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The story continues but this time told by Allan rather than his older cousin Ike.  You should start with part 1.

Of course, this is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking and sex.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Cousin and I  (3/3)


Introduction – told by Ike

After I finished college I got a job too far to commute so I was not physically able to tend to the discipline of my cousin Allan.  I know the last year was very strange because he was watching over me – perhaps even more than I was watching him.  By putting Allan in the position of being in charge of me forced him to control himself better and give him a great big boost in growing up.  The situation was difficult because neither his mom nor mine really could do the job.  At sixteen he was feeling his oats (or more precisely, his testosterone) and needed a firm hand both physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, there was a downside to this scheme: it was stressful for Allan.  It did enable me to avoid some stress myself – that of spanking Allan.  I always found that to be a very painful duty.  Next year he would be a senior and it was essential that he not mess up and I did not expect to be around.  I had to find a substitute to fill the job.

Regrettably, there really was not any adult male available to do the job.  Years ago we could have gotten the leader of a youth group or a neighbor to do it, but with law suits and kiddy abuse laws that not possible any more.  Then I had an idea based on the two thoughts:  First, when you give kids responsibility they tend to behave better and, second, peer approval is very important to adolescents.  This was the deal – I would get his buddies Tim and Ken to be in charge of Allan.  If he misbehaved, then the issue would be discussed and a vote of two or more would determine the punishment.  They were honor bound to be fair.  Without telling Allan, I told them they could call me anytime for advice.

Another Report Card Day – told by Allan© YLeeCoyote

I was not happy with my first senior year report card nor was there any doubt that Mom would not be either.  If Ike had been around, I knew what he would have done.  I also knew that the situation needed correction and I wished I had been doing as well as I did last year.  I showed the horror to Tim and Ken (as I was honor bound to do) and they said they would be around later in the evening.

Mom reacted just like I expected and refused to sign it until after I had my discussion with Tim and Ken latter.  When they showed up, she even indicated that she was very disappointed in me and expected that they would be very strict.  Actually this was the first real test of the special arrangement that Ike had setup.

We went downstairs to Ike's room and talked a long time.  In view of last year grades it was impossible to explain all my C's except for my own negligence.  The conclusion was that I was not paying proper attention to my studies and playing around far to much.  Gosh, it sounded just like the problems that Ike had last year.  "Shit, if I don't straighten out, then I'm not going get into a good college!" I thought to myself.

Tim and Ken had talked about things earlier and were prepared with some stiff penalties.  First, they ordered me to get the hairbrush and leave my clothes up in my room.  When I returned, they told me what they had decided.  The rules were going to change immediately.  I had an early curfew and bedtime, very limited TV, and was grounded except for Saturday afternoons and evenings for at least a month and until my grades improved significantly (whichever came later).  They had even printed out all the rules and I had to sign a pledge to obey them.

I had more freedom back when I was in seventh grade.  But there was no place to appeal for they were my judges and the jury of my peers.  I don't think that I could have accepted such strict rules from Mom.  Looking back, all they were just good work rules that I had forgotten to keep for myself.  They were strict to force me to catch up.

Of course, you know what the hairbrush was for.  Tim got to do the honors first.  "Since you acted as a little boy, you will be spanked like one.  Get over my lap." he ordered with an air of authority I never expected from him.  Even before the first spank, I felt bad.  Here I was – a young man of sixteen – about to be spanked like a little boy by two of my peers.  Peers that I had given broad authority over me.  Peers that I could not sweet talk out of doing what was right.

Tim tapped my butt with the brush to get my full attention.  "Allan, you are going to make significant changes to get your grades to where they belong."  Then the brush came crashing on my right check – crashing down real hard.  WHACK!!  I thought that I could act like a macho guy and just take it in silence.  But even that first blow hurt so much that I howled.

"Good start, Tim." stated Ken.  I knew they were very serious.  The brush continued its attack on my butt.  My eyes were soon full of tears as little boys being spanked are wont to do in this position.  As Tim brought the hard, heavy hairbrush down onto my tender butt over and over, I could not help myself but to cry.  I felt ashamed sounding like a little kid.  Then things got worse for I started to bawl like a baby.

Eventually, Tim stopped and I was being held by the two of them as I bawled.  Then I was crying and they were lecturing me about paying attention to my school work.  They were acting so adult that I felt just like a little kid.  As I calmed down I was making promises – truly sincere promises – to do better.

