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The following story is fiction about CP in a British elementary school. The story contains scenes of slippering and caning.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by the picture posted on a primary school site illustrating their uniforms.  I'll note that the uniform list includes a cap for the summer only although that is not shown in the image.  The original image is at  The old style train compartment used in the story is shown in this image from a platform.   Click to open the images off-site.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Missing Cap and Train Spells Trouble


The three of them were on the train returning to the school from the competition in East Nowhere.  The two boys, Stackpoole in his last year and Lathrop with a year to go had represented their school at the meet.  We must note that Lathrop was wearing the long trousers of the winter uniform while Stackpoole the short trousers of the summer one.  They were in the care of Junior Master McGiff and they had another hour to travel after the scheduled fourteen minute stop at the junction.  This is where things took an unexpected turn for the worse.

McGiff left the two boys on the train and stepped on the platform to have a quick fag.  He no sooner had commenced his first drag, when he noticed the pub just across the public highway and dashed for a quick pint of the local brew which he was quite fond of.  Knowing that time was short, he upended the mug and quaffed the first half.  He would have finished it in time to reboard the train but for an extremely urgent call of nature.  He barely had time to drop his britches before the stinky gushing started.  Even that might have been OK but the fates were in a mean mood this day for his train had been late getting to the junction.  That resulted in the hold time being just half of what he expected and when he emerged he could see that the train was already far away.

As the train speed away, the two boys noted the absence of the Junior Master and that they were alone in the small ten seat compartment which did not have any access to the rest of the carriage as it was an old model without a longitudinal corridor.  "Master McGiff appears to have missed the train.  We are alone.  He's gonna be in big trouble." said Stackpoole sagely.

"Quite so.  If either of us did that we would get our bums roasted.  I wonder what the head will do about him?" replied Lathrop with a grin.  "Will he have to wait outside his study after the last class?"  Both lads found this quite funny.  "I'll call the school from the station and they will send someone to pick us up." he added.

"No way.  I'll call being that I'm older."© YLeeCoyote

"Stackpoole you forget that I'm head of my class and thus in charge while you are just a little boy in shorts."

"But you're not head of my class."

"That does NOT matter.  I am a head boy and thus in charge even though you are in year-6 and I'm not."

Stackpoole did not look happy.  This diminutive year-5 boy was challenging him and he did not like that at all.  It was about to get worse, much worse.  It happened immediately for Lathrop forcefully declared:  "You are out of uniform, Stackpoole.  Your socks need to be pulled up and you are not wearing your cap.  This has earned you six with the slipper."

"What?" said the surprised boy.

"You have earned the slipper.  I'll give you a choice.  You can get it here now privately or tomorrow, after a report that will go on your record, from the Headmaster."

Stackpoole went silent with shock and just sat there.  Lathrop was so confident although he was much smaller and younger.  Years later he would learn that he had 'command presence'.

"Decide, Stackpoole.  Slipper now in private or report and in public tomorrow?" Lathrop demanded which was keeping Stackpoole off balance.

"Now." Stackpoole said after a long pause.

"Get me a slipper from your bag."  Once that was done, Lathrop continued.  "Drop 'em and bend over."

Stackpoole complied but Lathrop was not satisfied.  "Pants down also."  He spoke with such authority, that the older boy obeyed.  Stackpoole was surprised that he actually found that obedience became easier with each obeyed order not that he thought in those terms.

Lathrop was ecstatic that the older boy was obeying him.  He knew that he was pushing the limit of his authority but was sure that Stackpoole would not say anything as it would be far too embarrassing.  With a smile, he raised the trainer and brought it down on hard the proffered bum.

Stackpoole grunted with the pain and gripped the side of the carriage tightly fearing extras for moving as Lathrop went on with the punishment.  Five more times Lathrop raised and slammed the trainer onto Stackpoole's bum.  He was most thrilled with the delightful red colour he was achieving.

"You may get up, Stackpoole, and get dressed." he said when he was finished.

"Thank you, Sir."  Stackpoole's attitude had changed perceptibly.

They hardly spoke for the rest of the journey.  Alighting properly at their station they called the school and were picked up.  The Head praised them both for arriving on-time and even remembering to take McGiff's briefcase although the young master had failed in several ways.

