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My Rotten Big Brother


I'm Lance and I've got a great little brother, Jamie who at ten and a half is just a year younger than I.  He's really a wonderful kid and I love him very much.  I wish I could say the same about our older brother, Robert, who is two years older than I.  Rob is mean and nasty especially to Jamie – all the time and without cause.  I hate him!  I don't want to hate him and it feels bad but he makes life miserable for us – especially for little Jamie.

We share one bedroom and Rob has taken the top bunk because he likes to lord it over us.  I got the lower one and Jamie's still in the 'baby' bed.  It not really a baby bed but that's what Rob started to call it when Jamie was having trouble staying dry at night.  Mom said it was easier to change and the mattress is plastic covered which is better protection than just a plastic sheet.  Both bunk beds have those – just in case – our parents told us.  Well, they don't show and so it's really not important since our friends cannot see them.

Our parents have some complex rules about us having to wear diapers at night if we wet the bed.  It's not considered punishment but just a practical thing, like wearing rubbers when it rains. For punishment we lose privileges or get spanked.  Our folks are pretty fair about things and they don't spank us in front of our friends.  We always see each other spanked in any case.

It was the diaper thing that really got me to hate Robert.  Last year Jamie had several accidents.  Nothing really serious but it got him back in a diaper at night until he had three dry weeks.  Both Rob and I have had the same problem.  Actually Rob was ten his last time which was older than either Jamie's or my last time.  The changing table and all that baby cr*p are long gone and Mom keeps the diapers hidden in the closet.  We get diapered in our room when required but if we have an overnighter then it's done in private in her bedroom.  "It's nobody's business but ours." she explained knowing that other kids can be nasty – just like Rob.  I asked her to teach me how to diaper Jamie so that he wouldn't have to be embarrassed by having our babysitter do it.  Rob refused to learn how because that was for girls to do.

Rob forgot how we did not tease him when he was in a diaper or show them to either his or our friends.  He did that with Jamie whenever he could.  Jamie was always hurt by that.© YLeeCoyote

It took me a while to work out a way to get back at Rob safely.  The conditions were right this morning because he left early for school for something or other and Mom had to drive him partway.  Since Dad takes an early train to work, it left me and Jamie alone for fifteen minutes to execute my plan.  Then I joined Jamie in the bathroom and got ready.  When Mom got back we were already eating breakfast.  Hell, it doesn't take a chef to pour the juice, cereal and milk from their containers in glasses and bowls and get the spoons from the drawer.  Mom was very impressed at the good job I had done and we even got out in time to walk for the school bus.  I got Jamie to cooperate by telling him that if we did it right, Mom would have less need for a babysitter.

After school Mom was waiting for us and she was very mad.  We had to sit on the couch and listen and answer questions.  I kept my arm about Jamie to try to comfort him.  Mom finally got to the point and asked the question: "What are the rules about a wet bed?"

Rob happily gave the answer: "Three weeks dry in night diapers."  He knew he was safe and therefore it must have been Jamie or I.

Jamie added that the wetter had to strip the bed and get the stuff to the washing machine (but not start it because that was very dangerous).

Rob was sure it was I by now otherwise Jamie would have been shaking so he added the bit about not telling earns a spanking and an extra week in diapers.  I could see the gleam in his eyes in the mirror for he was certain that I would be shifted to the baby bed.  He was anticipating the fun that he would have been making nasty remarks and exposing my diapers to friends.

Mom polled us and we all agreed about the rules.  "I'm glad that you know the rules so well because then you don't have any reason to object when they are enforced."  We all nodded.  "Robert, you had more than ample time, even in private, to tell me this morning that you wet the bed.  Dad and I understand that can happen.  But you knew the rules and especially the one about telling."

Rob, naturally, denied that he wet the bed.  This irritated Mom even more.  "Robert John when I went to your room this morning, it was your bed that was soaked and your pj's that were soaked.  It did not rain and even if it did the roof does not leaks.  You are getting an extra hard spanking for not telling and for lying."  Jamie and I watched as she stripped Rob completely.  I really hate that when it happens to me but as it was happening to Rob it was great.  Soon he was standing with just his Batman briefs on.  He was not as grown up as much as he said he was.  But those were quickly removed.  He made to cover his front but Mom just slapped his hand.  We were not permitted to do that.

