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This story is fiction and deals with spanking and diapering of boys usually by girls.  It also contains both gay and straight sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The first part is told by the title character's younger stepsister while the second part is told by Nyckie.  The narration style and emphasis are different in each part,  The first part is mostly f/m while the second is mostly m/m.  Need I tell you that you should read Part 1 first.

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My Widdle Brother Nyckie  (2/2)


Another Prologue

I graduated from high school last month.  It was a significant milestone in my life.  In the fall I start college right here in town.  I have decided to go locally because I want to be close to my Auntie Alyse and my Auntie Heather.  I want to remain close so that they can continue to guide me.  I know that this seems strange because they are three years younger than I but they have been of great help to me over the past five years.  I've lost both my bio-parents so I want, need in many ways, to keep close contact with them.

You might think that I understand myself too well for an eighteen-year-old but I have been seeing a shrink and he has helped me a great deal to self understanding.  He and I have shared this with Mom and Auntie Alyse.  Although to most of the world I appear to be a smart kid there is also another me – a widdle (not little) boy who does not want to grow up because he will lose his parents if he does.  Some might say just let that widdle boy grow up, but it is not that easy.  I'm very fortunate that Mother and my shrink understand that and that I have Auntie Alyse and Auntie Heather to give that widdle boy the special TLC he needs.

I'm writing this because Auntie Alyse suggested that I should in order to complement her writing about me.  (That is ever so flattering!)  I'm doing this of my own free will because I feel good doing what she suggests.  When I said I was going to do it, she said I should be completely open about everything especially my feelings.  I even spoke to the shrink and he said it would be good for me to explore myself this way and pointed out that it was only details that I have not already told to my sister and others.  You will find that I talk a lot more about sex than Auntie Alyse did.  Well, what do you expect from an adolescent boy who gets his dick oiled by other horny teens?  In addition, once my wonderful Aunties saw some of the stuff that I wrote, they started asking questions (which I always answered truthfully because I cannot lie to them) and then I wrote more.  It was only after I did my first draft that I was allowed to read what she wrote.  My two Aunties helped me and we deleted stuff that would be repetitious.

Graduation Day© YLeeCoyote

Rather than start with the past (since you already know a lot from Auntie Alyse's report) I will start with graduation day – the twenty-fifth of last month.  I woke up very early, excited about this special day.  My bed was dry; even my diaper was dry.  I felt good, safe and all that.  I thought about the past – how I lost my parents, how I gained a new family and two wonderful Aunties.  I looked across the room at Auntie Alyse, my little stepsister, still sleeping like an angel.  It was she who so carefully oiled, powdered and diapered me more than fifteen hundred times in the last five years.  And it was she who took down my pants and briefs and spanked me or worse when I was naughty ever so many times.

I haven't any doubts that I wanted to graduate and go on to college.  However, on this day I had to make a decision of another kind. It has been my secret for I have been doing that for a couple of years now.  My hand was resting on my crotch just like many others teen boys' hands do ever so frequently.  Well not quite for it was resting on my diaper rather than my skin.  I could have just undone the tapes and jerked off.  That was one choice.  What was in my mind was my 'stay dry' chart.  Since my birthday three months ago every space has gotten a star.  I could have peed and wet the diaper.  That was the other choice.  Over the last few years, I made the second choice every time it mattered.

"How does it matter?" you ask.  That's a fair question. Well, Mom made some rules years ago when I started to wet the bed after my father was killed in that terrible accident.  I needed to have a month of stars to stop being required to wear a diaper each night.  Well, that was until I was eighteen when it became three months and with my graduating changes to six months.  That's not the big deal.  As long I am a bed wetting widdle boy Auntie Alyse is in charge.  She has the authority to tell me what to do or not to do and right to punish me with spanking or whatever.  She has shared this power with Auntie Heather.  It has been this way since I was in Junior High School.  Strange as it seems, I like that they do this.

