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The following story is fiction about fifteen-year-old youth who get disciplined by a younger boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Nemesis – The Kid Next Door


I really don't know why but I've never liked the little kid next door.  Ever since he moved in four years ago when he was eight-years-old and I was eleven, I've given him a hard time.  I realize now that I was bullying him and now I'm regretting it big time because it is payback time.

It became evident a few weeks ago.  The folks were going out for a few hours and I was to mow the lawn and even though it was a blazing hot day to stay out of the pool.  Dad told me that one more time as he as about to get into the car and drive away.  Little did I know that Todd was recording that along with my promise and Dad's promise of a month's grounding if I didn't keep mine.

All I was wearing when I pulled the lawn mower out of the garage to start were cut-offs and flip-flops.  I actually got the front lawn done but as soon as I got to the back yard, the cool glistening water was irresistible.  I shut-down the mower, shucked my cut-offs and dove in.  It was awesome!  I'm sure that you can imagine how that felt in the ​ninety-five​ (​thirty-five​) degree oven of the day.

I was enjoying myself when Todd walked up to the pool.  I immediately yelled at him to get the fuck out of my yard and he laughed.  "Check your messages." he said.  When I demurred, he said I would be sorry and offered me my phone which he got out of my cutoffs.

It showed a link and I clicked on it.  It was a video which showed me promising Dad and then my getting into the pool complete with time stamps.  "What is this crap?" I demanded.© YLeeCoyote

"Just a video for your Dad." he grinned.  "Bet he'll keep you grounded and out of the pool until school restarts.  And with an BRIGHT RED APPLE BUTT to boot!"  I hauled myself out of the pool and started for him.  He backed away and warned me to stop or he would hit the send key on his phone and my Dad would get it.  I knew that he was right.  My ass would be grass if Dad saw this.  I stopped.  "You been a very naughty little boy…" (He was looking at my cock which had been shrunk by the cold water.)  "…and little boys get spanked.  So you get your choice – get a spanking and be grounded forever by your dad … or … get spanked by me.  It's your choice, Teddy."

The fucken' kid had me by the short hairs and he knew it.  "What do you mean?" I asked.

"I spank you – good and hard.  You leave me alone and your dad does NOT get the link.  Deal?"

I was about to tell him to fuck off again when I recalled what Dad had told me the first time I got into trouble at the beginning of the summer.  "You keep getting into trouble, young man, you are going to find yourself on a very short leash in addition to having a red bottom."  He wasn't explicit about how or what but he was very clear that I would not be happy about it in the least.  Since then Dad had warned me a couple of times so what could I do but agree to his terms?  "OK, it's a deal." I said reluctantly.

"Get over my lap and stay until I tell you may get up, Teddy boy."  He sat on the bench and patted his lap.  With great trepidation I got over it for the first time thinking that this would never happen again.  He put his left arm about my waist and patted and caressed my ass with his right hand.  I didn't expect that this would hurt much and at the beginning it didn't.  He started with his hand and spanked all over my butt.  I was convincing myself this was a piece of cake compared to Dad's spanking when things changed.

Later I saw that he had pulled out a short leather strap and it packed a wallop that made me yelp for the first one.  After more than a dozen I was in real pain and whimpering like a baby.  A few more and I was crying.  I couldn't believe it but I was and he gave me a few more spanks with his hand and now they also really hurt.  "OK.  You may get up and finish mowing the lawn, Teddy.  You best leave your cutoffs off so your butt can cool, CRYBABY."  He pushed me off his lap and onto the hard cement.

I stood up and rubbed my red-hot tail.  "Yes, Sir." and headed for the lawn mower.  He sat there watching me work in the hot sun.  Although I did not notice it, he took pictures of me both fore and aft as I would soon learn as he stepped up his blackmail.  Fortunately, I finished the job and had my cutoffs on when the folks returned.  Dad said he would watch me so I could swim.  I surprised him by keeping my cutoffs on rather than getting my swimsuit (which would have shown my red cheeks).  I certainly did not want to have explain why my ass was bright red.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't believe how easy it was to get that pussy over my lap.  Of course, Teddy is just a bully and we know that they are all cowards and will always back down if you stand up to them.  I'll admit for years he has been picking on me but I was much smaller than he was.  Things are changing now because I'm not only growing but developing.  Now that I'm becoming a man, I've gotten the balls to fight back.

