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The following story is fiction about two brothers.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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When a lad is small, he whispers his innermost thoughts to his teddy bear in his bed who never, ever, passes them on.  When he gets older, and has put his beloved TB away with other baby things, he confides his thoughts in a journal which he carefully hides from his snooping parents and siblings.  Here are some entries from a young man's journal.

My Kid Brother Won Years Ago


Journal Entry 152:  In the third month of my sixteenth year.

My little brother Dustin and I have a pretty normal (as in 'usual') relationship.  Being three years older always gives me the advantage in whatever we do.  I am always the winner for I am bigger, stronger, richer, more experienced…whatever just because I had a head start.  I confess that when I was little I picked on Dustin but as I grew older and more mature I stopped doing that.  I really don't think that Dad taking my pants and briefs down and turning my butt bright red a few dozen times with Dustin watching made any difference whatsoever although considering the shit-eating grin on Dustin's silly face when it happened he surely enjoyed the shows.  It was just that I eventually realized that it was not fair of me and that Dustin was growing up and closing the gap.

Of course, Dustin understood that kid brothers are always bashed (both literally and figuratively) by their older, bigger, stronger brothers.  It's been that way since the beginning of time.  We both had friends with brothers and it was the same situation with every one of them.  To my credit, Dustin also had my protection from the other kids for I would – and did several times – get between him and the nasties.  Further, let me note that Dustin even trusted me enough that he would play pranks on me secure in the knowledge that I would not really hurt him for all my dire threats.

We even managed to share a bedroom all these years without any bloodshed except for a couple of nose bleeds which were not my fault at all.  Really!  Now, we never had a problem with being naked with each other so we know each others body quite well.  Well, of course, with my three years advantage I'm was always (and still am) a bit bigger in every way.  You probably are expecting me to 'fess up that Dustin has the bigger cock and flaunts it to make me feel inferior.  Well, you are wrong.  My cock is the standard issue size – ​sixand a half inches​ (​sixteen and a half cm​) – when hard (which is most of the time at my age).  Dustin started puberty a year earlier than I did, but his is still only ​five and a half inches​ (​fourteen cm​) although I know he is still growing.  I'm old enough to know that it just does not matter.  Even now I know there are guys that have rods that are more fifty percent bigger than mine – just like there are dudes taller and stronger in the world.  I know that mine is the perfectly design size to best fit into normal holes for a great time.  I haven't any interest in being a porno star or being thought of as a mare's delight.

Our Dad is a pretty cool guy.  He spoke to us very man-to-man about drinking, smoking and drugs.  He was concerned about us getting involved with them although he knew that we would be just like Eve when she took the forbidden fruit.  He made a deal with us.  Drugs were an absolute no-no.  Almost every boy thinks that smoking proves that he's a man but it does just the reverse and is terribly addictive.  We would regret using either, just as we would regret cutting off our noses to spite our faces.  We talked of all the horrors – which, Journal, I will spare you.  Alcohol was a little different.  He had somewhat of a French attitude and that was a little was OK even when we were under age.  But, of course, only in the house and only a little.  We got introduced to beer and wine at the family dinner table just like we did everything else.© YLeeCoyote

Well, the Sunday evening that things changed we were alone in the house.  Naturally, I was in charge and we both had finished our homework.  We decided to split a beer and watch the wrestling in the TV.  Yes, we both knew that one can was unofficially allowed when we were alone although we had two.  It was a warm evening and being of 'green minds' we stripped rather than put on the AC.

When the show was over we started to wrestle and I boasted that I would beat him.  It was silly but I did it anyway and he said I wouldn't.  Nothing new at all.

Well, we engaged each other and twisted and tumbled not really getting to any conclusion.  I guess that I should have exerted myself and finished it but I was feeling good about being close to my brother and the mutual teasing we were engaging in.  The beer probably helped in this regard.

We had been trading top and bottom positions for sometime and now Dustin was on top.  I really did not think anything of that even when he got me into a full Nelson.  Then he managed to entwine our legs in grapevines so that he had me immobilized.  "I got you now, big brother!" he boasted with a laugh.

"Like hell you do." I countered and tried to throw him off me.  The operative word here is, alas, 'tried', of course, otherwise I would not be writing this.  As I struggled, he kept his holds on me and kept everything very tight.  He was laughing at my inability to free myself and as I struggled I could feel his cock get hard as it pressed on my crack.  I wished we had our jocks or shorts on, but we had been going commando earlier and when we shucked our shorts were nude.

I did not like this but I could not mention it without assuring that Dustin would tease me about it.  It was also very distracting.  At first I thought I was imagining it but then I was sure that Dustin was actually rubbing his cock along my crack intentionally.  I was confused for we had never had sex except for the occasional brotherly jerk off session.  Now I certainly could not tell him to stop since that would prove he was humping me and I, strangely, seemed powerless to stop him by freeing myself from his tight grip.

Dustin's move came with the swiftness and stealth of a SR-71 Blackbird.  He clamped down on my neck really hard and I reacted to the pain with a yelp and rearing up.  He bucked and that drove his rock hard shaft right into my hole.  Because of the pain I was in, I was not able to keep my butt hole tight.  When he eased up on my neck and I flattened out, I was fucked!  Literally!  I yelled "Get out of me." but he just teased me by pulling out a bit and thrusting back in hard.  Unfortunately, my body betrayed me because something inside was felling very good as he fucked me.  A new and strange feeling that was as good as jerking off and over whelmed me.  I climaxed and then I was lost.  Dustin exploded into me right afterwards.  After that he released me and got up.