"We have also decided to give you one more motivation, Allan, to really improve your grades." stated Ken.  "Until you're back to a B average, you are not allowed to have pubes."  With that Tim pushed me back flat on the bed while Ken started to clip my pubes with a clipper he took from his pocket.  I was not able to even start to object before he had the job half done.  When he finished with the clipper, Ken went and got a wet washcloth, a razor and the shaving cream.  As I was being stripped of the sign of my manhood, I realized how everyone would know in gym the next day.  I cried some more.

When I was back to normal, well at least composed and with a washed face they took me back up stairs to see Mom.  Yes, they took me still naked.  They pooh-poohed my objections by pointing out that Mom had changed my diapers and bathed her little hairless boy for many years.  They stood by me while I asked her to sign my report card and showed her my signed pledge.  She surely noted that I was hairless and had a red butt but said nothing about that.  She signed the card and said that I should go bed.

Later, I learnt that she had a long talk with Tim and Ken to thank them for their help.

Breaking Curfew – told by Tim

It was almost a month since we had to severely discipline Allan on report card day.  What he never knew was that Ken and I had called Ike and discussed what was appropriate action.  Neither of us would have been anywhere that tough on our buddy otherwise.  Ike was right, for Allan accepted everything we threw at him and, more important, and then really hit the books hard.  He never showed one tiny bit of resentment to either of us.  Ike sure had his number.

I was actually looking forward to letting him have his pubes again now that the month was almost up as I felt sorry for him.  He got quite a lot of razzing in gym but managed to retain his cool and ignore it.  On the other hand, he did not want to date because he felt so boyish without them.  Then one evening my mom had me run an errand downtown and that was Allan's misfortune.  After I did what I had to, I decided to drop into the 'Ye Olde Soda Shoppe' (it has a stupid old English name but great ice cream).  Allan was there making goo-goo eyes at Mary-Ellen.  It was definitely past his curfew.  Ike had warned us that we must be very firm with Allan or he would take advantage of us.

I had a private word with him and told him that he was in deep shit.  He could either take Mary-Ellen home or just tell her that his mom need him home immediately.  In either case, Ken and I would see him a little latter in his room.  He had better be waiting for us naked and with his pubes freshly shaven.  He winced at that order but knew he had better just do it.

I called Ken while Allan made his excuses with Mary-Ellen.  It was nice talking with her as she finished the treat that Allan had paid for and then I took her home.  I'll have to get do that some time when I'm not so pressed for time preferably not on a school night.

A little latter, Ken and I were at Allan's place.  We talked about the breaking of the rules and how he had pledged to keep to them.  He tried to tell us he was only a little late but he had to admit that was because I had spotted him.  We discussed the punishment and decided on three things.  First, the month was extended by a fortnight.  Second, he was required to shave his pubes three times a week as a special reminder that he was only a little boy in terms of privileges.  Third, he was going to get three of the best as they say back in merry old England.

Ken had been in a novelty shop three weeks ago and saw the cane.  He thought it was interesting and bought it.  He had been practicing with it for a couple of weeks on a cushion just like the school stories mentioned.  Now he was going to use it on Allan.

Allan was definitely unhappy with the idea.  "For centuries school boys have been caned in England and survived.  Some of them have even learnt to behave and keep their promises."  Ken preached.  He was crestfallen for he had not kept his promises.  It took careful placement to have enough room the swing the thing.  "Another thing, Allan, it's considered proper form to suffer in silence and NOT to yell."

Ken raised the cane and brought it down on the target.  I watched in amazement as a red line appeared on Allan's ass.  We could tell that Allan was hurting and waited until he was ready for the second stroke.  The second line appeared right below the first.  Allan managed to keep his teeth tightly clenched and quiet.  Then the third blow.  It was clear that either caning was real easy or that Ken had really practiced to get it right for the line appeared below the other two.  Allan sighed with relief and collapsed on his bed.

We stayed with him a few minutes and he thanked us for helping him and regretted his transgressions.

The next day the track marks (Ken explain they were called that) were definitely visible when he was in the locker room.  I'm sure that they were noticed but no one actually spoke of them.  I think that they were getting to expect strange things with Allan.

