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The following story is fiction about a girl taking control of her older but immature brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and diapering.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Kid Sister Took Charge


Hi, I'm Dougie.  I'm fifteen-years-old and a sophomore in high school.  I live with my 'rents and sister.  Sheri is two years younger than me but she is smart and only a year behind me as a high school freshman.  Our 'rents have very busy lives and have very little time for us.  Oh, we get everything we need – food, clothes, toys – but we don't have much supervision.  That turned out not to be so good for me but this past weekend there was a major change in my life.

Let me back up a bit and try to explain stuff even though it not all clear to me since it has only been seventy-five hours since the new order started.  I guess a lot things depend on when someone starts puberty.  Since they taught us that in sex ed, I guess you know it.  Anyway I only started those wonderful changes when I was almost fourteen which was later than most of my classmates.  The first day in gym when we had to shower, I saw how advanced many of them were.  The guys with bigger and hairier equipment made sure that the rest of us felt like little boys.  I was definitely one of those at the start of the year.  By the end of my freshman year, it wasn't so bad since I had the start of a bush although (to be honest) it was pretty puny unlike some of the other dudes who had big heavy growths like the lush rain forest.

Sheri started puberty when she was just ten-years-old which was not only much younger but a calendar year before I did.  Now, after three years, she is definitely turning into a woman.  I can see how her tits push out her T-shirts and I wish I could get to see them directly and, of course, her pussy also.  She tells me that it so hairy that she has to keep it trimmed but she said that I would go blind if I looked at it.  I don't believe that any more than jerking off gives you hairy palms.  She tells me it is 'ladylike' for girls to be modest and that it's wrong for little boys like me to keep trying to see especially by peeking.  Now that does not seem at all fair because she also says that boys don't have anything to hide.  Mom apparently agrees because all my life she has let Sheri see me when I was naked whenever she took my clothes to launder or she was bathing me or spanking me or I was playing in lawn sprinkler rain.

There was another difference too.  When Sheri was naughty Mom would take her to her room and talk to her.  I don't think she ever got spanked.  Now when I was naughty, Sheri would be allowed to watch and listen as Mom dealt with me.  I know that she thought it was great entertainment because she told me so when she teased me about seeing my 'little pee-pee' as she called it.  Now that has not happened since I turned twelve but Mom's scolding me always turned me to mush and made me feel like a little boy of seven.  Every time she reduced me to that state she would strip me completely and take me over her lap to spank me long and hard with her big wooden cooking spoon.  I always was turned into a blubbering baby.  Sheri would tease me while I stood in the corner and afterwards.  A few times Sheri's friends would also be there and Mommy would encourage them to watch so that they would know how to deal with their little boys when they grew up.

Looking back, like Sheri had me do recently, I realize that there was another difference between us – maturity.  I've heard that girls mature earlier and it certainly is true in my situation.  Sheri is not only more developed physically but is far more mature.  She has been pointing that out to me for many months.  She even calls me a little boy when she being generous rather than a baby who should still be in three-corner pants and spanked frequently.  Although I would never have admitted it until this eventful weekend I will now admit that she was right about my being an undisciplined spoiled baby and a pest.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been at least a year that I've realized what an undisciplined spoiled baby brat my brother is.  Although he is two years older than me, he acts like a little boy of only seven or eight.  Sometimes I even think that is over rating him.  That Dougie is lazy, doesn't study so gets poor grades, pesters me just like he did when he was half his age and mouths off to our parents are among his faults.  In a word what he needs is DISCIPLINE.  Most unfortunately our parents let him get away with murder because they are too busy with other stuff.

I yell at him for some of the more outrageous things he does but that does not help.  He was much better behaved when Mother paid much more attention.  She was most effective in what she did.  Initially, she would scold him.  She did it beautifully for as I watched he would droop like a candle in a hot oven.  Next she would strip him and I would get to see his cute little pee-pee.  If he tried to cover himself she would slap his hands hard telling him that he had nothing to hide.  Then she would pull him over her lap and with her wooden spoon turn his sorry bottom bright red so that he would bawl like a little baby.  I loved to admire his glowing bottom when he was stuck in the corner.  When he was done with that he forget to try to cover his thingie as he made his way to his room to finish crying.

I had lots of dreams (both by day and by night) about doing all that to him and more.  Since he acted like such a baby, I figured that the proper outfit for him was a diaper.  A nice traditional white cloth diaper held on with safety pins after he was powdered and oiled.  I never expected that this might really happen.

