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The following story is fiction about dominant siblings both liking spanking male butts who clash growing up.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Sister's Boyfriend


Growing Up

My sister and I are very much alike.  Of course, you say, that is the way of siblings but in this case it more than the usual look like characteristics.  We both like boys' butts.  We agree that they make the best targets for hands, belts, paddles (which we used when we were younger) and more (as we grew up).  I, naturally, also find those nice hot holes in the middle a special extra treat when they form the center of canvases especially those that I just painted fiery red.

By the time I was fifteen, I knew that I loved to beat ass – boys' butts.  I liked just boys especially their firm well-toned tails.  I know that other guys simply drooled over the girls especially in their skin tight jeans but those were not for me.

I had started earlier, of course, for these things don't happen over night.  My first experience was over my father's lap when I was a little kid.  I don't recall why, surely a childish misstep.  It was in the family room.  Daddy lectured me and I was already tearful when he said: "And now I'm going to spank you like I told you I would."

I really did not know what that meant.  I thought of fun birthday spanks but those were always with lots of laughs at parties.  I found out that this was very different.  We were in the family room and Daddy lowered my pants and even my Captain Underpants briefs to my ankles and then effortlessly laid me over his lap.  He was careful (I realized looking back) that he held me in place so that when he brought his big hand down hard on my tiny little boy bottom so I wouldn't fall.© YLeeCoyote

I yelled in pain.  Then he repeated it over and over and I lost count because I was soon crying.  It was terrible!  He held me afterwards as I cried and told me that I could avoid being spanked if I was a good boy.  That I could understand and tried to be a good boy (at least until I got older and wanted to explore past the good boy limits).

My big sister, Roxanne, two years older watched.  Afterwards she teased me about how my bottom turned red and how I cried like a baby.  "It was fun watching you get spanked, Randy.  I want to do that too." which is what I remember best about what she said.  That would happen but, fortunately, not for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Roxanne got her first chance to spank me when I was eleven beside those fun birthday spankings which don't count.  She caught me sneaking some cookies and blackmailed me.  It was a choice of letting her have a few whacks at my tail or her telling so that I would have a most unpleasant discussion with Mom's big wooden spoon.

Even at thirteen she knew exactly what she wanted.  Up in her bedroom she sat on the bed and had me stand before her.  Then she opened my jeans and pulled them down.  It was terrible when she yanked my super hero briefs down exposing my little boyhood.  I was more concerned about her seeing my little junk than when she watched Dad spank me years before because then I was naked a lot and she often saw me.  She told me not to worry that she had seen the pee-pees of a lot of the boys in her class and that mine was just like the rest.  Strange, I thought, but there wasn't any time to think about as I got into position over her lap and she spanked me a dozen times with her hand.  I think it hurt her more than me for she switched to her slipper for the second dozen.

I pretended that it hurt more than it did and she was pleased.  "Now be a good little boy, Randy." she said and told me to get dressed.  Oh, she also kept the cookies which was mean.  At least, I avoided a session with Mom's wicked spoon which would have really, really hurt as I knew from past experiences.

Sis was devious and every few months she would manage to get me naked over her lap to roast my tail.  I even got used to her not only seeing my junk but tracking its growth so I was less shy with her than anyone else.  I decided that she was not giving me her hardest (best?) spankings because I was her brother and she could tell that I did not really like them.

* * * * * * * * * *

By now I was playing lots of spanking games with my friends.  I hated to lose but the high of winning would not let me stop.  Before I was thirteen, as my junk developed so did the sexual feelings for spanking.  Most of the guys just thought it was innocent fun but there were two – Kip and José who were very different.  I was very fortunate to find two anxious-to-be-spanked bottom boys.

Their families did not believe in spanking but they liked it.  We were a perfect match.  A couple of times a week, with one or the other I would have great fun.  It might be in one of our bedrooms when we had the house to ourselves or deep in the nearby woods where we hoped nobody would come by.

As we both knew why we were together in private, we got down to the serious business very quickly.  Down came the spankee's pants and undies exposing his hard cock which was not of interest to me.  My concern was his nice firm boy butt and the hard cock in my own jeans.  A gentle tug and he fell into place over my lap and I would begin to spank the delectable target with my hand.  I had learnt how to pace myself so as to get everything nice and red before giving a few good hard spanks.  Those generated responsive howls and moans of pleasure.  Additionally and happily those made my own cock twitch in my pants.

