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The following story is fiction about a man who is regressed into a boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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More than Just a Shave and a Haircut


It had been a great vacation.  I had been in the cabin deep in the woods for a couple of months along with a couple of friends.  Just because I was lazy, I let my beard grow and now looked like a cave man with long hair and beard.  I had gotten home yesterday to my new apartment which I had moved to just two days before my vacation.  Even with much still to unpack, I went out to explore my new neighborhood.  By lucky chance, I turned down a side street and spotted an ancient barber pole on the street.  I knew that I had to be civilized before I returned to work and I decided I might as well get it done here and now.  It was a good excuse to avoid working on my new apartment.

The place was an old, family-run emporium that never could have be mistaken for a unisex salon.  It and the pole must have predated the war, WWII that is, for I hadn't seen anything like it in many years.  The pole was solid and had to have been on the sidewalk for several decades now as such permits were no longer issued.  Inside, the two old, versatile big chairs reminded me of those I sat on as boy.  I quickly learnt that I still need a bit of a booster on the seat so the barber could get to my neck properly, like when I was a boy.  The modern chairs are much smaller and I don't need one.  As you can guess from that I'm short of stature.  I was the only customer for the two barbers.

The younger man was the teen son of the older who was about forty-five – just a few years younger than I.  Both were large men.  Technically, Rogelio was still an apprentice but this father was very proud of him and said he was the very best.  He would get his licence on his birthday in a few months and was the third generation in the family business.  "Then the 'and son'", he said pointing at the window, "will refer to him rather than me."

"And what can we do for the little cave man?" Rogelio asked with a big grin under his sexy mustache.  I couldn't tell about the old man for he had a very full beard although we all laughed.

"Well, it's time to return to the twentieth century." I replied.  A shave and a haircut.  I told them what sort of hair and mustache styles I wanted and they got to work.  Actually, Rogelio did while his father watched.  They talked about how they planed to go hunting again when the hunting season opened and how well they had done the previous year as it was in the same area I had been in just loafing in the cabin.© YLeeCoyote

"Makes a guy really feel like a man going into the woods and bringing back real meat for the family like in days long past."  the father proclaimed.

Rogelio took charge as he did my hair.  Just like when I got a haircut as a boy, he adjusted my head by gripping it with his strong hand and moving it, rather than telling me how to move.  I mentioned that he reminded me of Mr. Tony who was my barber when I was a boy.  I told of one time when I was just ten, how I had been difficult and after he had moved my head several times and telling me to sit still, Mr. Tony taught me a lesson I never forgot.

I was surprised when Mr. Tony suddenly put down his tools, pulled the cape off me and dragged me over to the waiting area and sat down.  Then without a word, he opened my pants and yanked them, along with my briefs, down.  I started to yell, but my mother just told him to continue.  "Bobby has been misbehaving all day.  Please give him a good spanking, Tony.  A very good spanking."  I was doomed.

He proceeded to pull me over his lap and gripped both of my wrists in his strong hand behind my back.  Then he spanked me very hard.  Mr. Tony was a big man like you, Rogelio, and I was much smaller then.  I was soon bawling from the fire he pounded into my bottom.  When he was satisfied, he parked me in the corner and took care of his next customer.  A couple of my friends were there and they would not let me forget this spanking for a long time.  They particularly talked of my butt turning red and cooling in the corner and how a couple of girls had also seen both my front and back.  When he got me back in the chair, even though my bottom hurt like it was on fire I sat very still.  I was always well behaved in the barber shop after that.

"I remember doing that to a few boys years ago." said the father.  "It was always very effective.  It was especially effective when there were girls waiting for their brothers."

"I get thoughts about doing sometimes but spanking is not as popular as in the past." sighed Rogelio.  "Do you need a reminder?" he asked.

"Oh, definitely not, Mr. To…, er, Rogelio." I stammered.  They both chuckled.  I was horrified that I had called this young man, a youth actually, "mister" like I was a little boy rather than a man three times his age.  I hoped that he hadn't realized that.

After finishing my head, Rogelio moved onto my beard.  He now worked from the side of the chair.  I had my hand on the armrest and his crotch kept bumping it.  I probably should have just pulled my hand back onto my lap but I was very intrigued by what I felt.  He had a large mass in his pants which was growing and getting harder each time I felt it when he bumped my hand.  Under the cape, I moved my other hand to my own crotch.  I'm, how should I put it, under-endowed and if not for my beard and pubes could be taken for a boy when naked in a gym or pool changing room or shower.  Now in the presence of these two large, very masculine men one of whom was cutting away my facial hair, my weenie seemed to have shrunk to its smallest.  I wondered if Samson had thoughts like this with Delilah.  I then did something that I should not have at all – I turned my hand around so that the next time he bumped me I would be able to feel his most generous endowment better.  He responded by getting even harder instantly.

Up to now Rogelio was just preparing to shave me, first by clipping my beard very short and then working the hot thick shaving cream into the stubble.  Now that he finished the prep, he removed the boaster and tilted back the chair.  He took out his razor and moved close to my head.  His crotch was away from me and I was glad that he was concentrating on his task.  Terrible thoughts of Sweeney Todd passed through my mind as I saw the cutthroat razor and I felt that my weenie was trying to hide.  Gently, he made the first pass, wiped me clean and wrapped a hot towel about my face.  It really felt wonderful and I was delighted to be surrendering to such a manly stud.  The old man pulled down the shades noting that it was quitting time.  He wished me a good trip home and said his son would do a good job shaving me as smooth as a baby's ass as he left.  Rogelio turned the latch so that we could not be disturbed.