I supposed that I could just ask them to continue but then I could also just tell them to stop being in charge or refuse to be punished.  That would spoil it – for then they would not really be in charge in my head.  In some strange way they have become substitutes for the mother I lost when I was very young and also even for Father.  Yes Mother (actually my stepmother) is very good but discipline is not her strong point nor is letting me play like a little kid which I need to do at times.

I'm over eighteen now and staying dry would mean the end of wearing diapers and being spanked.  Mother has said that once I'm out of diapers, out of high school and over eighteen that I'll be too old to be spanked.  Certainly that is still right today as it was in the past on intellectual and age grounds but emotionally is different matter.  Previously, strictly speaking, I could have revisited the decision every month.  However, I didn't do it monthly but went for nine or more months because I found that this was a painful process for me.  Today the rule changes to six months.

I felt an urgency in my groin.  Rather than dashing to the bathroom I just snuggled down and relaxed.  I felt my diaper grow wet and warm.  I was at peace with the world and myself.  I dozed off.

It was Auntie Heather who woke me.  She had come early to be with us for this special day.  As she always did, she checked my diaper.  "It a good thing I came early.  You're very wet."  I just waited for her directions.  She got what she wanted from the bathroom and then removed the wet diaper and used several wipes to clean me off.  Then she wet the stubble and covered me with lots of shaving cream in order to shave me.  It felt ever so nice.  The razor slid easily over my skin removing the nasty hairs.  I had a lot more hair growing than I did when she first did this.  As she handled my cock it got hard even as she made me look like a widdle boy once again.  By wetting I had surrendered my rights to have pubes like a big boy.  After she dried me off, she did what she loved to do and I loved her to do – she went down on me.  It was, as it always was, ecstasy as I blasted into her mouth.  As she invariably did, she swallowed it all.  "Go shower so we can eat and get to your graduation."  I obeyed happily after thanking her for all she did.

After I showered, both my Aunties helped me dress.  Auntie Alyse had a special little present – a pair of boxer shorts with a graduation logo.  I got dressed in my first pair of big boy boxers and my new graduation suit.  The four of us stopped for breakfast first.  We then went to the school for the ceremony and then for a fancy dinner.  They were all proud of me and I thanked them for all their help.  I told them that I hoped that they would continue to help me.

After dinner Mom took me to the video store to get a new game as a present.  I was surprised that my Aunties wanted to do some shopping of their own rather than give me full attention on my special day.  Mom had sharp words for me and fortunately I listened or I would not have gotten the new game.  By the time we got home, I was a naughty, cranky widdle brat as Auntie Alyse soon told me.  I had to be told several times to change out of my suit before playing with the new game.  Soon I was just in my new big boy, but uncomfortable, boxers and I found out how naughty I'd been.  Both my Aunties had more than enough of my nonsense and I was not allowed to play.  It got even worse for they told me that I was very naughty and was going to get spanked.  "We got you a special present – just what a naughty, widdle boy like you needs."  I was very surprised and ripped open the package.  It was a leather paddle.  A leather paddle to spank me with.  As I looked at it I was told that it was time to try it out.  Auntie Heather removed my new big boy boxers and I bent over.  They each gave me four very hard spanks with it.  I was crying.  Auntie Heather diapered me and tucked me into bed.  "My widdle boy needs a nappy-poo."

I woke up a good widdle boy.  I thanked Auntie Alyse and called Auntie Heather to thank her also for the very nice paddle graduation gift.  I also learnt that I liked tighite-whities much better than boxers and want to continue to wear them.  Not surprisingly Auntie Alyse had been right years ago that I should wear tighite-whities.

It was a wonderful day.  Yes, and not in spite of the fact that I was spanked but because my two wonderful aunties cared enough to spank me.

Auntie Alyse wanted me to put this report in about how Auntie Heather took care of me soon after she found out about my diaper wearing.  She decided that it fit better here where I'm telling things than before when she was telling.  She had carefully written down what I had told her what had happened back when I was only fourteen and half and we decided to leave it just I told her then.  It is clear that I did not understand myself as well then as I do now.

