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The following story is fiction about an immature boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving, young femdom and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second part of the story and it best to read part one first.

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My Eighth Grade Sitters (2/2)


This afternoon was very confusing yet surprisingly pleasant.  If you had asked me yesterday or even a year ago if I would drop my pants on the orders of any of my classmates – especially a female classmate – I would have thought that you were crazy.  I would have been sure of it if you further said I would not be pissed as hell if she shaved my crotch so that I was a bald as a baby.  That is exactly what did happen with not just one but two of my classmates, Shana and Rani.

I'm still trying to figure it all out.

Mother told me to take a walk on the beach and I meet the two of them and soon after – without any real threat – I succumbed to them like I was a little boy and they were my babysitters.  I removed my pants and they were surprised at what a big thick bush I had which hid my thingy which, to be honest, is a very little boyish dicky.  I felt very much like I did with Mother and did what they said to do because they had taken full charge – naturally and without effort.  "Without that silly hair, you'll be able to run about the beach nude like the other little boys." they said and proceeded to use scissor and razor to make it so.  Shana's kid brother Blake watched sporting a huge grin.

I must report that it was great fun running about the beach and swimming and playing with Blake even though he is only eleven.  He is bald also but has a bigger dicky than I do which is a fact that he is damn proud of.  I had not expected to go swimming as there are not any lifeguards on the beach but with the girls, er, young ladies (I guess) supervising me it was allowed.

It does feel strange being bald again although it is actually pleasant.  When I was naked getting ready for bed, it was nice to see my dicky in the mirror rather than hiding in my bush.  Mommy says that I'm still an immature little boy and right now I think that she is right but don't tell her I said so.  With that big bush I was confused about whether I was still a boy or a young man but not now.© YLeeCoyote

One of the things that happen in school is that underdeveloped boys get laughed at by the others.  I have been very careful not to be seen to avoid that, but being shaved could actually be an advantage.  Without pubes no one would expect my dick to be anything but small so it looks like I'm just a late bloomer rather than a little dicked youth to be laughed at.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day, back at school at the first opportunity I sought out Shana and Rani.  I told then how nice it had been together with them on the beach and how appreciative I was that they were so kind as to supervise me so that I could swim.  They both said it was their pleasure.

I then told them that I had a little favor to ask of them.  "Please don't tell the others that I have small thingy or that you shaved my pubes off.  Some of the guys would tease me if they knew."

They laughed.  "Oh, we would never do anything like that, Timmy baby.  It would be unprofessional to tell anyone that you have a tiny wee-wee.  It would be like a guy kissing and telling."  I was quite relieved.

Shana added that she would be at my house on Thursday to sit me when my mother goes to her animal rights action group meeting for the first time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Right on schedule Shana rang the bell as Mommy prepared to go to her meeting.  She got all the particulars about contacts and bedtime and then threw a bombshell.  "Mrs. Rosenow, have you already dealt with Timmy for his misconduct in class today or should I spank him when I see to his bath?" she asked mommy.

Mommy glared at me.  "He most certainly did not tell me anything about that, so please do take care of it.  It was most thoughtful of you to ask."  I was afraid to say anything about not having been spanked in years but Mother looked so angry I did not dare to open my mouth.

Shana said that we had lots of homework and that is what we should do before anything else when I indicated that I wanted to watch some TV.  At eight Shana said to wrap everything up for it is time for your spanking and bath and then to bed.  I shuddered at the word but when she grabbed my ear I went with her quietly.  Once in my room she stripped me to my birthday suit like I was just a little boy.  Since I was naked just a few days before with her, I could hardly object now.

Shanna sat on my bed and got her hairbrush out of her bag.  It appeared fearsome for it had a thick wooden back that was ​three inches​ (​seven and half cm​) wide.  "Timmy, get over my lap, please." she said.  I obeyed just as I had obeyed her on the beach.  She got a firm grip on my waist and gave me a few hand spanks.  They hurt to my surprise for she was stronger as well as being a few inches taller than I was.  I yelled like a little boy but when she switched to the hairbrush, I really howled.  That was really painful and came along with a lecture about behaving in class.  I was crying before she was finished just like a well spanked little boy should.

She noticed that my pubes had started to grow back and, like on the beach, she was prepared to deal with them.  She got a tube out of her bag and spread some thick cream over my crotch.  Although I sprung a stiffy she did not touch my dicky.  "This will remove that nasty hair, Timmy.  Now go stand in the corner.  Think about how you should behave in the future and keep your hands on your head so you do not rub."

It seemed a long time before she called me for my bath.  First she washed off the cream with soap and water and rinsing using the shower hose.  My stubble was totally gone and she explained that depilatory cream was much more effective than shaving.  She reminded me that my mother said I should not have hair until I was at least in the tenth grade.  "But that's a year and half away." I whined.  She just smiled and added that I might not be ready for pubic hair until the eleventh grade.

Shana filled the tub and proceeded to bathe me just as she talked of doing on the beach.  She was very thorough washing everywhere including getting behind my ears, my back and my little dicky and all.  After she rinsed me off, she dried me.  I had to brush my teeth and then wee-wee while she held my thingy.  She tucked me into bed just before nine as Mommy had instructed.  She said that little boys don't need jammies.  I slept on my tummy holding Hoppy (my teddy rabbit) very tightly like I always did after being spanked.