As Rogelio took the towel off and began to re-lather my face, his crotch again pressed into my hand.  As he started the second pass, he asked if I needed anything else – such as my back or chest – taken care of.  I replied that I was practically hairless below the neck and, strangely, felt a compulsion to confess that I did not have much of a bush either.  He then surprised me by reaching under the cape and giving my crotch a squeeze.  I'm sure he could tell that my thing was very small.  That did not phase him for he quickly started to shave my face again.  "I can make you into a proper little boy.  A little adjustment of the style, taking off this inappropriate mustache and a proper shave below."  He gave me a wicked smile.  "I'm certain that you will like that and I guarantee that you will feel great when I'm finished."

I was not sure of much at this time except that Rogelio was confident and sure.  I could feel that I was succumbing to his very presence.  Close contact with an alpha male radiating his powerful pheromones makes me very submissive and most accepting of his dominance.  I thought of saying "No, thank you." but I could not say those simple words.  Instead I gave a wishy-washy "Whatever, you think is best.  You're the barber, the expert."  Then it slipped out, "Sir."  Just one word and again I sent the message that he was the boss and not just the barber.

"Very good."  Rogelio paused in his shaving to use the fine clippers to remove my mustache and then spread some shaving cream on the area.  When he finished with the rest of my face, he shaved my upper lip.  Then he returned the chair to its upright position and made a few changes to my hair style as I watched in the mirror.  I could see the transformation quickly take place.  He removed the cape and ordered me: "Come to the back room so I can do your crotch, Boy."  His big hand closed on my arm  with an iron grip, just like Mr. Tony's  had so long ago, and I followed docilely just like I had then.  Unlike Mr. Tony, Rogelio was being polite but just as dominating.

Once there, he commanded me to strip and to lie on a massage table.  He took one look at my crotch and said: "I know girls with clits bigger than your tiny pee-pee, boy."  If was possible, it shrunk even more when I heard that.  "Not much hair down there either, Boy.  I'll soon have you cleaned up properly, Boy."  He did not even clip those hairs since my bush is so puny but just smeared the hot shaving cream over the area.  It seemed like just seconds and years of growth disappeared leaving me baby smooth.  Without any warning, he lifted my legs and examined my bottom hole.  Rogelio pronounced that it was hairless and then proceeded to shave my armpits with equal ease as my pubes.  After he dried me off, he took me over to a full length mirror.  It was quite a sight.  Rogelio towered over me by more than a foot and I looked just like a little boy with a tiny soft pee-pee.  Rogelio had a big bulge in his pants from his hard mancock.

He sat down and sat me on his lap.  "Boy," he said, and I certainly did feel like a little boy, "You have been a most naughty boy.  You ran out on your chores this afternoon."  I nodded not sure where this was heading.  I quickly found out for Rogelio picked me up and turned me over his lap just as Mr. Tony had when I was ten years old.

"No.  NO!"  Don't spank me." I yelled.  But, of course, it was hopeless for just seconds later I felt his large hand crash onto my bottom.  That first spank was immediately followed by a torrent of hard spanks which got me crying.  I don't know how many spanks I got.  I know that I thinking that I was a naughty boy.  Of course, naughty boys cry from hard spankings on their bare bottoms, which I did.  I was able to think about that because I was standing in the corner with my hands on my head right afterwards.

After some time, Rogelio called: "Come here, Boy."  I saw that he was now naked.  His large cock was rampant from his lush bush and he also had a beautiful hairy muscular body befitting a real stallion of a man.  Without a further word, he grabbed me and placed me supine on the table with my butt at the end.  He lifted my legs up and pressed my knees to my chest.  His fingers slid into me as he spread some lube into my hole.  Several more fingers entered me as he opened me up.  He was gentle for he slowly progressed from just one to several fingers.  With his other hand he opened a condom and rolled it over his great hard cock which he drove deeply into me as easily as a red-hot knife cuts through soft butter.  I luxuriated in pleasure as he plowed me.  I had totally surrendered to him.  I came a couple of times while staring at his strong, commanding and happy face as he fucked me.

When he finished, he sat me up and gave me a big hug.  "You're my good little boy now." and I had to agree with him.  "You will continue to do as you are told to by us."  The plural puzzled me until his father spoke.  I did not know how long he had been watching.

"Come here, Boy, and suck this." he said authoritatively as he rubbed his large bulge that was tenting his trousers.  I hesitated.

"Give Father a good suck, Boy.  You gotten him very excited." Rogelio commanded.  I moved to the older man, dropped to my knees and opened his pants.  It was clear that Rogelio had gotten his genes from him for they were equally large.  I had to open my mouth to the max in order to engulf it.  The Father grabbed my head and completely controlled me.  Each time he pushed in, he went deeper until my nose hit his pubic bone which meant he was deep into my throat.  It was then that he directly filled my belly with his large load.  I only got a small taste as he pulled out of me.

I was one well used and very a happy boy for they had transformed me from a middled aged man.  They told me to return in three days at quitting time and I sincerely promised to do so.

We returned to the front after dressing and I paid my bill and left happy anticipating the next time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 15, 2010

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