Allan Gets it in the End – told by Ken

Allan does not know when to keep his big mouth shut and today it got him into big trouble.  He was having an intense discussion with Killer while they were in the locker room after gym.  Some might even call it an argument.  Despite his name Killer is really a nice guy but big and tough; he got his nickname when he saved a kid from a dog by strangling it when he was only twelve.  Suddenly, without any reason, Allan started making personal remarks that were quite inappropriate.  He disparaged the size of Killer's cock which, truth be told, does look pretty small in its flaccid state that we see it the showers.  I broke the discussion up at that point and told Allan that the three of us were going to have a bit of a meeting.

We had our little meeting at lunch.  I reminded him how this was not the first offence in this way for he had once got it for taunting me for not having pubes (a problem he was now very familiar with). The vote was 3-0 that the remark was improper, he was to apologize to Killer and be punished.  The vote was 2-1 that Killer be invited to witness the punishment.  Allan tried to talk us out of that, but that just convinced us that Ike was right to suggest it.

We were able to get Killer to talk with us just then.  After Allan apologized and told him that he was going to be punished, Killer noted that the insult was in public so that he should apologize the same way.  We agreed and then we made Killer swear to keep secret what we were going to tell him.  Allan was going to strapped and he was invited to watch.

After school the four of us went to the woods at the end of town.  We went to our usual spot where there was a fallen tree.  It provided the perfect spanking bench.  Allan dropped his pants and leaned over the tree.  He should have know better than to try a cheap stunt like that.

"That will be three extra for not dropping your briefs." snapped Tim.  "And you can strip completely."  Allan knew the rules and absolute obedience was required so soon he was buck naked and in position.  Killer was smiling broadly and I could see that his pants were getting tight.  Evidentially his package was not as small as we thought.  Both Tim and I pulled our belts from our pants.  As always, we alternated strokes.  It easy to do that since Tim is a southpaw.

WHACK! went my belt and after a ten second pause WHACK! went Tim's.  As the two red stripes formed on his butt Allan counted: "One."

A few painful minutes later Allan counted: "Ten."

"You get two minutes rest before the extras." I said.  Allan knew better than the get up or talk.  Killer was impressed.

"He looks just like a baboon bitch in heat with that hot red swollen bottom."  Killer laughed.  "Just like at the zoo and good enough for a man to fuck."

Tim and I looked at our guest.  He had opened his pants and was stroking his erect cock.  It was not giant size but it certainly was well over average.  Big enough to be in a prono flick but not as the star.  In his other hand he had a condom.  It was clear what he wanted to do.  Tim and I nodded to each other as Killer rolled the rubber over his shaft.  We both knew that Allan was not a virgin and liked to be taken sexually.

"Yeah." both Tim and I agreed, "A very fuckable piece of hot ass."  Allan tightened his butt and looked even more fuckable.

"Now the extras, Allan." declared Tim.  We started to strap him again.

"One  ...  Two  ...  Three."

Killer went over to Allan and pressed his shaft on the vulnerable hole.  He also placed his hands on his back.  "Stay still Allan" I commanded sharply.

Killer continued: "Just relax, Allan.  If it was as small as you thought, it would not hurt a bit even if you did not relax.  But you better relax."  Killer pressed forward and Allan slowly yielded to the hard rod pressed forward by a hundred kilos of horny teen.

When Killer had enough, he pulled out and ordered Allan to turn around.  "Get your briefs."  Allan did as he was told.  Killer pushed him down on his knees and pulled off the filled scum bag.  "Not so little, is it boy?"

"No, Sir."

"Enough to choke you, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Don't you ever forget that!" and he leaned forward so that his still hard rod was at Allan's lips.  Allan moved forward and took it into his mouth and started to suck.  Killer encouraged him until he was ready to shoot again.  He pulled out and blasted his load on Allan's face.

"Wipe my cock off, boy."

As Allan dried Killer's cock off with his own briefs, Killer graciously offered to help anytime the boy needed another lesson in manners or anything else.  He then closed up his pants and left.

We got Allan over the log again so that we could fuck him simultaneously at both ends.  Twice.  We made Allan jerk off before we allowed him to get dressed.

Allan was very quiet was we walked home.  When we were almost home, Allan confided that he deserved what he got and promised to be very careful in the future.