He already had a bush which he taunted Jamie and me about.  Of course he was two years older than I but he forgets that in his joy of taunting.  This was, of course, another reason to hate him.  Mom got him into position and he looked just like a baby.  I'm sure I do also but it was nice to see him that way.  Mom lectured him a bit more and then spanked and spanked.  As I said before she was mad and his apparent lying made her madder.  She must have spanked him for seven minutes and he was crying.  One might even say he was bawling.  His bottom was redder than the setting sun and just as hot.  He got a half hour in the corner.

It was the usual stuff until we were having dessert at seven when the bell rang.  "I'll bet that's Kenny.  We have to work on a school project together."  I dashed for the kitchen door to open it before Rob could dash out.  Rob's face was trying to match his butt.  After a spanking, we must remain naked or dressed for bed.  And Rob could not dress for bed until he tinkled to keep his diaper dry for the night.  He was stuck at the table when my friend came in.  Kenny knew the rules in my house so when he saw Rob – red-faced and without a shirt – he immediately guessed what had happened.  There wasn't anyway that Rob could avoid having Kenny seeing his freshly spanked butt.

In our den, Kenny asked the right questions and Jamie told what Rob couldn't bear to say.  When bedtime approached, Mom came by to ask Rob out to put on his diaper but I generously offered to diaper Rob – a big boy who was almost a teenager – so he wouldn't have to suffer being diapered by his mommy.  Robbie was trapped.  Both options were terrible!  One thing that Mom always does is to cover our boy parts (as she called them) with oil.  Robbie was sure to spring a boner and die of shame.  He chose me as the lesser of two evils.

I had been showing Kenny how to use my digital camera without the flash flashing in the room.  Kenny knew what to do without being told.  He got a dozen pictures of me doing the job.  The best was of Robbie's hard-on from my oiling him.  I then also powdered him generously and then put on the diaper.  Jamie was delighted being displaced from the baby bed.  I was a polite host and showed Kenny to the door.  We talked on the porch and reviewed the pictures he got.  Better than I expected.  I let Kenny take the camera to copy them into his PC.  That way I would not have to worry about Robbie seeing me do it.  I did not want to lose the proof of this evening event.

By the time I got back upstairs and did the bath gig, it was bedtime.  Mom had checked on Robbie and Jamie was sitting on my bed.  I looked at him with a smile and said: "Get off my bed, Squirt." He looked shocked.  "Get upstairs to your bed."  I pointed to the upper bunk.

He ran and jumped on me.  "Thank you.  You're the bestest [sic] brother in the whole world."  I knew that he wanted the top; Robbie would be even less happy and I just did not care.

One thing was sure.  Robbie was not going to be happy in the next month wearing diapers in the baby bed.

I slept very well that night for my plan had succeeded.

* * * * * * * * * *

Every morning after that, Mom came in to check on Robbie's diaper.  She marked a small calendar with a "D" or "W" to keep track of our sentences.  I taught Jamie how to diaper his baby big brother.  He was thrilled to do it.  Robbie did not like it but I told him that I had a couple of sleepovers scheduled and that Mom would do it when I was gone unless Jamie did.  I told Mom that Robbie was very embarrassed to have her diaper him and I was teaching Jamie to do it when I was away.  She though that I was being very considerate.  That was, of course, the case but considerate of Jamie not Robbie.

Something else was happening.  Robbie had pubic hair and he was very proud of it.  Each time I made sure to get it oily and powdered.  In a few days it was messy and I asked Dad privately.  "A bit of man talk, please, Dad." and then I told him the problem.  "I don't know how to tell Mom but Robbie's pubes are a gooey mess; he doesn't wash them well."  Dad said he would check it out later and that I did exactly the right thing telling him about it privately.

After Robbie showered, Dad came to inspect.  He told Robbie that an almost teenager should know how to wash and keep himself clean.  What can a guy say to that unless he has been stranded on a desert island with barely enough to drink?  He hauled Robbie over his lap.  I did not expect what Dad would do; I expected a spanking but that was not next.  Dad asked for a baby wipe and checked Robbie's crack with it.  He just spread Robbie's checks and ran the wipe over his butt hole.  It came up dirty and this right after a shower.  A second lecture commenced.  It ended up with warnings about future inspections.  Robbie, naked and in his most undignified position, promised to be more diligent.

Now it was spanking time.  Dad's spankings are a lot worse (for the spankee) than Mom's.  Dad is bigger and stronger and knows we won't fall apart from a hard spanking.  That is what Robbie got – a long hard spanking.  Robbie was howling after the first spank on his bottom.  As his bottom turned red (it skipped the pink phase) his howls got louder.  Need I say he was soon bawling.  Dad sent him to the corner and told him to stay put.  That last bit was somewhat redundant.  Jamie whispered to me that we had better wash our buttholes very carefully from now on and I agreed.

