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The following story is fiction about male/male corporal punishment.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and switching.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Cousin Is a Super Alpha Male


My Uncle Landon along with his family – my Aunt Pearl and my cousins, Trent and Karl, had come to town for a wedding in the family.  They stayed the entire weekend.  Now I was going to stay with them on their farm in the wilderness.  My folks would visit the next weekend and take me home.

Yes, I would miss my friends and the myriad of things to do in the great city but the three of us got along well together.  I was particularly close to Trent who was sixteen-years-old like myself.  Karl was two years younger and we had always considered him the "baby".  It would be only few days before I learnt that was an extremely obsolete designation.

Chores back home were quite trivial compared to those on the farm.  On the farm they are real work such as tending to the animals, crops or the farm itself.  I could not sit around doing nothing while my cousins worked.  By helping, especially Trent, we could be free to go playing earlier.  On Wednesday, Trent and I went swimming while Karl did his own thing with his friends.

Trent and I were having such great fun in the swimming hole that we completely lost track of the time when we heard Karl yelling at us to get out of the water.  My immediate reaction was to tell him to fuck off but Trent said we should get out of the water.

While we standing there in our birthday suits dripping (at least not on a floor or rug that Mom would have yelled at us for) we got a right proper scolding from Karl.  It turned out that we were late for doing the afternoon chores.  I was surprised that Trent took such shit from his kid brother.  But that was nothing for he immediately took his knife out of his pants and proceeded to cut a switch as ordered to by Karl.  Actually, he cut two and gave them to his brother.© YLeeCoyote

"POSITION!" barked Karl, and without a word, Trent immediately lay over a fallen tree with his ass up.

"Ready, Sir." he said and Karl immediately proceeded to use the first switch on his older brother's tail.

Each cut left a red line on Trent's butt.  They surely must have hurt for he winced for each one and except for a bit of grunting took it silently.  I would have expected such macho stoicism to be the case if his father was punishing him or even if Trent was punishing Karl.  He got ten strokes and when given permission got up, thanked his brother for correcting him and promised not to be late again.

Then Karl spoke again.  "OK, Toby, it's your turn.  Get into position.  You were also tardy."  I hesitated and then Trent also told me to do it and explained that if I didn't, then my uncle would take me to the woodshed for a strapping which I would not like in the least.  Karl concurred and again ordered me into position.

I lay over the tree like Trent had and immediately learnt how much a switch hurts when I got the first stroke.  It was like a red-hot rod had struck me.  I howled.  I jumped up and grabbed my injured butt.  This was not at all like my father's spankings.  I was not being held and the pain was far more intense.

"It does not count if you get up, Toby.  Now, get back into position, boy." snapped Karl impatiently.  I did not dare to disobey his order.  "Trent you better hold the wimp in position or we'll be here all day."

It was good that Trent held my wrists for I sure would have earned several extras otherwise.  He also gave me some whispered reassurance that I would survive.  I got six more cuts which were fewer than the ten Trent got.  We got dressed and headed back with Karl to do our chores.

Later, I talked with Trent to learn more about how his kid brother got to do this.  It was a long story but Karl had caught Trent doing the wrong thing and decided to punish him before their dad got back almost a year ago.  It was just the force of Karl's personality that made Trent yield and the next time was easier especially since their dad had accepted that he was punished properly the first time.

Over the course of a few months, Karl gradually became the brother-in-charge.  "I tried to resist but I never could." whined Trent.  "It's terrible for he monitors everything and for every little transgression, my ass pays greatly.  The only plus is that Dad has not taken me to the woodshed since he took over."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was after dinner on Saturday when I learnt more about Karl.  We had split up into three groups.  Our parents were talking (in two) and I was with my cousins.  My uncle had to deal with some important matter on the telephone so my dad went outside.  Suddenly, Karl dashed away, grabbed a bucket, filled it instantly and without a pause or warning drenched my father.

As you can imagine Dad was madder than a wet hen (Trent came up with that colorful expression).  He was yelling at Karl when my cousin yelled back at him.  That stunned him a second time and he stopped.  Then Karl went at him for smoking.  It was not the usual stuff we usually hear about how dangerous and harmful healthwise but for another far more immediate danger – FIRE!  Karl expounded about how everything was parched and even brown rather than green.  This was the perfect condition for a fire to be ignited and spread like (if you pardon the cliché) WILDFIRE!  It could easily destroy the farm.

Dad sputtered a few words but Karl took real action.  He grabbed my dad, his uncle by the ear and started to drag him to the woodshed.  "You have earned a trip to the woodshed, young man." he snarled.  Dad tried to get free but Karl's grip was tight and he was in pain and with each passing second he was getting closer to the woodshed.

I had trouble imagining what would happen.  Trent had the solution.  "We can watch.  Come." he said and rushed off.  I followed closely and watched we did without being seen.  Karl grabbed the strap that was hanging in the woodshed and ordered Dad: "Get those pants off, boy.  Smoking is a strappable offence."  Dad was not compliant like Trent had been and Karl punished him by giving him two cuts on his legs.  Dad yelled in pain.  "DROP 'EM, boy.  Now!" ordered Karl again.

That was the moment of truth.  Dad dropped his pants and when pressed also his undies.  He got into position as directed by Karl.  Then the strapping started.

Karl raised the strap and brought it down hard on my father's ass.  "Those are hard cuts." said Trent after a couple.  Repeatedly, Karl raised that strap and brought it down hard on my father's ass which was turning red very quickly.  I lost count but Trent told me that there had been twenty-five cuts when Karl stop and hung up the strap and walked back to the house.

A little while later we were together.  I heard Dad complaining to his much older brother about Karl's horrid and disrespectful behavior.  He insisted that he should be taken to the woodshed and strapped severely.  I was quite surprised that Uncle was not having any of it.  In fact he greatly approved for he praised Karl for taking quick and decisive action to protect the farm and to most appropriately and promptly punish the careless naughty boy who smoked without thought of consequences.  He finished up with "You have not matured since you were really a boy and our father took you out to the woodshed.  Obviously, you needed a reminder lesson.  If Karl hadn't given you one, I most certainly would have."

It was obvious that Dad was ashamed and embarrassed by both the lecture, how he had been punished and that the entire family knew.  This was certainly a new view of my father and I was confused about what it all meant in addition to how I saw that Kral had changed.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Sunday morning, while my cousins and I were doing our chores, Karl spoke about things.  It helped clear up some things although it still left me confused but in a different way.  He explained that he was in charge because he was more mature and thoughtful about unintended consequences even though he was younger.  Trent reluctantly concurred but quickly added that he was working on growing up in thos important way.

I had a lot to think about on the way home and afterwards.  I even had some weird dreams such as this one.

Dad had just driven us home and pulled into the garage.  He told me to take the packages into the house.  I said: "We have to talk about your careless driving, Father.  You failed to signal a turn and to stop at a stop sign.  Give me the strap (pointing to the one hanging on the wall) and get into position."  Of course he obeyed as he knew that he had erred significantly.

I found my spot and started to use the heavy strap.  Each cut was hard and left a red stripe on my dad's ass.  After a few they merged so that his tail was all bright red like after Kral's strapping.  I stopped after ten.

"Thank you, Son.  I deserved that."

Somehow, I don't think I'll get to live my dream.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 24, 2018

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