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My Life Altering Trip with My Nephew


I was surfing the web one June evening, not having much to do since it was the slow season, enjoying one of my favorite writers on this site.  Things were so slow that my employer was encouraging people to take some time off (unpaid time although benefits would continue) when my phone rang.  I answered it and was pleasantly surprised.

"Hi, Uncle Paul."

It was my one and only nephew, Ryan, so he did not have to explain further.  I was surprised for it was not my birthday when he made his annual congratulatory call.  Ever since he was nine, he had expressed regrets that he was not here to give me a birthday spanking like I gave him on his natal day.  We exchanged pleasantries and that everyone was OK.  Then he got down to business.  "Can you get off from work next week, Uncle?"

"Probably." I replied cautiously.

"Kewl!  Dad and I had planned to go to New York for the week plus the holiday and the extra weekend.  We have nonrefundable, prepaid reservations.  Dad's vacation got cancelled because someone died at work and someone else got into an accident.  Would you go with me?  Please.  I promise to be good and if I'm not…well, Dad said you could spank me.  It will be a great trip to the Big Apple.  Dad also said you would especially love the special exhibition at the Met – a Max Ernst retrospective."© YLeeCoyote

My nephew, Ryan, was a strapping lad of fifteen and a sophomore (tenth grader) in high school then.  I say strapping lad because he already had soared to ​6′3″​ (​190 cm​) and ​210 pounds​ (​95 kg​).  He was far taller than I, so he must have his father's and grandfather's big guy genes.  The very same genes that I failed to get in the heredity game of chance.  He was already shaving by then although just twice a week.  He was strong and athletic and even was on the varsity wresting team at school.  He is very different from the way I was – shy, timid, underweight shrimp – when I was his age.  I'm still the shrimp at only ​5′6″​ (​166 cm​) and ​130 pounds​ (​59 kg​).

"Please, Uncle Paul, say that you will.  We'll lose the money otherwise and I won't be able to go anywhere else either.  Even Mother thinks it would be good for you to go.  It's sure to be lots of fun.  We'll even get to see the huge – a hundred thousand shells – Macy*s fireworks for the Fourth."

I agreed and the next morning cleared it with my boss.  My sister-in-law took care of the reservation details.  Keith, my brother, drove Ryan to town and he was sitting on my stoop when I got home from work on Friday.  Before dawn we took a taxi to the railroad station to get the train to the Big Apple.  I had agreed to dress young and wear jeans and the like in order to keep a young spirit.  It was when the conductor collected our tickets on the train that I had my first surprise.  Ryan had the tickets and when she returned the punched tickets, she said to him: "Have a good trip, Mr. Reilly with your little brother."  From his smile, it was clear that made him feel good.

"Thank you, Ma'am." he replied to her and then turned to me as she moved on.  "I told you that my 'stache makes me look older, little brother."  He had a great big grin when he said it and then added: "Uncle Paul."  As we traveled, Ryan told me about his plans.  He had made extensive studies so as to squeeze as much as possible into the trip.  He had a collection of maps and guide books in addition to pages and pages in his laptop.  Ryan had really done his homework because this was his special trip.

Once we got to Pennsylvania Station, I was certain that I could show my young nephew a thing or two about getting about on the subway.  What I did not know was that they had changed the whole system about and, after I made a muddle with getting our Metrocards, I made things even worse by taking the wrong train (right platform, wrong line).  Ryan realized that and asked for directions to confirm what he had figured out from the map.  If he hadn't been distracted by all the novelty he surely would have caught the error immediately.

Our hotel was near Columbus Circle, and after checking in, we went out.  Not only was Ryan very anxious to see EVERYTHING but he needed to run about after sitting so long.  We went into Central Park to really stretch.  Just to let off steam, Ryan ran around the Pond while I waited on the Gapstow Bridge watching the birds (it's a sanctuary) and the people.  We then just walked about getting the flavor of the place working our way down to the crossroads of the world, Times Square.  Somehow we managed to get dinner and after much gawking at the lights and people, I insisted that we return to our hotel as we had lots scheduled and we (well, actually I) needed to rest.  Ryan had explained his very full schedule to me which neatly alternated indoor and outdoor activities daily.