We were both confused.  Never before had we gotten into sex.  I joined him on the couch.  "You should NOT have done that." I said, very angry at his having taken liberties.  I did not feel up to confronting him physically.

"Yea, it's the first time I beat you at something and you're still ahead at 538 to 1.  Beside you loved it.  I didn't plan it, honest." he retorted.

I guess that was true but this was different.  "It was naughty of you to do that, little brother."  I pulled him over my lap.  He was surprised but he didn't fight me off.  I guess he felt a bit guilty about what happened.  "You been a naughty boy and I'm going to spank you just like Dad used to spank me for bulling you."  I had kidded about spanking him in the past but never had done it.

Dustin tried to placate me.  "I'm sorry, big brother." he said although he did not physically resist me.  I spanked him for a while with my hand.  I was not really mad enough to strap him perhaps because he was so deferentially obedient.  He did not cry or yell but accepted my spanking submissively which made me feel a lot better.  I had thought about fucking him to even the score.  When I told him to get up, he did but immediately dropped to his knees and brought his head close to my hard cock.  "May I, big brother?" he asked with a grin.

I had thought about fucking him while I was spanking him so I was hard and ready.  Dustin did not wait for a reply but immediately engulfed the head of my cock.  Instantly, I felt good and things just got better.  This was my first time and later Dustin said it was his.  I guess he could tell what were the right things to do from my reactions while I just leaned back and savored the delightful experience.  I also felt that he was being repentant by pleasuring me.  It would be fair to say that he sucked the anger out of me along with my semen.

We kidded about some and then when to bed.  I showered first and was in bed when he finished.  Instead of getting into his bed, he got into mine.  He handed me a tube of stuff and said: "Please, use this when you do what a big brother should with his uppity kid brother."

I had a great time fucking Dustin and he liked it also.  He even told me that I had the right to do this anything time I wanted.  Once I understood that he really meant it and there were not any strings attached, I completely forgave him for his, let us say, insolence earlier.

Journal Entry 201:  In the tenth month of my twentieth year.

I have come to the unpleasant realization that Dustin has beaten me in the sibling war.  He is now essentially an adult like I am and looking back at all the conflicts we have had, the net score is 0-1 in his favor after adjustments are made because I had a three-year advantage.  He has managed to beat me to even out the score.  Not in a tit-for-tat but in a broader sense.  We both did well in high school academically and with sports and were even within statistical meaning.  Out parents are equally proud of us.

There is just one time that Dustin beat me that I can't ever get back at him and it taken me more than four years to realize it.  It was that first fuck we had that I wrote about in #152.  He took me without my permission and then continued to control the entire evening without me even realizing it.  He kept control when he when went down on me and even when he gave me his cherry.  Then he made sure that I could never do the same to him by giving me permission forevermore.  After that we fucked about and he was true to his word and always yielded unconditionally when I wanted to take him.  Dustin was also always careful to ask for permission before he fucked me.

Now, I understand that in these last four years, Dustin has held the fundamental control while I just had appearance of being in charge.

But what to do now?  Do I tell him that I know he's won?  I'm sure that he has known for a long time.  It's certainly the greatest prank that he ever played on me.

Journal Entry 202:  In the eleventh month of my twentieth year.

That realization weighed so heavily on my mind, that it changed my behavior enough that Dustin spoke to me about it.  I did not want to tell him but the pact we made to be forever honest with each other required me to 'fess up.  Dustin smiled broadly as he listened to me.  I felt so small and tiny as he hugged and comforted me.  I don't know how it happened but soon I was sitting on his lap like I was a little boy and he was the adult.  He made me feel so safe and secure cuddling me this way.  The way Dad cuddled both of us when we were little boys and the way I had cuddled Dustin when he was little and Dad wasn't about.

It wasn't difficult for Dustin to get me to confess that I had been mean and nasty to him over the years although he did tell me that it was not nearly as bad as a couple of his friends had to endure from their big brothers.  I apologized and he countered that I needed to do penitence.  I agreed and he told me it would start on my birthday when I asked him for a birthday spanking.

Journal Entry 203:  In the first month of my twenty-first year.

Dustin's birthday present for me was a strange one – the opportunity to purge my soul of the guilt I had.  Since such things were intensely personal, he assured me that it would be private between to two of us and the rest of the world would not know.  I stripped and got over his lap for my birthday spanking.  He gave me a couple of light taps and then explained what was going to happen.  Since the worse time I gave him was after I was partly through puberty and he was too young to have started, I was going to be his ten-year-old kid brother all the time that I did not have other obligations.

The first thing that he did, was to remove my adult hair.  I had to lay on my bed, and let him shave my pits and pubes so that I looked like a little boy.  He even removed the little mustache which I had recently grown.  Once I was a proper little boy, it was back over his lap for the rest of my birthday spanking.  The spanks were firm as appropriate to my physical age but they did not hurt.  I only got ten plus one really hard one 'to grow on'.

While we dressed, he kidded me about being a hairless little boy like I had teased him back when.  I was surprised at how much his words hurt and understood had bad I had made him feel back then.  I begged his forgiveness but he said that would come later.  The rest of the day was uneventful except that night we had sex again and I had to serve him in many ways.

I hope my reconstruction will be quick.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 16, 2010

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