When Dad returned, he called Robbie out of the corner and told him: "Robert, you have shown that you cannot even be responsible for yourself so from now on Lance is in charge and when he is gone, James is.  You will do as they say.  If you don't, then they may spank you.  If you don't cooperate with them, then I will spank you and then they will.  Do you understand?"

There was but one answer that was acceptable.  Robbie had trouble saying it.  "Yes, Father, I understand."  This was something far beyond my dreams when I framed My Rotten Big Brother.

Dad then turned to Jamie and me and warned us in no uncertain terms that if we abused out power we would regret it.  We also gave the required answer in unison.  "Yes, Father, I understand."

We all went into the bathroom, and Dad told Robbie to get into the tub and handed me the shaving cream can.  My heart jumped for joy.  Robbie looked in horror as I sprayed it on his messy pubes but he did not dare to say a word.  Once we are being punished, back talk is strictly forbidden; we are required to accept the consequences of misbehavior like men.  Dad handed me the razor and I got to work or, should I say, to play.  The dirty hair he was so proud of quickly came detached from his body falling into the tub.  Jamie grabbed the shower hose and rinsed him off at my request.  I had to repeat the operation for Dad requires us to be thorough in whatever we do.  Everyone was satisfied with the result, except the ungrateful Robbie.  Dad then said to wash his crack.  Robbie had to bend over for me to wash it properly, with Jamie's help.  I made sure to stick the wash rag into his hole and twist it around.  After Jamie rinsed him off he dried him as I washed my hands.  Then we diapered him and tucked him in.

I never thought things would be this good.

My sleepover was about ten days into Robbie's sentence.  I told Jamie that he should have a friend over when I was gone – when there would be a free bed so his friend would not have to sleep on the floor.  Jamie's friend would see the bed switch and possibly even Jamie doing the diapering.  I just wished I would be home to watch but one cannot have everything.

Teasing was not permitted but when I told our parents that Robbie had done it a lot, especially to James, they cut us some slack.  Robbie was a much quieter boy after just five nights in a diaper and even polite to James after the reordering of rank.

We were supposed to keep off each other's beds so it was easy for Jamie to tell his friends about the change.  They all knew what it meant.  We also made Robbie apologize for telling them about our diapers wearing in the past.

* * * * * * * * * *

Robbie was on his best behavior because I was in charge of him and any transgression would give me the chance to punish him.  He was extra careful not to give me cause to spank him in front of his friends. He certainly wanted to avoid that indignity especially if it was clear that it was my decision rather just being a messenger.  He did that successfully the first week but in the second week he skipped doing his chores.  When I was to diaper him that night, I told him that the punishment was to be a level 2 spanking.  (Dad had made a list of crimes and punishments.)

I'm sure that he did not want to but he got over my lap as I sat on his bed.  He knew he could go to Dad but that would mean two spankings and that would have been even worse.  Jamie was beaming.  I gave Robbie a short lecture.  It was not very good and Jamie even giggled at it.  Then I started to spank Robbie.  I had not warned him that I was going to use a flip-flop.  It hurt a lot more than my hand would have and I did not feel it.  I gave him ten.  His bottom was good and red.  I did not get him to cry but when I saw his face his eyes were full of water.  When I diapered him I was extra nice to him for I rubbed on the oil in an exciting way.  Jamie got some great pictures to add to my collection.

Robbie was more respectful to me after that.  It was a couple of weeks later that he brought home a note from school.  There was enough talk about it on the bus that when we got home, I asked him for it.  He could not refuse so I read a 'Dear Parent' letter first.  I showed it to him and Jamie.  Robbie said that Dad would kill him.  We all got busy on our homework but I was actually thinking about how to deal with this.  Before dinner I told Robbie how I would punish him and it was his choice to accept it or to let Dad take care of him with the condition that he was not permitted to ask Dad what he would do.  In any case, we would talk with Dad after dinner because we needed his signature.

After dinner we got together with Dad.  I gave him the letter and told him of my deal.  "Well, Robert, Lance is being very nice to you. Should I sign the letter and let him deal with you or should I punish you?"