Ryan did a batch of surfing while I watched the news and showered.  Before he showered, he showed me that he had setup a user id, 'uncle', for me with the password 'favorite' and invited me to use his laptop.  He came out of the shower nude explaining that he liked to sleep that way (just as his father had when he was a teen) and reminded me that I had seen him naked lots of times.  That was true but not since he started puberty.  He was now a well developed young man with nice definition to his big, strong, hard muscles.  I certainly would have loved to have looked half that good when I was his age.  (Hell, that's still true!)  Ryan kidded me about wearing pj's and said that his dad bet that I still wore them like when we were kids.  Shortly after, we sacked out.  I certainly was most impressed at how grown up he seemed to be.

I'm not going to tell you in detail about the zillions of places we went to and saw and how wonderful they were.  There are lots of travel books which do that a lot better.  You're reading this because you want to know what happened on a personal level between Ryan and me.  Let me just say there was far more to do than we possibly could in the long week that we had.

Ryan was up early, belying that all teens are night owls, and raring to get out and explore the Big Apple.  We had some breakfast and then got going exploring New Amsterdam.  We rushed back uptown to see the Broadway show we had tickets for.  There is a great difference from what our little local theater does and what they do in New York.  I was happily exhausted by the time we got back to our hotel.

I was very glad that we got back to the hotel when we did for a thunder storm was brewing and I've hated them since I was little.  I use to hide under the bed or in the closet if I was alone.  Of course, I was rarely alone since my big, brave brother was usually about.  Keith would hug me as I clung to him and tell me silly stories about Hendrick Hudson playing nine-pins in the sky to explain the thunder.  At night, I would run from my bed to his and do the same thing.  As I got older, I knew it was just a natural thing and there was not anything to be afraid of while inside but I still did not like them.

We were just about ready to get to sleep when the storm started.  Ryan was delighted.  He opened the curtains as he wanted to watch Nature's light show over the lights of New York.  I wanted to hide in the closet but he wouldn't let me.  He dragged me to the window (remember he's strong!) and held me from behind so that I had to watch.  Wrapped in his strong muscular arms, I felt safe enough to watch Zeus the Thunderer at work.  Since I had just finished my shower when he dragged me to the window, we were both naked.  I guess that I must have absorbed some of his courage by osmosis because of the large skin-to-skin contact since I survived the storm without any terrible side effects.

When the storm was over, Ryan just got into bed keeping a tight hold on me.  "The storm might start up again, Paul.  But you'll be safe with me."  I felt safe just as I had with Keith three decades before and even stayed relaxed when the storm resumed.  Just like his father had, he asked: "Is little Paulie safe and OK?"

I responded "Paulie safe and happy." just as I had to his father.  It felt ever so good to be in the arms of a strong brave and free male (even though he was only fifteen).  I wondered if Ryan had the complementary thoughts like those in my mind from a song in "Flower Drum Song".

* * * * * * * * * *

It was only the third day of the trip when Ryan said he needed to have a talk with me.  I was totally clueless about what was on his mind but he quickly enlightened me.  "Paul, your conduct is not acceptable at all.  For the last couple of days you have been acting very much like a spoiled brat.  You have been generally rude, pushing people and cutting in front of them.  You've been jaywalking even more than the natives which is extremely dangerous.  If you were my age, I know that grandpa would take your jeans and underpants down and give you a good hard spanking if he were here.  I'm certain that Dad would have done the same to me at least a day ago.  I'm afraid that you really need a good attitude adjustment.  Since neither Grandpa nor Father are here, it is my duty."

I was dumbfounded at all of this.  I could not believe my ears.  I reckoned that my behavior had not been not so great, but it was my young nephew lecturing me.  Even his father, my older brother, was much more hesitant about spanking me (although he did so several times) since he was four years my senior.  Ryan, however, was a quarter century younger than I.  This was outrageous!  I started to protest that he was most out of line but my words did nothing.  My big, strong nephew was able to control me physically just as my father had done and with the same results.  In less than a couple of minutes he had gotten my belt opened, my jeans unbuttoned, my jeans and underpants yanked down to my ankles and flipped me over his lap like I was his little boy of twelve.  I guess that was not surprising since he was of adult size and strength and I was like an average thirteen-year-old nerd.  It surely was easy for him to manhandle me considering how well he controlled the guys he wrestled at school.

