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The following story is fiction about brothers who spank each and their sibling rivalry.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and switching.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  A tip of the hat to PJ who made some helpful suggestions.

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My Big Brother, My Boi


I'm thirteen now but when I was only twelve, I realized that I wanted a boi.  I got to learn what that meant because the web is a great teacher.  Back then my closest friend and I shared stuff on the web that we were not supposed to see but he had gotten into his older brother's computer and the web was there.  Of course, we looked at the sex stuff and learnt a lot just like we would have when there wasn't any privacy and everyone had animals.  The idea of having a boi – an older guy that is like a kid – somehow appealed to me.  However, with the way everyone is scared about playing with a minor (like me) I figured it would be a long time before it would happen for it's not like I could go down to the mall and buy one on sale or find one lost in the high school parking lot.

What is important to tell you is about my relationship with my brother Jeremy who was two years older.  We both liked to harass each other just like you read about in stories.  Now don't get me wrong, we loved each other and would look out for each other all the time.  We both understood that this was a private matter between us.  Let our olds takes us someplace, particularly with other relatives about, and we were the best of friends.  We heard our uncles yell at our cousins but Dad never had to do that with us for any sort of conflict although he did for other stuff but never for brotherly fighting.

Stepping back in time, right after Jeremy turned twelve, things changed between us for he was left in charge when the olds went out.  The first time he pounced and did not mind my screaming since the folks were not about to hear it (and to stop him from killing me).  It resulted in the absolutely worst tickling session I ever had.  It was so bad that I actually peed my pants.  I was ashamed although it really was not something I could have prevented.  Jeremy said that he would do some laundry so that Mom would not notice but there was a price.

I knew that it would be impossible with my stinky pants to deny it and Jeremy would evade the truth so I caved and agreed to his terms.  He got the laundry started including his gym stuff so he could explain to Mom that he had forgotten to give her his gym outfit to wash and he needed it tomorrow.  Then he turned his attention to me.  "It's spanking time, Pissypants." and patted his lap.  I got into position and he started to spank me.  He kept his word and did not whack me nearly as hard as Dad did when he spanked.

Jeremy like doing this as he explained right after the first spank.  He loved how his hand print formed in pink and then he got my whole butt rosy.  He also teased me about how he could make me cry if he wanted to or if I was any trouble.  I just laughed.  But he had the last laugh for he gave me a few Daddy type spanks.  They really hurt and I backed off.  Later I got dressed and the folks never knew.© YLeeCoyote

After that he gave me a choice – submit to a ticking session voluntarily or be forced until I wet again.  After a couple of times he changed things and he just spanked me.  Other times, he made me serve him and his buddies.  He never went overboard but we both knew that when he was in charge could spank or tickle me whenever he wanted to.  I did not like it but he was bigger and stronger.

* * * * * * * * * *

Since what I just described two years have passed.  Now that I'm twelve the folks don't require me to have a minder (a.k.a. babysitter) anymore and although Jeremy was still left in charge, our 'rents had made it clear that he is NOT a babysitter.  We continue to coexist but I was not a happy player.  Jeremy still liked to be very bossy and made unreasonable demands so that he could show off to his friends and remind me how he was in charge.  I had to find a way to turn the tables on him.

Then one day opportunity knocked.  Actually, it busted down the door with a battering ram.  Jeremy and a couple of his friends were in the back yard smoking.  Smart phones are wonderful inventions.  I dropped down out of sight and started recording.  After a few minutes I had some wonderful video images.  I even got him lighting up a second one.  As you can rightfully assume, smoking is a great big no-no.

I decided that I should wait and get more stuff rather than let Jeremy know how easily he let me see his reprehensible naughty behavior that our olds would go postal about.  Over the next few weeks, I caught him smoking a couple times more and drinking beer once.  I was thinking that I had enough when Jeremy really gave me a gem.  One afternoon, right after I got home, I saw that Jeremy was shutting down Dad's PC.  Now both of us have our own computers but with nanny program restrictions.  Of course, Dad's computer does not so there only one reason for Jeremy to use it.  The nanny program must have enforced good passwords because we could not guess them immediately and it kept track of attempts but we had cracked Dad's password.  We had noticed a pattern with the house alarm security code and the garage door code – birthdays.  One was mine and one Jeremy's.  It turned out it was the 'rents wedding date.

I followed my hunch and did some sleuthing.  Jeremy had not cleared the browser history file.  It was a super rich treasure trove.  I did not have to look to see what they were for the URLs and titles explained it all.  My horny brother was visited several porn sites.  He also had used his web mail so he must have saved what he liked most.  I emailed a screen capture to myself and cleared the evidence away.  I now had a WMD to use to make my brother submit.  I just had to work out the details.

* * * * * * * * * *

Then one momentous day, I pounced. "I got a great shot of you, Jeremy.  Bet Mom will want to frame it.  I'm sending it to you first.  Check your inbox."

He took one look at it and turned pale.  "I don't think Mom will like it at all." he said.

"I'm sure she'll love so much that she'll share it with Dad immediately and he'll love it too." I pressed.

"Please don't.  They won't like it.  Please." he pleaded for he knew I had him by the short hairs.

"Jeremy what would the folks do if they knew you have been smoking?"

"Spank me and ground me." he said, "You know that."  He paused.  "I don't really smoke – it's just that the guys…" he added not bothering to finish.