It was absolutely thrilling getting him to behave like he does when I've watched his father roast his worthless tail many times and I have even gotten videos of some of these spanking.  I've been jerking off to them for more than a year but the high of actually spanking his bare butt far exceeds the highs of the vids even when I come.  I will confess that as soon as I left him and had some privacy, I dropped my shorts and spanked my monkey.  Wow!  I really basted out a huge load and it was fantastic.

I thought about several of the vids I had of Teddy and how he would be very willing to get over my lap again to prevent his father from seeing some of the stuff he and his buds had been up to.  For that matter I could even talk about sending them to his buds' fathers and that would also be effective.  Of course, those of his father spanking him like a little boy (that he still is) would surely be popular with his buddies.  I had lots of stuff to use.

It was only a few days later that I got an opportunity.  Teddy had been hanging out with his buddy, Fred. and they were smoking on his back porch.  I recorded it from my window with telephoto lens and did a few screen captures.  I was wondering about confronting both of them but then Fred left.  I sent Teddy a nice clear shot of him smoking and asked when his folks were due back.  I replied to his answer with:  "That will give me more than an hour to roast your worthless tail.  See you in a few minutes."  I let my mom know I was going out for a walk and went visiting my worried naughty neighbor.

I joined him on the porch.  "Same deal as last time, boy." I said, "It's not so private out here, so let's go to your bedroom for your spanking."  He did not argue and just led me there.  His window shades were up which meant that my camera would have a clear view of my spanking him.  It would have been better if the zoom could be changed but I was quite happy to get just one continuous shot.

I stood by the bed and had him stand before me so I could strip him.  That was easy as he was not wearing much.  Once I disposed of his T-shirt, I dropped his shorts and had him step out of them.  I was shocked when I saw his briefs.  Not by a manly bulge (which I already knew he did not have) but by the superhero cartoon characters printed on them.  "The Captain is not going to protect your butt, boy." I said laughing as I yanked them down and then off.  If not for the little bush he had, he could have easily passed for a ten-year-old for he was so tiny.

Of course, I taunted him about his lack of development in return for the bullying he had done to me before getting him over my lap.  I started with a few hand spanks but he put his hands in the way.  Actually, I was glad of that because it gave me an excuse to tie his wrists together behind his back.  Then I really spanked him with my hand as hard as I could to get him nice and rosy for my little strap.  Once I switched to that, he howled like a banshee until he was crying like a little boy but that did not stop me from roasting his tail good and proper.  He was such a big baby that I couldn't believe it even though this was the second time I made him cry.

After a few more hand spanks which felt ever so good to deliver, I pulled him to his feet and then pushed him so that he fell onto his bed.  I rolled him over so he was face up.  He was bawling still so he did not know what I was doing.  I turned on the hair clipper I had brought and easily ran it through his merger pubes like it was a super charged lawnmower on a golf course.  It was a quick job as he did not have much of a bush.  I turned him over and untied him after I got some close ups of my handiwork.

I jerked off as I admired his hot red tail and thought about the fun things I had just done.  As he finished his babyish crying, I got him up and made him wash up.  I told him to get dressed before his 'rents returned and went home.  I sent him the pix I took with my phone and asked if I should send them to his buddies.

"Please don't send them, please." he whined back.

"I won't – if you are a good little boy and shave the stubble on your pubis."  He was very unhappy about that as you would expect.  "Naughty LITTLE boys, like you, don't have pubes." I responded absolutely refusing to back down.  As I expected he agreed to do it and even sent a close up of before and after as I demanded.

I was sure that I had him under my control.

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't understand what is happening at all.  This is the second time that the kid (maybe I shouldn't call him that any more) has spanked me to tears.  He got me so bamboozled by threatening to tell my 'rents that I submitted to his spanking me.  To make matter worse, he clipped off my pubes while I was crying and forced me to shave the stubble so that I am as bald as a baby.  Of course, if Dad knew not only would he have spanked me (probably even harder) but grounded me.

What really puzzling is that it left me very horny and I jerked off once I recovered and every night afterwards.  I decided that this has to stop for it just not right that a little kid does this to me.  I've been very careful not to let him see me breaking the rules.

