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This story is fiction and deals with spanking and diapering of boys usually by girls.  It also contains both gay and straight sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The first part is told by the title character's younger stepsister while the second part is told by Nyckie.  The narration style and emphasis are different in each part,  The first part is mostly f/m while the second is mostly m/m.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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My Widdle Brother Nyckie  (1/2)



I was only nine-years-old and starting third grade when Mother got me a locking diary and told me that I should keep a journal of my life.  It was fun to do although most of the stuff was very childish because I was little.  I was not so faithful to write every day and sometimes I ignored it for weeks.  Now after some six years, I've compiled this account of my experiences with Nyckie, my stepbrother, and a few other people.  This is not the complete story of either of us but now at this important milestone in both our lives, his graduating high school [grade 12] and my finishing junior high school [grade 9], it seemed to be the right time to do this.

I cannot imagine that you would be interested in the mundane day-to-day items that seem so terribly important when they occur so I left all that out.  I also haven't any doubt that you wouldn't want to read exactly what I wrote in my childish scrawl over those years so I've cleaned it up.  I've also dropped the exact dates and occasionally put in age-mile posts with mine and Nyckie's age in 'years:months'.  Some of these sections cover months and others just hours.

Our lives were different from those of our friends and probably yours as well.  Well, that's what should make it interesting.

9:0/11:9© YLeeCoyote

It was a great big change in my life when I was just nine years old.  I had never had a daddy and I suddenly got one.  Mommy found this used one in the thrift shop and brought him home.  Oh, don't be silly, she did not buy him but met him shopping there.  (Even at eight, I knew how boys and girls were different and how they fit together to make babies.)  It was a package deal for me as I also got a big brother, Nyckie.  He had lost his mother a few years before and was delighted to share my mom just like I was elated to share his dad.  We also shared our birth date – the twenty-fifth – of the month.  He was exactly thirty-three months – that's a thousand days – older.  We shared a bedroom.  He was very messy but Mother explained to me that's the way boys were.

We fought and made up like other kids but it was really stupendous to be a part of a complete family with both a mother and a father and a sibling, rather than just half of a family.


The terrible accident happened less than a year after we became a whole family.  Nyckie was waiting for Dad to pick him up from the skating rink.  Dad was making the left turn into the parking lot with the light.  Nyckie watched in horror as a big truck came speeding down the hill out of control and smashed into Dad's car, crushing it.  It then burst into flames.  Nyckie was devastated.  He remembered losing his mother and then he saw his father's horrendous death.  That night he wet the bed for the first time since he was a baby.

Mom carefully explained to me how he was upset and that I must not make fun of him.  If I did I would have a lot of trouble sitting.  (She never said the s-word; she just did it but that's a different story.)  She said he would get over it, but it happened five times that week.  Our room smelled bad.  Then we were out shopping and happened past the baby area in the store.  I saw the diapers.  They were for little babies like some of my friends' little brothers and sisters so I did not get any ideas.  Then, further along I saw packages with pictures of big kids – teens – and pointed them out to Mom.  She studied the packages and decided that he would be more comfortable wearing a diaper.  She tossed a package into the basket.  She also got a few other things explaining that they were needed with diapers.

Nyckie was not happy with the idea of diapers but Mom explained that they would keep his bed dry and he would be more comfortable.  She did not mention how it would save on laundry.  She said it was just temporary until he stopped wetting the bed.  He agreed that a wet bed and the room stinking were the pits.  He reluctantly consented.  I was not allowed to see him in a diaper and was sent out into the hall while Mom put one on him.  His pj's bulged but I didn't tell him that.  Mom told me that the other kids would make fun of him so I was not to tell; not even my best friend Heather.  I thought about it and remembered poor Wet Willy who was in my class in the second grade.  He had an awful time because he wet his pants just once.  I promised Nyckie that I would not tell.  He thanked me a lot especially after I told him why and it was not just because Mom told me.  He actually gave me a real hug.  That made me feel good just like the wonderful hugs from Father had done.


