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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spanking by hand and by strap.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is in honor of Fathers' Day and based on the idea FILS – Fathers I'd Like to SPANK as a take off on MILF.  I've also done a MILS story: The Mom Next Door

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A Most Deserving Father


I was ten and in the fifth grade when I met my best friend, Jayme Kapell. Of course, she was not my best friend immediately but she was within a few months.  Jayme had just moved to our town from far way.  We soon were doing everything together and practically lived in each other's houses.  Our families were pretty much the same for beside our parents we each had an older brother.  Jayme's brother, Eric, and my brother, Ted, were both thirteen then.  They were friends but did not become best friends like Jayme and I did.

There was one thing that was very different.  Her parents believed in spanking while mine did not.  Naturally, Ted and I got punished but it was with lectures, extra chores, cash fines (cuts in allowances), loss of privileges, and grounding.  Jayme only got spanked by her mom's hand in the privacy of her bedroom and then only after multiple warnings.  Eric was treated very differently for Mr. Kapell spanked Eric in the family room with everyone watching.

I was very shocked the first time I saw Eric get spanked.  His father sat on the 'spanking chair' (as I learnt it was called) and Eric had to stand in front of him.  He was lectured and then his father took his pants down; yes, even if Jayme and her [girl] friends or Eric's friends or other guests were there and watching.  He would start by opening Eric's belt and pants and pulling them down to his knees.  Next, he would lower Eric's underpants.  He was the first boy I saw naked other than my brother.  (We had played games with each other.)  Eric, by now most embarrassed, was pulled over his father's lap and spanked.  They were hard spankings.  Jayme said they were much harder than the ones that she got from her mother.  They quickly turned Eric's bottom red and made him cry.  Eric could not win ever, for if he did not cry his father spanked more and when he did he was ridiculed for being a crybaby.  The finial humiliation was that Eric was parked in the corner, his hands on his head, so everyone could admire his hot red butt as if it was a work of art in a museum.

Shortly before Eric was fifteen, a change was made.  He was no longer spanked over his father's lap by hand but was required to bend over and hold his ankles while his father used his belt on his naked ass.  It was a little more dignified but it exposed him more since he had to drop his pants all the way.  The belt hurt him a lot more although he actually cried less.  I got to see how he (just like my brother) grew hair as he changed into a man.  Ted explained to me that he could not control his penis so that it was often erect when he was punished especially before the strapping started and after he cooled down in the corner.

As Jayme and I were also growing up and maturing, we began to understand and empathize with Eric's plight although there was little we could do.  Actually, there was only one thing we could do and that was to be elsewhere at the time.  This worked most of the time.  If we knew in advance that Eric was due for a spanking, we and Jayme's other friends would be somewhere else.  Many times Jayme told her dad that she was in her room so that she and her friends could have some private girl talk.  If we were there when Mr. Kapell came to thrash Eric and we tried to leave, he would yell at us to stay.  "It will be a good lesson for you to see what happens to naughty boys."  Eric's friends tried to do the same but less successfully.  It was not so bad for Eric if other guys watched rather than girls for they undressed around each other frequently.© YLeeCoyote

I guess it is obvious that Mr. Kapell is definitely my FILS more than any other father I know.  There are times when I dream about putting out a contract – a contract to spank (not kill) – Mr. Kapell.  I would even pay the extra for it to be done publicly.  I started a secret committee which shall remain nameless.  My brother and I were co-chairpersons and Jayme and Eric never heard about it.  A lot of lawn mowing, paper route, babysitting and car washing money made it into the pot.  Arrangements were made.  A date was set.

I and many others were more than anxious for the big day; spanking day in our minds.  It was to happen at the town picnic on the Fourth.  That was most appropriate as fireworks are most traditional.  There is usually a lull in the festivities after the town big shots blow out lot of hot air although that does not seem to deflate their overly large girths.  This year there wasn't.  Two strangers – big men – escorted Mr. Kapell to the stage.  It sort started like an award presentation and Mr. Kapell seemed quite pleased until someone said: "You're going to get strapped just like you strap your son." and then they ripped his clothes off.  It happened very fast for he really was not wearing much.  I guess that they had some sort of knife that cut the waist bands of his pants and briefs for it only took a few seconds before he was starkers.

One of them grabbed him and pulled him over a chair while the other took out some sort of strap with a handle.  It must have been more than two feet long and it made a fearsome WHACK when it struck the target.  Before the howl finished, there was another WHACK and the howl restarted.  I was close enough to see the red stripes form on Mr. Kapell's butt and his man parts bounce about.  They gave him at least a dozen hard cuts and he was sobbing like a little baby.  The two contract men then jumped from the stage and ran.  The town cop really did not know what to do so they got away.  Meanwhile the medics showed up.  They too were a little confused so everyone got to watch as they helped bare-assed Mr. Kapell down the stairs and laid him on the stretcher face up.  That caused him to stop crying and yell again until they turned him over showing off his red butt.  It was only then that they put a sheet over him.  I never saw what happened in the medical tent.  Later, I saw Mrs. Kapell helping him into their car and drive off.  He was kneeling on the seat and she was driving.

The town paper gave it a page and the paper was thicker than usual because of all the special events coverage.  I think that there were even more ads than usual because the town merchants knew it would have better readership than usual.

Eric and Jayme got questioned a lot but they did not know anything about the public tawsing of their father.  The authorities even used a lie detector and the youths passed.

The next time Eric got the strap, it was in the privacy of his room.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 5, 2008

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