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The following story is fiction about a dominant youth who takes charge of his aunt in many ways.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Nephew Takes Charge


With the economy so bad I was afraid to take an expensive trip on my vacation so I went to visit my older sister for a few weeks.  Technically she is my first cousin but after the tragedy, I was adopted by her parents so we feel like sisters.  She and her family live in a rural area in an old house which has been in the family for generations although the property has now been subdivided.  My sister Patty and her husband Leon have three boys.  Hank (Leon's by a previous marriage)  who is fifteen and his two half brothers Joey and Sammy who are ten and eleven respectively.  Beside the visit being economical, it would allow me to get to know my nephews better and, even more important, to have them get to know me.  I'm ashamed to say we haven't visited for five years and the boys only know me from birthdays and holiday gifts.

I was not prepared for how much the boys had grown.  The two little ones were as big Hank was when I last saw him and Hank was, er, almost a man.  He was already taller than I and even through his clothes it was obvious that he was practically a man already.  He was just like Kory Lodge the heart throb of my high school who I was head over heals for when I was a girl of fifteen.

Joey and Sammy kissed and hugged me as their mother told them to but really did not seem interested in the strange lady and scampered off to play as soon as they could.  Hank was an entirely different matter.  He was delighted to give me a kiss and joked about how he couldn't refuse to kiss such a beautiful woman.  It was enough that Patty told him not to be so cheeky.  He recovered from that rebuke very nicely and asked if he should take my bag up to my room which he did.  I can say that I was faltered that a teen boy would say that to me.

Later Leon came home and we had dinner.  Everything was as you would have expected.  It was a few days later that Leon had to go on a business trip that I started to notice that things were, how should I put it, a little different.  First, Hank now sat at the head of the table and, second, his brothers seemed more deferential to him than previously.  After a couple of days, I asked my sister and she explained.

"When Leon goes away, he tells Hank that 'You're the man-of-the-house, now.  Take good care of your mother and brothers.' and he tells the two little ones: 'You mind your brother like you do me because he is in charge.'  All three of them take that very seriously.  Hank wants to prove that he is a man and is responsible.  The little ones generally know when they are in trouble and just ask Hank to deal with them.  They hate waiting for their dad to return and then spank them."© YLeeCoyote

I was quite amassed.  "Don't the boys complain about their brother spanking them?"

My sister explained that they don't which proved that Hank was doing it correctly.  "I like it also because I don't have to deal with things.  They are getting to the age where they don't think a female should spank them."

I observed Hank more carefully after these discussions.  It was uncanny but now Hank made me think of my father, his step-granddad.  My [adoptive] dad spanked me until I was fifteen at which time he was under forty and still young looking.  Hank had the same sort of authoritative demeanor that my dad had.  If my nephew had a beard, they could have passed as brothers.

I guess it was bound to happen since it was more than two weeks that I was there that the boys got into some mischief.  When they got home, they sort out their big brother and had a private discussion.  It was not very long before that I heard the drumming of a hard hand on soft young butts and the resulting yells and crying.  Later, the boys apologized to their mother and thanked their brother for spanking them.  There was zero animosity.

My sister explained that they know the price for misbehavior and that if they confess promptly that their punishment is less.

That night I had a strange dream.

I was girl of twelve and had gotten into a fight in school.  Normally,  the principal slippering me would have been the end of it but I had ripped my dress.  (In our school, the girls got slippered while the boys were paddled.)  This was an issue for home punishment.  I vividly recalled how Father had lectured me and then directed me to go wait in the woodshed.  That always sent shivers up my spine but I didn't dare to object but that was the punishment for serious misbehavior.

Once out there, I moved the saw horse into place and covered it with the old horse blanket.  I removed my panties and hung them on the nail under my jacket (where Dad would not see them).  I placed the strap (fortunately not the razor strop used on my big brother) where Dad expected it to be and waited.  When I heard Dad approaching, I got over the saw horse and raised my skirt to expose my bare bottom.  It was terrible that Dad would see my sex.  Even if thongs had been invented, I'm sure that I would not have been permitted to wear one.

Once there, Dad would pick up the strap and tell me how many.  It was almost always three to six cuts.  Dad would start swinging that strap making me see STARS and yell in pain.  Even just three would leave me crying.  I would rub a while and then return to the house sneaking up to my room to finish crying into my pillow while holding my teddy bear.