Ryan kept a firm hold of me with his left hand and as I was draped over his lap I was unable to free myself.  Then came the first hard spank and the pain coursed through my body like a bullet and I yelped.  As Ryan delivered hard, painful spanks to my little naughty boy bottom, he lectured me about correcting my errant behavior.  Soon I was crying.  I was crying like I had when my father and when my brother, his father, had spanked me many years ago.

By the time Ryan stopped spanking me, I was transformed.  I was just a sorry, repentant, little boy with a thoroughly seared and very painful bottom.  My fifteen-year-old nephew, Ryan, was seemingly the omnipotent, authoritative father.  He had been leading quietly because he was following his plans but now I knew that he was really in charge – totally.

Most important, I was sure that he knew it also as I clung to him crying on his shoulder promising to be a well-behaved boy just as I had when my father or big brother had spanked me into a sorry, repentant, bawling little boy.

Perhaps even worse, I knew that he was right about my behavior and that I deserved this spanking.  The first spanking I had gotten since I was in high school.  It is said that one should be careful about what one wishes for as one might get it.  Well, I had wished to be in the arms of a strong brave and free male and that is exactly what I got.  Ryan certainly chose his part in this so I guess that he was happy with it.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning he was quite relaxed about things and reminded me that spanking clears the slate.  Of course, he expected that I would mind my manners from now on.  There was an implied warning that he would spank me again if I didn't.  At breakfast he talked about the schedule and was sure I was going to love the day for we were going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Max Ernst exhibit.  That certainly got my mind off my sore butt.  The walk through Central Park was a great start.

Because my bottom still hurt while we were at the museum, one painting especially resonated with me.  I immediately froze in astonishment when we got to Max Ernst's painting “The Virgin spanking the Infant Jesus before three witnesses: A.B., P.E. and the artist”.  "See," teased Ryan, "you're not the only one that gets spanked.  And certainly if He can get spanked, you can't be immune."  Ryan laughed softly when he said it.  There was not anything that I could say.

After that exhibit we were both exhausted so we went for a walk in Central Park.  We quickly came to Turtle Pond with Belvedere Castle, seeming rising out of Vista Rock, on the far side.  We knew about the Castle although it was ever so pleasant that it sort of just popped into view.  It was easy to imagine that there was a proper dungeon hidden behind the solid, windowless stone wall beneath the plaza level.  Ryan was also intrigued for he said: "That's a really beautiful toy.  What great fun it would have been to play there.  Perhaps as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  Perhaps to take a prisoner down into the dungeon and extract information about Robin Hood for the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and the evil Prince John.  All I had as a little kid to play 'Castle' was a few flimsy boards that were always falling down."

"Yes." I quickly agreed.  "Just what I was thinking."  I was thinking exactly that because of the Coyote story that I had just reread a couple of days ago.  Was this just a coincidence or had Ryan read that story also?  Why didn't he mention something about Merlin or Lancelot or Prince Hal?  We walked about the pond and went into the Castle.  It was really great but we couldn't get down into the dungeon.  I stopped wondering about why Ryan mentioned those things when we watched Pale Male, arguably the most famous red-tail hawk in the world, flying about looking for his lunch.  After some pushcart food, we returned to the museum to again be overwhelmed by the fabulous treasures of the Met.  We explored the Park after the museum closed and when it got dark the upper west side.  It was embarrassing that it was I who got carded when we stopped in a bar to use the john but Ryan was delighted.

