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The following story is fiction.  For a change there is not any spanking although there is sex both gay and straight between teens.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I have set my story in the NIS universe which is described in detail at and may be used by any writer.  The Program defined in this universe is a federal program where selected students are required to be naked in school.  The rules by which some students are naked, may be touched and get 'relief' are all explicitly discussed.

I have also set this in Bedford Academy – a boys school – which is not usual.  I have also managed to introduce a woman and several young ladies into this environment.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

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NIS: Bedford Academy for Boys



Bedford Academy had been a private boys prep school for more than a century.  It was supported by the Bedford Trust.  Well, it had been until the previous week when the trustees turned out to not to have been trustworthy.  The trust was in the red and the school was in hock up to the eaves and the roof leaked.  They did not have the funds to even make a closed sign for the door.

The city had its own problems.  They had built a wonderful new school just a year earlier.  It had been cleverly placed right on the dividing line of the east and west precincts so that it would be accessible fairly.  Everyone had been pleased since it had twice the number of classrooms as the old school plus lots of extras like labs and a pool.  Overcrowding was just a nightmare of the past.


Until the earthquake!© YLeeCoyote

The new school was now equally in the east and the west precincts just like the new canyon caused by the earthquake.  Fortunately, the quake occurred on a Sunday morning and no one was injured.  After a two day recess, everyone was back in the old, but sturdy, bursting at the seams school.

The students at Bedford Academy needed to be absorbed into the city system immediately.  There was but one way and that was to continue to operate Bedford in its own building.  Everyone seemed happy – the students were being educated (the top priority) and the staff was being paid.  For a change a rational decision had been made by all concerned – to finish out the school year and then work out the pesky details.

Everyone that is but the federal inspectors.  Now since Bedford Academy was getting city education funds and the city was getting state education funds and the state was getting federal education funds The Law required that The Program be activated or moneys returned.  They had two weeks to commence with the program.  Making Bedford co-ed could wait until the next school year to prevent disrupting the education process.

Some orders were given and misconstrued.  The entire student body as well as the staff and faculty received The Student Guide to The Naked in School Program issued by The Federal Office of Social Awareness just two days later.  Reaction was far from mixed and can be summed up as "Huh?"  Some more perceptive (i.e., developed) students asked hopefully: "Will they import some naked babes for us?"  The faculty did not have any more intellectual comments.

One savvy sophomore realized something that no one else had but which took only four periods to spread to the entire student body.  The result was that everyone volunteered for the first week of the program.  What he realized was: «Next year we'll be co-ed and you can't be drafted if you been through The Program

Principal Tibbetts was happy not to have to draft any students and this would get it over within just a week.  Discipline problems should be nonexistent with everyone nude.


On Monday morning things seem to start just like any other morning.  The boys came to school, went to their lockers to hang up their coats.  Then it changed – there was a bit more noise than usual as cries of "nudie week" rang through the hall along with a few wolf whistles.  The standard introductory assembly for The Program seemed a bit redundant since only the faculty was dressed.  The boys had all seen each other changing and showering in gym so what the fuck was the big deal?

The Principal dismissed the assembly early correctly figuring that the boys would need to interact as nudists before their first classes.  There did not seem to be much staring except for the youngest who were admiring the far more developed bodies of the oldest as they had done since prehistory days.  Probably a bit more, well, a lot more ass grabbing than usual.  At the principal's order, the janitor had labeled all the student facilities "Unisex" as that was the only way there would be adequate facilities.

Principal Tibbetts had been a bit concerned about Ms. Ridout who was not yet thirty and quite attractive.  She was smiling broadly.  When questioned she explained that she could now gawk at the boys like they had at her and some were definitely worth the look although certainly off limits for anything else.

The coach had an unexpected problem.  The boys were too naked.  Unlike the ancient Greeks, the school regulations required protective gear.  It was real easy to see who had forgotten his jock strap.  No jumping jacks for those guys; they did extras such as sit ups, pushups and crunches and each got a demerit for forgetting their uniforms.