"Please sign the letter, Father."  He turned to me. "Lance, please punish me."  Dad signed the letter and gave it to me.  We went back to the bedroom and Robbie got over my lap.  I used the most effective flip-flop again.  But this was a level 5 spanking which is a lot more than a level 2.  I got a firm grip on Robbie and started to spank.  I gave him a few easy spanks and saw his bottom turn pink.  Then I increased both the tempo and intensity.  He turned red and was moving about.  I was getting to him and we were only halfway.  I kept it up for the second half and was rewarded by his actually crying.  I doubted that I could make him bawl but he would never forget that I spanked him past just tears.  It was late so I skipped the corner time as I had to shave and diaper him.  After I tucked him in, I reminded him that he was grounded for a week.  I put the letter in his backpack.

It was on a Sunday that he was late coming home.  He missed his be-in-the-house curfew but dashed up the stairs with only a couple of minutes before his be-really-in-bed time.  "I'm sorry I'm late but the bus was stuck in traffic.  Please diaper me fast so I'm not late for bed, Lance." he said as he quickly ripped off his clothes and got into the to-be-diapered position.  He seemed so anxious so I went along with his request.  There had been a news report of a terrible traffic mess interrupting our music on the radio so I excused him for being late.  Obviously, that was not his fault.

Everyone had a surprise in the morning.  His diaper was soaking wet!  In his rush, he did not pee before being diapered.  He had a couple of sodas in the movie and had not gone before that.  It was a long time and he was stressed.  This was his last week and now the bar had been advanced three more weeks.  He was devastated.

He was a new Robbie after that.  He was nice, obedient and really repented of his old ways.  I spoke with Mom that I felt that two weeks extra was sufficient and with some persistence on my part she acquiesced.  Robbie thanked me profusely.  He did not even talk about switching beds but just told Jamie to keep the top bunk.

* * * * * * * * * *

I gradually came to realize that I had a problem with my spectacular results of my plan for I was feeling very guilty about it.  I had broken a lot of rules with a the end justifies the means rationale.  That, of course, really does not cut it.  I had another man-to-man with Dad.  Essentially after some build up I asked him this question: "If Rob came to you and said: 'Father, Lance and I have agreed that I deserved a serious spanking for I have really been naughty.' would you do it – without knowing the exact offence?"

It was a tough question.  "Son, if I was truly convinced that Rob was not being coerced in anyway, I would, although I would rather know why."

"Father,  I deserve a real spanking – a level 8 – and a week of grounding.  I can't tell you why but I do."  Dad looked puzzled so I continued.  "If Rob had done what I did, than he would be talking to you rather than me."

Naturally, this was a harder question than the hypothetical one.  Dad was not happy.  It took me a while to convince him it was I was taking personal responsibility as he had been teaching us for years for what I had done.  He made me write an explanation of why and we agreed that it would remain sealed for three years.

That evening Dad came to our room. "Boys, Lance has been an extremely bad and is grounded for two weeks and is getting a level 7 spanking."  I was not in a position to argue with him.  My brothers both asked what I had done.  "Something very bad that we all know I should not have done." I answered.  They were entitled to ask because the reason we got to see each other's punishments was to learn what not to do.  Dad stripped me and hauled me over his lap.  I knew that I would be crying very soon but I deserved this spanking.

Dad's hand connected with my bottom and even the first spank was a doozy!  I did what a boy getting a major spanking from his father always does – I yelled in pain.  After that it got worse.  I was soon crying and then bawling. When it was finished, Dad pulled up my pj's and put me in bed and left.  It was, the as the story say, 'the spanking of my life' and it was not even the level 8 I has said but the grounding was for two, rather than one, week.

Although it was after lights out, both my brothers tried to comfort me.  I wouldn't answer their questions about what I had done.  Rob asked if I had peed, reminding me that I did not want to wet the bed.  A few minutes later he was back.  He had gotten some cream to ease the pain and he very gently rubbed it on my tender bottom.  These are definitely two things he would not have done a few months earlier.

* * * * * * * * * *

I kept my secret for two and half years and then confessed.  I told Dad privately so he would be ready for whatever.  I was betting that Rob had really changed for I had decided that I would accept whatever judgement he decided on.  I knew that Jamie would prevent any really extreme reaction and would get Dad if necessary.

I had already arranged that I wanted to have a 'guys talk' so we got together in the bedroom after dinner behind a closed door.

"Guys, I have a confession to make."  That got their full attention instantly.  "Do you remember that level 7 spanking I got more than two years ago – the one that you did not know why?"  They sure did.  "It was for framing you about wetting the bed."  They were in shock.  "While Mom had taken you for some early school thing and Jamie was in the john, I got up and pissed on your bed and pj's.  When we got home you got spanked and put in diapers. You had become a monster and needed to be taken down a few pegs.  It worked.  You're a regular guy now."  I paused as they tried to work it all out.