Then fate intervened to help me.  Both Dougie and I had things planned for this past weekend when unexpectedly our parents had to go visit our great aunt who was in the hospital.  Since I was now thirteen (with Dougie older) and in high school we were able to convince them that we could stay by ourselves.  "We have lots of neighbors and even our friends' parents to call on should we need help." I pointed out.  Dougie even made the necessary promises to behave.  I even reminded them how much they were away and we had to care for ourselves much of the time anyway.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the first night we were alone and I stayed out way past my curfew.  When I got home Sheri was furious at me although she was calm.  She immediately began to lecture me which turned into scolding; a scolding like Mommy used give me.  I just could not believe what was happening to me.  At first I just tried to ignore her but she was too persistent and I could not.  I stopped feeling like a fifteen-year-old young man nominally in charge of my kid sister while our parents were away.  I was sandbagged for it was just like when Mommy scolded me.  Suddenly, I was a just little boy getting thoroughly scolded for being naughty.  A small part of me said to run away but I could not move.  With every phrase she spoke I felt smaller and smaller.  Soon I was totally convinced that I was a naughty little boy and about to get a well-deserved spanking from my [surrogate] mommy.

As I stood still being crushed by her words, she undressed me.  Just like mommy used to strip me as she lectured so, apparently, was Sheri.  After she ordered me to kick off my sneakers and I obeyed, she pulled off my T-shirt and opened and dropped my jeans.  I must have stepped out of them surely but I don't remember.  I was engulfed by her words and just wearing my boxers.  I got a chill as she put her thumbs in the waist band for she had not seen my junk for several years.  It was bigger and I had hair.  A tiny bell went off that she shouldn't be seeing my stuff but it was over powered by the wailing sirens of her most effective scolding.  My boxers quickly joined the pile of my clothing leaving me stark naked in front of my clothed younger sister like I had been before my mommy.

She sat on the couch and pulled me over her lap.  She kept scolding me and I was helpless.  The first few spanks were just with her hand and didn't hurt much so I started to relax.  Then she switched to using a flip-flop.  That hurt like the blazes.  Over and over that piece of rubber connected with my poor tail.  I now knew that this was not a lark as the spanks came hard and hurt.  I knew I was totally lost when my sobs gave way to bawling and I even lost track of everything but tears and spanks.  Eventually, she stopped and parked me in the corner.  It was habit that got me to put my hands on top of my head like Mommy always made me do.

Sheri did not just send me to bed after my corner time but she put me to bed.  She led me to the bathroom and had me wash my hands and face and brush my teeth.  She ordered me to pee-pee and stood there watching as I did.  I tried to object but she slapped my tender butt hard and told me "Little boys don't need to be modest because they don't have anything to hide and you certainly don't."  Well, I was totally soft then so it was only about the size of my thumb.  It's twice as big when hard but I was afraid to say that.

You would think that was as bad as it could get but you would be wrong.  Sheri had another thing in mind.  After I finished pee-peeing she lead me to my room and told me to wait.  When she returned she folded a white cloth into a triangle on my bed and made me lie on it.  She put some oil on my junk and bottom and then some baby powder before pinning the three corners together.  YIPE!  She had diapered me.  She had me get up and then into bed with orders to stay there until morning.  I did not dare to object.  I didn't say anything but "Good night." as she tucked me in.

* * * * * * * * * *

I could hardly believe my eyes that I had been so successful in turning my older brother into a DIAPER BOY with a hot red ass.  Remembering what Mom did and getting a few ideas from the web about scolding really helped me.  Once he started to regress back into the little boy like he did for Mom, I saw that I had him.  Since his tail will still be hot and red under that diaper he won't be able to deny that it happened tomorrow.

As you surely can imagine, I was positively elated.  I had stripped my brother of his teenage macho shell exposing the bawling baby hidden inside with a spanking and diapered him before putting him to bed.  He was even being obedient by doing what I told him to.  In the next day and half before our parents returned I planned to make sure that he knew that I was always going to be in charge and that any disobedience would be punished.  I immediately resolved to make his life more structured and stop him from being a pest.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was confused to say the least.  Here I was in bed with a red-hot ass after my little sister had spanked me to a bawling baby.  Then she had put me to bed after diaperring me.  It was not like our 'rents had put her in charge but that she overwhelmed me with a terrible scolding, just like Mommy did when I was little.  She treated me like I really was just a little boy telling me that I had nothing to hide.  Sure, there are guy with bigger dicks but she didn't see mine hard.  It gets to be ​five inches​ (​thirteen cm​) – well almost – and it still growing.

As I lay on my tummy with my ass on fire her cutting words were continuing to rip me up.  She told me that she was in charge from now on and if I didn't obey and do as I was suppose to, she would spank me again.  I know that I won't be able to stop her any more than I could this time.  Eventually, I fell into a fitful sleep.

Sheri woke me in the morning and told me it was time for my bath.  "I can shower by myself, Sheri." I said but she ignored me and insisted that I would have a bath and that it was my choice with or without a spanking.  I avoided the spanking.  She removed the diaper and led me to the bath.  As she filled the tub she told me to go pee-pee.  I tried to hide doing that but she laughed and reminded me that she watched last night and I had to get used to her watching me.