Have to give Allan some credit, for the next day he apologized to Killer in the locker room.

Taking Possession – told by Killer

I had suspected that Allan has some strange relationship with Tim and Ken because of his different behavior when they were around.  I must admit that I was surprised at how they had such control over him and that he not only accepted it but seemed to like it.  Also, I noticed his shaven pubes and cute butt in locker room long before I got to see it strapped and to fuck it.  After he apologized publically, it was easy to be friendly with him.  I got to know all the details after a few weeks and, since I was in a lot of the same classes, exactly how he was doing academically.  Then I spoke to him about his grades.  I felt that he was not doing quite as well as he should be and that it was my duty to tell his controllers so that they could take action.

He promised that he would work harder and do better and begged me not to tell.  "They'll use the strap or hairbrush on me." he explained.  "I really hate that."

"Why not just a plain spanking by hand?"

"I'm not sure, but they don't.  Maybe because they are my size."

"I'm not your size, boy."  I was at least twenty-five cm taller and much stronger than he was partly since I was almost two years older.  I was sitting on his bed at this time and just grabbed him.  Even if he had resisted he would have still been over my lap.  I flipped his arm into a hammerlock and patted his jean-covered bottom.  He did not struggle nor even complain.  "You're a bit overdressed, boy."

"Yes, sir." he said simply.  I stood him up and told him to strip.  Without a word, he stripped completely and remained standing and silent.  I pulled him back into position.

Now my hand was caressing his cute butt.  Boy, did that feel great and my shaft was growing in my own jeans.  "You are going to do better in school, boy." and I started to spank him.  I spanked him hard and several thing happened.  First, his butt became hot crimson red just like when then strapped it the woods; simply irresistible.  Second, he was crying.  I know this could not be hurting as much as that strapping so there must be other reasons.  Third, I was rock hard.  When I though that he had enough, I got up, leaving him on the bed.  I opened my jeans, pushed down my briefs and rolled on a condom.  I got on top of him and easily drove my shaft all the way into him.  He was expecting this and cooperated so that the lube on the rubber was sufficient.  I was holding him tightly in my arms as I pounded his ass.

He was totally mine.  He even came before I did without touching his cock.  I told him that I expected that he get an A in history test tomorrow.  He promised to do his very best.  I told him that men don't try but do!

Three days later, he proudly showed me that very first A in that history course.  We shared the good news with Tim and Ken at lunch.  Then I explained how I motivated Allan and told them he needs more old fashion hand spankings and I'll be pleased to help him.  When Allan agreed, they don't have any reason to object.

I started to see Allan at least three times a week.  Every time I turned his ass bright hot red and fucked him.  We were both happy with the arrangement.  One thing bothered me, however.  I did not like that he had pubes as I preferred the more boyish image he had when he was shaved.  The next time he was over my lap for a nice sexual (not punishment) spanking, I let him know that I was going to shave him when I fucked him.  He made some slight objections but I told him little boys who get spanked OTK and cry are to young to have any hair.  And just to prove the point, I made him cry.  Actually, I did not have to try very hard because he wanted to please me and be my little boy.

I put him on his back and gently forced my shaft into his welcoming hole.  I had the necessary stuff by my bed and covered him with the shaving cream.  I even played with his rod before using the razor to clear away the offensive growth.  Soon he was nice and smooth like a boy should be.  I finished fucking him and was able to watch how he also came from my massaging his prostate.  It would be a long time before he had noticeable hair again.

And Then College – told by Allan

My life was significantly changed for the better by Killer.  Even more than Ike, he got me to achieve as much as I possibly could in every way.  My grades were even higher than last year's; he got me to work out so that my body was hard and sleek; my ass and his hand were the most intimate of friends.  When I meet his high standards, I got wonderfully sensuous spankings followed by great fucks that never failed to get me to come without even touching my cock.  When I failed to achieve as much as I should have I got punishment spankings that left me crying and that I could feel for days afterwards.  What I learnt in the first few weeks in Psych class is that was the classic carrot and stick approach.  It sure worked well for me.  Also, having real sex so frequently kept me satisfied so I could concentrate on other things.