I was playing some video game when she rang the bell.  When I opened the door, I told Heather that Alyse had gone to the dentist and wouldn't be home until later.  She just barged in anyway.  "Auntie Heather knows that Auntie Alyse isn't here.  That's why she's come to make sure her widdle Nyckie is being a good widdle boy.  Widdle boys left alone often get into trouble.  That's why Auntie Heather is widdle Nyckie's babysitter."

"Yes, Auntie.  I'm a good widdle boy."  I will confess that I was hoping for another BJ.  I heard the talk at school how few girls do it and that even fewer swallow like she does.  She asked if I'd done all my homework and I said most of it.  The truth, of course, was that I hadn't done any but why tell her that?  Once in the bedroom she saw that I'd been playing games on the PC.

"Just as I feared, Nyckie.  You've been playing games and not doing your homework."  She snapped at me.  "Let me see your assignment book."  It was right on my desk and she saw it.  She quickly picked it up and checked it out.  "I see that not a single assignment is checked off.  YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING, BOY.  SHAMEFULLY, YOU ALSO LIED ABOUT IT.  You're a very naughty boy.  And naughty widdle boys get SPANKED on their bare bottoms."  She took out something from her bag and sat on the bed.  "COME HERE IMMEDIATELY!" she commanded.  I hesitated.  "NOW, BOY, OR IT WILL BE EXTRA!"  She had a small paddle in her hand and was slapping her palm with it.

I still hesitated and she commanded again.  "Stop stalling, Diaperboy.  You know you must obey Auntie Heather, your favorite babysitter, especially when your mommy is not here."  Yes, that's exactly what my dear mother used to tell me when I really was a little boy.  And those babysitters were very much like Heather (the same age and with budding tits thrusting out their blouses) and after almost two years of Alyse in charge, I obeyed.

I just stood there feeling like a widdle boy as she undressed and lectured me.  She was really good at it for she made me feel really bad about being naughty.  It was actually a relief when she pulled me over her lap.  I wouldn't tell anyone but my in-charge-of-me-who-also-makes-me-cry-sister but I was soon crying like a widdle boy from her little paddle.  It really hurt like when Mom used the hairbrush.  When I showed my bottom to Alyse she said it was very red.  It even hurt the next day.  In short, I was a very well-spanked widdle diaper boy.  Auntie Heather spanked terribly well.  I lay on my bed crying for a while.

Soon she turned me over and got to work on my crotch.  My first thought was that she was going to suck me but she did not.  She washed me and lathered me up.  "Widdle boys, especially naughty widdle boys do not have hair here."  Then she started to shave me.  She took her time and carefully went over every place several times.  I was rock hard and oozing the whole time.  She may be young and aggressive but she made me feel good.  Then after she dried me off, she did what I most wanted her to do.

Oh, it was great to feel her tongue all over my cock and balls and then have her hot mouth wrapped around my cock.  I was extra excited because of how she took complete charge and I had a wonderful orgasm.  I could not move after it and she did not stop.  She kept at it until I came a second time.  She put two diapers on me and cuddled me telling me that I was her good widdle boy who sometimes went astray.  Even though my ass was burning, she made me feel good.  She's a little vixen!  She made me do my homework and threatened me with another spanking if I did not get to it immediately.  I obeyed my Auntie Heather like a good widdle boy should.  I found it much easier to be a good boy when I remembered how hard I'd been spanked.

It was hard to concentrate but I did my best until I felt an urgent need too crap.  Auntie would not let me go and I could not hold it very long.  For the first time since I was a baby, I went in my pants, er, diaper.  It really stank.  Auntie Heather told me I was a good boy and that the suppository worked just like she wanted it to.  She told me that I must pee before she changed me.  I did as she wanted and then she immediately set to work to change me.

I felt so small; so helpless as I lay there on the bed with Auntie Heather cleaning my butt.  She had some powerful hold over me and I was just her widdle, diaper boytoy.  But she gave great BJ's.  She cleaned me with many wipes and rediapered me.  Then it was back to homework.  When Alyse came home, Auntie Heather made me call her "Auntie Alyse".  From then on I was required to always use their titles when I spoke to them to show my respect and their superior positions over me.