The bath started OK and it was nice be washed because she was very gentle.  It didn't stay that way.  She was unhappy that she could not get my pubes clean because of the oil and powder she had put on when she diapered me.  "Don't worry," she said, "I have a solution to this problem."  It was a horrid solution!  She made me stand up and used the little hair clipper to remove my pubes.  I objected but it was too late and she wouldn't listen anyway.  She then made sure I was very smooth by using a razor to get the stubble the clipper left.  Soon I was as bald as I was when I was thirteen.  She rinsed me off and dried me.  I wanted to get dressed but all I was allowed was a T-shirt and the diaper she put on me.

At breakfast she explained the new rules – her new rules for me – and how she was in charge.  If I messed up she would spank and diaper me.  She made me do two hours of homework before lunch.

There was a terrible surprise at lunch.  Sheri's best friend, Kera, came over.  She was interested in see me in a diaper.  I wanted to hide but I did not see she was there until it was too late.  She carefully examined how the diaper was put on.  She also wanted to see how red my tushie was from the spanking.  Once lunch was over, Sheri just removed the safety pin and removed the diaper fully exposing me.  I was horrified and objected but both of them reminded me that I had nothing to hide.  After that I was allowed to get dressed and go out.  I met my friends but was way too embarrassed to tell them what my little sister had done to me.

I remembered to get home on time because of the pain in my ass for I certainly did not want to get spanked again.  Sheri put me in the diaper again at bedtime.  It did not disturb me that I was naked for her so I must be getting use to it.  Or, maybe she is right that boys don't have anything to hide.

* * * * * * * * * *

Being strict with my baby brother has made a difference in just a day.  He got home on time and was well behaved which was a big change.  He even accepted my diapering him.  This was shown in two ways – first he did not object and second when I powdered and oiled his thingie, he responded.  I'm definitely loving the new arrangement with me in charge and him being a good little boy.

Dougie continued to be cooperative in the morning when I got him up.  He actually seem to welcome being bathed by me.  I'm very happy that I shaved his pubis because it now much easier to wash the powder and oil off.  Of course, it keeps reminding him that he just a little boy whenever he touches there.

We had things to do so after breakfast we both went out.  I reminded him that he had promised Dad that he would to cut the grass and that this afternoon was the last chance.

I guess that he would be responsible was to much to expect for when I got home it was already dusk and Dougie was not yet home.  There no need to even ask about the lawn.

By the time he returned, it was too late to do that simple chore.  I immediately began to scold him and just like the first time he sagged with shame.  It was easier to get him naked because we both had some practice and he was hoping I would go easier if he cooperated. Once he was naked I got him over my lap and started to spank him with my hand.  This was just the warm up since his butt was harder than my hand but I loved seeing my hand prints form.  Then I switched to my hairbrush.  It was gift from grandma that she got me after I had admired hers.  She had even joked that she had spanked my Uncle Louis with it and it was very effective.  The first spank with it showed me that it was very effective for Dougie yelled in response.  In a few minutes he was bawling like a three-year-old and I stopped shortly afterwards and sent him to the corner.

It was then that I saw Mother for they gotten home early.  She had a very surprised look on her face.  "Dougie was a very naughty little boy so I gave him the spanking that he most richly deserved just like you used to Mother."  By then Father had finished putting the car away and Mom told him what I had done.  "My brother has been a spoiled brat baby for a long time and needs to grow up." I said continuing my explanation.  "This is the second spanking I've given him and I'm certain the first made a difference in his behavior."

Then I tried something to prove that it was an effective method.  "Dougie, you shall do the lawn after school tomorrow." I said to him.

I was delighted with his simple response: "Yes, Ma'am."

"Do I need to remind you what happened to naughty little boys who don't do their chores as promised?"

"No, Ma'am.  They get spanked."  The folks were very impressed and said so.  Once Dougie saw that they were there he was mortified but it was too late.  He wasn't ready to try to hide behind his hands because they were busy rubbing his hot bottom and in any case they already saw that looked and acted like a little boy.  I was doubly glad that I had shaved his pubis.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dinner was a disaster for me.  The 'rents had come home early and saw Sheri spanking me, putting me in the corner and that I was bald 'down there'.  The rents expressed their great disappointment in me and praised Sheri for taking charge.  There really wasn't anything I could say except promise again to do the lawn after school on Monday,

Things got blacker when the 'rents found out about how I was late getting home and that Sheri had spanked me then also.  "It seems that Sheri is the more responsible one and should be in charge when we are not here, Dear." Mommy said to Dad.

"I guess." was Dad's response but Sheri was beaming taking it as a done deal.  Since I couldn't resist her control and discipline before, I realized that I had less of a chance now with the 'rents approving.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 20, 2013

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