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The following story is fiction about a fourteen-year-old youth who goes to live with his pre-teen cousins.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and some young femdom.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired by the set of drawings 隠すなよ兄ちゃん!(Brother I Do not keep it a secret) by the artist 有梨 (Yunashi) on the website.  (Note that free registration is required to browse Pixiv.)   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to e-mail.

My Younger Cousins Take Control


I'm standing in the corner with my hands on my head and my red hot butt radiating like a nova hoping that my friend, Jake, will be late and I'll be able to get dressed before he arrives.  It really wouldn't be so bad for Jake has seen me this way after my parents had spanked me.  It would even be OK if was my aunt or uncle who had spanked me this time but it was my cousin.  Even that would be OK if she was an adult or even a peer but this cousin is just an eleven-year-old girl while I'm fourteen-year-old boy.  Unfortunately, she is in charge of me and has the authority to punish me as she did just few minutes ago with a good hard spanking which leaves my ass painfully hot for hours.

I'm shocked out of my explanation to you my dear reader by the door opening and Jake greeting me.  "Hi, Ronny.  I'll just wait until your time is up." he says knowing I'm not allowed to talk in this position.  I know this is going to be extra embarrassing but there is not anyway to avoid it.  I wish that the floor would give way and a sinkhole would open up beneath and swallow me up but that did not happen although the timer bell rings.  I wish I could get dressed without Jake seeing me like this but he is right there waiting to give me a proper buddy's hug.  We are, of course, glad to see each other but after the hug he asks the question I didn't want him to: "Hey, where are your pubes, Ronny.  You were growing a nice bush when you left?"

I guess that I better go back a bit and start at the beginning.  Some six months ago Dad got a temporary one year assignment abroad which he could not pass up.  Mom decided to go along so she could see that foreign land.  There was not any way they would interrupt my schooling for two years (it was out of sync with the school year) so I got sent to stay with my aunt and uncle and their kids, twelve-year-old Jared and eleven-year-old Tami.  Sure I had to change schools, but that wasn't any problem since it was in the same district.

The problem, I can see now looking back, was ME.  I thought that I could do anything since I was the oldest and make my little cousins do whatever I wanted.  There a word for that – bullying.  Well, that all backfired and now I must to do as THEY say.  If I don't and refuse to accept their punishments, my uncle will strap me.

They all were very nice to me when I got here but I messed up.  Jared and Tami now had to share a bedroom and I got the other one because I was older.  I was also expected to watch the kids when their folks were out.  Although I was not called a babysitter that's what it was.  I thought that was beneath me and I was a mean bully which quickly got them to hate me.  I insisted that because I was bigger that it was right that I was in charge and they had to listen to me.  To emphasize my power I spanked both of them without good cause.  Since proper spankings are always given on the bare bottom, I always took their pants and undies down.  Surprisingly, they did not care about being exposed to each other since they did that all the time.  I actually got my first look at a non-baby human female when I spanked Tami.  Neither of them had pubes, like I already had.  I was not happy to see that Jared had a bigger dick than I.  I was careful not to let them see me naked because of that and I was glad that I was not sharing a room.© YLeeCoyote

I don't think that I was brutal with my spankings for I only used my hand on their bare bottoms.  The procedure was the same for both of them.  I would grab hold of the spankee and then hold him/her between my legs while I opened their pants (or if Tami had a skirt on, I would just lift it up) and pull down their undies.  Then I upended the spankee over my lap and had fun spanking them with my hand.  It was effective and they got to be very careful when we were alone.  I greatly enjoyed seeing how my hand turned their bottoms red.

I really hadn't realized how dominant my aunt was until I was there for a while and I saw that it was she, rather than my uncle, who was in charge.  They never fought and she kept things going.  In the same gentle way, Tami was in charge and Jared followed her lead and instructions.  When I asked Jared about it, he said: "That's the way Mom wants it because girls mature faster and earlier than boys and Dad told me to – just like he listened to Mom I had to listen to her.  I learnt to do it so that I wouldn't get spanked."

Tami told me: "I fully expect to be in charge of you within a year when I am older."  I thought that was totally ridiculous and just laughed.

It was barely three months that I had been living there when disaster struck.  There was a school break and the five of us went on a week's vacation.  One of the places we visited was a resort hotel which they had been at before.  I learnt that it had a spa – hot springs – where we went one day.  When we got there my aunt said she and my uncle were going to the adult section and left us kids at the kids' section explaining: "Last year you showed that you don't need to be supervised all the time."

Well, the three of us headed into the youth locker room to change and then I learnt a batch of unpleasant things.  First and foremost was that this was a clothing optional spa and so there was only one locker room.  I did not even get a chance to put on my bathing suit for almost immediately my cousins were naked and picking up on my reluctance.  I was forced to back up until I was sorta seated on a bar with my towel covering my junk.  They were both starkers and quite at ease about it while being totally in my face.

