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The following story is fiction about young siblings spanking each other.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The ages are a bit vague but think thirteen-ish to fifteen-ish range.

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My Siblings Are Weird


It was a very familiar sound I was listening to.  It was the sound of Dad spanking my brother Ryan on his bare butt with his big hard hand.  I was up in our bedroom and Dad was roasting Ryan’s tail down in the living room.  I was trying to concentrate on my homework but it was very distracting.  I could have watched but it had gotten boring for it was an all too common event.  I could have easily drawn an animated strip from memory showing everything having seen it so many times and it was always the same.

Ryan would stand in front of Dad for a lecture and then have his jeans opened and yanked down.  His tightie-whites would quickly follow down past his knees.  Let me digress and wonder why he still wore TW’s when everyone in school made fun of them even in my grade and big brother was a year ahead.  Then it was over Dad’s lap and SPANK, SPANK, SPANK until he was crying and promising to be good or whatever.  Well, after being spanked like a little boy, he was then stuck in the corner to whine to his imaginary friends about being mistreated with his red-hot painful bottom glowing.  Our kid sister, Tania, would always watch and after Dad left would tease him that she saw his tiny thingy and that his naughty bottom was glowing and she could feel the heat radiating.

Dad was always telling me that I should watch and learn a lesson second hand (actually second butt) but I always declined with “Please excuse me for I have homework (or need to study for exams) as I certainly don’t want to get strapped for bad grades, Father.”  That is something else that was strange.  When we became tweens, Father told us: “You may bring me the strap if you don’t want to get over my lap for a spanking like a little boy.”  That is what I do every time like a proper macho young man but Ryan is a cowardly wuss and opts for baby OTK spankings.  I think it is shameful and do my utmost not to let friends see what a shameful wimp Ryan is.

Just so you know, when it is my time to get it, I fetch the strap and give it to Dad without any fussing whatsoever.  Then I drop my pants and boxer briefs and bend over the end of the couch.  Tania has stopped teasing me when I’m in the corner because one time I asked her if she wanted a proper look at my junk and gave her the look-see she wanted.

It was a couple of months ago and we were alone in the house.  She came into my bedroom and said “It is time for me to get the good look at your stuff like you promised.”  In return she promised to stop the peeping and she sat on my bed.  “Please to stand here.” she said pointing at the floor in front of her.  I started to open my jeans but she stopped me and she insisted that she should do it.  I thought that was harmless so I let her have her way.© YLeeCoyote

Tania made quite a fuss getting my pants and undies down and then carefully studied everything she saw.  She tentatively touched me and was very careful and gentle which was not her usual way.  She then pulled me over her lap.  “Hey!” I objected but she said “Relax.  I’ll just give you some ‘love pats’.” which she did.

As I got up and pulled up my pants she added “That was terrific fun.  Someday it will be a real spanking.”

“In your dreams.” I said, “In your dreams.”

Of course, the strap hurts a lot more than Dad’s big hard paw but I don’t feel like a baby when I get strap compared to being spanked.  There are tradeoffs in life.

I confronted Ryan about a couple of things in the privacy of our shared bedroom.  He claims that he is terrified of the strap and I have to accept that.  The other thing is that he gets spanked far too often for me to believe that it isn’t intentional misbehaver.  Ryan always evades that issue.  That has given me reason to wonder if he actually likes being spanked like a little boy.  I will add that he tries to witness my strappings even more than Tania does.

I have been thinking about it a lot.  Among other things his frequent spanking have caused the ‘rents not to give him more privileges that are age appropriate.  I don’t care about this for him but fear that it could impact me in the same way.  Naturally, I care about that a lot.  I came up with a plan.

I waited until we were alone in the house and said “I think that you like being spanked, Ryan.”  He was flabbergasted and just hemmed and hawed.  “You’re not really as bad or stupid to get into trouble so often so it must be intentional.”  He tried to brush me off but I persisted.  “It’s not good for you as they treat you like a baby.  When was the last time your bedtime was changed?  Your curfew changed?”  He quickly reverted back to hemming and hawing.

“I got a proposition for you.  I’ll spank you whenever you want and you don’t get those sickening lectures and maybe even better life conditions from the ‘rents.”  I did not expound about how it would be better for me if things were better for him as that was not helpful.  It was good that he did not reject the idea immediately but went into a think mode.  He wanted to know more (another good sign) so I explained it was quite simple.  “I would spank him as he needed and it would be private.  He would not have to get into trouble and that would improve his relationship with the ‘rents.”

We spent an hour discussing it because he was puzzled but finally he accepted my proposal.  We worked out the initial rules of the procedure and got to it.

Ryan stood in front of me and I gave him a super short faux lecture (like he wanted) about failing to doing his chores.  Then I started with the fun stuff.  I opened his belt and jeans and deliberately lowered them to his ankles.  Then I got my thumbs in the waistband of his tightie-whities and lowered then to his jeans.  I could pull him over my lap easily as I was sitting on his bed.  That really was wonderful.