This was working great until….  Let me explain.  I was washing Mom's car and heard Todd and his mom talking as they got into their car.  Todd was going to be away all day so I figured I was safe.  A couple of hours later Mom got pickup by her friend and left.  Since Dad was at work I was alone and the little spy was not around.

Like all guys my age I desperately wanted my driver's license which I would not be able to get until I finished driver ed at school which was months and months away.  I decided to pretend and got into Mom's car behind the wheel.  When I turned on the radio, I accidentally – really – started the engine.  It sounded great.  Well, not like those muscle ones that some of the seniors have but it was real and I was at the wheel.  I was certain that I knew all about driving after Dad let me move the car a few feet in an empty parking lot a few weeks ago.

Well, you can guess what I did.  I pulled the shift lever a bit and the car moved a bit down the drive and into the street almost to the opposite curb before I slammed the brake pedal.  I flipped the shift into reverse and got back into the driveway.  Not surprisingly, further than where I started so I moved it forward again.  Then I shut it off.  I was flying high.  It wasn't a day in great car with a hot chick at my side and the top down but at least I drove a bit.  I was flying high when I got out.  Well, until I heard Todd yell my name.

"What the fuck are you doing home.  You were to be at your friend's house all day?" I yelled back at him.

"He got sick so I came home.  Not that it matters any.  What matters, Teddy, is what you did – DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE IS A CRIME!  A serious crime – not just breaking your dad's rules.  Just wait until your Dad sees the vid of your excursion.  You won't be able to sit for a year especially behind the wheel of a car."

Well, if I had any short hairs worth grabbing he would have had me by them so I guess he had me by the balls which is even worse.  I just couldn't let him tell Dad.  My life would be ruined.  My friends would get their licenses and I wouldn't.  "Please, Todd, why don't you take care of this yourself like the other times?" I asked fearfully.  Boy did he get a shit eating grin from ear to ear.

"Well, I guess I could but this is really serious; a real crime.  It will mean the belt, Teddy." he said and then added.  "It really should be done out here with you leaning on the car but we don't want the neighbors talking so we better go inside."

Once in my bedroom, I stripped.  He did not like the stubble on my pubis so he made me lie on the bed and shaved me so I was baby smooth.  "You're far too immature to have pubes, Teddy.  You're just a little boy."  Once that was done, he had me lean on my bed with my butt positioned up and out for his belt.  "You're getting fifteen to match your age."

"Driving without a license is crime." he said and then swung the belt.  I yelled and he said "One."  The next one was even worse which he delivered the same way but said "You will not drive without a license and permission from your parents.  Two."

Over and over he raised and swung that heavy leather belt at my increasingly tender tail.  He swung and I yelled while he lectured and counted.  After an eternity he said "Fifteen." and I collapsed on my bed frantically rubbing my swollen ass trying to extinguish the fire he had lit in it.

Eventually I heard him asking if I would drive illegally again.  "No!  No!  Never!" I shouted, "I promise."

The next thing I heard was Dad telling me to get up.  I knew that I was doomed.  "Dad, what are you doing home?" I blurted out in surprise.

"One of the neighbors saw you driving and called me.  It seems that Todd has dealt with you most efficiently and he tells me that this is not the first time.  Is that so, boy?"  I admitted it was.

"I was hoping that you were growing up but you still behave like a little boy and even look like a little boy notwithstanding that you are fifteen.  I'm afraid that you have proved that you need a babysitter."  I was stunned and appalled as he added: "Would you like a job, Todd – watching my immature and errant son?  Of course, you'll have the authority to punish him which is unfortunately necessary and you are obviously capable of."

"I would be honored, Sir." replied Todd.  "We have to work out his rules soon."

"Excellent, Todd.  I have to get back to work.  We can discuss the details this evening." said Dad turning to leave.

So this was the short leash that Dad had promised.  It was worse than horrible.  I protested: "But Daddy, he's only twelve – three years younger than I.  It's just not right."

"That is true, Teddy, but it is you who acts like an eight-year-old and he like a fifteen-year-old."  I was left with my strict new babysitter who had full authority over me.

"Don't worry Teddy for Uncle Todd is here to take care of you while your daddy is away."

My life was over.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 20, 2013

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