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The following story is fiction about a boy's younger sister gaining control.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, young femdom and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired to write this by a It's Not Fair letter by NAMB on the Forced Nudity Story Archive site.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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My Kid Sister Takes Charge



I was doing a careful inspection of the attic of the house I recently purchased.  I found some CD's that had fallen into a gap in the rough flooring.  Investigation revealed the following correspondence of two kids with their pen pals mixed in with a lot of homework assignments.  I decided to share it with you after changing the names, of course.

Fourteen-year-old Ernie and his eleven-year-old sister, Randi, find that their lives change dramatically after they have their annual medical check ups from their female pediatrician.  Their mother and the doctor decide that Ernie needs to be tamed and Puericil™ is prescribed.  This drug reduces a boy's aggressiveness and is described here.  Not surprisingly the two siblings have very differently feeling about the outcome.

This story is presented as a series of pen pal letters without any extraneous chatter.  Ernie writes to Theron and Randi to Nicole.  Regrettably there is not a clear conclusion to the saga.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Hey Theron,

You can't imagine how awful my medical checkup was.  I just wanted to die!  I was stuck in the exam room with three females – the doctor, my own mom who was filling in for the nurse who had the flu and my kid sister.  Randi wants to be a doctor and so Mom and Dr. Upson decided that she should not only watch everything but to try everything as well.  I guess it was not so terrible at first for I was allowed to keep my briefs on but everything the Doctor did Randi did also – she felt me here and she felt me there – just like the doctor did.  She looked into my mouth, eyes and ears.  She listened to my heart and lungs.  I was beginning to feel like a baby or a dog at the vets – I was just an object.

But at least I had my briefs on.  Mom does not allow me to wear boxers like all the other guys in my class do insisting that I'm too young.  Well, I was wearing them until…

"Remove your briefs so I can check a few more things, boy." the doctor ordered suddenly.  I was horrified – because my mom and sister were there.  I protested but it did not help me in the least.  I got the same flawed reasoning as earlier that it would help my sister about being a doctor and my mom reminded me she had seen it all many times and was a nurse.

Randi was devastating though.  "It's OK brother, I know that you have a pee-pee and I've seen others."  I was too surprised to say that I had a cock or penis like a man but just lowered my briefs for Mom had that look that she was thinking about her hairbrush.  It was probably better since Mom would have probably washed out my mouth for saying such things.  I saw that Randi was looking closely at my junk like she was comparing it to things she saw (or read about) previously.

After the doctor did the hernia and cancer checks, Randi got to do it.  Yes, she actually got her hot little hands on my junk.  She felt me when I had to cough and felt for lumps in my balls.  I blushed all over when the doctor took out the ruler and measured how big my thing was and again when Randi got me hard to measure again.  She even measured how big my bush was.  I was bright red all over by then.  This was very different than when she got my height and weight.

It is hard to believe but it then got worse!  The doc checked my prostate for the first time by sticking her finger up my butt hole and when she felt it I got hard again.  Then Randi got her turn and stuck her finger in also.  Fortunately, not at the same time but when she did she rubbed it a lot and I leaked pre-cum.  Just think that a couple of years ago I got yelled at for not closing the bathroom door when I peed and Randi saw.

It was absolutely horrid!

When it was Randi's turn, I was thrown out to cool my heals in the waiting room while she got her exam in private.  I did not even hear the discussion about me although Randi did and about herself.  It was so unfair.

Later after dinner, Randi came to my room and thanked me being her first 'patient'.  She said she learnt a lot by examining me and telling me that it would be 'unprofessional' of her to talk about it especially that my pee-pee (her word) was on the small size.  She also gave me the first of the daily pill that the doctor prescribed which we got from the pharmacy on the way home.  Mom put her in charge of my daily pill.  I don't understand why for I am old enough to take care of myself although Mom said it would help her feel more like a doctor giving me my daily medication.  I guess that the least of my problems.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Nicole,

Ernie and I had our medical check ups today.  It was absolutely AWESOME!  Mom filled in for the doctor's nurse who was sick and not only was I allowed to watch her give my brother his exam, she let me do all the things that she did.  Of course, I got his height and weight but that was nothing.  I got to listen and peer into his everythings and feel everything like the doctor did.  I even did the exams on his boy parts – penis, testes and prostate.  I never seen him so red from embarrassment.  It was so much better than when I played doctor with my classmates back in the second and third grade.