Simply put, I hated it and can't image how my little nephews took it so casually.

The dream continued after a time jump to the present.

Even though I'm an adult, Hank is lecturing me for some serious transgression and reminds me that I'm only twelve and have earned a strapping.  Just like the first part, I go out to the shed to get strapped.  I'm mortified that my nephew can see my sex, just like my father could, but it is worse for he is less than half my age.  He straps me and leaves me crying and bare bottomed.  Again like Father, he does not act improperly.

I hear some giggling and realize that the two little ones have been watching through the cracks in the shed walls.  Although I remember that I spied on my brother the same way and saw his privates that does not prevent me from feeling outraged.

I woke up in a cold sweat in bed.  I had neither been strapped nor spied upon.  I was horny and slipped my hand onto my sex which, I discovered, was already wet from the dream.  As I stimulated myself, thinking of Kory Lodge like I did when I was a girl but he fades in and out with Hank.  It seemed terribly naughty to think of my nephew this way.  I was having this vivid dream almost every night.

I couldn't help but to think about this happening before I slipped back into sleep.  What was most scary was that now when I see my big nephew, I think about him ordering me to the woodshed for a strapping for some misdeed like in my dream.  I try to shrug the idea off.  It would never happen and even if it did, I certainly wouldn't go.  But, deep inside me, I know that I'm lying to myself for I could not disobey the man-of-the-house even if he was just my almost grown up nephew any more than I could my father.

Then one day we all go off to the mall to do some shopping.  The little ones are excited because since Hank is also going so after we finish shopping for them, they can play rather than be bored as we ladies shop.  We meet up for a late lunch and it is there that I get into trouble.  It really wasn't anything important but suddenly I was in a shouting match with some stranger about a table.  Hank stepped in and told his mom to take me and the boys to another table some distance away.  Then he managed to quiet the other woman and join us.

"That was not good, Aunt Victoria.  We will discuss this later at home." and immediately turns to his brothers.  My sister gives a gasp but does not say anything and I get the hint to be quiet.  I know that when we get home all will be revealed although I fear that I will like it.

Soon after we get home and get stuff put away, Hank invites me into his dad's den for a 'little talk'.  It is just what I feared – a scolding for my terrible behavior at the mall.  Most disgraceful conduct indeed especially in front of his kid brothers.  He finished up with: "Mother will explain what you are to do and I will see you at six in your room, Aunt Victoria."  It is clear that I am dismissed like a little girl is by her father.  To my horror, I'm starting to live the dream.  I dutifully go see Patty to learn what I am to do.

Patty explains that in Leon's absence, Hank is the head-of-the-house and has the duty to discipline.  "You are going to get a bare bottom spanking OTK just like we got from Father when we were girls."  I express my shock and horror.  Patty understands.  "I have gone through this a couple of times and survived.  So will you – just like you survived Dad's spanking."  My objections were dismissed.  "There are not any alternatives." Patty tells me definitively.

Finally, I mentioned that Hank will see my sex.  My sister smiled.  "That was one thing that Leon fully agreed with Hank about.  Hank should not see my pubes and that surely also applies to you therefore before you are spanked, you must shave them off.  Trust me, that is the best option."

"But, but, but." I stammered.

"Exactly, you are getting spanked like a little girl, so you are to look like one." Patty said definitively.  Now, let's get to it."  Twenty minutes later I was as bald as a baby.  Just like I was when I was ten.  I certainly felt like a kid.  I went to my room and waited in the corner just like I was told to – wearing a simple dress and bra but without panties.

When Hank came to my room, he called me from the corner and made sure I understood why I was to be spanked.  Then he took me over his lap and lifted up my dress to expose my pristine bottom to him.  I was quite surprised at how hard his spanks were with just his bare hand.  I had no doubt that I was getting a good hard spanking and was truly regretting my terrible conduct at the mall.  At the time I never even thought about his seeing my sex because of the pain in my bottom.

Then the spanking stopped.  I thought it was over but he said: "That just the warm up, now we get serious."  He started again only this time is was much worse for he was using the hairbrush.  Later I learnt that it was the same one that Mother had used on me when I was a kid.  The effect had not changed one iota.  It hurt; it hurt a lot and I was bawling just like back then for my ass was on fire.  My regrets were multiplied ten fold.  Eventually, I was returned to the corner and Hank pinned up my dress so that my butt was on display.  I was just a naughty little ten-year-old girl who had been well spanked.