In the morning when Mommy woke me she saw me naked once again and even that my bummy was still a bit red.  I tried to cover up but she said that was not necessary.  I sort of stammered incoherently and she said: "Little boys, like you Timmy, don't need to be shy with their mommies any more than with their sitters."  Mommy decided to help me get over my excessive modesty by keeping me naked in the house and on the beach.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been a few months since Shana and Rani became my sitters.  One of them is always here on Thursday evening when Mommy goes to her meetings.  Once or twice a month I get spanked either because I was naughty in school and they discipline me or because Mommy says I have earned a spanking and prefers that my sitters deal with me.  They also make sure that there is not a hint of pubic hair that Mommy says I may not have until I get to the tenth grade at the earliest.  I've gotten totally relaxed about being naked with them and Mommy and even on the beach like the other little boys.  Mommy has also replaced my silly boxers with nice neat tightie-whites which fit better under my trousers and especially the shorts that she likes me to wear.

This has caused another change which I'm happy about and Mommy is overjoyed about – my school grades are better in all my subjects.  Mommy also says that I get into less trouble also although I'm not sure.

I definitely get to go swimming a lot more.  When Shana or sometimes Rani take Blake swimming they invite me to join them.  I really like that because it is so fantastic to run around and swim stark naked.  I'm not sure I'll be able to do that with Blake much longer.  He is about to turn twelve and his mother said that because he is so mature (unlike me) especially for a boy that he will be allowed to keep his pubes after his birthday.  Now his sister shaves them off and we both run naked.  It is lots of fun.

* * * * * * * * * *

There has been another change now that Blake is twelve.  He has gotten his sister and Shana to teach him to be a babysitter explaining:  "A lot of boys need sitters and have problems with girls so there are lots of clients and thus lots of money to be made."  The young ladies agreed and with Mommy's permission will be using me a "practice baby".  It is a bit weird have a younger boy as a trainee sitter.  Of course if I refuse that will earn me a spanking for disobedience and they added that Blake needs to practice giving spankings also.

The first practical lesson for him was to give me a bath.  I was told to keep my clothes on after school when he was expected.  Randi had Blake tell me to stop my homework at half hour early and he took me upstairs.  With his sister watching, he slowly undressed me with us all pretending I was a seven-year-old.  Although I had been naked with him a lot on the beach now just felt different because he remained dressed.  "Don't be shy, little one.  I've seen lots of naked little boys and you're not any different." he said as he lowered my pants exposing my bald wee-wee.  Once I was naked, he took me to the bathroom and filled the tub.

It was weird that he actually washed me.  He was thorough but actually gentler than his sister.  When he did my crack he managed to slip a finger into my hole and whispered: "Bet that feels real good, little one."  Blake was also very exhaustive when he did my little package and I got hard.  He made me cum with a few well executed strokes.  His sister noticed that and she was grinning as she praised his efforts.  Then it was brush my teeth and go tinkle with him holding my wee-wee.  He tucked me in and gave me Hoppy to cuddle.

One of the things Blake needs to know how to do is to put on a real cloth nappy since some parents have chosen to use them so the next time he came, I got nappied.  Right after Mommy left, I was taken upstairs and undressed.  As always I could sense how Blake felt he was superior when my little package was exposed.  He placed a nappy on my bed and folded it.  I then had to lay on it and he practiced putting cream and powder on me.  Not only did he handle my wee-wee and nuts but held up my legs to get to my crack.  He thought it was funny to tickle my hole.  Then he put my legs down and pinned up the nappy.  Shana said he did it well and it was nice and tight.  After that he slipped rubber pants over it.

Then it had to be quality tested.  I was required to wee.  The installation passed the stress test as it did not leak.  I figured that this was pretty much over and I would get cleaned up when I got bathed.  There was another part – clean up – to do.  They had figured out how to make a mess without me actually messing the nappy.  They used a baster to squirt a batch of gooey oatmeal down the back into my crack and between my legs and mushed it about.  It was a real mess when Blake removed nappy and worked to clean me up.  When they were satisfied, it was bath time.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had to suffer still another indignity this week.  On Wednesday, Shana told me at the end of the day to be sure keep current with my homework because some of the time on Thursday when she was due to sit me would be taken up by a spanking.  Before I could even ask she explained that my behavior in school was becoming unacceptable and I had thus earned a spanking.  There was not anything I could say that would change her mind.

I was quite surprised when I answered to door bell to admit Shana for it was Blake.  He explained to Mommy that not only Shana but also Rani suddenly had to help a friend who was in great need and apologized for the substitution.  If Mommy was unhappy she did not show it and went off to her meeting.  Shana had prepared a list so Blake knew exactly what homework I should have done and, worse, that I was due a spanking.

Even though Blake was younger and smaller I felt littler because I was naked and pubeless as Mommy wanted me.  Blake was very confident about being in charge.  We ate and did some homework before he checked that I was up to date.  I had hopes that I would avoid a spanking because Shana was not here but I was very wrong.  At the usual time, Blake calmly announced: "Timmy, it is time for your spanking.  Upstairs, now."  I hesitated a bit but he repeated the order and warned of extras for any delay.  I did as I was told.

Up in my room, Blake sat on my bed and got me over his lap.  He carefully put one leg over mine and held my wrist near my neck.  Even before we got started he made sure that I would not be a problem.  The first SPANK was a good hard one.  I was surprised he could hit so hard.  I yelled and then he gave me a torrent of spanks that got my tail good and hot.  Then he stopped.  I thought it was over especially since I was sobbing when he really lit a fire in my butt.  He had just paused to pick up the flip-flop and that thing really hurt.  I was soon crying just as if my father (wherever he is) had spanked me.

When he got me up, he smeared the terrible cream on my pubis and parked me in the corner.  I cried for a while just like I did from his sister's spankings.  I was just like a little boy when he bathed me and made sure that I made wee-wee.  He even gave me Hoppy when he tucked me in.

I'm such a little boy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 22, 2015

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