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The following story is fiction about CP with role reversal and femdom.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this by the comment at: which may or may not be true.  Show here.

Original inspiration:
When I was maybe 10, a girl cousin, three years younger, left her bike out and it got rained on. I was teasing her about it as she was drying it off and eventually said she ought to be spanked for it. She looked at me kinda funny, so I said, in fact I was going to spank her. I pulled her over my knee and gave her a pretty good spanking and said I hoped that would help her remember not to leave her bike out in the rain again. Well, as luck would have it, a year or so later, I left my bike out in the rain. She came over as I was taking it in and had a smirk on her face. She reminded me of the spanking I had given her for the same thing. She said it was only fair that she spank me now. I couldn't argue. So I went over her knee and she didn't hold back!

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My Younger Cousin Spanks Me


It happened again today that my cousin Trudy spanked me.  It was worse than usual because her friend, Melody, was there, joined in spanking me and even recorded it with her phone.  It was the fifth time in only a couple of months and I can’t stop it.  It wouldn’t be so bad if my cousin was a few years older than I for then it would be like she was a [baby] sitter and in charge of me but she is two years younger.  I can’t avoid her since our families share a two-family house.© YLeeCoyote

Trudy is very bossy and she is careful to spank me only when she catches me doing something wrong so I can’t report her.  Then she berates me worse than Mommy does and insists that I submit to her spanking me rather than “reporting” my misbehavior.  She actually spanks longer and harder than Mommy but Daddy’s spankings are even worse.

Today she caught me peeking in the window where Melody was changing into her bathing suit.  She grabbed me by the ear and yelled to her friend “Got him.”  Then painfully she dragged me back behind the garage which is private and Melody joined us a minute later.  Later I realized that they had set a trap for me and I fell into it.

We went through the usual preliminaries and I capitulated as usual even though Melody was there.  I got a very stern lecture, which she has gotten better at since this started, making me feel terrible.  Then without another word she reached out and stuck her thumbs in the waist band of my swim suit.  A second later they were at my ankles and my thingy was flopping in the breeze for Melody to see for the first time.

Trudy sat down and glided me over her lap and started to turn my bottom cherry red with her hand.  She is able to spank very hard although she is barely eleven for she is strong.  It hurts but it does not make me cry.  But today she had help for Melody joined in her fun.  I got a mess of spanks from her but not as hard as those from Trudy.

This time there was a second extra.  Melody picked up one of my flip-flops and gave me several whacks with that.  They hurt a lot more and I yelled from the pain.  But it got worse when Trudy saw how effective that flip-flop was and started to use that rubbery pseudo paddle as well.  She had been effective with just her hand and this was many times worse (from my perspective although she would have said just the reverse).  I whined a lot and shamefully broke down and cried much to the girls’ delight.

Trudy got me standing and as I sobbed, Melody examined my stuff and declared that it was substandard and that I was like a boy of ten rather than a teen.  Then they went to the pool and I did not join then for sometime.  Once there Melody said that it would be OK for me not to wear my swim suit so that the water would cool my roasted tail better because they both had seen that I was just a little boy who did not need to cover up.

* * * * * * * * * *

I’ve gotten into this fix where I have to submit to my younger female cousin because I spanked her.  That happened a year and a half ago when I was returning home after a thunderstorm which soaked everything.  Fortunately, I was inside my friend’s house and I remained dry.  Trudy was drying off her bike and I thought it was funny and gave her a hard time.

I carried that to an extreme and said that she had earned a spanking.  I responded to her pleads not to tell with the simple condition that I spank her.  She did not like the idea at all but she gave in considering how unpleasant the alternatives were.

We were in the garage so I sat on a box and pulled her over my lap.  I spanked a bit and then paused to pull down her jeans and panties to continue on her bare little bottom.  I made it nice and red but nothing extreme.  Fortunately, I had enough sense not to overdo it and end up over Daddy’s lap.

That was the end of it for half a year.  Then it happened to me and Trudy caught me drying off my bike.  She insisted that it was only fair that she spank me like I had spanked her.  I did not have an answer so that is exactly what happened.  I did not think she would spank be able to spank hard, however, I was amazed at how effectively she spanked and, of course, she got my jeans down like I had taken hers down.

Trudy was very pleased with herself and told me that she loved spanking me and would do it again.  I told her “No way” and that we were even.  She laughed and expounded.  “Cousin, everyone knows that boys are always naughty so need plenty of spankings and I’ll give you as many as you need.”

Unfortunately, she was right and has kept her word.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 22, 2022

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