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The following story is fiction about youth who must endure CP from younger girls.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The initial story was just one part in American English.  After Beelzebub saw the initial story he insisted that there must be prequel and so he wrote it in German.  Both parts of the story have been translated by the computer and edited by humans.  This is the English Part 2 with Part 1 here. The German Part 1 is here and Part 2 here.

Let me note for non-Americans that TLC is Tender Loving Care and BFF is Best Friend Forever to avoid any ambiguity.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

My Young Neighbor, the Babysitter – 2/3


Georg was out of breath but he kept running for he was late.  He was almost at the old boat house as the town clock struck five o’clock.  He tried to increase his pace but couldn’t as he continued on the little used path.  Panting, he pressed on for being late would earn a painful penalty.  As he approached the meeting spot he saw Jennifer.  She was sitting on the bench with Marisa.  Exhausted he collapsed on the grass right in front of the two girls.

Jennifer let the pitiful boy wait on the ground, panting like an overheated dog, while she continued her discussion with Marisa.  Georg was confused why he had obeyed her command to report for a spanking as if he was a little boy and she was in charge of him yet he obviously had.  Eventually, she deigned to acknowledge his presence with a curt “You’re late, boy.”  That she was a year younger than he did not prevent her from acting as if she was two years older and officially in charge.

“Yes, ma’am.  I’m terribly sorry, ma’am.  Mother suddenly found a mess of chores for me to do before I was allowed out.” he whined pitifully.  He did not know why he addressed her so respectfully like she was grown up woman rather than a girl.

“Sit up, boy, and explain why you are here.”

“I thought we would be alone, ma’am.”© YLeeCoyote

“You thought wrong!  Marisa is my BFF and we don’t have secrets.  Now explain quickly to her, boy.”

“I’ve come for my spanking which Jennifer graciously deferred at my request for my misbehavior when Jennifer was babysitting my kid sister." he stammered guiltily.

“What was your reason for your petition, boy?” asked Marisa.

“So my kid sister wouldn’t see me being spanked by her babysitter again.”

“Time for your SPANKING, boy.  Stand here and drop your jeans.” said Jennifer pointing to spot just past the end of the bench where she was sitting.  Georg complied although he expected that she would lead him into the woods for more privacy.  He did not dare to say anything for she had admonished him just a couple of minutes before.

Once he was in position in a very quiet voice he said as she required “Please give me the good hard spanking I have truly earned.”  It was painful to beg the younger girl who had such control over him.  She immediately and deafly yanked down his underpants allowing Marisa see that he was a bald little boy before pulling him over her lap without any delay.  As she adjusted his position, he was aware of her intoxicating scent and wondered if she could feel that he was hard.  His thoughts quickly changed as he felt the first spank of the day she delivered to his bare bottom.

Both Marisa, who had gotten up to have a better view, as well as Jennifer herself admired the handprints formed on the target bottom.  Jennifer continued spanking until Georg’s tail was a pleasing pink.  That signaled that it was time to switch to phase two of the spanking.  Conveniently, right at hand, was her hairbrush in her purse by her side.  She had learnt that just using her hand was painful more for her than him.

The wide hardwood backed brush had a much greater impact as evidenced by Georg’s increased reaction to each hard whack.  It only took a few well-placed whacks to bring tears to Georg’s eyes and soon after the boy was sobbing.

Jennifer stopped spanking and got the boy up.  She carefully led him to a nearby tree and commanded him to think about how his bad conduct got him into this situation while his nose was up against the tree, his hands on his head and hobbled by his jeans about his ankles.

The girls continued to talk while enjoying the sight of the glowing derriere of the boy doing think time at the tree.  His derriere was also admired by passersby but none, much to his relief, claimed to recognize him as he kept his face close to the tree and hidden by his arms.  Several did, however, comment how nicely the naughty boy’s tail was glowing.  That made him blush all over which enhanced the glow in his red-hot rump.

After a seeming eternity, Georg was summoned from the tree and stood in front of the two young girls.  Reflexively, he put his hands in front of his boyhood but that earned him still another rebuke.  “Little boys don’t need to hide their little hairless pee-pees.” was Jennifer’s declaration and he did not have to be told to put his hands at his sides this time.  The comment cut deeply because he really did have pubes but she had shaved them off after deciding that he was too immature to have them.

“We have decided that Marisa shall punish you for being late.  Follow her directions.”

“Yes, ma’am.” he responded almost automatically.

“Give me your belt and lean on the bench with your bottom up, boy.” ordered Marisa joyously as she stood up and put out her hand.

Georg did not like this turn of events but complied for he knew that Jennifer would punish him even more if he refused.  He pulled his belt free and handed it to Marisa.  The young ladies had him adjust his position a couple of times before they were satisfied that his butt was properly up and out.  Then Marisa found her proper spot and raised the folded belt.  It came down hard on the already red target and Georg had to struggle not to yell.

Marisa was surprised at how good she felt swinging the belt at a boy’s bottom.  In her mind this was the behind of every boy that had done her wrong and she was extracting sweet revenge.  It was probably accidental that the final cut landed low in the sensitive crease but nevertheless it did cause Georg to yell extra loudly.  Fortunately, he had a tight grip on the bench so he did not jump up.

Jennifer curtly dismissed Georg telling him to pull up his jeans and leave.  “And remember to be a good boy.” she added.  Georg hightailed it as fast as he could grateful that others were not around except briefly while he was at the tree to witness his shame at how a year younger girl had punished and so totally dominated him.

On the other hand, Jennifer and Marisa were absolutely delighted with the day’s activities.

* * * * * * * * * *

With his red-hot tail assuring that he could not soon forget what just happened, Georg ran into the woods as soon as he was dismissed.  Wanting to be alone with his misery he went into a bushy area where he could hide off the trail.  He lay down (prone, of course) and immediately realized that opening his jeans would relieve the pressure on his butt.  He decided that it would even be more comfortable if he lowered his undies as well.

Georg gently rubbed his over roasted rump in a fruitless attempt to get some relief from the pain only to realize that he was incredibly horny as he was sporting a massive hardon that was begging for a lot of TLC.  He rolled to his side and began attending to this hard and urgent need vigorously.

His first thoughts were of Amber who was absolutely the most gorgeous girl he ever saw.  That image did not last very long and his shaft got even harder as the image of Amber faded and was replaced with one of the stern teacher Ms. Menotti with a paddle in her hand.  She was seated with her skirt pulled up so he could see the top of her stockings and that her pink panties were trimmed with baby blue lace.  She was patting her lap more as a command than an invitation to get into spanking position.  Georg obeyed and soon the strict dominatrix was spanking him hard with her paddle.

His thoughts were a complete muddle for simultaneously he had conflicting images.  One that he deserved this spanking as he was a very naughty little boy and, two, what a terrible injustice this was as he hadn’t done anything remotely wrong.  Her scolding made him even hornier and his protestations faded as she pressured him.

Soon Georg found himself apologizing in his fantasy.  The mental images had shifted once again and then he was repeatedly crying out “I’m sorry Mistress Jennifer.” and “I’ll will obey you Mistress Jennifer.” before he exploded.  He relished the afterglow of the climax which was absolutely fantastic.

And then the reality of his fantasies began to register.  He had been thinking of a girl a year his junior spanking him for disobedience when he so explosively orgasmed.  Georg was terribly confused.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

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