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The following story is fiction about teen boy who role plays as a puppy to a tween boy he is babysitting.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Babysitter Fido


It took me ages to convince my 'rents that I should not have a girl sitter.  They tell me that the law requires me to have a sitter until I'm twelve.  I had a partial victory a few months ago when they agreed I could stay alone during the day but still would have a sitter at night.  I'm doing as good as most of my friends and definitely better than some.  Felix, the guy that's sitting me, is almost three years older but is a total wimp.  I like that since he lets me do pretty much want I want to.  I really can't imagine that he would ever even try to spank me even though he has permission.  I'm big for my age being ​5′3″​ (​160 cm​) tall already and pretty strong while Felix is small for his age being only ​5′7″​ (​170 cm​) tall and puny.

It's much better to have a guy sitter.  The girls always wanted to do girly things that were not of interest.  The one thing I would have liked – getting them naked – they wouldn't do although they are pretty interested in the bulge in my pants and want me to strip for them.  (I've got a pretty big one especially for my age.)  It's even OK to horse around with Felix and we want to watch the same flicks and even play video games together.

It's the latter that got me to have some great fun.  Felix thinks he's a pretty hot player but he's not as good as I.  A couple of times I got a later bedtime for beating the pants off him – metaphorically.  I could only do that once any evening and so we switched to a strip bet where the loser loses an item of clothing.  Now I get to beat the pants off him literally.  I quickly learnt that he still wears tightie-whites like the little kids do and saw that he didn't have much of a bulge.  Then one night when he lost his briefs, I saw that he was still like a little boy except for a little bit of hair.  I have loads more than he does.

He ventured double or nothing the third time he was just in his baby briefs.  I was super motivated and really racked everything up and soon I had totally crushed him.  I made him fetch stuff for me as I relaxed in the chair and even sit by my side on the floor like a faithful dog and petted him.  I named him Fido and forbid him to talk.  What I was waiting for was for him to break some rule so that I could punish him.  He made that easy when I ordered him to fetch another soda for me by saying "OK, Rex."

When he got back, he spoke again and that when I nailed him.  "Over my lap, Fido.  You have been naughty."  He whined like a wimp but I persisted and dragged him over my lap where he settled in very nicely like he knew it was his proper place.  I'm always at least half hard when he's around because I love being in charge so now, as you can imagine, totally so.  I wasn't going to be mean or brutal so I started by caressing the lovely boy bottom so nicely at hand.  "You've been a bad doggie, Fido, talking like a people." I said as I started to spank him for the first time.  After a few more spanks, I asked: "Understand?"© YLeeCoyote

Instead of barking, he spoke so I gave him a whole mess of hard spanks and repeated the question.  "Understand, Fido?"  He barked once and I just spanked him gently for a while before letting him up.  When I let him up I had him kneel between my feet with his head on my lap and with his nose about my crotch while I was petting him and calling him a good doggie.  Since I was leaking pre-cum, he must have noticed my musk and all.

Once it got late, I told him to get dressed and I went off to bed.  I noticed that his little thingy was hard and I took that as a good sign.  With the way my pants were tenting, he had to have noticed that I had been especially hard when his head was in my lap.  In the shower I jerked off and it was great after having dominated that older brat.  Once I was in bed, I thought about all the stuff I could do with and to my new puppy.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next week I was anxious for him to arrive and my 'rents to disappear so I could play with my new puppy.  He was hesitant but I encouraged him with some candid pictures I took the previous week.  Actually, I had videoed everything but I did not let him know that but let him think I had just used my phone.  That he was naked, hard and over my lap was sufficient to convince him that he liked playing Fido and we should do it some more.  It certainly was not blackmail (what a terrible thought) since I never talked of showing the pictures to anyone else.

I had invested in a little gift for him in the pet shop.  A simple leather dog collar which I warped around his neck and buckled after he had stripped.  "This is to help you remember that you are not a people so you must not talk, Fido.  Understand?"

"Woof, Woof." he said grinning.

I ruffled his hair and told him "Good doggie."  I played with him a while teaching him tricks like rolling over, fetch and playing by tickling his belly.  I even used a rolled up newspaper to enforce some of the lessons.  He seemed to be having as much fun as I was.  The tickling had a side effect and he spoke to say he had to pee.  That was a spanking offence but I let it side for a bit and picked up the leash.  "Fido want to go for a walk?"

"Woof, woof." He answered properly and I snapped the leash onto his collar and lead him to the basement bathroom.  I would have liked to take him outside but we have little privacy and nosy neighbors.  He stood up when we got there but I ordered him back down.  I got him into the open shower with a floor drain and told him to raise his leg and go.