I'm ever so glad that this happened.

Victor and I

It was wonderful to get to know Victor.  He wore diapers and that gave me someone to play with.  He needed them all the time both fore and aft while I just needed them at night.  But there was a widdle boy inside of Victor, just like inside of me, and when we were alone we could safely let those boys out to play.  Of course, alone was also with wonderful Auntie Alyse and Auntie Heather and even Mom.  When Vic and I visited each other at the beginning we would be changed by his or my mom or my Aunties but as we got older we learnt how to change each other.  You certainly can guess what had to happen when two guys held each other's cocks covered in oil.  That always made the changing take a lot longer but it was a lot more fun.

At first we were pretty young and his parents were around so we couldn't do much but then they left us alone.  Actually, they insisted that Victor and even myself take on more responsibility for our diaper changes.  Although we were both hairless, widdle diaper boys, Vic was definitely the alpha hairless, widdle diaper boy and decided what we should do.  Before Auntie Heather was giving me BJ's, I was giving them to Vic.

The first time was after we had showered for bed and were alone in his bedroom.  We got to wrestling and soon he was sitting on my chest and I was looking right at his crotch.  He was hard and I could not take my eyes off it.  He was much bigger than I was and it was fascinating to me probably because it was such a close up view.  Victor noticed this and started to play with his hard shaft and even brushed my face and lips with it.  I objected (in my innocence and ignorance) and he just stuck it into my mouth.  I was surprised and he told me that since I had lost, I had to do what he said.  That first time he just thrust in and out of my mouth until he shot.  He insisted that I swallow and I did.

Gradually, I learnt how to please him most efficiently.  Soon every time we were alone I was on my knees sucking his hard juicy dick.  It was not long after that he also fucked me.  Once we got to doing these things, we continued to do them.  We only played like this when we were alone because Victor did not want my aunties to see us doing it.  Since he was the alpha, I deferred to his wishes.  He thought that it might prevent us from being those widdle boys which was ever so much fun and something he could not do at home because his father wanted him to grow up.

Yes, he did also go down on me but "only to show me what to do".  It was these experiences that got me to thrust up into Auntie Heather.  She was right there and I was ever so horny.  She did like it and I loved it.

Victor's Father is Quick to Anger

Of course, it was not only sex and diapers when I was visiting with Victor.  We also played like any other boys and managed to be naughty.  At least that is what Victor's parents – especially his father – told us.  I remember one time we were playing catch in the front yard and his father came home early.  We were immediately yelled at and ordered to Vic's room to get ready.  Vic answered very politely and just dragged me into the house and upstairs.  He explained that 'get ready' meant that he was going to be spanked.  He said it had happened before when he had friends over and the friend would get a choice – a spanking like he got or banished for a month.  He was my best friend and not playing with him for a month would have been a terrible punishment.  It would also have seemed very cowardly to let him be spanked and for me to get away without being spanked.  (There was still the possibility I would be spanked at home anyway.)

I followed the protocol that Vic had to.  We stripped, made sure we were dry and clean and used the toilet.  Having an accident while being spanked would be so babyish.  After arranging the furniture as required, we waited with our noses to the wall.  When his father came in, he called us out and spoke to me first.  "I see that you are prepared like Victor.  You do know that you may just leave rather than be spanked since you are not my son?"

"Yes, sir. Victor explained the rules and I was just as naughty as he was so I'll accept the same punishment, Sir."

"You knew that playing ball in the front yard is not permitted?"

"Yes, Sir." we both said.

Vic's father sat on the chair and put the diaper over his lap.  Victor got over his lap and said: "Ready, Father."

Vic got gripped tightly about the waist and his dad patted his butt a couple of times before starting.  He raised his hand and brought it crashing down on Vic's butt with a resounding SPANK!  It sounded bad and I could see his hand print forming instantly.  He repeated this for at least five minutes until Vic's bottom was bright red.  I did not like this but I could not wimp out now.  When Vic got up he said: "Thank you, Father."  He had trouble speaking and his eyes were very wet.  Perhaps there were some tears on his cheeks also.