A couple of months later when I turned ten, there were lots of changes.  Nyckie was still wetting almost every night and so was still using the diapers.  He had become less shy about my seeing him in them and sometimes did not even put on his pj's bottoms.  It became routine for Mom to come in to put his diaper on him and I was not always banished especially if I was doing my homework.  I admit that I wanted to look and see his penis and testicles; «Would he look like the pictures in the books?» I wondered.  I was, however, required to respect his privacy.  I was also changing into a woman.  I was getting hairs on my sex.  Mom made sure that I understood that some kids matured earlier than others and that I was one of the early ones.  I don't think she meant to tell me, but Nyckie wasn't.  I felt very grown up.

One night we had a babysitter, Lucinda, who was seventeen which was older than usual.  She knew that a nighttime diaper was required and thought it was for me.  I told her it was for my brother.  He was very embarrassed and denied it.  But it was clear from the package that they were too big for me and the right size for him.  He was already in his jammies so she just sat down on the bed and yanked his bottoms down.  Yes!  Right in front of me.  For the first time I got to see his penis and stuff.  He did not have any hair at all and it looked small.  I thought about the pictures in the book and realized that it was small for an almost thirteen-year-old.  (Years later I learnt how the size varies a lot even during a day.)  Nyckie was too busy trying to argue his way out of a spanking to notice me studying him.  Then Lucinda pulled him over her lap and spanked him very hard.  I watched how his behind turned pink and then red and dark red as she spanked and spanked.  When he kicked I could see his stuff between his legs and his pink bottom hole.  Soon he was crying like a little baby.

When she finished spanking him she put him on the bed and told me to bring the diaper stuff she needed.  I was fascinated with all of this.  I was watching very intently at everything she did.  Of course, I was inspecting his boy parts at the same time.  Nyckie was now sobbing.  After I told her that I had never seen, much less done this, she had me do one side with the oil and powder after she demonstrated on the other.  "It's high time, young lady,  that you learnt how to diaper a baby boy." she declared sternly like I had done something wrong.  "You should be able to help your mother.  Soon you will want to babysit and will need to know how."  This lesson was a lot more fun than those in school.

Nyckie did not think it was right that I diapered him but Mom said it was fine.  Worse than that from his point of view was that she wanted me to do it again with her observing so that she would not have to do it every night like Lucinda said.  Of course, he objected strongly.  But Mom was adamant.  "Nyckie, you no longer have anything to hide from your sister.  She has seen that you are still a hairless little boy while she already has hair down there."  (I'm glad she did not tell him how few hairs.)  He was totally unreasonable and Mom got annoyed with his fussing.  She told him that he would be spanked if he said another word.  He did not get the message and paid the price.

She sent me for the hairbrush.  It had been Grandma's.  It had a wide, flat, heavy wood handle like a small paddle.  She had used it before on him and he was very good for a long time afterwards.  Fortunately, she had never used it on me.  By the time I got back, Nyckie was naked – no top; no bottom; no socks – completely starkers.  He was begging so much not to be spanked he forgot to cover up his hairless little pee-pee.  Mom had called it that earlier to emphasize how tiny he was.  She had another surprise for us.  She had me sit on the bed and put Nyckie over my lap.  He was heavier than I was but the bed was supporting his weight and Mom's hand was on his back to keep him in place.

"Give him ten spanks, Alyse." Mom ordered and I did.  I gave him five spanks on each cheek with the hairbrush.  He turned pink and started to get red.  "Nyckie, we'll stop this spanking when you ask your sister to diaper you."  Nyckie did not answer so Mom indicated I should do it again.  I learnt then that spanking is great fun – when you're the spanker rather than the spankee.  I gave Nyckie another round of ten and his cheeks turned red.

