than being stripped.  Then rather than going over dad's lap, like a little boy, told to bend over to receive a strapping.  The strap really hurt.  Rob could tell that from the sound it made hitting his brother's butt.  From the marks it left on his brother's butt.  From the expression on his brother's face when it struck.  And most of all from what Abel had told him:

"The STRAP really hurts a hell of a lot more than dad's hand."

"But you don't cry." noted Rob.

"Only babies cry." Abel said with macho disdain.  How could his brother be so stupid; everyone knows that men don't cry.

Rob had the problem that middle sons always have.  He wanted to be grouped with his big brother rather than with his little one.  He wanted to have: 'you two big boys' be the expression used rather than 'you two little boys' when his parents talked to him.  Rob had a plan.

Today he was going to put his plan into effect.  After dinner he had the father/son discussion triggered by the school's note.  He was instructed that he and his brothers were to be in the family room at 9 pm for his spanking.  The delay was so that homework could be done.

Just before the appointed hour, he went to his father's closet and got the strap that dad had used on Abel.  (He did this just as Abel had been told to do it.)  He had handled it many times in the last two months wanting it and fearing it greatly.  It sure felt like it would hurt.  He hurried to the family room and immediately stripped.  He stood there waiting for the others.  Abel saw him and the strap.

"Don't Rob, it really hurts like hell.  Just take a spanking."  His brother understood.

Kenny did not understand what was happening.

It was a short wait until his father appeared.  His father was surprised that he was naked but before he could ask Rob handed him the strap and assumed the position just as his brother had been taught to do last year.

"You want to be strapped, Rob?"

"I don't want to be spanked like a little boy over your lap, Father."

"The strap hurts a lot more, son."

"I don't want to be spanked like a little boy over your lap, Father."

Regardless of what his father said, he always answered:

"I don't want to be spanked like a little boy over your lap, Father."

"Very well." said his father raising the strap and swinging it.  His father understood also.


Rob felt pain as he had never felt it before.  Both Abel and dad were right.  The strap hurt a hell of a lot more than a whole spanking and he had only one stroke so far.  But he had not yelled.  He had not cried.  Something was different like Abel had indicated.  He braced for the next blow.

He was not disappointed.


Nor did the rest disappoint.


"You may get up now, Rob.  You took that very well." said his father.

"Thank you, Father.  I'll really try harder at school."

Dad left.  Kenny was amazed at how his little big brother had taken it and at the marks it had left.  Then he was shooed out to go to bed.  Abel hugged his big little brother.

"I'm proud of you.  You took it like a man.  You did not cry.  You're not a baby any more."

"You were right, Abel, it hurt a lot more than a spanking."  They went to their bedrooms but in a minute Abel was back with his brother.  He sat down on Rob's bed and indicated that his brother should get across his lap.  He was holding a tube of something in his hand.  Rob did as his brother indicated.

"This cream will help." he said.  Then he covered his brother's red hot butt with the Sportscreme®  "I'll be back in the morning to do it again, bro."

Rob slept (prone, of course) surprisingly well that night for he knew that things had metamorphosed in his world.  The pain in his butt did not matter; it was a mere unimportant detail in the great scheme of things.  What was most significant was that the two most important men in the entire universe now knew that he was no longer a baby but a MAN!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 16, 2000

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