As art teacher, Ms. Ridout, took advantage of having a nude student available to pose in the upper class session.  They drew lots to select the model.  Mr. Cory Ficks decided to be a warrior.  He held the faux sword and placed a foot on a box as if it was the corpse of his slain, vanquished enemy.  As he was a gymnast he had a body with rippling muscles to look the part just like an ancient kouros.  As the class drew, he watched the most attractive Ms. Ridout with the reactions expected of healthy, red-blooded eighteen year old heterosexual male.  The second sword was quite impressive for both the young artists-to-be and the instructor.  Shortly before the bell, Ms. Ridout made her usual announcement about stopping and telling the model to dress.  "Oops," she corrected herself, "you are dressed."  As the students left, she had most unprofessional thoughts about how to give relief to the young stud but she knew that he would have to find a way to deal with it in his next class.

The senior class was followed by a freshman class two of whom noticed and were dutifully impressed by Cory Ficks' physique.  "WOW!" they exclaimed.

"That's the biggest one I ever saw." said one.

"May I touch it, sir?"  Cory was surprised.  He stopped but did not answer.

"You have to; it's a reasonable request.  Give the kid a thrill,  Cory." said his buddy.

"OK, kid."  The youngster did really appreciate the appellation but that did not stop him and his classmate from reaching out and grasping the hard organ.

"WOW!" they said.  "Thanks." as they entered the art classroom wondering if they would get that big.

The older students went on to their next classes.  Cory and several others continued on to biology class.

Mr. Abbott actually discussed The Program and how it was suppose to work.  There was, as everyone quickly agreed, a major short coming in a school with students of only one gender.  Part of The Program was not only to get comfortable with ones own body but with those that were different.  One hand was quickly raised.

"Sir, perhaps you could borrow a girl from Central High.  They got lots of them."  The class laughed and applauded.

"That an interesting idea, Mr. Lantz, but it could be very stressful for the young lady.  She would be the object of attention for one hundred and sixty curious, young horny men."

"Get several." yelled a voice from the back.

"Unfortunately, we'll have to make do without such a live model and keep to the usual textbook illustrations, gentlemen.  I do hope that you have noticed how you are quite different you are from each other in detail although the same in the gross sense.  Surprisingly the class got this pun and groaned.  The average erect size is about ​six inches​ (​fifteen cm​) even though from porno ads one would think that ​ten inches​ (​twenty-five cm​) was small.  The mere fact that you are here proves that – otherwise your father could not have impregnated your mother.  I suggest that you take this opportunity to compare circumcised and uncircumcised penises.  Just remember to ask before touching rather than grabbing and certainly expect to return the favor.  One of the rules of The Program is that anyone in the program may get relief from the sexual tension.  Does anyone need such relief?"

"You mean jerk-off, er, masturbate, sir?"

"That's just one possibility.  You could assist each other."  Signals for quiet.  "I'm sure you have noticed that you are up and down throughout the day and night.  You've probably been up more than usual today."  Many in the class nodded in agreement.  "What is turning you on varies a lot.  Anyone who would like relief and is willing to talk about why he needs it now please come forward?"

Cory Ficks and Zane Gunderman volunteered and came to the front.  Cory explained that he was just in Ms. Ridout's art class where he had been the model.  "I was a victorious warrior of old who had killed many and was feeling strong, powerful and virile.  I killed her man and she was, by right of conquest, mine to take.  I'm still seeing her nubile body in my mind – perfectly proportioned.  I'm sure that she was looking back at me thinking that would be great."  He sighed.  "But just a fantasy." giving his hard shaft a caress.

"I'm sure that many others have had similar thoughts.  She is most attractive woman.  But it would be improper for a student and teacher to get that close.  Since you're over the age of consent it would not be unlawful but the board might not renew her contract.  And what is your story, Mr. Gunderman."

