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Mother's Big Helper


Timmy was back in his room.  If he had been younger he would have been crying.  His father was away and would not be back for a couple more weeks.  He had just been bawled out by his very disappointed mother for messing up after having promised his father that he would be good and not make things hard for his mother.  He felt very guilty and was very worried about the consequences.  Her final words were that when Mr. Peterson, their neighbor, came home that evening he would have to pay him a visit.  Since he turned thirteen and was turning into a man physically, his mother had always let his father handle the physical part of punishments.  As a reminder, the tawse was now sitting on the hall table.

His older brother, Ken, tried to console him.  "Hey, it's not like the first time you going to get your ass beaten.  What's the big deal this time?  Peterson has done it before."

"But Peterson won't use the tawse, he'll haul me over his lap and spank me like I'm just a little baby, like he does Billy … and … Sally and Billy and their cousin Jen will be watching."  Sally was Tim's classmate and Billy her kid brother.

"That's not new; they have seen it all before."

"NO!; they haven't.  I'm growing up.  And Sally will tell the whole class that I cried and what I've got in detail.  And Billy will laugh and tell everyone around here.© YLeeCoyote

Ken sat next to his brother and put his arm about him.  "It's a tough deal, Tim, but you know that you shouldn't fucked up like that."  Tim really appreciated that Ken did not say "Timmy" this time.  "There is a solution to the hair problem" Ken laughed "we could shave it off."

"Not funny, not funny at all." snarled Tim.

Tim sat there with his head in his hands for a while.  "Maybe mom will let it wait until Dad gets back?  Maybe?"  He said without any conviction.

Ken did not need to think about that.  "I don't think she will let it wait for almost two weeks.  She thinks you need a lesson pronto.  A couple of years ago, you would already be in the corner showing off your hot red butt."

Timmy returned to his worrying for some time and then went and got the tawse.

"Ken, please do it like Dad would.  I don't want it from Peterson and I don't want to wait for Dad to return."  Ken looked skeptical.  "Remember, he said: 'You'll be the MAN of the house while he's away.'"  You know what Dad does and you're strong enough.  Please, we can keep it in the family and PRIVATE this way."

It took some convincing but then Ken agreed provided that Tim get it hard and strictly by Dad's rules for otherwise Dad would not accept it.

Tim stripped and assumed the position.

"Don't forget to count, Tim."


"One, sir." squeaked Tim managing not to yell.


"Seven, sir." whimpered Tim.  They both realized that it was half done.


"Thirteen, sir." Tim managed to whisper with his bottom aflame.

"That's it, Tim.  You did very well.  I'm proud of you and Dad will be also."

Tim collapsed on his bed and buried his head in the pillow to hide his tears and sobs.  Ken let him be for a while and then gently applied some Sportcream® to his brother's burning butt.  Then ordered him to the corner in the diningroom as their father would have done.

When their mother returned from her errand she was surprised to see her younger son in the punishment corner with his hot, red bottom hanging out.  Ken explained how sorry and repentant Tim was and that he had begged him to apply the well earned punishment immediately so that Mr. Peterson would not have to be disturbed.

It took awhile before their mom understood that Ken was just acting as their father's deputy (as his instruction with a liberal interpretation) and thus not hitting Tim.  Also, that it was Tim's own idea and that she had set the punishment.  Neither lad felt that it was necessary to explain underlying reasons they had do this.

At dinner Tim apologized to his mother and discovered that there was a cushion on his chair.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 23, 2002

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