Ernie is much more developed than those little boys were as he is fourteen and even has some pubes.  Little does he know that I got a much bigger bush although I'm two and a half years younger.  I even measured his pee-pee (small average) and got my finger into his butt hole to feel his prostate.  We girls don't have one of those but it's part of his sex stuff.

He does not know it, but Mom and the Doc have decided to put him on Puericil™.  I gave him his first pill tonight.  The doc said that within a week he will be a changed boy – he will not be nearly as aggressive and he is going to lose his pubes.  I'm planing to be there for my dear brother giving him all the support that I can for it is the proper family thing to do.

He wanted to watch and perve while I got my exam but he was immediately exiled to the waiting room.  He was lucky that he didn't get a spanking then and there for being so cheeky.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey Theron,

Sorry that I'm late with this letter but the medication I've been taking has made me feel different.  I'm a lot calmer now and don't argue anywhere like I used to.  What is even stranger I feel good when I do what Mom tells me to.  I even feel good even if it is Randi telling me something even if it is just to take that daily pill although she's a lot more bossy than just that.

Mom decided that I should not get dressed until after breakfast so that if I spill anything there won't be extra laundry.  I'm not even allowed briefs!  Randi reminded me that not only did she see me naked at the doctor's office but she examined and measured me so she seen everything all up close and personal so I don't have anything to hide.  (She smirked wickedly when she said that.)  Mom promised me a spanking if I showed up for breakfast in anything more than my birthday suit and even reminded me that the big wooden spoon 'lives' in the kitchen drawer and is right at hand.

Randi has also been getting into my life more.  She checks that I washed properly after my shower inspecting everywhere so I've been very careful to scrub me properly for she said she would bathe me if I was not squeaky clean.  She also checks that I've done all my homework.  She can't check it but does a count of problems and questions answered.

I had to make a terrible decision Saturday morning.  I did not clean up my room like I was supposed to and she gave me a choice.  The rock was to call Mom who would ground me until she got home and then would spank me.  The hard place was that Randi would spank me herself although she help me clean up so I could go with my friends.

"It's totally up to you, brother." she sniggered.

In either case I would be getting my butt roasted and I decided that her spanking would hurt less than one from Mom and I would still get to go out with my buds.

I was already naked when she sent me to fetch the hairbrush that Mom always uses.  When I returned she was sitting on my bed and I got over her lap.  She lectured some but I only heard the first few words before she brought that mini-paddle with bristles down hard on my bare tail.  I howled in real pain.  She overloaded my senses even more than Mom did and after a mess of spanks (who could count!?) I was crying and promising.  She let me up and wiped my face.  Then, as promised she help me collect the laundry and took it downstairs while I vacuumed.  She helped me make the bed (more accurately instructing me for every step) and then I went off.

I did not tell my buds who spanked me but they could tell that I had been.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Nicole,

That Puericil™ stuff is working like a charm.  My big brother is turning into a little kitten and I'm gaining more and more control over him.  I treat him like he is my little nine-year-old kid brother rather than fourteen.  He is a nudist until after breakfast when he is allowed to get dressed and so he can not be modest at all.  I inspect him after he showers and check that he has done his chores and homework.

Life is Great!

Today I spanked him for the first time and made him cry.  I had to do it because he asked me too and he is my dearest brother who I love and must help.  It is even nicer that it was fun.  This morning he didn't do his chores so I gave him a choice of calling Mom who would have grounded him until she got to spank him or to ask me to spank him immediately.  He practically begged me to roast his tail so I did.  I got him over my lap and used the heavy hairbrush on his sorry bottom until he was bawling like a baby.  It was a wonderful feeling.