"I'm afraid that my thoughts are very different and probably just as un-achievable.  I want HIM!"  He was pointing at Cory.  It was not a real surprise for Zane was a leader of the gay student association.  "I want to feel those strong and powerful gymnastic muscles that let him seem to float in the air arms outstretched holding the rings.  Or fly about the high bar.  He has lots of hard muscles in great proportion to admire.  Yes, we could both be warriors who met in the forest and fought man-to-man; one-on-one working up a real sweat for a while.  Then he pins me.  Fairly but not so much because he's stronger and more powerful but a better fighter and I yield honorably acknowledging his greater skill.  But he has won and I'm his.  We're no longer fighting but I admire his body; his muscles, his hard sword as we caress.  I'm not the soft female he is used to but another toned male but it's still erotic for him.  He turns me over and takes me."  He pauses a bit and finishes.  "But, alas, Cory is straight and it won't happen.  Just like him, I can fantasize."  Cory is silent at the revelation but he still as hard as when he was telling his thoughts and smiling.  Zane stepped over to him.  "Would it be a reasonable request to caress those magnificent hard muscles, Cory?"  Cory nodded and Zane started caressing his shoulders.  "Thanks, we'll go only as far as you want, STUD." he whispered so no one else could hear.  Zane continued to caress Cory but neither like a girl nor a masseur.  He is admiring the muscles and gradually moves over many areas.  After doing Cory's chest with his hands, he started with his lips concentrating on the nipples and even his tongue.  Cory is suddenly aware of new feelings; pleasant and erotic feelings.  By now Zane's hands are roving far and wide but centering on the great muscles of his butt and then gradually coming closer to the rigid and potent pole in the front.

Cory is facing a dilemma – he is very turned on but by a guy and in front of his classmates yet it feels so fantastic that he cannot put a stop to it.  He knows that Zane will continue unless he stops him, putting him into a highly conflicted state.  If only he was with a girl all would be right but it feels far too wonderful to stop.  Then the hand on his cock is replaced by a hot mouth.  Girls rarely have done that and it is quickly evident this mouth is talented.  He lets his hands hold the head in place.  He does try to stop things nor even to control them thus giving constant consent.  Gradually, he realizes that he is close but never quite there.  Zane is doing amazing things to him and he does not want him to stop.

Then it stops.  Zane is hugging him and whispers once again: "Fuck me, stud.  Show me what a stud you are.  I've got a nice tight hot hole itching for you plow it."  He pauses a bit then continues.  "You'll like the way my ass feels.  Nice and hard like yours.  But you may drive your spike in, stud."

All this got to be too much for Cory.  He acted.  He acted like a tiger pouncing on a stag.  He takes control and flipped the most willing Zane over the table.  Someone yelled: "CATCH!" and tossed something.  Reflexively, he catches it and immediately realizes what it is.  The tube is already open.  He squeezes out a mess of lube and smears it on his cock and the target butthole.  Then for the very first time he presses forward into another male.  Not a pussyboy but another like himself with a hard athletic body.  The hole does not yield like a pussy does but it yields.  It's hot and tight just as promised.  He thrusts in all the way over and over.  He's too worked up to hold off.  He bends over to have close contact grabbing Zane's shoulders from the front.  "You're mine." he growls in an ear as he explodes.  All could also deduce that Zane had shot also from the mess he made.

All are quiet for a while.  Zane breaks the silence.  "Thanks, stud.  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Yeah, it was great.  I wouldn't have believed that it would be."

The teacher asks the two students what they thought and felt.

"Well, sir, it was my fantasy and it came through wonderfully." explained Zane.

Cory was not sure.  "Well, it certainly felt great.  At the beginning I was thinking of her but slowly I switched to thinking about him.  So very different from doing it with a girl; not what I fantasize about at all but still terrific."  He turns to his classmate.  "Thanks, it was fun."

"Well, class, I trust that you see how we can explore new places."

Tuesday Morning

José Fernandez was an obnoxious asshole who did not like anyone who was not like him.  That applied especially to fags.  No one could really imagine him having a girl friend much less a girlfriend.  He was particularly horny this day so at lunch time he approached Zane and growled: "I want that pussy ass of yours.  Bend over and spread them and I'll ram my hot manrod in, fagboy."

Zane was not impressed by such a demand and answered appropriately with: "You can kiss my ass but keep your paws off and your prick out."

Obviously, José was not happy with this.  "It's a reasonable request and you have to comply."

"Actually it isn't; have someone read The Program's rules to you."

"You got fucked on Monday in class, fag.  I want the same."

"I wanted Cory.  I don't want you.  Fuck off."

"Let me feel your balls."

"Only if I can feel yours at the same time."  Zane easily saw the simple trap.

"I don't want no fag playing with my balls."

"Then you did not make a reasonable request.  Fuck off."

Unfortunately, he did not go away.  Finally, Zane got an idea.  "OK, I'll wrestle you and 'winner wins loser's ass'."