He gave up then.  "Alyse, please diaper me!" he yelled.  Mom and I let him up and he got into position on the bed fully exposed to me as well as Mom.  Mom took advantage of this situation to be sure that I knew the proper names for his boy parts (from reading the book) and explained that I must not hurt them.  When I was finished, I gave him a hug.  When we both got into our beds, Mom said goodnight and put out the lights.  I could not sleep because Nyckie was crying.  I got out of bed and went over to him.  I hugged him for a while promising that I would not tell and I loved him very much.  I really felt like a young lady.

Mom watched me do the diapering for a week and then told us that she would not have to supervise anymore.  Nyckie was glad that both Mom and I were not both doing his diaper changes together and our relationship changed.  I now felt like the big sister taking care of her little brother just like some of my friends did.  Sometimes I wondered if he thought it was unfair that I got to see and touch his privates when I diapered him almost everyday while he never got to see, much less touch, my privates with its small bush.  Of course, there was not any reason that he needed to see my sex any more than if he was really a little boy.  I pointed out to him that he might as well dress in the mornings without hiding from me since I saw everything at night and he reluctantly agreed that it did not matter anymore.  Soon after that he even stopped closing the bathroom door and no longer cared that I saw him doing his business.  Just like a dog on a leash doing his business without caring if he's being watched by his owner or a dog walker, Nyckie never fussed about his baby-sitters anymore.

I began to tell him things to do or not to do more often.  Surprisingly, I found that he listened to me.  Perhaps he was actually obeying.  I was never sure.  I liked that and did not do it very much so that he would not rebel.  (I was not that clever on my own but had heard a story about being careful never to give orders that wouldn't be followed.)  Mother's schedule made this easier for she often had to work late.  She made up for this by phoning at dinner time to check up on us.  Nyckie changed the rules one evening.  He had gotten into some trouble at school and the resulting note meant that he was to be spanked.  Mom said she would not be home until late and he would have to wait until the next day.  Not getting spanked today is, of course, better than being spanked today.  But it comes at a price – worrying because it will happen the next day and there was not any chance that it would be canceled.  So he just asked: "Mom, may Alyse spank me tonight so I can get it over with?"

Mom paused a bit and then granted permission provided that I promised to do a good job.  That I quickly did.  I really felt grown up doing that.  Unlike that time with the diapering when Mom made him ask me, I took charge myself.  It made me feel so very powerful; so very grown up and so very important.  I told him that he should do his homework, then get ready for bed and that before I diapered him, I would spank him.  He just said: "Yes, Alyse."

"Since this is a punishment spanking, it will have to be real, Nyckie.  Otherwise, it would be cheating." I added.

"Yes, ma'am." he said with resignation and sadness in his voice but he knew that was the way it had to be.  Mom had taught us that was the way to respectfully address women in public whose names we didn't know.

I had some time to think this out.  I decided that I would act like a mother and treat him as my little boy.  When the time came I slowly stripped him of his jammies.  Of course, I saw him naked all the time but this time I was lecturing him as best I could.  I must have done a good job, because he got teary-eyed even before I spanked him.  When he was naked, I put him over my lap with his upper body resting on the bed.  I used Grandma's hairbrush as hard as I could.  I must have given him at least twenty-five spanks on each check.  They were red and he was crying.  I spanked him a bit with just my hand just to see what it was like.  Not nearly as effective but much more fun.  Then I oiled and powdered him and put on his diaper. The power trip was great.

In the morning, Mom checked his bottom and it was still red so she figured that I did a good job.  She signed the note for school.

After that, Mom gave me much more authority over Nyckie.  She based this on the logic that because he wet the bed, he was just a diaper-wearing little boy.  (That wasn't the best logic but it was nice for me.)  I was absolutely thrilled to be in charge.  It really did not make much difference because he usually listened to me but now I had the right to spank him on my own.  I could enforce my orders.  When he objected, Mom reminded him that he had asked me to.  She would not listen to his further argument that he was due a spanking then.


Since Nyckie did not grow out of his bed-wetting and still needed a night diaper, he did not want to do any sleepovers with other boys with one exception – Victor.  They were classmates and Victor wore a diaper all the time. It was only when Victor came to stay that Nyckie told him his secret.  He knew that Vic would understand as he had similar problems.

