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The following story is fiction about one brother disciplining another.  The story contains scenes of a strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Kid Brother Teaches Me a Lesson


I was horrified by what Mom said before she went out for the evening.  "Lowell, your brother is in charge.  You are to listen to what he tells you and you are not to go out.  You are to listen to him just like you must listen to your father and I.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mommy." I replied not happy with the arrangement in the least.

To make it worse, Dad added: "And Liam may spank you just as I might should you chose to misbehave.  If he reports that you disobeyed then we will have a discussion in the garage with the strap and then you will answer to him.  Do you understand Lowell?"

"Yes, Daddy." I replied even less happy while Liam stood there with a great big smile on his puss.  We said goodbye to them as they left for the evening.

By now you are wondering what the big deal is for parents often leave one brother in charge of another when then they go out.  And even the right to spank the brother is not very strange either.  The problem is that I'm a nineteen-years-old high school senior while Liam is my kid brother.  Although he is already a sophomore in the same high school, he is only fourteen.  Because I was left back once and started when I was older than he did while he skipped ahead a grade so we are closer in school than normal.  This is a terribly embarrassing situation.  My kid brother has been left in charge a few times before although not with spanking rights.© YLeeCoyote

Immediately Liam started with the orders to clear the table and load the dish washer.  He just did not believe it was a accident that I dropped the glass which shattered.  He made me clean it up and then insisted that I get started on my homework immediately rather watch the TV show I wanted to.  He managed to nag and threaten just like the 'rents do.  I went off to my room while he parked his ass in front of the TV.  Certainly NOT fair!

I was pissed that I was missing the show that everyone would be talking about in school the next day.  I was not in the mood for homework so I was playing a game instead.  All was great for twenty minutes until Liam barged into my room.  "How you doing with your homework, Bro?  Need any help?"  He asked and then he saw what was on the screen.  "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?  THAT'S NOT HOMEWORK!" he screamed obviously pissed at me.

I made some incoherent noises that didn't mean shit.  He knew what I was doing and I couldn't fool him unlike the 'rents.  Liam continued to yell for a while eventually getting to the climax – "You are getting a spanking, young man.  Now!"

I protested and then he presented me a terrible choice.  "Either you drop your pants and bend over the bed for a strapping now or I'll tell Dad."  He paused a bit.  "And Dad will strap you for not cooperating and then send you to ask me for a strapping from me for not doing your homework."

Hell, he was right for that is what would have happened.  He had me trapped.  One way was the rock and the other a hard place.  I chose the softer place and stepped to my bed.

"Give me your belt." he ordered and I did.  I wished it was a lighter one rather than the heavy Garrison belt but I was sure glad it wasn't the one with the studs.  He folded it and yanked it so that it snapped in anticipation of the joy he was going to have roasting my ass.

"STRIP!  Everything off, Lowell."  That wasn't really necessary.  Dad was satisfied just to have us lower our jeans and boxers.  I started to object but Liam wouldn't let me speak.  So as soon as I was in my birthday suit he ordered me to bend over and got into position himself.

"I feel sort like Gunga Din", he joked, "except only one step left flank rear."  I did not laugh for almost immediately he brought that belt down hard on my tail.  It was a hard as a cut from Dad.  Maybe it is not just the strength behind the swing but the speed and weight.  No matter, it hurt like hell and I yelped like a little kid.  Liam gave a little chuckle knowing he was being effective and then proceed to strap me with my own belt over and over.  I lost count at ten as I was fighting to hold back the tears.  My ass was toast already but he continued for a few more cuts.  I dread to think what this would have been like after a strapping from Dad.  Eventually, he stopped and allowed me to get up.  "Now get to your homework, Lowell.  I'll be back to check."

Damn, my kid bro was as tough as Dad.  I rubbed my butt but it did not help.  I got my pillow and sat on it.  It was hard concentrating with that fire raging in my ass but I sure did not want a repeat so I stayed with the books.  Liam surprised me an hour later by checking up on me.  He even looked over what I had done and made some suggestions so I could correct some mistakes.  At breakfast my butt still hurt but Liam never said anything to the 'rents.  As we headed for school, he explained that he had already tanned my tail so that there wasn't anything to report.  The slate was cleared by the strapping and all that shit.

I had PE the third/fourth period so my buds noted the strap marks on my tail.  Of course, they had to tease me about them and I let them think that it was Dad that strapped me for I sure wasn't going to tell them that my kid brother did it as I would never hear the end of it.

Liam caught up to me on the way home.  "The talk about school is that Dad strapped your worthless ass good and hard.  Is that true?"

"I never said that but, of course, who else would, Little Brother?"  We left it there.

After we got home, I went to my bedroom and soon after Liam came in.  "Got some great pix yesterday."  I did not think that they were nice at all for they showed Liam strapping me.  He went on to explain that he would use them to correct the mis-impression about who strapped me if I gave him any more grief like yesterday.  I surely wished that he hadn't gotten that fancy camera for his birthday.

Liam surely knew how I felt about others learning that he strapped me so that I wasn't in any position to challenge him the next time he was in charge.  I hoped that I would remember to do as he says so that he won't rip up my tail again.

Oh, he also left a VHS tape.  "You may watch this AFTER you finish your homework; unfortunately, you were still at your homework too late to watch it last night.  It's last night's show."

I just love my smart ass, know-it-all, bossy, kid brother.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 21, 2013

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