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The following story is fiction about the writer and his muse.  This fantasy story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Conversations with My Muse
My Muse and I


I really should have known better.  Really!  Especially since I write spanking and discipline stories and well know, nay, decide what happens to the errant boys and men in my stories.  But, regrettably, I was careless and paid the price.  Even now, I am standing (rather than sitting) at the keyboard entering this text.  It's better, at least for the nonce, that I lost my pants and briefs so that my blazing hot fundament can cool.

Truly, I am most grateful to my muse for all her help and guidance and encouragement for writing my poor stories.  I know that without her help none of you good readers would click on my stories when they show up in the list.  So, when she whispers into my ear after watching me key stuff in and says "Coyote, that's not any good."  or "Coyote, that's off track [for this story]." or "Coyote, try this."  I had best listen or have to endure some punishment.

Well, today I forgot and have paid the price.  My most wonderful muse made some comment and gave me some encouragement and, to my shame, I was disrespectful and not only did not take the terrific advice but compounded the fault by giving her backtalk.  She got mad and then as I continued my unseemly behavior, angry.

It is never, ever, a good idea to make a goddess angry.  Please, trust me on this – just don't do it.

You heard the myths which tell of the terrible punishments inflicted by the angry gods.  Fun things like having your liver eaten out every day and the never ending task of rolling a boulder up a mountain only to lose it every time you near the top.  Well, fortunately I have not been punished in those or comparable ways.  My muse made a call.  Long before we even had telephones, not to mention wireless, the gods had distant, wireless communications.  And essentially instant special relocation capabilities that would make a Star Fleet science officer drool with envy.© YLeeCoyote

She knew what would be most effective for me and in a blink of an eye, Demetris was with us.  He was absolutely stunning youth.  Well, he looked like one and was extraordinarily handsome.  "Is this the miscreant?"  he asked.

"Yes, Demetris.  Punish the naughty boy!" she said.

Demetris immediately started to strip me.  In very short order every button was undone, every lace untied and then each garment removed until I was naked.  As this happened, I was shrinking.  When I first saw Demetris, I was only half a head shorter than he and now I was more than two heads shorter.  Perhaps, he had grown.  It did not matter for he was now much taller than me.  I couldn't tell which because we were someplace else and the furniture matched his size.  In any case, I was now naked.

"Exercise is done nude." Demetris said as he started to remove his chiton.  My muse disappeared immediately for apparently this was guy business like the original Olympics.  Then I was just in the presence of the young god who was more fabulous than any kouros I had seen in the museums.

He took my hand and lead me to where he could sit on a couch sort of thing.  Then he lectured me while I stood in front of him with my head sagging from shame.  I was almost limp from the tongue lashing when he pulled me over his lap and positioned me.  I was quivering like I was a little boy and father was about to spank me.

I yelled in pain as I was half taken by surprise – partly because I was not ready yet and partly because it hurt like the blazes.  Well, that was just the first of a zillion hard spanks that soon had me bawling like a little boy.  Of course, I lost track of everything as I was hugging Demetris and crying on his shoulder.

When I recovered my senses, I had a seared butt that felt like there were two novae still cooking my overdone tail even more.  But I was still hugging, well quite literally, a fantastic Greek god and we were both naked.  This was most exciting and I rose to the occasion although my tail was still in agony.  Dare I hope that he might be similarly inclined?  He was up but was that from spanking me or because he wanted something else?  I could not resist giving him a feel.  "You're being a naughty boy again, YLee." he said softly but didn't stop my groping.  "I'm not suppose to do what you're thinking, boy."  Fear permeated  my thoughts that he would reject me yet, happily, he did not push me away.  «Please», I begged in my thoughts.  I imagined that he had a bit of a smile as I again buried my face in his shoulder and now noticed that I was back to normal size.

He licked the tears from my face as he picked me up and laid me prone on the couch.  Just seconds later he was on top of me.  His hand passed over my seared tail and the pain ceased.  Then gently he positioned himself and there was not anyway I could prevent such an irresistible force even had I wanted to.

It was the best fucking I ever had.  I'm afraid that I messed the couch as I responded to the stimulation.

By the time I returned to my work, the novae had reignited and I knew that I had been soundly punished.  I started by apologizing and begging forgiveness from my muse.  After which I immediately started to make the changes she had suggested.  Finally, I wrote this report.

I hope that this is not all a dream.

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© Copyright A.I.L. May 12, 2011

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