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The following story is fiction about a youth who must endure CP from a younger boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is an extension of the original story with the addition of a dominant boy and ignoring the girls.  Please be warned that the young narrator is a male chauvinist.

This is the third in the series with the first at MyYoungNeighborBabysitter.html and the second at MyYoungNeighborBabysitter2.html  Reading these first is suggested but not required.  This part is told by a new, unnamed narrator.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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My Young Neighbor, the Babysitter – 3/3


I had gone bird watching this afternoon so I was alone in the park with my camera with its telephoto lens when I noticed him running along the path.  Georg seemed intent on what he was doing and hadn’t acknowledged me as he hurried past.  It was only because he was so winded, panting and slow that I was able to recognize him.  We were not really friends but I knew him as we lived in the same neighborhood and that he was a couple of grades ahead of me in school.  I thought that he was probably late for some date as the town clock reminded me that it was ​five p.m​ (​1700​) with its bells.

I saw him drop to the ground in front of the bench where there were two girls sitting.  Of course, it could have just been a coincidence he collapsed just where the girls were but then they probably would be investigating.  Thus this was likely planned.  I went into some bushes so I wouldn’t be observed and took pictures. I recognized the girls as Jennifer and Marisa also from my neighborhood and school and thirteen like me.

This was very strange.  Why would a fourteen-year-old boy be meeting younger girls like this?  I guess if I was a proper spy I would have been able to hear what was said but I didn’t have a telemicrophone like 007 would have had from the ever prescient Q, so I just watched.  After a few minutes Georg got up and stood in front of Jen and then came the surprise.  He dropped his jeans, she yanked down his TW’s and he was over her lap in a flash like a naughty little boy.

I got some great pictures of her spanking him.  I couldn’t help thinking that if he wants to be spanked than he should have it done properly by a guy.  I, for one, would be most happy to oblige him.

Marisa even got up to watch so she evidently found it entertaining like I did.  The spanker sure did a great job because Georg proved himself to be a real little boy as he soon was bawling.  The girls parked him with his nose on a tree for corner time with his hot red ass exposed while they talked and I got some more great pictures.© YLeeCoyote

I decided to get closer so after switching lenses I slipped into the woods and very quietly snuck up behind the bench where they were sitting to watch and listen.  The area is very bushy so I had lots of cover.  I heard Marisa convince Jennifer that she should spank the naughty boy for being late.  “Curiouser and curiouser!” I thought exactly as Alice did.

They called the naughty little boy from the corner, er, tree.  Marisa demanded his belt and gave him a good strapping.  Georg was abruptly dismissed and he rushed away.  They had put on a grand show like I never expected which even although it lasted less than a half hour was worth more than the price of a couple of flicks.

Georg rushed into the woods along the trail for a while.  He didn’t go very fast and I followed even when he went into the brush.  I watched him as hid from the world lying on the ground and then dropped his jeans so as to be able to rub his hot butt.  Soon he turned his attention to his hard cock.  I certainly would have done the same.  He was saying stuff but I only caught the last few words: “I’ll will obey you Mistress Jennifer.” when he exploded.

That was certainly strange – at least to my young ears and I decided Georg was calling the younger girl the boss lady.  It was also strange that he did not have pubes although he could shoot.  Of course, I got photograph proof of all this just like of the spankings.

“So you like being spanked by underage girls, Georg Gunderman!” I snapped at him while stepping on his jeans which were about his knees preventing him from getting up.  He was surprised and at a loss for words (and probably a lot more).  “I’m sure that you will positively love being spanked by a guy!”  He turned pale.  “I’ll see you around and send you some pixs of your bright red-hot butt.” I said and left.  It really wasn’t the time to spank him and it would be good to make him worry besides I needed to jerk off and secure the images.

I made him sweat for couple of days before I slipped a card into his locker with a URL and “PW «use her name»”.  It was just a few images but more than sufficient for him to know that I knew a great deal that he surely would not want to be made public and to be sure he would worry about what I wanted.  A couple of days later I told him to be at the Spanking Bench at ​five​ (​1700​) the next day.

Surprisingly Georg kept me waiting.  Actually that was good as it gave me another reason to spank him.  I sat on the top of the backrest of the bench and told him that he was an absolute disgrace to manhood for getting spanked by a little girl, who was both younger and smaller and even bawling.  I wasn’t surprised that he made feeble excuses about how she was his sister’s babysitter and that his mommy (his babyish word) put her in charge.

That just gave me more things to shame him about for at his age he should be self-sufficient.  He was practically crying already when I ordered him to drop his jeans.  “Buuuut, buuuutt.” he stammered but when I snapped at him just a word got him to shut up and to comply immediately.  I pulled down his babyish TW’s and flipped him over my lap.  I looked down at the big canvas I was about to paint Flaming Hot Red.

And paint it flaming hot red I enthusiastically did.  Over and over I brought my hand down as hard as I could on the target.  Initially my handprints showed in pink but they soon merged and the pink turned red.  I was glad I thought to wear thick leather gloves which softened the impact to my hands.  I did not add lead weights like a mobster enforcer.  He was sobbing when I stopped and ordered him to get up.  “Go put your nose to the tree so you can cool down a bit, boy.” I ordered.  He docilely hobbled to the tree and stood the way Jenny had taught him.  That let me get some great pictures of his flaming butt without him seeing me do it.

“Pull up your jeans, boy, and come with me.” I ordered after a few minutes.  He made the mistake of rushing and quickly backed off only to repeat the action but slowly and away from his sensitive tail.  I lead him through the dense woods where there was a private space well away from the path with a fallen tree that was perfect for a spanking bench.

“Have you ever had a real butt warming, boy?  Not just an OTK spanking like a baby from a little girl?”  Georg shook his head now staring at the ground.  “I thought so.  Well that’s going to change right NOW, boy.  Drop ‘em and bend over that tree.” I barked as I pulled the paddle out of my pack.  It was my dad’s frat paddle which lived in the junk bin in our attic.

Georg was white again.  “This is what is used on boys your age – not a girl’s soft hand or a lady’s delicate hairbrush.  It is time for you to learn some things and grow up.”

I could see that he was quite cowed.  “But enough time wasting prattle.  Bend over that tree for your paddling.”  Reluctantly, he got into position.  I swung the paddle.  He screamed and jumped up.

“That will never do.” I snapped.  I pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and stuffed it in his mouth.  “Keep quiet!  Don’t scare the bears.  Don’t call the rangers.  You got thirteen more pops for the first set.”  I shoved him back into position and resumed the paddling.  It was much better with his cries muffled and his tail was turning a deep red.  He was sobbing at the halfway point and bawling by the end.  Of course, his rump was flaming hot red.  This was all very satisfactory.

“You may get up before we start the second set.”  It was not a surprise that the wimp immediately started begging that he couldn’t take any more.  He even dropped to his knees in front of me.  So pitiful.  With his teary face just inches from my bulging crotch I got an idea.  I opened my belt and the top button of my jeans.  “If you solve a problem of mine, then…” I trailed off.  I pulled his face to my crotch.

Georg did not have a will of his own.  “Open my jeans, Georgie.” I commanded and he did.  I pushed down my boxer briefs and my hard rod whacked him in the face but he stayed.  I think he was mesmerized.  When his mouth opened I entered and soon was face fucking him with his passive consent.  He had a lot to learn but this was a good start I thought as I filled his belly with my jiz.

As I put the paddle back in my pack, he gave a sigh of relief.  We fixed our clothes and I made sure that he got home.  I felt like a babysitter to my complaint neighbor.  I was looking forward to more meetings.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 6, 2021

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