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The following story is fiction about a young man becoming a houseboy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 3 of the series and you should start with Part 1: My First Paddling

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Many Firsts
My First Disappearance


Monday morning my boss called me into the office.  "Things have changed, Hossmann, your services are no longer required.  You will be paid for this week in lieu of notice."  In response to my questions, all he would say was those were his orders.  I did not know what I was going to do, as almost all of that last check would go for (past due) rent and other bills and I didn't have any savings.  The check was smaller than normal because it didn't have any extras.  If I didn't get another job in a few days, I would be seriously in deep trouble.

I didn't waste any time and started checking out the want ads immediately for I had been in this unpleasant predicament before.  With the economy down, there weren't many ads and it was hard even to get an interview.  The couple of interviews that I managed to get, did not yield any work.  The only bright thing that happened was that I got an email from Zack inviting (summoning!) me once again.  It did not setup a school situation this time but a domestic one: "Mommy has indicated that you have been a very naughty boy who is overdue for a discussion with Daddy."  This certainly was better than sitting at home watching on-air TV or trying to get free WiFi without buying an overpriced cup of coffee.

Because I was saving my clean shirts for a job interview, I wore a somewhat wrinkled outfit to my tryst.  I had lots of time and very limited cash so I left early and walked the ​five miles​ (​eight km​) to Zack's place.  The doorman gave me an envelope when he allowed me in and I read it on the elevator.  It was a very brief note: «Son, your conduct of late has been most unacceptable.  Uncle Zack is waiting in the den to deal with you.  Mom.»  Once again, Zack had set up the scene.

When I entered the room that had been the vice principal's office and the head boy's study on my previous visits I saw that now it was just a man's den.  Zack, neatly dressed in a suit even wearing a tie, was siting behind the desk.  "Good evening, Uncle." I said.  I was directed to sit and then got a lecture about how terrible my conduct was and, in summary, that I was a very naughty little boy.  Of course, we all know what happens to naughty little boys after they are lectured by their uncle.

Uncle got up from his desk, sat on the simple straight-backed side chair and called me over.  "Please," I whined, "don't spank me — I'll be good; I promise." I said automatically just as I had when I was a little boy.  Of course, that wasn't going to change anything.© YLeeCoyote

"Remove your shoes, boy." he ordered and I did.  Then he opened my belt and jeans and pushed them down so I could step out of them.  My T-shirt was next leaving me in just in my socks and boxers.  In quick secession they came off leaving me totally naked.  Uncle picked up a little rubber paddle and also placed a towel over his lap.  A hard tug of my wrist got me to fall over his lap like I was a little kid.

"I'm sure that you'll be more likely to keep your promise to behave AFTER you get this well-earned spanking, boy."  The rubber paddle then connected with my up turned butt; it connected very hard and I yelped.  Over and over, Uncle raised and lowered that piece of hard rubber to connect forcefully with my rear.  In just a few short minutes that seemed to have lasted hours, I was yelling and about to cry.  I was also begging Uncle to stop.

"I'll stop, boy, when your naughty red-hot bottom has received a good lesson." he snarled.  It was not until I was bawling completely out of control that he finally stopped.  I think that my ass was hurting more than after the first two encounters.  This time Zack (as Uncle) stayed with me providing some comfort with a hug until I stopped crying and then led me into the living room for his drink and sex.  I didn't bother with the soda but quickly got to my knees and began to suck eagerly to get the delicious man cream out of him.  This time his load was bigger because he hadn't fucked me first.  It was absolutely scrumptious.

I'm not sure how it happened but I told Zack that I was unemployed and hurting.  "That because you haven't been looking for the right job, boi."  Then he went silent and undressed.  He was in great shape, even better than he had been in high school where I saw him in the locker room in gym.  Of course, he was also panhandled and ready to have his way with me.  He pushed me flat on the floor, raised up my legs and had me in the missionary position for the first time.  As always, he drove me over the edge and I splattered over my chest as he pounded away at my butt with my dick ignored as usual.  When he was satisfied, he stopped but remained inside me.  "I've told you what you should be last time — a houseboi — my houseboi.  That would stop you worrying about a lot of stuff — like food, work and money."

I stupidly asked what the job was and he answered.  "To serve me — however and whenever I want.  Keep the house clean and other chores.  Maybe some other things."  He smiled while his cock remained deep in my butt.  "Of course, you'll get spanked and fucked a lot because that is your destiny — to be my houseboi with my cock in you."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a week later and I was moving to start my new job with Mr. Adcox.  That was one of the changes for as a lowly houseboi, I had to be most respectful of my Master.  It really was not very hard to move for my place was a furnished rental and I owned very little.  Everything fit into a few small cartons — a few things, my paper existence and clothes.  I was surprised that my new room was so very tiny although very efficient with a narrow bed, a closet for clothes, a small TV, a small sink and storage above the bed where my boxes went.  There was a servants' bathroom nearby although I was the only live-in staff.