José had no doubt that he could whip any fag but he did not know Zane very well.  "You're on, fag.  When and where?"

"After the last bell in the gym; the wrestling club coach can be the ref."  There were lots of witness to the deal but Zane repeated it.  "Winner fucks loser."  He put out his hand and José shook it.

Tuesday Lunch at Central High

Chuck, the captain of JV basketball team had called the team together.  "Men, yesterday I met a couple of the guys from the Bedford team and we got a problem.  The Bradford guys are in The Program."  The immediate reaction was a great big 'so what' for various guys had gotten caught and had to play with just protective gear.  "No, I was not clear – the entire school – all one hundred and sixty of them – are in the program.  We are going to be in a 'shirt vs. skins' game.  We'll look stupid.  It will be like being dressed in a nudist camp.  They're going to be in black jocks with red grease paint numbers – their school colors.  They will be able to move more easily and thus have an advantage."  This got their attention.  They decided on red jocks and green paint for their uniforms.

Tuesday Afternoon

There was quite a crowd in the gym when they got there.  The coach was not happy with the idea but it was allowed by The Program and better than a brawl outside in the streets.  The rules were reviewed, shoes and socks removed and ear guards strapped on.  José had thought that wrestling was just a matter of strength.  Zane had wrestled before and continued to do so with a gay club twice a month but not in school for it was not cool to get a hard on the mat and he did that every time.

They faced off and it took Zane only seconds to get a takedown.  He was going for a quick pin but José slipped to the boundary and they had to restart.  "You were just lucky that time, fag." he snarled.  But the same thing happened the second time.  Zane decided that he needed to lull José and let him get a reversal the next time.

The practiced eyes of the wrestlers could tell how unevenly the two were matched already.  They knew that it was just a matter of how Zane was going to pin José for it was like a cat playing with a mouse.  Zane went for him again and did not give José a chance.  He took him down and pinned him before the first round was over.  The coach blew his whistle and declared Zane the winner.  José started to bolt.

Zane was not taken by surprise and quickly brought him down again.  He got him prone and in a full Nelson.  His hard cock was pressed against José's butt crack.  Zane increased the pressure but José struggled and snarled:  "I'm not letting a fag fuck me."

"Yes, you are and I'll do it dry unless you ask me really nicely to use some lube, asshole.  You lost and you're going to pay up here and now.  I don't think these guys will let you welsh."  José looked around and saw that they were ringed in by the crowd anxiously waiting for him to lose his cherry.  "You bet.  You lost.  And now your sorry ass is mine, boy.  All mine to fuck!"

José could not believe how Zane was controlling him.  Every time he tried to get lose, the pressure was increased and the pain intensified.  He was beaten.  "Use lube." he whispered.

Zane was mad.  "I don't think anyone heard you, boy."  So José repeated the two words.  "Guys, was that a nice request?"  The crowd laughed.  "One more chance, boy.  Be sure you ask me real nicely and politely to use lube to fuck you.  And loud enough that everyone hears you."  Zane increased the pressure and humped the loser's ass to impress José with the reality of losing.

José finally realized what he had to do for he had plenty of experience being a bully.  "Please ... fuck me ... with lube and not dry ... Zane."

Before he let go, Zane said: "If anyone has to help me, they get to fuck you too.  ¿Entienda, muchacho?"  José nodded and just lay there and waited.  Zane's buddy handed him a condom and some lube.  He rolled it on and then smeared some lube on José's fuck hole and even played with it a while until he could get three fingers in.  Then he turned José over and lifted his legs to his shoulders.  "I want to watch your face as I fuck you, pussyboy.  Someone else probably has gotten your cherry."  He pushed forward into the crushed José and slowly fucked him with long deep strokes.  He could see the shame and the tears.

José had other reactions and he was hard from the way Zane's cock was pounding his prostate.  This was not a sensation he was used too nor one that he could resist.  He also came – sending his own load over his chest and even on his face.  When Zane saw that he exploded also.

"Beat it" he ordered when he pulled out.  José couldn't get out fast enough.  He found that his buddies had already split and the crowd was smiling.

The wrestlers invited Zane to join the team but he declined although he did practice with them sometimes.


