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The following story is fiction can contains scenes of spanking.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting please leave now.  We all know that when the children go to bed and the playroom lights are out, all is still and quiet.  Or is it?  Perhaps another reality is active?

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Mickie and Oso


Oso was a gigantic teddy bear.  Oso was adopted and named by Mickie four years ago when Mickie turned five years old and was a big boy (who never needed diapers or even pull-ups but wore big boy briefs).  At that time Mickie was smaller than Oso but he grew while Oso stayed the same size.  Mickie fell in love with Oso (platonically of course) and promised – cross my heart and hope to die promise – that they would be together forever!

Now that Mickie was nine he had a very good reputation.  Ms. Whatshername who taught fourth grade thought that he was a good boy who never, ever pulled the girls' pigtails.  Mickie's father thought that he was a good boy because he could run faster and jump higher than the other boys.  Mickie's mother thought he was a good boy because mothers always think that their little boys are good little boys (until they are brought home by an angry, burly policeman).  Everybody thought that he was a good boy.

But the toys in Mickie's playroom knew better.  Mickie loved to play outdoors where he could run faster and jump higher and chase the birds (both with and without pigtails).  The problem surfaced was when it was cold (according to his mother who wore a sweater from October through April) or raining (because then it was wet and he would melt like sugar (not that it was a problem at bath time) then Mickie had to play in his playroom with his toys.  Mickie liked to pretend that he was a powerful king or a great general and conquer the rest of the world.  For Mickie this meant a great battle and not only were his toy solders set up but so were all the other toys.  During the battle, Mickie would move his army around and blow up the enemy.  That often meant that things got thrown about.  The solders did not complain for that was their job – to fight.  If they were hurt in battle or even killed they could accept that was because that what their job was.  But the other toys were simple civilians.  Their job specifications were that they were noncombatants.  It was OK if they got captured and interred but they must not be hurt (unless they were secret agents).

Unfortunately Mickie did not play by the rules.  On rainy days when Mickie was getting off to slumberland, the toys should have been going about their normal lives.  Unfortunately they were at the hospital instead getting patched up.  The toys were angry.  The toys had a meeting.  They decided that Mickie must be punished.

The next rainy day when Mickie started to set up for the great battle, the toys refused.  Oso was their spokestoy.  As first Mickie thought he was dreaming but then realized he was not.  After Oso told Mickie that he was a naughty boy and that he had to be punished, Mickie threatened to throw Oso away.© YLeeCoyote

Oso was very brave and said in a loud and firm voice: "You do that and you will die, Mickie, for you promised that we would be together forever and crossed your heart and hoped to die."

"That's just baby stuff.  I don't believe that now; I'm a big boy in the fourth grade."

"It does not work like that, Mickie.  That you believed it when you said it is what matters.  You get rid of me and you…" Teddy paused for a long time before he finished, "… will DIE!"

Mickie cooperated with the toys then.  He listened to their complaints and accepted that he must be punished.  Oso sat down and Mickie undid his belt and opened his jeans.  He lay down over Oso's outstretched legs.  All the toys gathered around to watch.  The Red Army solders grabbed the right side and the Blue Army solders grabbed the left side of his jeans and pulled them down to his knees.  The police and fire fighters cooperated to pull his Superhero briefs down so that everyone could see his big boy behind.

Oso raised his arm and brought his big paw down on Mickie's bottom with a muffled spank.  Mickie yelled.  Immediately he wished he hadn't even thought the spank hurt a lot more than he expected a spank from a teddy bear, even a gigantic teddy bear like Oso, should.  Mickie managed to keep pretty quiet for the next few spanks but he soon was crying like a little boy should when he is spanked, even by a teddy bear.

After the spanking and when he had pulled up his pants, Mickie promised to be careful of the civilians when he fought his great battles.

And he was.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day when Mike was thirteen and in the eighth grade, while his parents were out, he locked the door to his room and got Oso from the closet where he lived (hidden from Mike's friends).  Then Mike made a confession about how he had cheated and gone into theater seven showing an 'R' movie when he had a ticket for theater nine playing a 'G' movie.  "I've been a very naughty boy, Oso." he said, "I deserve to be spanked."

Mike was surprised that Oso spoke to him for the second time.  "Yes, Mickie, you have been very naughty and I shall spank you.  Take your pants down and get over my lap."  Mike would have objected if anyone had called him by his little boy name but it seemed right from Oso so he just did as he was told.  He did not think about how the spanking would hurt but how proud his father would be for taking responsibility for his actions.  Once in position Oso rested one paw on Mickie's back to hold him in place.  If he had been human, this would not have worked, but Oso was not human.  You might think that Oso would need a paddle or something but you are again forgetting that Oso was not human.

Oso raised his paw and brought it down very hard on Mickie's bottom.  Mickie yelled in pain but he did not try to get away.  Over and over Oso's paw connected with Mickie's bottom until it was bright red and Mickie was crying.  When Oso was satisfied, he stopped and Mickie held him very tightly until long past the time when he stopped crying.  Mike would never tell anyone about Oso spanking him.  But Mike was a much better young man after that in every way.

* * * * * * * * * *

As Mickie grew up and became Mike he gave away all his little boy toys except Oso, his gigantic teddy bear.  His father was not happy about that and one terrible day he took Oso and dropped him into a giant charity collection box in the Mall.  When Mike came home from playing ball, he suddenly got very sick and they rushed him to the hospital.  The doctors could not figure out what was wrong and he was stuck full of needles and soon was in the intensive care unit.

For the first time in years except to insist that he must keep Oso, he cried he wanted Oso.  The nurse got him a regular teddy bear but he yelled that was not Oso and threw it away.  The nurse told Mike's parents that Mike wanted his teddy bear and that they should get it.  "It certainly cannot hurt and it might help him to feel and thus get better.  It was a great source of comfort to him."  His mother and even his father tried to comfort him, but he kept crying for Oso, his gigantic teddy bear.  His mother finally said to his father: "Go get Oso." and he confessed that he had disposed of it.  "GO GET IT!  And don't come back without it."

Back at the collection box, Mike's father climbed into the collection box and found Oso.  Then  he found that he was trapped and needed help to get out.  The fire department cut the lock and then the police gave him several citations.  He rushed back to the hospitable with Oso.  The hospital insisted that Oso must get cleaned and disinfected before he was taken to the dying boy.  As soon as Oso was brought into Mickie's room, there was a change in the boy's condition.  All of the monitors showed Mickie's signs were moving to normal.  The improvement was even more rapid once Mickie was hugging his Oso.

The doctors could not explain this miraculous recovery any better than they could explain the sickness in the first place.  Mike could but nobody would believe him.  But Oso stayed in Mike's closet through high school and college and even when he was in the army.  Years later when his own son was five years old, he gave Oso to him telling him that he was a very special and magical teddy bear which he must treasure and keep forever and ever.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 1, 2008

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