As we made our way back to the hotel, I hoped that my behavior had met Ryan's high standards as my butt still hurt from last night's spanking and I did not desire another painful spanking.  I also realized that Ryan had made all the decisions like the adult during the day and I had done what he told me to like I was the boy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ryan and I were in bed with the lights outs.  My bottom was still sore and we were hugging.  After he told me that my behavior had improved we were both silent for his hands were caressing me all over, especially my still-sore-from-the-spanking tail.  It was comforting being held like that and I could feel his hard shaft as it had slipped between my thighs.  I guess that he could feel my much smaller, but hard, rod between our abdomens.  I admit this was all very exciting.  It felt ever so nice to be held this way so that I couldn't even think of moving while at the same time being totally afraid of even returning his caresses.  I'm certain that he could hear and feel how my heart was racing.

Ryan had gently rearranged us so that he was behind me.  He was still holding me tightly like I was just a Teddy Bear.  His hand kept sliding across my body while my heart raced.  He rolled us over so we were prone and he was on top of me.  As he did this, his hard cock moved from between my legs to poking my crack.  Slowly he pressed forward so it was pushing at my butt-hole and I could feel his pre-come.  He had spread my legs and was gripping my shoulders from underneath.  I felt his breath on my ear and his tongue on my neck.  Almost imperceptibly he pressed forward as he whispered that I should relax.  He gripped my neck with his teeth like a tiger does to keep his tigress in place.  All this time his hard cock was slowly and irresistibly sliding into me; with each heartbeat my hole flexed and hard shaft took up the slack.  Just like a boa constructor clenches up when its prey exhales, he slid deeper with each diastolic cycle.  He never asked if I wanted to do this apparently assuming that it was his privilege and right.  I must have agreed since I accepted what he was doing passively.

When the irresistible force penetrated into me as deep as possible, Ryan then started to fuck me in earnest.  It felt wonderful as he thrust in and out banging my love-nut with each thrust.  I climaxed without touching my own cock and then Ryan blasted his load deep into me.  I was elated and totally helpless.  Ryan turned us on our side while remaining in me.  A little later, he started up again shooting another load deep into me.  Then we slept still entwined.

I was awakened in the morning by Ryan vigorously having his way with me once again.  I came again, also.

* * * * * * * * * *

This was an outdoor day and we went up to The Bronx to the astounding Bronx Zoo and across the street the New York Botanic Gardens both in Bronx Park.  We could have easily spent a couple of days in each but we just did not have that much time, so we had to cram both of them into just one day.  The subway took us a couple of blocks away and we were there when they opened the gates.  I really like zoos and they make me feel like a kid.  It was impossible to see everything but we did do a lot.  It was good that we went early because it was less crowded and thus nicer.  I did get a bit rambunctious and Ryan said to calm down.  "But you said I should be a youngster on this trip." I smartalecky replied.  Ryan did not laugh and I tried to tone it down.

There were ever so many exhibits to study and enjoy, some old ones and some spanking new ones, that it was overwhelming.  Father Time insisted that we move onto the Botanic Gardens in mid-afternoon.  The Gardens were also very big with ever so much to see.  We rushed so as to see everything.  Of course, the big Haupt Conservatory was a must but we also got into the forest.  One of the nicest places was the overlook by the waterfall in the Bronx River.

There was a sign about how there had been a lot of damage from Japanese Beatles and Ryan compared his old map of the park he had found on the web with the new one.  "There used to be another path here." he said.  We looked closely and could see the old, abandoned path delimited by the dilapidated railings.  Ryan surprised me by saying we should follow the old path.  It sounded like real fun so we slipped through the fence and explored.  After five minutes we were most alone and we sat on a large fallen tree.  Ryan took this opportunity to get all serious again.  He said that my deportment was slipping again and I needed another spanking to remind me to behave properly.  Immediately, I expected that I could look forward to a spanking that evening back in the hotel.  That was not the case.  Ryan was thinking SPANKING HERE AND NOW.

Ryan took hold of me and again opened my jeans and in less than a minute I was over his lap.  Of course, I objected especially since we were in public.  It just was not right that I should be exposed – after all I wasn't a little boy.  Ryan was not impressed in the slightest and definitely disagreed with my assertion.  He gripped me tightly and began to spank me.  "You will behave properly, young man.  If you fail to do so, you will be spanked again and again until you learn.  Understood?"  I couldn't answer his question because I was crying but fortunately he allowed for that.