With time we all advanced and I started to use my belt, a ping-pong paddle and a flip-flop to get better results.  Along with that, I got stricter and made my partner be more passive as part of his submission.  I even started to insist that my spankee 'pay' for my services by providing one himself.  Getting a blow job is most enjoyable especially when one is sexed up from giving a spanking with the hint of coercion for it.  There was a little resistance at first but soon they both learnt that is the way tops are and they must yield.  I don't think that they really were unhappy about it as I kept it private.  One must maintain a proper image to survive in high school.

It was when I was fourteen I made the next big step and started to use their hot tight holes to get off.  Fortunately, I was stronger and when I mounted them they could not get away.  They also learnt to like it.  Actually, I had started to prepare them weeks in advance so they could refuse but they submitted to my delight and their own.

It was a very good time for us all.

* * * * * * * * * *

José was different in that he was not gay like Kip and me but definitely bi.  My sister found him very cute.  One day I was very late getting home and I learnt a whole batch of things.  José had come over expecting a spanking session with me but sis was home instead.  She let him and flirted with him.  She is even more aggressive than I am and soon was leading him about like a puppet.  Of course, his pants came down and he was over her lap just like a submissive little boy should be for a properly dominant top.  Alas, he should have been over my lap, but his butt was itching for attention and she was more than willing to give it.

By the time I got home they were halfway through the spanking.  I heard the spanks and quietly followed the sound.  I was surprised to see it all right there in the family room, sis was sitting in the middle of the couch with José over her lap with his pants at his ankles and a rosy tail.  Concealed, I watched as she used his own belt to turn his ass fiery red.  She even got him to sob.  I was both jealous and proud of her.

When he got up he was flaccid and said: "Thank you, Ma'am.  I promise to be a good boy." most submissively as a well-chastised little boy should be who knows his place.

When he tried to play with himself, she prohibited it and made him pull up his pants.  I withdrew before he saw me and gave them a few minutes before apparently just coming home noisily.  I apologized for being late and acted surprised when José said he had to go and would see me another time.

It was then that my sister and I had that open frank discussion and we learnt that we were both spanko's and tops.  Not that we used those words back then but that was the gist.  I learnt that she had been a spanker of boys only, like me, for years.

It was quite a surprise to learn that many of my friends had been over her lap some several times.  Not only had she spanked them (and others) but she like to have more control as well.  Generally she made them wear tightie-whities rather than the more fashionable underwear styles so that they would always be reminded that they were just naughty little boys and under her control.  The more submissive ones had their pubes trimmed and the most submissive ones she shaved completely.  She wanted to be in charge and did as much as she could.

What I soon learnt was that she was extremely dominant.  She promised she would treat me well but insisted that she absolutely had the right to spank me whenever she felt that I needed one for women rule and males need their discipline.  I was shocked to discover that I could not resist her even though I never felt that sort of submissiveness with anyone else.  This was more explicit than what I mentioned before.

She kept a close eye on me after that watching my behavior and school efforts.  Every once in a while she stripped me and roasted my butt but only with good cause.  I must confess that it was good for me.  Of course, it soon got to the "Strip and assume the position" stage so that she could use a belt on my tail without any fussing.  She actually strapped me harder than Dad did and with greater effect.  We both kept having great fun spanking other guys, however.

When I was a freshman in college, sis really taught me a lesson.  I had started to coast and in a couple of weeks was in academic trouble.  She stripped and strapped me harder than she ever had before.  Every other spanking now seemed like it had just been playful joke.  I was begging and then broke down to cry like a baby.  I got a few more good spanks before she stopped.

While I was helpless, she rolled me over and ran a clipper through my pubes leaving them just ​a quarter inch​ (​six mm​) short.  "If you weren't my dear brother, I would have shaved you bald and I will if you don't improve quickly." she said.  I stopped goofing off and bucked down not wanting that to happen.  Just so I would not forget, she kept me trimmed the rest of the term.

Young Adults

It is a few years later and sis is finished with school and out in the world working while I'm in my last year of college.  We are still both are into whacking guys' butts.  It has never stopped being the greatest fun.  I still am into fucking them after spanking and Roxanne is even more controlling of her boys (of all ages).