An eternity later the boys came in, saw my glowing buns.  I was super embarrassed as they told me that I may unpin my dress, and wash my face for dinner.  After dinner, I apologized for my terrible behavior and thanked Hank for spanking me.  You can bet that I was super careful for the rest of my visit.  Patty explained that it was necessary that the boys see that I was properly punished just like they were.  I was grateful for the cushion she placed on my chair.

Now a few years later, I still think back to that day and the spanking.  It is terribly exciting to remember and still makes me wet.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was terribly excited!  My nephew Hank was coming to visit me in the city for a week.  He was now eighteen, finished with high school and would start college in the fall.  My sister assured me that he was already a man.  A man like Father was but much younger.  Almost every night I dreamt about that spanking he gave me almost three years ago.  It was not erotic at the time but afterwards more erotic than I could have imagined anything to be.

I wanted to pickup Hank at the train station, but he said he wanted to use the subway.  "I've studied the maps carefully and want to try it by myself."  He showed up on time.  When he came in, he easily swept me off my feet as he picked me up for a hug.  "I've missed you Aunt Victoria.  Thank you for allowing me to visit."  He was still as polite as before and even more handsome.  We chatted away for hours.  "Mi casa es tu casa" I told him.

My most memorable spanking became the subject and my heart sped up.  I was surprised that Hank apologized for having spanked me.  "If my brothers had not been there, we could have avoided it but they could not be allowed to see a bad example unpunished."

"No need to apologize, Hank.  I'm ashamed to say that I was a naughty young lady that day and deserved that spanking.  You did what you had to do."  He looked relieved.  "I think it has made me a better person and I recall it a lot."  He smiled.

"I do also.  You were the second woman that I spanked and I wasn't as uptight about it as with Mother.  Although it was my duty, I did love how you turned pink at first especially when my hand prints appeared on your lovely bottom and then making it red.  When I switched to the hairbrush, I really turned your derriere red hot and made you cry.  It was very different from spanking my brothers."

Just then the smoke alarm went off.  I had forgotten the stuff I was cooking.  Hank and I rushed to the kitchen and prevented a real fire.  After we had righted things, Hank said that "I had been a very naughty girl forgetting about the cooking and almost having a disaster."  I agreed with him.  I even thought to myself that I deserved a good spanking but I didn't dare to say it out loud.

Fortunately, I didn't for Hank did.  "You're a careless young lady and deserve a good spanking for it."  My jaw dropped and I looked at him.  "Get over here, Aunt Victoria."  That masterful commanding voice was irresistible and I stepped over to where he was sitting on one of the kitchen chairs, already feeling like a naughty little girl.

He calmly started to undress me.  First went my apron and then my skirt.  Just as calmly, he yanked down my panties.  I hoped that he did not notice that the crotch was wet from my excitement.  My bare pussy was right in front of his face.  He turned me over his lap and started to spank me.  Gently at first and then harder and faster.  My pleading for him to stop was quickly replaced by sobs and then crying.  He held me until I stopped crying and then wiped my tears away.  "Put on your apron and finish the cooking."

Of course, I obeyed.  How could I do otherwise for the man-of-the-house?  I did notice that he had a large tent in his trousers.  That just increased my excitement knowing that he was also excited.  At dinner I confessed that I deserved that spanking (just like the first) and said that he was right to give it to me.  "You seem to be the take charge sort of man and I like that.  Most of the men I meet are wimps."

"I agree.  I noticed that you don't have pubic hair although Mother reported you did before I first spanked you.  Why not, young lady?"

The directness of the question was justified by the 'young lady' in the man-of-the-house's question.  He was definitely in command mode and that was most exciting.  I had to answer.  "Because you required me to shave and it seemed that I should stay that way."  It wasn't long before I confessed that I thought that he was most exciting and I thought frequently of him and especially when I pleasured myself.  I still had trouble being so direct.

Hank spanked me everyday.  He called them 'good girl spankings' and they really did not hurt although my bottom was rosy pink.  He told me that I was not allowed to have hair below until I got married and my husband permitted it.  It was most natural for me to faithfully obey all his commands.

Hank returned home for the rest of the summer but a week before college started he moved in.  I was so excited for the man-of-the-house had returned.  I knew that I had to be a good girl all the time now or I'll have a red hot tail.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 14, 2012

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