I paused like I was thinking so that he could worry.  "I can't ground you but I can spank you – just like you spanked me, brother."  We went at this for a bit and then he caved.  "I'll use the belt like Dad would first and then a hand spanking OTK to finish up." I proposed.  I knew he would have to accept for the 'rents would be furious.  Actually, I was mad that he had not stood up to his buddies.  "And if you promise not to anymore – even if you gotta stand up to your buddies – I won't send the picture."  He agreed.

It was fun watching my big brother stripping for me.  Not that we hadn't been naked almost daily with each other over the years but it was different this time.  I liked that he handed me his belt.  The wide heavy leather belt that he loved to wear.  I was certain that it would remind him of this day every time he wears it in the future.  He took his place bending over the bed so his ass was in position for the folded belt and I took mine.

The feeling of power was fantastic.  I raised the belt and brought it down on his butt.  A red stripe appeared.  He took it bravely and I was sure that Dad's cuts were much harder.  I gave him fourteen (his age) turning his butt bright red.  It was like every time I swung that belt and whacked his ass there was a spectacular burst of fireworks.

I was proud that he did not yell and told him so just before I ordered him to get over my lap as I sat on the bed.  It certainly did not hurt him as much as the belt had but it was more fun using my hand.  I quickly learnt that hand spanking is a two-way street for my hand was hurting as much as his ass with each spank.

When I finished and told him to get up we hugged.  I told him I expected that he'll keep his promise.  I did not let on that I had other things to encourage him to bend over for me.

That night I had a revelation.  I had really experienced some of the things I first thought about having a boi more than a year before.

* * * * * * * * * *

I did not bother talking about sending the picture of him with the beer to Dad but emailed it to him and suggested he bring me his belt at his earliest convenience.  "Same deal as last time, brother." I told him getting right to the point as soon as he came to me.

"You like beating my ass!" he said as he got ready.

"I sure do!  Just like you loved tickling and spanking me when I was younger.  It's payback time big brother."  He did not look happy when I said that but he did not have a choice now.  He got into position quickly.  I liked that.  No pussyfooting  about nor arguing.  "Since you are cooperating, it will be only a dozen rather than fourteen cuts." I told him.

"Thank you." he responded automatically.  I was pleased that he was accepting my discipline so easily.  "Please count." I ordered as I made sure of my position.  And count he did like a young man should.  Again, I was proud of how he took it – like a macho man.  My brother is not a wimp.  If he was, then he probably would not have taken to spank me as I talked about.

Again he got across my lap for a spanking.  He had to adjust himself because he was hard.  This time I was prepared with a flip-flop to protect my hand.  I gave him time to brace himself by starting out gently and then giving him a half dozen stingers.  He was surprised at how hard I spanked but again took it well.  Again we hugged.  We are still loving brothers.  "Remember no more beer even if your buddies have some, OK?"

"OK." he grunted.

I had to wonder more about Jeremy acting like my boi that night.

* * * * * * * * * *

I tried to be crafty with that second smoking picture.  By now Jeremy knew that I was going after him.  I just emailed him the picture and said: "We need to talk."

He showed up shortly after.  "Talk.  HA.  HA.  You just want to whack me."

I could not deny that.  "True.  But you do deserve it, Jeremy."  I paused for a beat (as they say in plays) and added: "You can get Dad to do it but he might ground you as well.  I would never do anything as horrible as that."  We both chuckled.  "We could try something different today like a paddle, hairbrush or switch." I added being in a generous mood.

But we did not do anything different.  I wore out his tail with his heavy and very reliable belt and gave it some finishing touches with the flip-flop with him over my lap.  Then I gave him some nice TLC with some lotion.  He thanked me.  I did not ask him to explain if it was for just the smoothing treatment or the spanking.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was delighted how nicely everything was going.  I was also very surprised that Jeremy was not resisting.  As I got set to email the screen capture, I looked at it more closely than I had initially.  Sure there were the expected words like 'girls' and 'sex' but also 'naughty boys spanked' together and separately.  I put it aside and waited until I could check it out on Dad's PC.

It certainly was an eye opener.  It wasn't the stuff I expected like guys fucking girls or even other guys but SPANKING!  Guys over other guy's laps or bent over and getting their tails well roasted.  And they were hard also.  Now I understood why Jeremy was so compliant.  He wanted to be spanked.  He was a BOI!  Well, I would certainly be the helpful brother and oblige him as much as possible.  I'll would make the 'sacrifice' no matter that I would have fun doing so.  I sent the email off addressing him as "Naughty Boi".  I also told him that he had been very careless not clearing the history which jeopardized both our access to the unrestricted web on Dad's PC.

It was a very meek big brother that showed up.  I guess that years ago he would have had a hat in his hands to go with his bowed head and a caught naughty-little-boy attitude.  "Let's make this different, boi." I said, "Go cut a switch."

"Yes, Sir." he replied.  I had assumed correctly.  In order to have enough room to swing the long switch, we had to go into the hall near the top of the steps.  The switch really did a number on him for, unlike the belt, left red lines.  They must have really hurt because Jeremy reacted more than from the belt cuts.  I give him a hand spanking to finish up.

When we were finished, he thanked me.  This time I knew why. "My pleasure, boi."

I was sure that I was going to like our new relationship a lot.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 30, 2016

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