He hesitated so I encouraged him by using the leash end as a strap to strike his rump a few times.  "Bad doggie – wanting to go out but now not wanting to pee.  Get to the wall, raise your leg and pee, Fido."

When he had finished, I got him out and rinsed the wall and floor before leading him back up to my room.  Once there, I pulled him to get his head into my crotch and told him to be a good doggie and sniff to get to know me.  He must have really been into being a doggie because he did, so I helped him out by opening my pants.  I had hoped for this so I was going commando which let my cock spring free and also fill his nose with my musk.  He did sniff about but then he got more serious and began to lick my hard cock and balls.  It felt great as you can imagine.  He did not needed any encouragement so I let him continue and was delighted that my cock was soon in his mouth.  His treating my cock as if it was a bitch's teat soon produced a real treat for him – boy cream.  I don't know if I was his first but he certainly was very happy and continued to be enthusiastic.  I was more than delighted to say the least.

There was time to play some video game and I beat him hands down.  For that my prize was to give him a spanking.  I upped the game by getting one of my slippers and after I gave him a nice warmup with my hand, I finished him off with the slipper.  I made sure to make him howl a bit as I hit hard but stopped short of making him cry.  We had some milk and cookies and I went to bed.  He got dressed to wait for my parents to get back.  As long as he was my sitter, I certainly was not going to object.

* * * * * * * * * *

Like all internet connected kids, I had poked about and learnt that people do all sorts of strange things sexually.  "Strange" of course to those who think sex is evil and just to make babies.  I did not understand why Felix liked to be Fido and to be spanked and more by me but I did not care because I found it to be fun.  Not only that but I loved the feeling of power that being in charge gave me.  It certainly was like when I was just a little kid and always loved to be on the wining side in play and being able to extract forfeits from the other boys or for that matter just playing being the general or pirate captain.  It was then that I got my nickname – Rex.  What was new was that there were some sexual feelings that I noticed.  A year ago, I always thought of my baby sitters as being girls and wanted to get them naked but now I did not care that Felix was a boy but just that I got him naked and was in charge.  (Yes, I loved the BJ, but that was just the icing on the cake.)  I was totally in charge so I felt I owned him.

The next time, I was very direct with him.  A few pointed questions and he admitted (confessed?) to liking the games we were playing.  Since I had done that while letting him hold the collar, I told him to put it on and strip.  I was most delighted that he did.  We played boy and his doggie for a while.  Besides the previous games of fetch and tickle, I added a new one.  It wasn't really a doggie game but I did it anyway.  Noting that Fido was tired, I had him get on my bed and stretch out.

"It is time for your grooming." I announced, "You'll look ever so pretty when we are done."  I then played with his little dick which he obviously enjoyed.  I already knew that he was undeveloped and just had a teeny-tiny crop of pubes.  They were my objectives.  "Now lay still for your trim, Fido." I commanded.

It was the work of only a few seconds to mow them down with a small clipper.  He started to object immediately.  "Now be still or I'll have to tie you down, Fido.  You keep fussing like this, I'll have the Vet fix you."  I held him very tightly by his peanuts and quickly finished with the clippers although he was whining.  Then I sprayed some shaving cream on and started with a disposable safety razor to make him baby smooth.  He objected again but I told him that "Everyone knows that once you start shaving, the hair grows faster." which is just an old wifes' tale and not true.  Once I was finished, I told him "It's super nice you're without that nasty hair where my puppy should be bald.  This will help you remember that you are MY puppy." and I tickled him a lot.  I got him to tears before stopping.  It was great having such complete control of him. When I gave him permission to talk people, he had some objections that I had shaved him but I poo-pooed them and reminded him that puppies do what their owners want.  We played some video games and I won as always so it was spanking time.  I got him on all fours and used my slipper again quite hard and turned his rump bright red.  He was whimpering like a beaten puppy should.

I had to relieve the tension in my own cock from all this.  I played with his hot red rump which was exciting me like it does a baboon and I got my fingers into his hole.  After the initial touch, I added some lube and went deeper.  Soon I had several fingers in and it was time to use a different tool.  Since Fido was nicely stretched and relaxed I slipped my lubed cock in gently so as not to hurt him.  As I fucked him, he was forced to respond by his love nut which I kept pounding.  I did not last very long but I kept going for a second blast by which time he also got off.  It was wonderful and even my Fido thought so.

We both looking forward for our next time.  A babysitter can be lots of fun especially if they are like my Fido.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 10, 2015

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