I've read up on Puericil™ and found that the more he voluntarily submits the more he will in the future.  It's a slippery slope issue for him (although he does not know it) and even if he stops the drug, that effect is permanent.  In less than a year he will be my little brother for life.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey Theron,

I got into trouble today and I'm standing while keying in this letter.  Yes, of course, that means I was spanked.  I left school promptly and headed right home just like Mother told me to.  It was in the park when I got jumped by the rough boys who constantly make fun of me for not always fighting like they do.  They tried to get me to fight by pushing me around but I would not.  It was silly and I am afraid that I will get hurt because they are so aggressive.

They were persistent and kept at it so they just kept pushing me about.  They stopped only after they shoved me in the mud puddle three times calling me a sissy and a coward.  When I got home Mom took one look at me and hosed me down before making me strip on the back porch because I was covered in MUD.  She yelled at me about getting my clothes muddy instead of coming right home.  I tried to explain that it was not my fault but she would not listen.  While still wet she made me bend over the porch rail and used her big wooden spoon to spank me.  It's like a paddle.  At first I just yelled because of the pain but it did not take long before I was bawling and had a hot red tail.  When I was dry, she sent me upstairs to shower and do my homework.

To make matters worse, I was just finished with my shower when Randi got home.  I am now required to ask her to inspect me to make sure that I had washed properly and was clean.  I'm pretty much used to that but she had a friend with her so I suggested that the inspection could wait so that she could spend all her time with her friend.  They wouldn't hear of that with the friend even insisting that family duties came first and foremost.  Then the friend assisted Randi doing the inspection together.  Her friend found my body interesting and Randi was extra careful and demonstrated her doctoring skills.  It would have been nice that they handled my dick except that I was just a little boy to them with a hot red bottom.  I guess I should not have been so grumpy because Randi's friend decided I might be coming down with something.  Randi agreed and they decided that I should have my temperature checked.

Randi's friend told me it was nothing new to her because she often checks her little brother's temperature.  I had to lay over her lap and she put some petroleum jelly on my butt hole and pushed in the thermometer.  The situation is a bit different with her brother because he is only seven while I am a teenager.  I should not have used that argument because it backfired.  One of the side effect of the pill I must take is that one's pubic hair disappears.  It was quickly pointed out to me that I was a bald as a baby so just like I was often naked like a little boy I would have my temperature checked with a thermometer carefully put into my bottom hole like a little boy.  In this position they could see that I had been spanked earlier because my bottom was very red.  It was pointed out that if I did not totally cooperate that once the thermometer was removed I was in the perfect position to be spanked.  I was very still after that.

Randi removed the thermometer and then her friend gave me a few spanks just to drive the point home before allowing me to get up.

Things keep getting worse and worse.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Nicole,

It has been almost a year now that my brother has been on Puericil™ and it has made a world of difference.  Instead of the wild, noisy, aggressive teen trying to prove to the world (actually to himself) that he is a man, my brother is a well-behaved boy who keeps out of trouble and does his school work diligently.  Just as the doctor predicted he is now tamed or, should I say, domesticated.  Mother is more than delighted that he is obedient and does his chores with nary a word.

I am in charge of him and although it is a lot of work looking after a little boy I simple love the job.  I've convinced Mom that I should provide all of Randi's discipline.  It is one of the best perks of the job – spanking my naughty brother.  All of my friends are jealous because he is older (although less mature) than I am, even the couple who may (and of course do) spank their younger brothers.

Every month I give Ernie a physical like the doctor and Mom (the nurse) showed me.  I carefully record his stats and condition.  At first he did not like me doing that but he has stopped objecting.  He actually cooperates even for the prostate check.

