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The following story is fiction about a stepmom and stepsister who are evil and femdom.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Nemesis


I was already a teenager when Dad married my evil stepmom.  Why he did I never understand but he did.  Suddenly we were four rather than two and soon I learnt that life was going to be very, very different.  It was only a week since the wedding that I suddenly was presented with a list of rules like I was just kid.  Worse was the notice that spanking was one of the punishments to be used should I dare to misbehave.

Of course, I complained but that got me absolutely nowhere.  I was surprised that Dad was on her side and told me: "You had best behave, Teddy, or you'll make the acquaintance of her hairbrush."

"We'll hear no more about this, young man, and that is final!" she said.

"You best do as your mother says, Teddy." reiterated Dad.  Obviously (although I did not know how much yet) he was under her thumb.  Thinking about it, I realized that he had always been agreeing with whatever she said.  It did not help any that my stepsister, Janet, was grinning.  I guess that I should mention that she is a year and a half younger than I but obviously an early bloomer because she is taller and has boobs already.  I'm a later bloomer as I have not even started puberty, although I have noticed some of the guys in my class at school have.

It was only a few days later that I brought home a failed test that had to be signed and returned to school.  I asked Dad to sign it but he said that was now Mother's job.  I did not have choice so I asked her and she said later.  So a half hour before my bedtime, I went back downstairs to the family room as she told me to do.  She immediately reminded me that failing grades earn spankings and told me to stand with my hands on my head.© YLeeCoyote

Dad responded to my objections with: "Do as your Mother tells you to, boy."  I also heard Janet giggle in the background.  I put my hands on my head and she immediately proceeded to open my belt and jeans and pull them down to my ankles.  Before I knew it, my boxers followed leaving me naked below the waist.  "Over my lap, little boy." she said and pulled me over her lap.

I did not expect that a hand spank would hurt like it did when she hit me with her hand.  Her spanks rained down like hail and I was yelling.  I did not know that she picked up her hairbrush until it connected with my already pain-laced ass.  It hurt a lot more and in a few minutes I had switched to crying from mere yelling.  When she stood me up and lectured me I realized that I had lost my jeans and boxers because I had kicked them off although they were not the center of my attention at this time.

I was sent to bed and as I left Janet got to see my front.  Because I was busy rubbing my tail I did not try to cover up.  I heard my stepmom say: "That is how you spank a bad boy, Janet."

That night I quickly figured out that a well-spanked boy sleeps on his tummy.

At breakfast I was given the signed test paper and told that I must come home immediately after school to study and do my homework.  My stepmom asked Janet if she still planed to go to the mall with her friends.  When she said yes, she got instructions: "Please buy plain white briefs for Teddy as he still a little boy and should not be wearing boxers."  I was not allowed to object.

On the way to the school bus stop, Janet asked: "Is your little boy bottom still red like I saw last night?"  I told her that it was none of her business and then she said: "You have a very cute little pee-pee."

"Just leave me alone." was all I replied although I would have liked to have strangled her.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was having trouble understanding what was happening.  My stepmom would spank me and my stepsister was allowed to watch while my dad did nothing except to tell me that mom was in charge and if I was disobedient or lax at school my bottom would pay the price.  More information than that I could not get out of him.

It was an accident that I learnt what was going on between my dad and stepmom.  One night I had gotten up to pee when it was almost midnight.  The door to their room was open a crack and the light was on.  They were arguing loudly and then I heard her snap: "That's it, boy, you are getting SPANKED."  I was shocked.

She ordered him to fetch her hairbrush and get over her lap.  I was doubly shocked when Dad meekly said: "Yes, Ma'am."  Then I heard those WHACKS! and knew that she was very serious.  No wonder Dad went along with everything she said – he was completely dominated by her.  I knew that I was doomed for sure since he would always obey her.

* * * * * * * * * *

My stepmom had decided that I was negligent in tending to my chores generally and this time, in particular, for not cleaning my room.  Again, right in the family room she lectured me and then striped me.  She went even further than the time I already told you about for she also removed my shirt and then my jeans and the hated tightie-whities that I now have to wear.