Mom was late that night and at bedtime Victor spoke to Nyckie about changing his diaper.  Nyckie sort of laughed and explained that I usually diapered him.  Victor was incredulous and did not believe him.  After they showered, Nyckie just came into the bedroom naked as always and got into position on his bed.  Victor watched as I did the job.  He was a little hesitant when I told him that it was his turn.  Nyckie encouraged him saying that I did it very nicely.  Reluctantly, he got into position but I had to take his pj bottoms down.  I was surprised that he was much bigger than Nyckie and even had a lot of hair although it was short.  It was fun doing him for he got an erection as soon as I started with the oil.  Nyckie laughed that he got hard.  He responded to my every caress as I did what the book said was how boys masturbated.  He was quickly moaning with pleasure and then he stiffened and ejaculated just like the book explained.  This was a lot more fun than just reading about it.  I did not let them know that my sex was all wet.  I finished up the diaper.  Victor thanked me profusely.  I left them alone and went to Mom's room for the night.  I undressed quickly and used the same oily hand on my sex that I had on Victor.  It felt very good.

I learnt about poopy diapers the next day.  Although Nyckie used his diaper only for pee at night, Victor used them day and night for both.  Fortunately, Mom was home and I watched her deal with the stinky mess and learnt how to clean up a messy little boy  Mom took away the soiled stuff (to the outside trash can) and I finished up the diapering.

Three weeks later, Victor visited again.  This time he came out of the shower just like Nyckie did – naked and they got on the bed together.  I did both together, alternating boys with each step.  Of course, they both wanted me to jerk them off.  Nyckie did not shoot yet but he still liked it.  He watched very closely how Victor shot.  Victor did not have pubes this time and explained that his mom shaved them off because they were hard to keep clean.  I could see how that would be a problem with multiple diaper changes a day – oil, creams and powder combined made a sticky mess and then add pee and #2, especially if runny – a major stinky!  Ugh!

I guess that there was a reason for the expression 'boys will be boys'.  Vic and Nyckie were being difficult and very rambunctious.  Mom had explained to me that it was normal for boys of their age but nevertheless running about and jumping on the furniture was too much especially after I told them to stop three times in just an hour.  I lost patience and the next time I told Nyckie to get the hairbrush and to wait in the bedroom.  He was surprised that I would do such a thing especially with his friend there.  Vic thought it was funny until I told him that I would tell his mother that he was just as much to blame.  That scared him for he stopped laughing and said: "Please, Alyse, please. She'll tell my dad and he'll take the strap to me.  Please, Alyse, please.  We'll be good; very very good."  He poked Nyckie who agreed but it was too late.

"You both need to be punished.  I have the right to deal with Nyckie but your parents will have to deal with you."  He practically burst into tears at that.  "Unless…" I paused, "your mom authorized my mom to punish you, Victor."  He was nodding in agreement.  "Then I could do it."

"Yes, please punish me and don't tell my mom, Alyse."  Boys are such cowards.

I led the two teens to the bedroom and told them to strip.  Vic was wet so I took care of that first and told Nyckie to go pee-pee.  I used Nyckie's own leather belt.  I had them lie over the end of the bed on diapers just in case.  Then I gave each of them ten hard whacks with the belt.  Their bottoms turned red immediately.  The strap made a different sort of mark than the hairbrush and sounded very nice (at least to me).  Vic remained pretty quiet for the strapping as he surely got it much harder from his dad.  Nyckie was much more of a baby and yelped for each WHACK.  I made them stay in that position for a half hour to think about how they should behave.  They were very well behaved boys after that for the rest of the day.  Nyckie was good for more than two weeks.  Mom told me that boys responded well when discipline was strict especially when it was fair.

After that whenever Vic came over it was like I was babysitting two widdle boys.  When they got together away from their other friends they acted like they were only seven or eight years old.  If it was only the three of us about, they would play in just their diapers or even less and treated me like a babysitter.  I found it to be great fun.