"No secrets here, big cousin.  You can't wear a towel any more than a bathing suit."  I was totally trapped.  Then Tami just grabbed my towel and flipped it away exposing my <gulp> inferior manhood.  Perhaps that would have been OK if it had been man-sized but Jared was definitely bigger in that department.  Both of them stared at me.

"You're bigger than he is, Jared." said Tami with a giggle.  Then she turned to me.  "Does it get any bigger when hard, little cousin, or are you still just a little boy?"

"I'm not a boy.  I got pubes.  And it does get bigger." I snapped back.  I was about to stroke it a bit to prove my point but Tami grabbed me.  Her female grip got me hard fast but that turned out to be even worse for Jared was bigger soft than I was hard and much bigger when hard.

"Well, we know who is the LITTLE BOY and who is the MAN here." chortled Tami.  Jared was beaming happy that he was bigger than I although two years younger.  We showered and got into the hot waters.  Once out they told me that since I was the little boy, that Jared – who was much bigger – was in charge.  "Just like you been telling us for months – the bigger boy is in charge."  They were turning my own words against me.  I objected and said that meant 'older' but they said that meant more mature and obviously since Jared was more developed it was he.  Next they insisted that a few hairs didn't mean anything since Jared could already ejaculate.

I was doomed!

Then it got worse for Jared said that I must listen to Tami just like he had to.

Now I was totally doomed!

They started immediately to make sure that I understood my new place.  "You have been lying to us by pretending that you are biggest one.  Lying is a spanking offense.  Turn around and bend over."  Of course, I refused but was told that unless I cooperated, they would get their parents involved and then I would get a spanking from my uncle – with the strap – for lying.  I tried to discuss it but eventually I turned around and bent over the bar presenting my butt for their pleasure.

I got a few hand spanks to start which stung more than I expected and then they switched to using their sandals.  Those were like little paddles and they really hurt.  They spanked me together one on each cheek and so it became unbearable and I begged them to stop.  They laughed and took this as more proof that I was just a little boy.  Soon after that we went to soak in the waters.

Because I didn't sit still at dinner, that generated more unwanted attention to me.  Tami proudly told her parents that she spanked me for lying when she explained why I was fidgeting.  "That's very good, dear.  It shows just how mature you are." said my aunt.  My uncle agreed with her and they were both smiling.  I just kept my mouth shut hoping they would move to another topic.

At bedtime Tami came up with still another horror.  Since I was the little boy and the big boy did not have pubes yet, I would have to lose mine.  Need I say I objected but I was informed that I had claimed that they showed I was a big boy and since that was most certainly NOT true, I would have to be shaved so as not to be lying.  The hotel had most thoughtfully provided a razor so they were equipped.  I begged them not to and promised not to claim that any more but they were adamant.  They made me lie on floor in the bathroom and using soap as shaving cream removed my pubes.  Then as the final torture of the day, after we all had showered we stood in front of the minor and Tami showed me how I was the little boy and Jared was the big boy admonishing me not to forget it.  As if I could for I was well reminded of that today as she thoroughly spanked me.

As I finished my tale of woe, I saw that Jake was smiling.  "So you were a naughty little boy again today, Ronny." he said and it wasn't a question.  But before either of us could say anything, Tami spoke from the doorway.

"Yes, Jake, he was.  He is often a naughty boy."  She came closer.  "What about you, Jake?  Are you a naughty boy or a good boy?  Will I have to spank you also?"

"I try to be a good boy.  Mom says that I must follow my friend's rules when I am visiting.  Is it the rule that you are in charge of Ronny, Ma'am?"  When she said it was Jake added:  "I hope that you don't find cause to spank me."

Tami then quizzed Jake and learnt that he hadn't been spanked in more than half a year and decided that it would be good if he had a maintenance spanking.  She had to explain what that was and that it was her decision.  Jake dutifully undressed as she ordered and laid over her lap as she sat on the couch.  I watched in amassment as she spanked.  She started with her hand and after a few minutes his butt turned red.  He was taking it very well and then she switched to the hairbrush she had just used on me.  That made a harder impression on Jake (like it had on me) for he reacted much more.  His butt was well spanked when she finished but he was not crying like I always did.

"That's just a sample, Jake.  If you're naughty then the spanking you get will be much harder and longer.  Also, if you act like a little boy, you'll lose your pubes like Ronny has.  Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am.  I understand.  Thank you."  She left us alone.

As we got dressed, Jake noted.  "Your cousin is super sexy.  But she is tougher than my mom so I better be really careful while I visit."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 26, 2014

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