It was my turn now.  I was scared because he spanked a lot harder than Mom or Auntie Alyse.  Vic's dad guided me into position and waited.  I had forgotten to say I was ready and was embarrassed when he asked.  When I said it, he gripped my waist tightly and began.  Yes, it really hurt a lot; even starting with the first spank.  I totally lost track of time and spanks.  Unlike Vic, I could not help crying.  I cry very easily when I'm spanked so by the time he finished I was really crying.

Vic held me for a minute, wiped my face with some tissues and said we had to stand with our noses to the wall for twenty minutes.  He had a timer for that.  Later he told me that he used to cry like I did but he was bigger now and could take it better.  His other friends often cried when spanked.  He confessed that he was not looking forward to his father promoting him to the strap.

Cousin Herbie Teaches Me Stuff – I

Auntie Alyse has already told you about many of the significant first experiences I had but not about Herbie.  Auntie Heather's Uncle and Aunt had rented a lakeside cabin for the summer and her cousin Herbie had invited her to visit for a week.  There was lots of room so Auntie Alyse and I were also invited.

I shared a room with Herbie.  He found out about my diaper when Auntie Heather came in to put them on the first night.  He watched with amused amazement as she oiled, powdered and diapered me.  "Heather, I thought you were kidding when you said you told me that you did this but I see it is true."  It was clear that he thought that I was a big baby because I wore diapers and was bossed about by two younger girls.  But there was nothing to do about it for it was true.  Herbie was the same age as Auntie Alyse and from the way he constantly looked at her it was clear he wanted her.

It was a rainy Wednesday that Auntie Heather's Aunt left us alone to do some shopping.  Herbie insisted that we wrestle.  I tried to refuse but he was very persistent.  I was a few inches taller and I said I could beat him trying to scare him out of the idea.  "Bet your ass you can't; two out of three?" he said.

"I bet my ass I can." I retorted, just like any other teen trying to act tough and macho since I was older and bigger.  That was a great big mistake!  Well, after that there was no way out but to fight.  He insisted that we fight like the ancient Greeks had done – naked.  They all had seen me naked but he usually wore his trunks.  If he had worn Speedos I would have known what to expect, I was surprised at what I saw.  He had a big bush above a big cock.  It seemed like it was as big as mine got when hard.  Part of the reason his cock looked so big was that he was smaller than I was.  My Aunties were to keep the time and score and to referee.  Either a shoulder pin, being held unable to fight for a minute or a submission was a win.

What I did not know was he had experience and was strong.  I quickly learnt.  He got me down almost immediately.  I was prone and he was on top of me.  I later learnt that was a full Nelson that he used to keep my head down.  My arms and legs were spread.  He kept my legs apart with his knees and applied pressure on my neck with his hands.  I could feel his hard cock on my crack.  He had lots to say; such as:  "Your ass is mine, hairless diaperboy."  He had already told my Aunties to tell him when the minute was up.  I struggled but couldn't change a thing.  I was relieved when they called time and he released me.

The second pin was even worse.  He got me on my back and pushed my legs down so that my feet were near my ears.  It was like he was folding me to put into a box.  His arms held my legs and his body was against mine.  Again, I could feel his hard cock bumping on my ass crack.  I tried to twist to get free but I heard the SLAP on the floor for counting the pin.  SLAP!  SLAP!!  I had lost the match.  What I did not realize was what else I had lost.

