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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of a mother spanked.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is in honor of Mothers' Day and based on the idea MILS – Mothers I'd Like to SPANK as a take off on MILF.  I've also done a FILS story: A Most Deserving Father

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The Mom Next Door


She moved in next door when I was twelve.  I started drooling that first day although I was careful not to let it show for her mate was like a gorilla and just as mean.  She was a beauty however.  There surely must have been a song about her although I never heard it.  When she walked, it was like music to my eyes.  She had a cute face with glorious eyes.  Nice pert breasts – small like I like them and a slim waist.  Her gams were nice even without wearing high heals.  But the very best part was the way her tail undulated when she moved.  It did so whatever she was wearing – dress, skirt, slacks, spray-on jeans, short tight shorts or a bikini.  Every time I saw her ass, my pants shrunk.  It was firm and high and round and stuck out without being fat or broad.  It was a perfect girl's butt and I loved it.


But, all I could do was look at it from over the fence because I was just a kid and she was married to that beast.

That was five years ago.  Now she has two brats but she never lost that fantastic figure.  Well, it was just a little fuller now but still absolutely gorgeous.  That ass is why I got these binoculars with my own paper route and lawn mowing money.  I can watch her in her backyard in her tight short shorts and even that skimpy bikini that she loves.  Alone in my room I imagine that she is with me.  It's just the two of us.  (The gorilla is far away showing the brats the sights of Timbuktu.)

We're sitting side-by-side.  I tell her that she been a naughty girl and that I'm going to spank her.  She gasps but knows that there is not any escape.  That doesn't stop her from jumping up, however.  But I'm glad that she does for it makes it easy to pop open the button on her jeans and pull the zipper down.  They're so tight that they stay up until I yank them down to expose her lace-trimmed pink panties.  "Please…" she begs, knowing what is next.  I pull her panties down and see that she has trimmed her bush so that it is like a neat lawn rather than a wild meadow.© YLeeCoyote

Ever so gently, I position her over my lap and admire her fantastic bottom.  I caress it for a few minutes realizing that my dick is very hard and stretching down my pants leg.  I give her a spank of moderate force.  I watch my hand print form and wish that it was permanent to mark her as mine.  A half dozen times I raise my hand and bring it down on the target turning her butt rose-red.  As her legs kick about I see that her lips are bright red, engorged and wet with her juices.  She sobs softly as the color grows in her beautiful bottom.

I explode!

I wake up with a mess in my bed.  Damn!  I never can get up to ten spanks before this happens.  I slip back into sleep hoping to continue but, alas, that never happens either.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 10, 2008

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