I saw that Nyckie was first getting pubes when he was fourteen.  He was also still unable to keep dry most nights.  I made a decision on my own about this.  So far I had been following my mother's lead.  True, I pointed her to the diapers but she decided about them.  Also, it was what Lucinda did that got Mom to have me change his diapers.  And being in charge really meant just enforcing the rules that Mom made although the spanking authority was really cool.  My brother was my little brother in every way except for chronological age.

I decided that he should not have any pubes, much less a bush, until he stopped wetting the bed and didn't need to wear a diaper every night.  Pubes would be hard to keep clean and could encourage diaper rash.  I got a razor.  He had about ten hairs that only a close inspection would reveal.  I told him that pubes and diapers are not compatible and let him see the razor.  He objected and begged me not to shave him.  I reminded him that his best friend Victor was shaved.  I was very firm and insistent and promised him a spanking if he did not shut up and lie still.  I showed him the hairbrush just to emphasize that I was ready to do it.  I needed only a few seconds for this first shave.

Nyckie sulked about this for a day and then under questioning from Mother told her what was bothering him.  I easily explained the hygienic problem and that Victor's parents shaved him for the same reason.  Mother praised me and told Nyckie that he would not be allowed pubes until he was out of diapers.  He sulked about this for a month.

It was shortly after this that we were shopping.  Mom had taken care of getting Nyckie a blazer and slacks and went to do her own shopping.  I was left with Nyckie to select a tie, socks and underwear.  The tie, socks and T-shirts were easy but he wanted to get boxers – "Everyone's wearing them!" – he said.  I told him that he should get briefs.  "Boys look so much better in them than boxers." I explained, having seen the pictures in the ads.  "I'll spank you every time I see you in boxers so you better get briefs." I told him.  When we were checking out the styles, I noted that some looked like pull-ups for teens.  When I joked about getting him pull-ups he was horrified.  I chose some nice low rise Speedo-like briefs.  I liked Nyckie in his tightie-whities when he wasn't in his ever so cute diapers.


We were all very good at keeping Nyckie's diapers a good secret.  That included Victor who, of course, understood the problem better than all of us.  We also kept the fact I was in charge of him private for similar reasons. There was not any reason to risk the teasing and possibly worse that this being public could bring.  It certainly would not be good for Nyckie (nor for me) to be taunted and bullied by other boys.

I do confess that I desperately wanted to talk with my best friend, Heather, about my relationship with my brother but I had promised not to tell.  However, it was Nyckie's own carelessness that let her know.  (In retrospect, it was a good thing to have happened.)  Mom had gotten some supplies for him – a couple of packages of diapers and powder.  Instead of putting them away like he was supposed to, he left them on his desk when we went off to school.  Heather came home with me and when we went into the bedroom, she saw them.  She immediately started asking questions.  I was in the hot seat.  She quite rightly deduced that they were Nyckie's because they were on his desk.  I was trying to change the subject when Nyckie came in.

Heather immediately said: "Heeeelllllooooo, Diaaaaapppper-boy."

He turned red as a beet.  "You told her!" he snarled.  That, of course, let the cat out of the bag.

"No, I didn't, Nyckie.  You left them out and she saw them.  Heather, you guessed right.  They are his.  He needs them at night.  We're best friends and you must never tell anyone."

"I want to diaper him." she said.  Of course, Nyckie objected and she immediately retorted: "I'll tell unless you not only agree but ask me to diaper you."  Nyckie was horrified.  I was not sure what I could do for Heather could really be nasty at times.

Occasionally Nyckie does the right thing and this time was one of them.  "Do you promise not to tell ever, Heather, if I ask you?"  I could see the tears in his eyes.

"Yes, I promise."

"Heather, please diaper me at bedtime." he said softly.  He was almost fourteen and a half and Heather was just eleven and a half (a little younger than I).  He was not happy about it at all.  I was so pleased that he could keep his temper in check.