When I was just in the tw's and my socks she said that they were much better than the boxers I used to wear since I was just a little boy and a naughty one at that.  As she pulled those down, Janet (who was sitting next to her, said: "Some of the ten-year-olds I babysit are bigger than Teddy, Mother."  I could feel that I blushed all over.  It was an awful thing to hear and simply nasty.  I almost was glad when she pulled me over her lap and I was not so exposed.

Of course, it was not real relief for she started to spank me.  A handful of relatively gentle spanks and then she whacked away hard.  It got to me just like the time I already described – it hurt and I howled.

I got a brief pause when she could not find her hairbrush.  Janet, always helpful, declared: "I'll get it, Mother." and dashed off returning only seconds later with the evil thing.  That also reminded me that she was there, watching and seeing all of me.

"Here it is, Mother.  May I try a couple of spanks?" she asked.  What a horrid idea for she was my younger stepsister.

"Of course, Dear.  You need to learn how to spank a naughty boy." was the reply and I got the first hairbrush WHACK from my stepsister.  It was not as hard as from her mother but hard enough to cause me to yelp.  Unfortunately that just encouraged her and she gave me a few more with that small hardwood paddle disguised as an innocent hairbrush.

"That's good, Janet." said my stepmom who proceeded to WHACK me some more.  "But you missed a few places, Dear.  Like here!"  WHACK!  "And here."  WHACK!  "And like here!"  WHACK!  "And here."  WHACK!  She said while giving me a batch more.  "You do better next time."

Then she had Janet park me in the corner with my hands on my head.  Janet lead me saying: "Come along little boy." while enjoying having a clear view of my undeveloped junk and stayed about snickering.  I was then sent to my room to clean it up and not allowed to dress until it passed inspection.

* * * * * * * * * *

I never really got used to Janet watching and even getting a few licks in when I got spanked which seemed to happen at least once a week.  She never got spanked so I never had an opportunity to watch her get it although I doubt it would have been public like my spanking.  I heard some of the other spanked dudes at school complain about double standards in this regard.

Janet also had more privileges than I did.  When I questioned this I got told two things.  First, she was already a young lady (as you can see) while I was still just a little boy without pubes.  This also was the reason that she was entitled to privacy while I was not for little boys don't need to be modest.  Second, she was much more responsible than I as proven by her not getting into trouble like I did so often.

I hadn't any hopes that things would get any better since Dad was under her thumb.  I did hope it would not get any worse.  Unfortunately it did and far worse than I could have imagined.

It was a Saturday night and Dad and Stepmom were out.  I got home an hour past my curfew.  As I closed the door, Janet gave yell.  "Teddy, you are late."

"None of your business, Janet." I said.

"OK, then I'll just tell Mother and she'll spank you good and proper tomorrow."

"Please don't." I said trying to be casual like it was not very important.

"I won't … if you get your naughty butt in here."  It did not sound good but I did not have any options.  As soon as I walked into the family room she continued.  "And get spanked now."


"Yes, either I spank you here and now or I'll tell Mom and she'll spank you tomorrow and probably change your curfew.  I think that is simple enough even for a naughty little boy like you to understand."

Yes, that was quite understandable and so was the risk of an earlier curfew.  Naturally, I did not want to get spanked by her.  Then she reminded me that my stepmom had said she would change my curfew if I missed it again reminding me that she was not making an idle threat.  I tried to balance things and was silent.

"I'll take your silence as an agreement.  Go fetch Mother's hairbrush and we can begin."  I was trapped and now had to show my submission to her.  After I handed her the brush she had more orders.  "Stand right here and I'll undress you and it will soon be over, Teddy."

I did not know what I could or should do.  However, Janet knew what she wanted to do and she started to unbutton my shirt and soon removed it.  Then it was my jeans while I continued as the stupid dummy and soon she had completely stripped me.  I don't know what sort of power she had over me but it was something that made me feel like a little boy and that she was in charge.  This terrible feeling increased with everything she did.