Interestingly, she is actually dating a guy who can resist her domination because she wants a real life partner.  The guy, Sedrick, has good prospects in life is straight and understands and even accepts that she is a dominatrix and that she will continue to whack male ass even after they are married.

It was a long weekend and I had actually gotten ahead of my schedule (thanks in part to how strict Roxanne had been with me before) and decided to play.  I checked out my favorite hookup site and found a good sounding bottom so I invited him over to my humble off-campus pad to play.  An hour later he was here.

I had a special reason to met him for he was the Sedrick who was dating my sister as a straight and definitely not a sub.  His picture matched the ones that sis had shown me but he did not know me.  I owed my sister a lot so I was going to setup some payback for sis on this cheater.

Since we had a lot of time to play, I was able to get to talk with the guy over a couple of drinks.  I quickly learnt how much of a slutty bottom he was and spiked his drink with a hypnotic so that he would be more susceptible to my long term orders, er, suggestions.

Even without that sneaky bit, he was very compliant and I soon had him naked and over my lap.  He was definitely a naughty little boy and due a good hard spanking from me – his daddy playmate.  I was more than delighted to start this way knowing that things would get rougher and rougher as the evening progressed.

Well a hand on a butt doesn't hurt an experienced bottom so easily so I quickly switched to a small paddle I had prepared to warm up his big ass.  He was surprised when I switched but I kept up the talk that he was a naughty little boy being punished and he better keep still.  I turned his butt a nice light crimson which assured that I would be super aroused the rest of the evening.

It was easy to get him to 'pay' for the spanking and I just rested on the couch while he knelt on the floor and gave me an excellent blow job.  I made sure that he left his own prick untouched.

Then when I was strapping him with my heavy leather belt he desperately wanted to jerk off.  I would not allow that either and told him it was absolutely prohibited.  "Little boys may not jerk off!" I told him repeatedly.  I was glad that I drugged him so when he repeated it, it got well set into his deceitful mind.  I was ready to tie his hands but it was not necessary.  I was pleased that I got him whimpering and I did not want him to cum until later.

While we had a break, I explained that the strapping was for some of his youth's transgressions for which I was sure he had gotten away with many.  "Just a delayed payment, boy."

"Yes, Sir" he agreed with his bright crimson tail quite on fire.

For his third spanking, I used a senior cane rather than the frat paddle he expected.  I wanted to leave some lasting marks and the cane does an excellent job of that.  I had him lean on the end of the couch and started with the cane.  It was a new experience for him and really put him to the test.  I wanted to be particularly rough so I gave him a dozen in three groups of four.  He struggled for each painful cut but I would not allow him to get up or even to rub and enforced it with warnings threats of extras.

I put the first set across his butt making four parallel tracks.  He really felt them.  The second set of was across his thighs.  That was even more painful and would be for many days.  He was pleading now but did not dare to get up.  Then I resumed with one high on his tail, two to make a double gate on the original four while the last I had saved for the super sensitive crease.  He howled like a banshee for that one as it took him to a new level.

Then it was time for my bonus.  I rolled the condom onto my iron hard shaft and just rammed into his slutty hot ass hole.  He fell forward but the couch supported him as I fucked him hard.  He had been anxious to jerk off for sometime and my plan was to make him come without his dick being touched at all.  I succeeded.  He came before I did just from my banging his love nut.  A true pussy boy.  He was certainly not a partner for my sister.

While I was fucking him I impressed him that naughty little boys like him must obey their masters and mistresses.  Of course, that was very general but would serve my sister well the next day.

When he saw my sister the next day, he was a goner.  I had told her what a fake he was – a true sub and not a real man complete with tram tracks as proof.  Super experienced she easily crushed him back into his sub-state.  She no longer saw him as a man but as a wimp to be punished for his lying ways.  She used her paddle and then shaved him.  He could not even properly object but just whimpered.  Since she knew that he could cum without stimulating his dick she locked it into a cage and pegged him with her strap on.  Just like I had, she emptied his balls without his caged thingy being touched.  He was never the same after that learning that he was truly a bottom and she kept him for a pet for a while.

My sister was most grateful and appreciative of my unexpected assistance.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 1, 2017

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