Heather insisted that I tell her about Nyckie and she was amazed that I had been keeping it a secret for so long.  I think that impressed her.  After dinner we did girl stuff while Nyckie did homework.  Mom was surprised that Nyckie would not need her diapering services that evening but she must have figured we had worked something out even though Heather was here.  When Nyckie's bedtime came, I reminded him of it and said he should not change his routine.  I whispered to him to be brave and told him that Heather babysat a lot of boys – and even bathed them as well as changed their diapers.

He blushed all over as he came naked into the bedroom.  I had told Heather that he did not have pubes for hygienic reasons and there was not any reason to comment about it.  Nyckie did very well asking her: "Please diaper me, Heather."

She smiled at seeing an older boy naked and in her care.  She loved to baby-sit especially boys who were not so little although the best she could do were ten-year-olds.  "Of course, Nyckie, it will be my pleasure."  Nyckie was lying on the bed and she had him lift up and slid the diaper under him.  He was half hard by now but as soon as she started to rub the oil on his dick, it sprang to attention.  She was delighted.  She jerked him until he came.  It was probably the first time she saw that happen.  I had to stop her from doing it again and getting rougher.  She did the rest of the job and closed up the diaper.

"Thank you very much, Heather." said my brother.  I think that he meant it for the hand-job more than for the diaper.  She insisted that he sleep in his own bed, rather than being exiled to Mom's bedroom floor, and she would share with me.  She talked a lot trying to get me to tell her more and being tired I probably said too much.  In the morning she insisted that she should remove the diaper and clean Nyckie up.  He usually just showered unless he was late, but he did not object.  She used a couple of baby wipes about his diaper area both front and back.  Nyckie accepted her care and control very well.

She felt the stubble of his pubes and declared that he needed a shave for hygienic reasons.  Even though he was not due for a few more days, we got the stuff.  She was very gentle carefully wetting, applying the shaving cream and then using the razor.  I'm sure that she was thrilled doing this.  Of course, Nyckie was excited also for he was pointing straight up.  After she wiped the area, she leaned close to inspect her handiwork.  Her mouth was open and Nyckie just thrust his hips up and his hard shaft entered her mouth.  He dropped back down but she followed.  Heather had dropped to her knees so she could do this better and Nyckie was absolutely thrilled that she was bobbing up and down on him.  He just lay back with his eyes closed enjoying and let her do the work. I was excited myself so my hand was on my wet sex making me feel good.

Nyckie came with a cry and filled her mouth but she did not stop sucking for a while.  He actually had to stop her.  He spoke first: "Thank you very, very much, Heather; that was fantastic."  When he sat up she did also and he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips.  He went off to shower and Heather tried to compose herself.  I had to sit to get my own head in order after seeing those two have sex.  A few days later Heather told me that she had filled three pages in her secret diary about what she did with Nyckie.  This made me feel that Nyckie's secret was safe.


However, there was another effect.  Nyckie stopped wetting!  Before Heather he usually wet five or six times a week.  After his interaction with Heather this dropped to zero.  We were surprised after two consecutive dry nights but the big deal came after a week.  He still got diapered each night but he had asked me to stop shaving him.  Since he was staying dry, I had agreed and he had thanked me.  "What about Heather?  She'll be coming again tonight."

"She'll want to diaper me again, I'll bet.  I guess that's OK.  If she shaves me it will be worth it if she goes down on me!  That's so wonderful." he said with a Cheshire Cat grin.

I agreed with him.  "Don't tell her anything and let's see what happens.  She's bossy and likes being in charge." I told him.

Nyckie was out with his friends until almost his curfew much to Heather's disappointment but she perked up when he got home.  He was cheerful and said that the movie was terrific.  Then he made Heather's head spin by asking: "Heather, would you like to diaper me tonight?  You do it ever so nicely."  He went off to shower.  Heather remained quiet for sometime.

"Did Nyckie mean that, Alyse?" she asked.

"Yes.  Absolutely!  He was ever so happy with what you did last time.  He's even asked when you might do it again.  Why, he's even joked that if he needed a babysitter, he would want it to be YOU."  Heather was beaming.  I was glad of that because she is nicer when she is happy.