Killer was so big that he could get away with all sort of things that most guys would get hassled for in high school.  Some of that protection even extended to me for it was well known that I was Killer's.  Of course, the one person that did not protect me from was Killer.  After some intramural games, Killer was berating me for not doing my best.  I smart mouth off that I would have been fourth no matter what.  He did not care about that but that I broke the major rule about giving my all.

Then, right there in the locker room, he yanked down my shorts and jock, flipped me over his lap and spanked me to tears in front of the other guys.  They watched in awed silence.  When I stopped crying I apologized to him for mouthing off and promised that I would always do my very best.  He sent me off to the showers.

Some smart ass called me a crybaby.  Killer was enraged.  He grabbed the jerk, Jay, well know as a bully, yanked down his pants, got him across one thigh and pinned the guy's legs with his other leg.  Jay had to keep both hands on the floor so that he would not fall.  Killer gave him ten hard SPANKS and he disintegrated into a bawling baby.  The crowd watching had to hold their hands over their mouths to kept from laughing.  He then gave him ten more on the other cheek.  During the second part the Jay gave a different yelp once through his crying.  When Killer lifted him up the was a puddle of come on Killer's leg.  Killer grabbed him by the hair and pushed his nose into it.  "Lick up the mess you made."  Of course, Jay did much to the enjoyment of the crowd all of whom realized what had happened.  Jay got out there as fast as he could.

Within a day everyone knew that Killer had spanked the spunk out of the crybaby bully Jay and he was constantly razzed about it.  Since he was a junior, he could look forward to having the problem his entire senior year.  No one made mention that I had also cried.

Killer and I had both gotten into the same college and decided to share our dorm room.  Mom and Ike were happy about this since I was only seventeen and a few months.  They knew that Killer would lookout for me.  I knew it too.  I also knew that my butt and Killer's hand would continue their intimate relationship.  I like the thought that those wonderful erotic spankings would continue but not the other kind.  Surprisingly Killer agreed on one condition – that I maintain the high standards of effort and keep out of trouble.  Of course, that meant nothing was changed.

Actually, there was one change – our sex lives improved.  Since we shared a room in the dorm, we were always available to each other.  Killer came up with this plan.  Each morning before classes, I gave him a blow job.  After a few weeks, I learnt to come when he did.  That left us in relaxed condition to listen to lectures and stuff.  Each night I would get spanked and fucked.  On the weekends we played more.

Visiting College – told by Ike

I had to do some business travel and I was able to arrange to visit with Allan and Killer.  My timing was just perfect for as I pulled to the dorm, Allan was just getting back from his last class.  When we got to his room, Killer was already there.

"Your midterm report arrived today." said Killer to Allan while handing me the report.  "You better strip down, boy."  He said spoke in a very serious tone, but there was a sparkle in his eyes.  A quick glance at the report showed all was well.

Allan hesitated, so I spoke:  "We must maintain traditions, Allan."

"Since Ike is here, I think that you should get over his lap."

Allan actually looked a little worried.  I patted my lap impatiently.  When Allan was in position I rubbed and patted his still cute bottom in the most menacing manner that I could.  "How long have we been doing this?"

"Six years, sir."

"You are going to have improve your English grade; this B- spoils the entire report."  I gave him a few gentle spanks while we all laughed."

Naturally, I had noticed that Allan pubes were shaven and I asked if he had gotten involved with a fraternity.  "Oh no, Ike.  Killer likes me this way.  He said as long as I'm spanked like a little boy, I should look like one.  He also likes me like this and I like to please him."

At dinner we talked long into the night mostly about our relationships.  Allan wanted to know why I faked all those bad grades through my senior year.  This was a legitimate question although a very tough one.

"Basically, it was because I was too week to maintain the 'tough love' mode to spank you.  It was hurting me to much to do it.  The first time was real and I did need a bit of a push to do better.  I really appreciated that.  But then I saw how it also helped you.  You were staying out of trouble and studying harder because you wanted to – so that you could watch over me and not feel strange like a hypocrite.  So I tricked you.  It was less painful to be spanked by you than to spank you." I said.

"That was quite a sacrifice, Ike." said Killer.

"He's worth it." I smiled.  Allan leaned over and kissed me.

When I dropped them back at the dorm, Allan gave me a great big hug and whispered to me: "Killer and I love each other.  Our grades are good.  In short, life is great.  I have just one little wish: 'Please, Killer, may I grow pubes.'"

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 26, 2000

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