When he stood me up he had another surprise for me.  He extracted my own battery powered shaver from his backpack and proceeded to mow down my pubes.  Now, when one is crying after a hard and painful spanking one is not in condition to protest what follows.  Ryan finished with the shaver before I finished crying.  By then it was far too late.  "Since you act like a little boy, then you shall look like a little boy, Paulie." he stated as an explanation of sorts.

He was about to pull up my jeans, when I said that I had to pee.  When I said I couldn't hold it the fifteen or twenty minutes to get to a proper lavatory, he said I might as well water the forest like a little boy does.  So I did.  That was fun.

We finished up the Gardens and then went to nearby Yankee Stadium to see them battle with the White Soxs and then back to the hotel.

That night when we showered, Ryan joined me and carefully shaved my entire crotch with a safety razor.  "A job worth doing, is worth doing well." he quipped before he moved onto my axilla.  "You look like a proper boy without that nasty man-fur, Paulie." he declared definitively with a smile.  When we cuddled up in bed, he explained that he saw the sorts of stuff I was looking at on the web and decided to make my fantasies come true.  He was quick to add that he also loved being in charge and was more than delighted to help me.

"And if I don't want to?" I said only slightly seriously.

"It's too late now, Paulie.  Every time I fucked you, I left millions of sperm in your colon.  They worked their way through the wall and into your blood stream just like the nutrients you eat do.  From there they go everywhere and take control of you.  Even now they are twisting your thoughts to make you want to be MY obedient boy.  I'm going to keep doing it since I want to you to want me.  By the end of the week, it will be part of your nature to be my obedient boy."

My heart raced as he explained.  Ryan had seen my deepest wish and moved to make it reality.  I did so want to please him and be his boy.  I wanted a strong man to take charge of me.  He was right, it was already too late to say no.

* * * * * * * * * *

We spent an entire day in the American Museum of Natural History.  Millions of things to look at from every time and place.  It was fascinating.  We looked for hours and went out to rest and then back to look some more until we got thrown out at closing time.  I won't try to describe it for I will fail.  We went over to the Delacorte Theater and got free tickets for Shakespeare in the Park, had dinner and saw the play.

On the way back I started to tease Ryan and we ended up playing 'catch the silly boy'.  Ryan let me think I was getting away several times but that was part of the fun.  When he caught me, he held me down and started to tickle me.  I soon was in hysterics as he continued mercilessly.  Then, like most over tickled boys, I had to pee and pee NOW!  I was laughing too much to get Ryan to stop and I lost control.  My jeans were soaked.  There was nothing to do really but Ryan found some bushes I could hide in and he wrung them out but it did not help.  We just headed back to the hotel.  On the way, Ryan stopped in an all night drugstore-cum-supermarket but wouldn't tell me what he got.  We showered and cuddled up for the night.  Of course, I got spanked for peeing my pants although it was a gentle one before he sank his rod deep into my butt as he did every night.  My wet jeans went to the laundry with the other stuff in the morning.

It was then that I learnt what he had bought – diapers.  Well, not exactly for they were more like briefs but absorbent like disposable diapers.  Ryan made it simple.  Either put them on or get spanked and then I'll put them on you.  "You wet your pants yesterday and I don't want any more accidents."  I did not have time to protest that it had been his fault that I peed my pants so I did as he told me before I got spanked again.  He made me wear them all the time after that.  Well, almost all the time because they were in his way some of the time.  Fortunately, he did not make me use them as they were just a 'precautionary measure'.

Actually, it was nice to have wear them a couple of times.  To get a good spot for the spectacular fireworks one needs to go early.  That means one is in a crowd on a highway (by the river where the show happens) for more than six hours.  It's a long time standing about waiting.  Then, after the show, it takes more than an hour to get back to the subway and more to the hotel because the crowd moves slowly and it not so close.  There aren't any public facilities except coffee shops with long lines.  I wanted to wait at one but Ryan said we would get back to the hotel quicker.  Shamefully, by the time we got back, I had wet it.  I was ashamed but Ryan reminded me that is what they were for.

The next day was an indoor day and I was able to convince Ryan that I would not skip pit stop opportunities and to wear regular briefs.

