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The following story is fiction about a man getting strapped.  The story contains scenes of a strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Morning After the Night Before


I was walking along the path which runs parallel to the station platform to get my train and I heard this three-way conversation.

"Stop rubbing.  You want everyone to know you been spanked?"

"But it still hurts."

"It is supposed to hurt."

As a spanko I absolutely had to know more so I rushed to get onto the platform and to see who these people were.  I saw two boys, about twelve and fourteen, with a man who I assumed to be their father.  I got close enough to them to listen and learn more.  It was not clear who had been rubbing his butt because it had been spanked.  I couldn't ask so I continue to listen to learn more.© YLeeCoyote

"You wouldn't be hurting if you had not overslept."

"You wouldn't have overslept if you had gone to bed at your bedtime like you should have." There was a slight pause and he continued: "And as you promised."

"And then you would not have felt that strap on your naughty butt this morning."

"If the train is even two minutes late we're going to have to pay the full price rather than getting the early bird discount."

Then came the routine (for the transit system) announcement that the train was ten minutes late.  Vance gave a cry of anguish.

"We'll miss the first boat now and we don't have the money for the full price." he sobbed, "We might as well go home."

"I'll deal with that, son.  It's my fault that we are late."  He could not help to give his sore butt a furtive rub.

The boys were most appreciative of that.

The train arrived and I followed the trio onto the train.  They sat together in a three-seater and I sat in the row just in front on the other side of the aisle.  I turned on my Spy Ear App™ and pointed my cell phone mic at them under my arm so I could continue to listen surreptitiously, er, unobserved as we rode.

In the half hour to my stop I learnt the entire story as they hashed and rehashed the last twelve hours.  Hearing all the details from the three participants made me feel like that fly on the wall observer we so often hear about.  I report it here as that unnoticed "fly" would have seen it unfold although it is not what you would expect.

The Night Before

The man and his two sons are having dinner.  They are happily and enthusiastically discussing the excursion to the island and the required boat trip the next day.

"We got to get going early to get there early.  We get more time on the island and save because of the early bird discount." said Vance the twelve-year-old.  "Beside that's all we saved up for."

"We are delighted that you could get time off from work, Dad, so we could all go."  said Logan, the fourteen-year-old trying to show, as always, that he was mature.  "We've been looking forward for this for a long time."

At about nine, the boys went off to socialize (i.e., text etc.) and then early to bed.  Dad wanted to watch a movie until eleven.  "I promise to go right to bed then." he said when the boys pushed him on getting to bed early.

Unfortunately, Dad did not keep his word for he also watched the very long eleven o'clock movie.

The Morning After

The boys were up early – excited, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  They quickly got breakfast going.  It was then that they realized that their Dad was still in his room.  Vance went to call him and discovered that he was still asleep.

"Wake up, Dad.  You're late.  It is almost seven." he said trying to rouse him.

"Go away!  I did not get to bed until four." the man growled and pulled the covers over his head.

Vance reported the unpleasant situation to his big brother.

"But we have to go today.  Dad can't get another vacation day." said Logan with the wisdom of age.

"But what can we do?" asked Vance perplexed.

Logan pondered the problem for a minute.  Then he spoke.  "Exactly what Dad does when we are late."  He got the punishment strap from the closet and headed for Dad's room.  He did not knock but just barged in.  It was very easy to pull back the covers.  Conveniently, Dad was prone.  The youth raised the strap high.  Then, with all his might, brought it crashing down on his father's tail.  The thin boxer shorts that he was wearing did nothing to attenuate the painful effects of the hard blow which made a great impression.

Logan repeated the action another nine times.  By then Dad was howling in pain and pleading for him to stop.  Vance repeated the order to get up.  This time it was not rejected as it had been just a few minutes earlier but complied with.

"Shower and dress, Dad.  You are very late and we are going to miss the first boat's sailing unless we rush."  The sore tailed man did as he was directed.  He was not sure if his tired head hurt more from the hangover he had or if his tail did from the justified beating it had just received.

* * * * * * * * * *

Soon they were at the train station where your humble reporter heard them talking and filed this report.

The comment that most resonated with your reported was: "We told you to go to bed before eleven so you could be on time this morning and you BROKE your promise that you would.  We are greatly disappointed."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 6, 2017

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