The problem was I had 'bet my ass' and that meant he was going to fuck me whether or not I liked it.  Maybe if I had been younger or smaller there might have been an out but there wasn't and my two aunties indicated that I had to keep my word.  Herb had proven that he was the alpha male and I had to yield.  He said "I'm going to collect my prize.  How is up to you, diaperboy.  Heather, please get the lube and a condom from my nightstand."  I just lay on the floor scared of what would happen.  When Auntie Heather returned, he tore open the condom and rolled it on his cock.  He lifted my legs to his shoulders and lubed up my hole quite gently.  I was told that he had three fingers in me before he pulled me onto his hard cock.  It hurt at first and I yelped but then the pain passed.  He fucked me for a while and I was surprised that it felt good inside.  It was nice like when Auntie Heather sucked me.  When he was finished, he withdrew and for a while I felt empty.  Auntie Heather had brought some paper towels and he wiped his cock off.  She wiped my crack and then my own cum off my chest.  Of course, Herbie was smiling but so were both of my Aunties.  Apparently they liked the show.  I was sent to shower.

They must have planned the evening because Herbie and Auntie Heather swapped beds.  I knew what they were doing in the other room and was jealous because I was not even allowed to see Auntie Alyse's bush.  After that I was required to call him Uncle Herbert.

The next night Uncle Herbert's father was back and they couldn't switch beds.  Soon after lights out Uncle Herb got on top of me.  He was sitting on my chest and had my arms pinned down.  I really did not struggle much because I couldn't take my eyes off his hard cock and big bush especially as I knew he could easily overpower me.  "It's time for BABY to have his night bottle."  He leaned forward and when I opened my mouth to say no, he stuck it into my mouth.  "SUCK IT, boy…or…I'll rip off your dee-dee and ram it up your ass."  I knew that he could do that so I sucked him off.  Just like Auntie Heather swallowed, so did I.

On the last day, I forgot to call him 'Uncle Herbert' and he spanked me for being disrespectful.  We were down by the lake when it happened.  He just sat on the bench and pulled me over his lap after yanking down my trunks.  All he used was his hand but that was sufficient for he was much stronger than my Aunties.  He made me cry and then I apologized.  The cool water made me hurt less.  We roughhoused in the water and I liked that he dunked me.  Well, that's what uncles do to their widdle nephews.

Since that happened almost three years ago I have dreams about how he could have just pushed his hard cock right into my ass as soon as he got me under his control. I found that to be very exciting and it made me wet – in the grown up way – my diapers.  I also dreamed about girls with similar wet results.

Meeting Victor's Father's Strap

I was doing a sleepover with Victor once again and we had gone to the movies.  We got to talking about it in the soda shoppe (don't blame me, that's what they call it).  And we missed the bus we should have gotten to get home on time.  We called his parents and told them we would be late so that they would not worry.  After that all Vic would do was pace at the bus stop waiting for the next one.  He knew exactly what his father would do. He said it would hurt a lot more than his hand that I had already felt a year previously.  I tried to put on a brave face.

Eventually we got home and his father was waiting for us.  He complimented us on calling and noted that the punishment would be less.  We immediately went to Vic's room, stripped down, showered, prepared our diapers and then held up the wall with our noses.  It was only then I really learnt that the strap was a tawse.  I'm certain that the tawse was designed by the devil to maximize the pain inflicted on youths with the least effort of their fathers without long term damage.  Upon questioning neither of us could give any reasons to explain our dual failure.  The phone call saved us one cut each.  Believe me, it was a very well spent quarter.

We got it at the same time.  We both bent over and held our ankles so that our butts were presented for the torture device.  Vic got the first and I heard the crack of it hitting his butt and then his suppressed yelp.  The sound had barely faded when I felt the kiss of the devil on my own butt.  It was a searing pain and I could not suppress my yelp like Vic had.  I was well convinced that I would never be able to sit again by the third cut and yet there were two more to go.  Those were even worse because they were on sensitized skin.  I was sobbing a bit while trying to be macho like Vic.  He had a lot more experience though.  He thanked his father and promised to be careful of his curfew in the future.  I copied his lead and his father left.

I don't know why but we were both very hard and immediately jerked each other off.  We hurt too much to fuck so we just put on each other's diapers and sacked out.  We had some more fun in the morning when the fires had died down to mere embers.