After rubbing his stupid butt I gave him the first spank.  I did not make it as hard as I could but it was sufficient to make my handprint show on his tail.  I loved that.  I continued to make the pink spread like a rash scratched so that after a mess of spanks his tail was quite red.  I was feeling great.  I spanked for a long time but did not get him to cry although he sobbed.  I then frog-marched him to the corner.

I can truly say that I was most defiantly NOT bored like when I watched Dad spanking him.

I was not bored over the next few weeks spanking him about every five days.  It was always great seeing his little boy bottom turn red.  I even learnt how to spank harder without hurting my own hand.  Dad noticed that Ryan was not getting over his lap as much and praised him for the improvement.  I had to smile for that was one of my objectives.

Slowly I expanded the implements I used to include the bath brush (similar to the traditional hairbrush which we did not have), the end of belt wrapped around my hand and a flip-flop which was like a small rubber paddle.  I certainly enjoyed all of these as it was much easier on my hand and I even made Ryan cry.  I absolutely loved that.  Although I could not really understand apparently my crazy brother also loved it.

I thought everyone was happy with the new arrangement but there was one exception – Tania.  One day we messed up and when she returned early heard us.  As I spanked Ryan I suddenly saw her spying from the doorway since we were not in our bedroom.  She was fully up-to-date on how to blackmail big brothers.  She demanded to watch just like she did when Dad spanked either of us.  It was not really clear that we were doing anything wrong but the folks knowing did not seem like a good thing.  We made her promise not to tell anyone including her best friends.

Tania was a natural at this for she made comments about what a naughty little boy Ryan was as I stripped him subsequent times.  She also watched up close which was something she could not do when Dad did the spanking.  Ryan really blushed when she commented “Your pee-pee is smaller than Keith’s.” although I loved it.  As I spanked and Ryan’s tail became pink and then red, she helped by pointing out the places that I had given less attention to.  I was sure that she wanted to do the spanking herself.

There was one advantage with her watching and that is when the folks went out leaving us alone, I could spank Ryan as it was not a secret from her any longer.

It was only a few times after Tania started watching that she said “I want to spank him.” as I was spanking him.  I was not sure what to say but she acted decisively by taking out her hairbrush and whacking away at Ryan’s tail.  I was totally amazed how effective she was and had to hold Ryan tightly to keep him in place.  Ryan’s tail quickly turned pink and then bright red.  He was howling.  She had the biggest grin I had ever seen.  Then she stopped whacking and dragged Ryan into the corner.  “Stay here and don’t you move you naughty little boy.”

I was amazed and I was sure that Ryan was shocked.  Whether or not he liked it, she had spanked him and I did not have any doubts it would happen again.  And it most certainly did.  Still with that big grin, Tania proclaimed “I’m sure that it will be fun spanking you also, Keith.” which I just laughed at.

Unfortunately, there was a further development that I did not like one bit.  It was a Friday afternoon and right after I got home I changed my clothes and went out to play.  I forgot to pick up everything and start the wash.  When I got back she again proved her blackmail skills.  She demanded that I accept her spanking me or she would tell that I failed to do a chore.  That would mean I would not only get spanked but grounded for a day and there was a party coming up on Saturday.

I made the mistake of agreeing not realizing the long term consequences.  Then suddenly time froze as I relived the time when I gave Tania a look-see of my junk so she would stop peeping when I got spanked.

She got me out of my reverie with a sharp cry.  “Keith!”  As I returned to the here and now, she was sporting an evil grin.  “This is the day I promised you would come.  The day that I really spank you.”  It was a promise that I was sorry was being fulfilled, but, alas, there was no anyway out.

I was about to get the strap but she stopped me with “You are just a little boy like Ryan so you get spanked over my lap like he does.”  I tried to object but she shot me down and ordered me to stand in front of her immediately.  I could not resist her extreme dominance and complied.  She got her hairbrush and while sitting on the bed took my jeans and boxers down.  Once over her lap I learnt how hard that brush was and how hard she could whack my butt.  She even made me cry which was embarrassing but not so bad as she had made Ryan cry before.  I did not want to be spanked by her again but, unfortunately, this was just the first of many spankings she would give me.

After she got me up from her lap she sprung a new indignity on me.  While I was still sobbing she just ran a safety razor over my first growth of pubic hair so that they floated away in the breeze.  I howled at this but she calmly explained “You are spanked OTK as a little boy so you are not entitled to man hair.” and got me into the corner.  She made me feel worse about it because she said “It was fun spanking you just like I expected.”  Of course she did the same thing to Ryan the next time she spanked him.

The real problem did not become apparent until she insisted that she was in charge as she had spanked us both to tears and would tell unless we acquiesced to her demands.  Somehow we had become just bald little boys and at her mercy.  She even required that Ryan and I both do nakey time like we did before when we were eight-year-olds when we were alone.  It made me feel so very little especially now that Tania’s tits are definitely protruding so that naturally the young lady is in charge of us little boys.

My gut feeling is that it is going to get worse.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 13, 2021

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