I was amazed at how fast I ran afoul of a myriad of rules.  Right after I got my stuff up to the place I was immediately told that I was not to be dressed unless otherwise directed.  I immediately stripped and learnt of another infraction.  Boys, especially housebois, do not have body hair.  Master took me into the staff bathroom and used a clipper to quickly remove my pubic and axilla hair.  Then he took me over his lap and spanked me using a small rubber paddle.  It hurt something fearsome and soon I was bawling.  Master continued to spank hard and I was learning that I had best obey.  After that he rubbed some foul smelling cream all over me and made me stand in the corner with my hands on my head. "If you move or even rub your botty, you will get spanked again.  Stay there until I return."  Of course, I did even though the cream seemed to be burning me and my ass was aflame from the spanking.

When Master returned, he made me shower to wash off the cream and I discovered that I was totally smooth for the cream was a hair remover.  Master reminded me that bois are smooth and I was to keep myself this way.  He took me to a media room and as he watched something on a huge screen, I was down between his knees nursing on his potent man cock.  He was controlling me to maintain his pleasure level as he wished.  Eventually, he stopped this and then putting me over the end of the couch made me cum as he fucked me hard (which I loved).  Then it was back to nursing his man teat until he decided to go to bed.  He ordered me to use the toilet and then get to bed and stay there.  He wrapped it all up with: "Jeeves will start teaching you your duties in the morning."

I did as I was told and soon was in my bed.  I thought about how this was the first time in a long time that I was not worrying about money and the like.  True my ass was red-hot and I was bald as a kid but I had a warm bed and knew that there would be food to eat in the morning.  I learnt that I didn't have the need to jerk off as I usually did in bed.  The smoothness of my crotch did make me feel boyish along with my well roasted bottom.  Also, I guess, because I had gotten release when Master fucked me.

Well, that is how I started my new job as Mr. Alcox's naked houseboi.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a rude and shocking awakening I had in the morning.  The first thing I knew was there was this cold and wet thing on my face and the covers were pulled back.  "Wake up, Boi.  Time to start your training."  I was confused and then managed to mumble something about where Zack was.  That got a prompt response.  "I'm Jeeves and it is time to start your training.  First, never ever refer to Mr. Adcox by his first name.  He is Master to you and Mr. Adcox when that is inappropriate."  Then he gave me a yank so that I was prone and gave me a half dozen hard SPANKS with his huge hand.  They hurt a lot for Jeeves was a big and strong man.  I certainly did not have any doubts that he was in charge of me just as Mr. Adcox was.

I soon learnt that I would have a lot of things to deal with to fill my day and I would have to learn the proper way to do many of them.  The list seemed endless and included all sorts of stuff that a gentleman's gentleman and a housekeeper would have to do.  As a bonus, I was expected to keep in shape and use the exercise room following the regimen that Jeeves gave me.

Jeeves was a strict teacher and that first morning I managed to earn (as he put it) three spankings which were delivered immediately upon my earning them each time.  I spent the whole day learning how to be a houseboi and I even helped Jeeves serve dinner.  After that, Master lectured me about how important it was that I do things properly and that he was disappointed with my performance.  That, of course, had earned me a strapping (in addition to the spankings I had gotten from Jeeves earlier).

I was required to bend over a chair and Master gave me ten hard cuts with a strap.  It was not a surprise that he fucked me right after.  I learnt about cleaning up with Jeeves until I was required to attend to Master in his bath.  I was directed to get to sleep until I was called in the morning.

In the morning, I was summoned to take care of Master's morning wood with a blow job and then to get his breakfast.  After he went off to the office I was back in school with the very strict Jeeves.  This went on for week and then Master told me that I had better shape up or I would be out.  The next few weeks, I did better and Jeeves was not present as much.

After a couple of months, I thought that I should move on but then the reality of not having any money, too much stuff to carry and no place to go struck.  I was now trapped.  I couldn't quit but I could be thrown out.  I learnt to be a very good houseboi tending to Master's every need.  I didn't have any contact with anyone or anything from my past.  Master had cut all my connections by having my mail forwarded to a box and my phone just terminated.  I guess that I disappeared for the rest of the world.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 25, 2013

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