* * * * * * * * * *

But the day to return home came.  We checked out of the hotel and went to play one more time in Central Park after leaving our bags with the bellman.  We were both really into my being a little kid so we went to the neat Heckscher playground.  There's this great construction that has lots of water to play in and I got properly wet on the outside.  Of course, it was warm enough to do this and Ryan kept my sneakers and socks so that they would stay dry.  It was lots of fun and although Ryan stayed dry we both played on Umpire Rock which is connected to the playground with a bridge that carries water.  Ryan dried me off and got my socks and sneakers on again and we had a couple of rides on the nearby Friedsam Memorial Carousel.  We finished up with a visit to the Central Park Zoo including the kiddy section so I could feed and pet the animals.  It was all great fun.

But we had a train to catch, so it was back to the hotel to get our bags and one last ride on the subway to Penn Station for our train home.  It was a good thing that Ryan had made me wear a diaper when we started out because I forgot to pee-pee at both the zoo and the hotel and lost control on the subway.  Ryan was not mad at me in the least since I was wearing protection.  I changed in the disabled stall before getting on the train.

On the train, we saw the same conductor who remembered us.  She inquired if we had a good time and we told her that it had been fantastic.  Then her mother's instinct showed for she said: "I hope the young lad behaved himself properly."

"My little brother always manages to get into some trouble, so he had to pay the price several times."  The conductress looked puzzled so Ryan explained.  "I had to spank him a couple of times."  I found reason to stare at my feet just then.  "But Paulie is really a good lad and he corrected his behavior right away."  Later Ryan told me that she gave a very understanding smile.

We got to my hometown late so we just took a taxi home.  After a quick shower we got to bed 'exaustulated'.  The next afternoon Keith came to pick up Ryan.  Of course, we had to talk about the wonderful trip a bit although Keith made Ryan save most of it for when they got home so his Mom would also hear about it.  Then, Keith asked about some other things.  He wanted to know if any spankings were required.  "Oh, no, Keith.  Ryan's behavior was most exemplary."  I said truthfully, not wanting to tell Keith that I had been spanked his son.

Ryan coughed one of those special coughs to indicate something more needed to be said.  "Paulie, that isn't what Father asked."  He paused briefly and continued: "Father, I must be honest with you.  It was necessary that I had to spank Uncle Paul.  He behaved very badly and if grandpa or you had been there you certainly would have done it."  Keith looked most surprised and Ryan continued:  "Uncle Paul admitted that he had been out of line and deserved to be spanked."  I nodded feebly.  "We're the best of friends now and closer than ever." he added.

I interjected. "We are really good friends and Ryan has a standing invitation to visit and even a key."  What I did not add was that Ryan would be in complete control when he visited as he had been in New York.

"That was most courageous of you, Paul, and very grown up of you, Ryan.  But perhaps we shouldn't talk of this to others, including your mom."

"Yes, Father." Ryan replied dutifully.  I was sure they would talk about this on their drive home.  As they drove off, I was already missing Ryan and his commanding presence."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was about a month later that I found Ryan waiting for me when I left work.  I immediately got a big hug and a "Happy Birthday".  He had taken the bus into town so that he could have dinner with me on my special day.  After eating, we went home.  I knew that he was planning to fulfill his longtime wish to give me a birthday spanking.  Once home he called his parents telling them: "I'm safe with my Uncle Paul, Mom.  Now, please, stop worrying.  I'm not a little boy anymore."  Then we got to the real business.  In the shower, he carefully shaved me so I was properly smooth like a boy should be.

Then, all clean and fresh he gave me a right proper birthday spanking.  I got a dozen moderately hard spanks and then one extra hard one.  After a hug and kiss, he gave me a special present – a gold chain which he placed about my neck to wear all the time.  Just like The One Ring it was simple and unadorned but had much power.  It was wonderful to be enveloped in Ryan's strong arms once again.  It was even better when he fucked me again.  The morning came all too soon and I had to go back to work.  Ryan returned home.

Ryan had left me with an idea and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.  "Next summer", he had said, "let's take a trip to Europe and see the sights."  Yes, that would be great fun – being man and boy again.

The End

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