"You didn't, Lance?" Jamie finally said.

"I did and no one else knew until today; not even Dad who I told this afternoon.  But now it's up to Rob what happens."

I hoped that it was maturity rather than just shock that kept Rob quiet.  "What do you mean by it's up to me?"

"Well, you're the big brother; you're in charge."  (My being in charge had been rescinded more than a year ago.)  Rob had been reasonable in his second reign.  I was counting on that to continue.  "I accept that you're entitled to punish me."

Rob made decision and came over to me.  He stood close looking down at me (he's three inches taller).  "Lance David you have been a very naughty boy."

"Yes, Sir.  I have.  I'm sorry.  I deserved to be punished."

He hugged me.  "Yes, you do and you shall be, little bro."  When he released me I backed up to my desk and picked up the camera and handed it to Jamie.  I knew he would know what to do.  I was going to give Rob the old pictures and the new ones assuming he was reasonable.

Rob turned the desk chair around.  I went over to him and he removed my shirt.  I kicked off my sneakers.  He sat and opened my jeans and pulled them off.  I was just in my boxers.  He had a big smile as he hooked his thumbs into the waist band and pulled them off catching my socks on the way.  I was naked and was his for richly deserved punishment.  He pulled me over his lap and got me into position.  He noticed Jamie with the camera and started tell what to shoot.

"I've had lots of practice Rob.  I know what to do."  Jamie did not like Rob telling him what to do so much.

Rob patted my tail.  "You have been a very bad boy, Lance David."


He was only using his hand but I felt it.  He was methodical about it.  He never got extreme but I was very well spanked and knew it.  He could have made me cry but he did not.  He could have used the hairbrush, a flip-flop, a strap or other nasty but he did not.  He was being reasonable.  He put me in the corner when he was done.  "Stay here a while little bro.  Jamie get some close ups, please."

I heard him moving about like he was getting stuff.  When he called me, he was sitting on the baby bed.  I saw the diaper by his side.  I sat next to him as he directed.  He put his arm about me.  "You know what I have to do, Lance?"

"Yes, Sir; I know.  It is your right."

"Stand in front of me; legs apart and hands on your head." he ordered.  I complied as I promised myself that I would.  He had his mustache trimmer in his hand.  I had hoped he would not do this but I had no right to object.  My pubic hair quickly fell as he sheared it like a reaper harvesting a crop.  He covered me with shaving cream and used a safety razor to get the stubble off that the clipper had left.  In just a few minutes I was as bald as baby.  Jamie now had more hair than I did to protect his dick.  He wiped me clean and dry and had me lay on the bed.  I was relieved that he was not going to check my crack with a baby wipe.

He got the diaper under me and then remembered the oil.  He did a good job with that.  I was hard in just seconds and he kept at it.  It felt great but I was under his control.  When I got close, he stopped.  Then he started again.  He was playing with me like I was his toy.  I hoped he would let me climax.  He did not!  He just stopped.  "Jamie, finish this baby off.  I don't know how to diaper a baby."

Did finish mean just diaper or until I came?  Or was it Jamie's choice?  I knew that it was not my choice now.  Bless my little brother, he took me over the edge and Rob got a great shot of it.  Then he closed up the diaper.

We hugged and Rob told me it was bedtime.  He tucked me in and kissed me good night.  It was early and my brothers stayed up putting the photos into the PC.  When they went to bed, Rob asked me if I wanted to pee and of course I did.  "You should use your diaper tonight."  He reached under the covers and put his hand on my crotch.  "Now, little bro, now."  I obeyed; he smiled.  "Good baby, your punishment is over when the sun rises."

"Rob, there's a CD in my desk drawer for you.  It is the only copy.  We managed to get a few pictures of you that you might like in a few years.  Of course, you'll add tonight's shots to it for a complete record.  I hope you can forgive me."

"Lance, I figured it was you a long time ago and had terrible thoughts about what to do to you until I learnt what you were teaching me.  I really appreciate it.  I thought about what to do if you confessed.  I would have to punish you and I worked that out also.  I did what I thought was the least that would release your guilt.  The spanking and wetting were easy.  I'm sorry but you had you lose your pubes also."

"You did good tonight, big brother."

I only wondered what I would tell my classmates in the shower.

Oh, I love both my brothers now.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 1, 2006

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