She sat on the couch and pulled me over her lap just like her mother does.  She gave me a few hand spanks and lectured that naughty little boys get spanked for missing their curfews.  Then after a few harder spanks she switched to that evil hairbrush.  That really started to hurt and I yelled.  "Of course, it hurts, my naughty little boy.  Spankings are supposed to hurt." and she continued whacking away.  I was yelling in pain.  She spanked as hard as her mother spanked.

Eventually she stopped and stood me up.  As I rubbed my hot butt, she carefully inspected my junk.  "Still not a pubic hair in sight.  You are still a little boy." she chuckled.  "Go to bed."  I picked up my clothes and went to bed like any little boy who has just been spanked by his mommy or baby sitter my face wet with tears.  All very normal except for the little detail that Janet was neither but actually my kid stepsister.

As I lay in bed trying to get to sleep, I had terrible thoughts that this was just the beginning of something terrible.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was not long before Janet got to spank me again.  I got home late for dinner and the olds were going to a show.  My stepmom was pissed.  "I don't have time to spank you now, young man.  You can look forward to getting it tomorrow evening." she snapped.

«Great» I thought «all day to look forward to it.»

"Mother, it isn't very nice for Teddy to have wait for a whole day.  I can spank him this evening for you." she said. "If, of course, he prefers that to waiting."

"Are you sure you can do a good job?" she asked.

"Yes, Mother.  I watched you spank the little boy many times and know exactly what to do.  I have no doubt that he will be a sorry little boy when I am finished."

"It's OK if Teddy agrees, Janet."

Janet looked at me and mouthed: "You better agree."

I knew I was trapped and so I agreed.  Janet told me to come down to the family room ready for bed an hour before my bedtime for my spanking.  I did not have any idea that she was plotting something especially evil.

At the appointed time I reported to Janet in the family room.  I got a brief lecture and then she stripped me.  This was faster than usual since I was only wearing a T-shirt and briefs.  The spanking was just what I expected starting with her hand and then that evil hairbrush that really, really inflicts pain.  My tail was ablaze when she told me to stand up.

It was then that I saw her best friend Marsha, sitting next to her on the couch.  She obviously had a close up seat for my ass turning red and was staring at my junk with a big grin.  I freaked.  "What's she doing here?" I yelled.  I covered my junk with my hands.

"Hi, Teddy." she said and added: "You're right, Janet.  He does have a cute little boy's pee-pee as well as a cute bottom."

"Hands on your head, boy.  She's my best friend and she is here a lot as you well know.  For months now she knows that you get spanked and she seen a lot of little boys just like you before so no need to worry about that."  Janet responded obviously not content with just spanking me also but humiliating me before her friend.

However being humiliated did not stop me from getting hard because Marsha, like Janet, already had lovely boobs.  This gave her an opportunity to further torment me.  "Look he gotten a stiffy." which she grabbed.  Then she took out a ruler and actually measured it.  "It's just ​four and a third inches​ (​eleven cm​).  He is definitely still just a LITTLE boy."  I turned red all over but I could not move away as she had a tight grip on me.  "No hair yet, either."

Actually, that was not true for I just had the beginning of some hair down there.  I was waiting until I had a little bush to show so I could tell my stepmom that I wasn't a little boy anymore and thus entitled to some privacy.

I was very surprised by what came next.  "Let's help him out a bit and put some of this hair grow stuff my dad uses." said Marsha.  She took out a tube and Janet rubbed some of the cream over my pubis.  Then they parked me in the corner.

When I was called back they wiped the cream off.  They were gleeful. "He's absolutely as smooth as a baby."

I looked and saw that was true.  "What have you done to my hairs?" I blurted out horrified at the loss.

"Little boys in my charge never grow hairs." said Janet, "Absolutely never!"  They both sported evil grins.

In the morning, at breakfast my stepmom insisted on seeing my bottom.  "Janet, you did an excellent job of spanking the naughty little boy.  Thank you."

"You're most welcome, Mother.  I'm proud that I can help with the little, naughty boy's discipline."

I was doomed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 26, 2016

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