When Nyckie walked into the bedroom, Heather saw that his pubes were most noticeable.  "Alyse, no wonder Nyckie asked me.  It's obvious that you have not been giving him the care he needs.  Look at how long that awful hair is.  Not very healthy."  She turned to Nyckie.  "Don't you worry, widdle Nyckie, Auntie Heather will take good care of you now.  We'll have you all cleaned up in a jiffy."  I was behind her and nodding hoping that Nyckie would go along.  This was, after all, what he had been expecting.

"Oh, thank you, Auntie."  He smiled catching on.  Nyckie suddenly turned and got the shaving stuff from the bathroom and lay down on a towel on the bed.  He was pretty hard already.  I stayed in the background.  I knew she was enjoying herself and I prayed that she would not disappoint Nyckie.

She wet his pubes and then covered them with the shaving cream. By then he was fully hard.  I could see a little drop of stuff at the opening of his penis.  I wondered if that was the 'pre-cum' the book talked of.  Heather was baby-talking to him as she did all of this.  He just was lying back enjoying her administrations.  I hoped he would be satisfied even if she did not go all the way like the first time.

"There, Widdle Nyckie is nice and smooth now.  Just like my widdle diaper boy should be.  Bet he feels real good."  In the mirror I could see that she was licking her lips.  Her next move surprised me.  She did not get up nor did she take his hard shaft into her mouth.  Instead she stuck out her tongue and licked the freshly shaven area and then his shaft.  Only then did she envelop his rod and suck it in earnest.

"Oh, that's wonderful, Auntie.  Just wonderful.  Auntie Heather makes widdle Nyckie feel so good."

Heather was not surprised by Nyckie's reaction to her administrations and although I could tell that he had shot, Heather managed to keep it all. After a few minutes, she stopped and wiped him off prior to oiling, powdering and diapering him.  He got into bed when she told him to and then asked: "Can widdle Nyckie have a goodnight kiss from nice Auntie Heather, please?"

She smiled at him and bent over and kissed him on the lips.  Heather and I went to chat a bit before going to bed.  I had a later bedtime whenever I had to diaper Nyckie.

In the morning, Heather went right to work.  She was, I think, disappointed that Nyckie was dry but she praised him and said he should get a star on his 'stay dry' chart.  We actually did have one and she gave him the star and watched as he pasted it on the chart. She praised him about the other stars he had.  Then she got him out of bed and removed his diaper.  Even if he was not hard before, he was then.  She jerked him off and again called him "her good widdle boy".  I'm sure that he liked that as he was smiling.  She then took him into the bathroom. "Be a good widdle boy and tinkle for Auntie."  I heard him do it and I peeked and saw that he was holding his hose.  After washing she helped him dress.  Nyckie was very accepting of her babying.  Certainly because she did pleasure him but perhaps for other reasons also.

I have to let Nyckie tell what happened ten days later because I was not home.  Heather knew that I wouldn't be there but she showed up at our house after school anyway.  But for now, let me say it had a profound effect on Nyckie.

I was surprised when I returned but Heather just told me that it was a good thing she dropped in to check on our widdle boy because he was not doing his homework.  "I spanked him for that."  She said, "I also shaved him because you were neglecting doing that which is why he is not as well behaved as he would otherwise be.  And, as you can see, he is already in his diaper for the night."

She left soon after and Nyckie told me the whole story as you will read later in part 2.  He finished up with: "Auntie Heather is very strict with widdle Nyckie and spanks very hard.  Even harder than Auntie Alyse.  Will she be babysitting me a lot?"

"Nyckie, do remember that you said you would like Auntie Heather as a babysitter?"  He nodded.  "Nyckie, you also were a naughty boy not doing your homework and even lying to Auntie Heather."  He nodded again.  "So it was right that she spanked you."

"Yes, Auntie Alyse."