Cousin Herbie Teaches Me Stuff – II

It was almost a year before I saw Uncle Herbert again.  His 'rents had an affair to go to near where we lived so they expanded their trip to visit Auntie Heather's parents.  Uncle Herb came with a friend to visit with his cousin.  Of course, he really wanted to see Auntie Alyse.  So Auntie Heather invited her for a visit and I got dragged along as both my Aunties insisted that it would be fun.  Auntie Heather's folks carefully planned things to prevent any hanky-panky with five teens together unsupervised.  Their planning was not sufficient.

I insisted that I could put on my diaper and that I rarely wet but they – Herb and his friend, Shawn – said I must listen to them or I would get spanked.  I tried to reason with them; I even begged them but they had made up their minds.  There was not any doubt that Uncle Shawn knew about me for during the afternoon he asked if I was the hairless widdle diaper boy.  They both laughed when Auntie Heather said: "I keep him smooth because it's more hygienic."

Uncle Shawn asked her to shave me and they decided that it would be fun.  I tried to object but Uncle Shawn took hold of me and I could not move.  Uncle Herb yanked down my jeans and tightie-whities which made my struggling even less effective.  Auntie Heather got the shaving stuff and Uncle Shawn held me down flat on the bed.  By then I gave up and accepted my fate.  I hoped that she would do what she usually did but I doubted she would with her cousin and his buddy watching.

There was, surprisingly, something extra exciting about this as she covered me with the shaving cream and then used the razor.  Uncle Shawn was next to me since he did not have to restrain me anymore.  I could see the big tent in his jeans as Auntie Heather did her job.  I was hard also still hoping that she would go down on me but she did not.  Uncle Shawn laughed that I was hard and that I must like this.  I was allowed to get dressed and it was then that I realized that Auntie Alyse and Uncle Herb were out of the room.  They returned soon but it was clear what they had been doing from their big smiles.

Later that evening Auntie Heather's folks carefully sent 'the guys' downstairs to prevent any improprieties (not knowing how intimate we all had been the summer before and in the afternoon).  Uncle Herb certainly was interested in Auntie Alyse.  His friend, who I quickly was forced to call Uncle Shawn, also wanted some action.  Well, one shot was not enough for Uncle Herb; he said he was going to have my ass – whether I liked it or not – just like he had my sister's.  I knew I did not have a chance to refuse for they each could overpower me.

I tried to put on my diaper myself but they would not let me.  "Hairless widdle diaper boys don't do that." they agreed.  They also agreed that I was a naughty boy for even suggesting it.  I was quickly stripped and Uncle Shawn pulled me across his lap to teach me a lesson.  I did as they ordered in the hope that they would be nicer.  His spanks were not nearly as hard as Vic's father's since he was so much smaller but they were hard enough to hurt.  They soon were admiring my bright red butt.

They discussed who should go first.  Uncle Herbert said: "Shawn you can go first since I already had the baby as well as his sister."  When Uncle Shawn stripped, his big tent pole was ready for action.  He put on a condom so he wouldn't get shitty or worse and then had me on my hands and knees.  He was rough but fortunately quick.  I did not like the way he did it.

Uncle Herb was much nicer.  He knew how to make me more responsive and enhance his own pleasure.  He took his time and even was jerking me off as he fucked me.  He did not come until after I did.  They diapered me then without letting me piss first.  "You don't have to worry about it since you got a diaper on."

In the morning I was wet.  They were both horny and I had to suck them both off before they allowed me to do anything else.  Again Uncle Shawn came almost immediately and Uncle Herb enjoyed my mouth a lot longer.

We did not have time for anything but breakfast before Uncle Herb and the others left.  My Aunties comforted me a lot that afternoon.


I really don't have much to say to wrap things up.  At the beginning, I said that I wanted to continue as I have been even though it is not a perfect way.  But every path in life has good and bad and I'm happy with my choices.  Auntie Alyse, my dear sister, and Auntie Heather were both surprised by some of what I wrote but I'm glad that they know now.  I'm sure we will do less stuff than we did when I was in high school just as that was less than when I was in junior high.  But, just like Linus has his blanket, I have my dear wonderful Aunties.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 28, 2006

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