I'm sure I've told you about my boyfriend Leonardo.  He's a year ahead of me in school and is positively a dream boat.  He's got a great bod and mind and is mature (unlike my baby of a brother).  Needless to say, he not on Puericil™.  Well, I had a date with him and we were sitting on the swing on the back lawn talking after the movie when we heard stuff.  It turned out that Ernie was spying on us after his bedtime and Leo easily caught him.  I scolded him as he was a naughty little boy and promised him a spanking the next morning.

"A spanking should not be deferred!" said Leo definitively, "I'll take care of the little boy right now."  Ernie immediately started to plead and promise but Leo would have none of that.  He just dragged Ernie over to the porch steps where he sat down and pulled my bro over his lap.  He did not have lower his pants because he was naked.  It takes me a dozen whacks with the hairbrush to get Ernie to cry and Leo got him to that stage with just his bare hand with ten hard stingers.  When he stopped at twenty-five Ernie was a well chastised, bawling baby boy with a hot red bottom whom we sent off to bed.

Leo was not bothered at all by Ernie and his kisses were better than ever.  Although he was too nice a gentleman to open his pants I could feel that he was harder and bigger than before with my hand through his slacks.

I was surprised that Ernie's intrusion did not spoil my date with Leo.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey Theron,

It was a few days ago that I got the worse bare hand spanking ever and it was from a twelve-year-old (dare I say) boy who was dating my sister.  They caught me spying on them and he insisted that spankings should not be deferred and hauled me over his lap right then and there.  Boy is he strong!  He had me in tears like a baby after just a few spanks and bawling by the time he was finished.  I ran right back to bed not daring to stop even to get a cold washcloth for fear he would come up and spank me more.  I was still red-hot in the morning.  I could tell that he had a big hard cock when I was over his lap getting spanked.  That night I was hoping that he would help me with his sperm which counteracts the effects of that drug I have to take.

Tonight he came by for another date with Randi.  She was late (as usual) and told me to let him in and give him a soda since she would take twenty minutes to get ready.  Well, we were in the family room with our sodas and I asked him if he would help me because I was on the pill.  He knew all about that and said it would be his pleasure so I knelt between his legs, opened his pants and hooked his boxers under his balls.  He is a real man – his cock stood up tall and proud from his thick bush.  I did not waste any time but immediately engulfed it.  Almost immediately I got my special potion to counteract that pill.

I wanted more but he stopped me so Randi would not see but promised me more in the future.  I'm sure it will be helpful.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Nicole,

My brother is not only immature but stupid.  There is always talk about how fresh sperm/cum will counteract the effect of Puericil™.  I'm sure it spread by boys who are not on the drug to sucker those that are into servicing them.  One of my friend's older brother let her know that Ernie was one of those boys.  Of course, it doesn't have any effect whatsoever but it seems to make the P-boys happier.  I'm certain that it makes the donators happier.

Leo, jokingly, talked about 'helping' my brother in this way.  After some talk we set a trap and Ernie went for it.  It was great fun when we shared the video of my brother sucking him off to get the supposed antidote.  We decided to take it a step further and have Leo inject the 'antidote' in his rear.

I arranged that Leo should be Ernie's sitter for a couple of hours on a day when he had been naughty and under restrictions.  Knowing that they would be alone for a while, Ernie again went for Leo.  This time Leo suggested the 'more effective method' and soon they were both naked.  With Ernie lying over the arm of the couch with his butt high, Leo strapped him with his heavy belt after explaining that this caused better circulation.  With the fool now sobbing, Leo easily took him and made the deposit deep inside.

I promised Leo that he be able to get relief every time he dates me from Ernie.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey Theron,

Randi changed my rules today.  First she gave me a long hard spanking for trying to circumvent the effect of the drug she makes me take daily.  Then she forbid me from getting sperm/cum from my classmates saying that made me a slut and subject to diseases and ridicule.  She also insisted that it does NOT work and is just a rumor spread by boys who want to get off at the expense of P-boys like me.  It was very disappointing.

She also explained that she had discussed this with Leo and he would be available to provide me with cum anytime should I feel the need under her supervision.  She knew how he had already provided me with it twice.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 19, 2015

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