"Well, Nyckie, there are times when you need a babysitter so be glad that Auntie Heather is kind enough to take good care of you."

"Yes, Auntie Alyse.  Auntie Heather is very kind and good but she spanks very hard.  Widdle Nyckie's tushie hurts a lot." he said as he rubbed his bottom.


I only mentioned this in passing before but we did keep a wet/dry night chart from the very beginning of Nyckie needing diapers.  He got a little star to mark the days that he got up dry.  At the beginning there were only one or two stars a month which gradually increased to five or six.  But after Heather's first time with him, the situation changed and he was getting twenty-five stars a month and in the last month there was just one wet night.  Now this was important because the rule was that he could stop wearing diapers if he had a perfect month.  There was also a second clause which was that I would not be in charge of him any more.

Then after Heather used the paddle on him, he changed.  He was always very respectful to his two Aunties and absolutely obedient without any hesitation.  We gave him opportunities to be with his friends but he did not stay out as late as they did and avoided troubles that they got into.  His grades were good.  On his birthday he again asked me if he could keep his pubes.  Personally, I thought it would be a good idea but I also knew that Heather had a different viewpoint.  I did not want to give him false hope and thought that his two aunties should present a common viewpoint.

"Nyckie," I explained, "as long as you have to wear a diaper you are a widdle boy.  Auntie Heather will keep you smooth so that you will be clean.  When you grow out of wetting the bed, then we can talk of it again."

"Yes, ma'am.  I understand." he said but somewhat more cheerfully than I would have expected.  I had told him how to change things and I was sure that he could do it.  Accidents don't happen regularly once a month.  I was sure that he would stay our widdle boy for a long while more.

Later, still on his birthday, when I was diapering him for the night, he started to ask a question.  But he did not address me properly so I stopped him and gave him a spanking for being disrespectful.  He thanked me for continuing to help him.  Then he started again: "Auntie Alyse, I very much want to see a girl's cunt.  May I please have just one look?"

"Your Auntie is not a 'girl' but a young lady so NO!  You will have to grow up first."  I then took him into the bathroom, soaped up a washcloth and washed out his dirty mouth for using such a naughty word.  He did not like it at all but did not resist in any way.  After a few minutes, I let him rinse but I'm sure that some of the taste remained.  We went to bed.

When all was quiet he got out of bed and kneeled by mine and whispered: "Thank you for being such a loving Auntie to Nyckie.  Also, please thank Auntie Heather."  He paused a bit.  "Please continue being my strict aunties."  He sounded almost like he was praying.  I reached out and caressed his head.  He kissed my hand.  I knew for sure that my refusal for his reasonable request had been the right thing to do.


Well, that is the story up to when Nyckie started high school and I started junior high.  The next three years continued mostly the same way.  Heather became more dominant and Nyckie kept wetting at least once a month.  I'm certain it was deliberate so that he could stay our widdle boy and Mother agrees.  It was his way of dealing with the tragic loss of his father.  Interestingly he is two people – a regular guy but a widdle boy to his two Aunties.  He remains totally obedient, shaven and is spanked as needed without any conflict with his youth self.  There are two exceptions, however.  First, is that he's never seen a naked girl and, second, he does not have a bush.  He has gotten philosophical about these, saying: "I'm sure my Aunties know best for widdle Nyckie."

He selected a local college so that he can still see his Aunties all the time.

I haven't written about Nyckie's high school years for a couple of reasons even though he continued to wear a diaper at night and Heather and I remain in charge of him.  Nyckie did see a shrink during this time and he got to understand a lot about himself.  The shrink explained a lot to Mother and me which was very helpful.  I could have written about these years but in most ways they were very similar and you don't want to read the same stuff again with everyone three years older.  That would be so booooooooooooring!

What I did was talk with Nyckie about this 'project' and asked that he tell about things; especially his feelings.  After reading his first draft, I questioned him a lot and he opened up.  Even I learnt stuff about his life which proves that I was not "domineering mommy keeping him on a short leash".  He rewrote everything and told all. His report follows.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

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