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The Sad Tail of Jimmy – Part 1:
A Most Embarrassing Spanking


It was Friday afternoon and Jim Brockwell was feeling good as he got home for he had lots of great things planned for the weekend.  He was feeling good, that is, until he heard his father call him.  Just the tone of his father's voice told him that he was in trouble; deep trouble.

"Good afternoon, Father." said the fourteen-year-old boy.  "You're home early today."

"It's not such a good afternoon, Jimmy.  I got a call from your school a little while ago. "

"I can explain, Father." the boy started but his father cut him short.

"No more excuses.  We've been through this before.  You've made promises.  I've made promises about what would happen if you did not keep yours and I'm certainly going to keep mine."  Jimmy was most unhappy as his father led him into the hall.  As Mr. Brockwell opened the boy's belt, Jimmy started to whine about being spanked.  He had no idea that today was going to be worse than ever before.  It only took Mr. Brockwell a few more seconds to open the boy's jeans and pull them down to his ankles.  Less than five seconds later, the boy's briefs joined them below his knees.  The man saw that his son was starting to mature and wished that he would act more grown up.© YLeeCoyote

Mr. Brockwell sat on the chair.  It was a simple, although a very heavy and sturdy, chair that was perfect for the task at hand.  He pulled Jimmy over his lap and got a firm grip on his waist.  He started slowly, with moderate spanks but quickly progressed to harder and more rapid spanks.  He could see Jimmy's bottom turning pink and then red and then fiery crimson.  Jimmy's pleas and promises quickly changed to exclamations of pain and then sobbing, crying and bawling like a baby.  Mr. Brockwell stood his son up just as Linda, his younger sister, and her friend came in.  Jimmy was mortified that they saw him naked and crying.  He tried to cover his crotch but his father was holding his arms.  After the girls greeted Mr. Brockwell, Linda said to her friend:  "Jimmy is such an immature little baby."  As the girls continued upstairs quite uninterested in the naked, crying boy, Mr. Brockwell frog-marched him into the corner.  Without being told he placed his hands on his head.  He knew the drill and that failure would mean more spanks.

His father returned to his den and Jimmy contemplated his faults although foremost in his mind was his hot, fiery butt.  His ear was also cocked for the timer bell that would indicate his corner time was up.

A few minutes later the door bell rang and his father responded.  Jimmy was concerned that more people would see him with his red butt hanging out.

"Good afternoon, Sir.  I hope all is well.  May Jimmy come and play a while?" asked the perfect, not quite thirteen-year-old boy.  The one with consistently high grades and lots of sport trophies; the sort that every father in the neighborhood dreamt of.

"Yes, JJ.  Jimmy is a bit occupied but he may go out soon.  You're more than welcome to wait inside."

"Thank you, Sir."  As JJ entered, he saw his friend standing in the corner, pants about his knees and his butt afire.  JJ immediately had his hand on his phone ready to snap a picture at the first opportunity.  There were aspects about him that were not so well known to the adults in the community.  As JJ sat down, Jimmy's father returned to his den.  JJ took his first picture and then approached his friend.  "Still getting spanked, Jimmy?  You told us that was over.  That was very naughty of you to lie."  Jimmy did not answer nor did he move although he jumped a bit when JJ slapped his hot, glowing tail.  He was absolutely mortified that his friend was seeing him doing corner time while displaying a freshly spanked butt and there was not any way to deny it.  He would have to be careful dressing so that his friend would not see his undeveloped package.  It was only recently that he started to grow a bush and he knew that he did not have nearly as much hair nor anything like the man-meat that filled JJ's pants.

The phone rang and Mr. Brockwell talked a bit.  Then he came out and spoke to JJ but made sure that Jimmy also heard.  "I have to rush out now.  Please make sure that Jimmy finishes his corner time."  He pointed to the timer on the table.  "And then please use this."  He handed him a small hair clipper.  "Then Jimmy may go out and play until dinnertime.  Or should I ask Linda to take charge?"

JJ took the clipper.  It was too small to use on Jimmy's head.  There was only one other place it could be used.  He smiled.  "Yes, Sir.  I will do as you prescribe.  I'm honored that you trust me in this, Sir."

"Jimmy, I'm leaving JJ in charge.  I expect that you will cooperate with him following my instructions."  Jimmy's father then left.  JJ sat in the chair and contemplated the task ahead of him.  He rubbed the growing hardness in his jeans as he thought about it.

The timer went off and Jimmy stepped back to pull up his pants.  JJ had his camera ready and snapped another picture of his butt sticking out.  "Don't bother with your pants, Jimmy.  Your dad told me to do something first.  Please come over here."  Jimmy hesitated.  "Don't waste time, Jimmy.  You were told to cooperate and if you don't you'll surely get sorry tail roasted again when your dad gets home."

Jimmy realized that JJ was telling it the way things were.  He turned and hobbled his way to JJ, blushing.  JJ took two more pictures.  One would be the before the clippers were used image and the other, he hoped, would capture the tear streaks on Jimmy's face.  JJ waited until Jimmy was right in front of him before showing him the clipper.  "He said to use this."  Jimmy was most horrified and objected loudly.  "There isn't  any avoiding it, Jimmy.  He will surely check when he gets home and know that you did not cooperate.  He'll do it – or worse – have Linda do it and spank you again."  JJ turned on the clipper and then told Jimmy to put his hands behind his head.  Jimmy complied and JJ began his barbering career.  The clipper made short work of the small bush Jimmy had.  There was not anything below to deal with.  JJ noticed that Jimmy was looking at the ceiling to avoid watching so he took another close up.

"Get dressed and let's go out, Jimmy."

That evening, Jimmy got an email from JJ.  "I think that you should confess to the guys that you still get spanked."  The pictures were attached.  He did not sleep well that night.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., April 7, 2008

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