* * * * * * * * * *

McGiff caught the next train which was two hours later and was facing a very angry Headmaster after some time in the bog.  Perhaps the Head might have been a little more sympathetic had McGiff telephoned to report the unfortunate situation so that the two boys could be met at the station.  And should they be missing, heaven forbid, the police informed immediately.

McGiff was sweltering under the severe tongue lashing he was receiving and particularly worried about losing his situation.  That certainly would be a disaster for his career as this was his first position.  Of course, the experienced Headmaster realized all that and had another punishment in mind that he, himself, would enjoy.  "I think you realize that you could lose your position because of this."  McGiff was actually sweating now.

"Yes, Sir.  I hope not.  Perhaps there is another course of action?" he said tentatively but exactly as the Head had hoped.

"If you were back in your Public School and did something awful what do you think would happen, McGiff?"

"They would most certainly would have caned me, Sir." replied McGiff thinking that there was an alternative.  "Perhaps that would be adequate, Sir." he said hopefully.

The Head sat there staring at the extremely nervous junior master enjoying making him sweat some more.  "Yes, I think that would do this time.  I have a cane in my quarters.  Follow me." he said after a long pause.

The home study of the Headmaster was more traditional than his more modern study in the school.  He quickly retrieved the heavy senior cane carefully stored in a cabinet after pretending to search for it and gave the necessary instructions.  "Remove your coat, drop your trousers and pants and bend over the desk for twelve-of-the best, McGiff.  I'm sure you are familiar with the protocol." he said as he bent the heavy cane into a semicircle to intimidate his victim further.

With both relief and trepidation, McGiff got into position.  The Head was absolutely delighted.  A firm, relatively young bum was being presented for his cane.  This was a far better feeling than he had in the BDSM club for this was a real punishment session rather than merely a pretense.

His trousers tented as he raised the cane for the first cut.  It made a fearful SWOSH as it came down on target leaving a deep painful tram track.  He relished its formation as he slowly raised the cane for the second cut.  The result of which was the same as the first.  McGiff was wondering how much worse it was going to get.  It was already making his previous caning which was only six cuts, several years before, pale in comparison.

McGiff soon found out that this was worse and that was just the start.  After six cuts McGiff started to yell with each cut and when the Head crossed them to make a double gate with the final two cuts, he was already crying.

"You may get up now, McGiff.  I hope this will be an adequate lesson."

"Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir." he said sobbing.

McGiff left to go to bed and nurse his tortured bottom.  The head also went to bed but found great pleasure in relieving the tension in his groin while looking at the series of pictures he secretly took of McGiff's bum after each cut of the cane.

* * * * * * * * * *

Stackpoole quickly learnt that the whacking he had received did not hurt that much so he could conceal it from his mates and fortunately he did not have to shower until the morning by when the red would have faded.  He also thought a lot about being slippered by a younger boy.  It was different from getting from the Headmaster.  That was pure punishment without any enjoyment.  This had interesting overtones of pleasure but he could not understand why.  It would be a couple of years before things became clear.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lathrop also had trouble getting to sleep that night.  It was not because he was worried about anything but just that it was a most exciting day.  For sometime he had relished the stories that his older cousins had told him about CP in the secondary school.  Of course, it would be years before he could be a prefect and to be able to whack his fellow students as he desperately wished.  Today, on the train, he enjoyed his first experience of that sort.  It was a fluke since students were normally never unsupervised at the primary school.

He was also thinking about what might happen when McGiff returned and faced the Headmaster.  Of course, he would not wait outside the Head's study but what might happen when he was inside.  Missing the train was a serious offence and absolutely rated punishment.  Certainly there would be a lecture but would there be something more?  Something like his cousins had told him about.  Something like in the stories about public schools when caning and slippering were common.  How wonderful it would be to watch it.

He quickly started to replay his favourite caning scene in his imagination but this time with Junior Master McGiff in the leading role to provide the target bum.  As he imagined himself using a senior cane, he slipped into dreamland.  The next day in class he was certain that McGiff sat very carefully.  Alas, he never knew exactly what really happened in the head's quarters but he harbored his suspicions for years.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 8, 2019

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