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The following story is fiction about a youth spanking his older brother and classmate.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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College freshman (18)
His 14 yo brother
College classmate (18)
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A Most Effective Motivation Factor


They were both college freshmen.  Because they had the same major, they had the same schedule.  They quickly became friends as they meet in class after class.  There was one very important difference, however, Charlie's grades were much better than Gary's although they were equally intelligent.

"What's your secret, Charlie, to getting those good grades?" asked Gary with a tone of desperation.  "I gotta do better."

Charlie hesitated a bit and then said one word: "Motivation."

Gary looked puzzled and then responded: "I'm as well motivated as you are.  I really want to do well and get a scholarship for grad school."

"I have help." Charlie redundantly confessed.© YLeeCoyote

"Can I get that help?"

"It really a secret and you gotta swear never to tell."

"Sure.  I'll do that."

"OK.  Can you come for dinner on Friday?"


"OK."  Let me check with Mom that it's OK.  Charlie fussed with his phone a bit.  "Mom said it is OK and it's set up with my helper.  You'll get your first motivation lesson as well as dinner."

"Thanks.  I really appreciate this."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was after dinner on Friday and Charlie's parents went out leaving him and Gary with Tyrone whose was Charlie's fourteen-year-old brother.

"Remember you swore not to tell.  The motivation is CP.  I get spanked if I don't do well." said Charlie.

"Your parents still spank you?" asked Gary incredulously.

"No.  They stopped when I turned eighteen almost a year ago.  Dad said: 'You are not a little boy anymore and it is past time for spanking.'" said Charlie and paused before he dropped the secret.  "Tyrone does the spanking!  He decides when and how much."

"WHAT! – YOUR KID BROTHER?" said a shocked Gary.  "That's … er, …"

"Embarrassing and humiliating!  And I hate it but it works and that's what matters in the long run.  Tyrone has kindly agreed to give you that great motivation that you really need."

"Write down your school password Gary." said Tyrone, offering him a notepad.  With some hesitation, Gary complied.  "OK, let's get started." and they went to Gary's bedroom and computer.  There the two older dudes watched as Tyrone brought up their school records.

It was Charlie's record that was examined first.  "Not bad, bro, not bad at all.  The lowest is just an 82 on a pop quiz.  I think just a maintenance spanking will do for this week.  Please drop your jeans and get into position."  Charlie immediately did as ordered even handling Tyrone the tawse, totally acknowledging his brother's authority, before bending over.

Tyrone raised the tawse up high and brought it down hard on his big brother's butt.  Gary was stunned at the loud WHACK it made and then watched as a red stripe formed on the just struck target.  This was repeated twice more.  "That's it.  You may pull up your jeans, Charlie.  I hope that next week is as good."

"Thank you, Tyrone.  I will try my very best."

Now it was Gary's turn.  Tyrone opened his records.  They were absolutely appalling.  Many failing grades and a high of only 87.  "This is horrid, Gary.  You must work harder.  A lot harder.  Now get your pants down and into position." ordered Tyrone.  Slowly Gary complied and then he too felt the unfamiliar tawse crashing onto his proffered butt.  But as this was a true punishment leathering, he got a dozen hard cuts.  He could not keep quiet and howled a lot from the unfamiliar pain.  Tyrone was experienced enough that each and every stroke was very effective.

He thought it was all over when Tyrone said to stand but he quickly found out that it wasn't.  Tyrone sat and ordered him over his lap.  Once he was in place with Tyrone holding him in place, his already red hot tail was assaulted with a flip-flop swung hard at his already sore butt another score times which caused him to cry.  When that was over, he was allowed to dress.

Charlie whispered a manners reminder in his ear and he then said: "Thank you, Tyrone. I promise to do better." while rubbing his very hot rump.

"You had best do a lot better or you get even more next week and lose your pubes as well, Gary." said Tyrone smiling.

Shortly after this and a discussion of objectives Gary went home.  Before sacking out he put in a couple of hours of serious study.  He realized that he was far more motivated than in the past for now there was the stick to avoid as well as the carrot to get.

* * * * * * * * * *

When they were alone, Tyrone examined the candid pixs that Charlie had taken of Gary getting tawsed and spanked.  "That was an excellent idea you had of getting Gary into the program.  He'll needs a lot of motivation and I'm more than happy to supply it." said Tyrone grinning broadly.

"I can see that you are very happy about it." Charlie said staring at his brother's tent.

"Right!" replied Tyrone dropping his jeans and undies as he sat on the bed.  "Now you may have your reward for doing well and for bringing Gary."  Charlie did not need a second invitation as he knelt between his brother's feet and enthusiastically went down on the rampant cock anxious for its wonderful nectar.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 29, 2016

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