The week was progressing and the Principal was quite pleased.  Things were going well; actually far better than he expected.  The freshmen's looking at mature bodies to learn what would happen to them were generally being well tolerated by the seniors.  There were a few minor incidents of some guys claiming to be looked at excessively but that seemed to be the worse of it.

The initial shock of everyone being naked had passed.  It really was not much different than in the locker room.  Whoever had thought to get this stupidity over this way was just brilliant.  Of course, there were still a lot of boners showing for that is the often the state of adolescent boys.  Boys who chose an all boys school are somewhat less likely to be homophobic.  Many of the students were openly out and most of the others just did not care that they were.

Math team competitions are very different from other team sports.  The five team members of each team work individually when they meet with two other teams.  The only people showing up are the teams with most individuals hoping that they will actually complete.  Bedford Academy met with Central and the next district's, Union, high schools.  Another difference is that the teams are co-ed.  Because of the crowding at Central, they were meeting at Bedford.  No one thought to warn the visiting teams about the extensive number of participants in The Program at the venue.

About a third of the thirty visitors were girls.  Frederic, a boy from Central, and Zoe, a girl from Union, were currently in the program.  Frederic was not really concerned.  His teammates had all seen him naked and Bedford was just boys but Zoe was concerned because of that very same fact.  She also realized that except for the few guys from Central, all the guys would have to comply with her reasonable requests in return.

When the teams met, it was the girls that were most happy.  There were lots of naked guys to play with and they went for it.  The side effect was that all of the guys were distracted and could not check out Zoe.  The coaches were not sure what to do.  It was not a situation that occurred for normally the meeting teams were unigender and did not mingle so closely.  They just let it happen for a while.  When they called for order to get the meet going, several of the boys asked for relief.  Again, a rare situation since most classes only had one participant in The Program

The girls held a conference and decided that it would nice – and fun – to provide such a service.  So there were ten young ladies simultaneously jacking off ten young gentlemen before the meet.  A couple of the guys, noticing the reluctance of a couple participants also helped out.  Soon the match was completed.  It was most memorable except for the scores.

And then there was Ms. X.  She was at the end of the Union team roster.  Normally, the noncompetitors practice by working on the official problems during the meet but Ms. X found another activity of more interest.  She had gone to the unisex lavatory for her own needs and then decided to 'assist' the lads of Bedford in their discharge of theirs.  Holding the hoses to aim them frequently caused a hardening which put a 'kink' in the fluid path.  She felt guilty about that but quickly determined that pneumatic action on the obstructed tube would solve the problem.  When the obstruction was removed the original draining task could be accomplished.  At least a score of Bedford boys availed themselves of her services.  It was reported, but not confirmed, that she had been heard to say: "So many boys; so little time."  The young gentlemen wished that they could date her but she refused to give any contact information.


The day was quiet as the guys were most used to the nudity.  It was not really a novelty much and certainly did not have any shock value.  Some of the more adventurous were talking about going out in public.  It was well known that others had and could be a blast.

Soon after the last bell, the Central basketball team and their admirers and friends also arrived.  While the coaches and officials were talking, the teams changed into their uniforms.  It took a while to paint the numbers on but soon it was done.  Because Bedford was so much smaller than Central, a fighting rivalry did not exist.  Meanwhile the visitors' supporters had noticed that the home team stands were filled with naked boys.  For the less observant, the announcements explained this right after the welcome message.  The complementary uniforms surprised everyone and it was explained that the Central team had decided that this was the fair way to play.

The fans got to see a bit more than usual of the two teams but not that much more because of the jock straps.  The Bradford boys noticed that many of the Central rooters were not paying attention to the game but to them.  At halftime many of the Bradford boys tried to engage the visiting girls in conversation and offer quick tours of the Academy.  Because the girls were frequently with parents as they were related to visiting team members only a few offers were successful although those tours tended to be studies in human male anatomy.


Principal Tibbetts was happy that Friday had come.  Problems had been absolutely minimal and there had been only a few absentees the entire week.  He decided that the following Tuesday would be a makeup day for those who were sick.  That would enable him to credit everyone with completion of the program with one exception – José Fernandez.

José had missed three days for he did not return to school after he lost the match and had to pay with his butt.

The Gay Club attendance soared.  It certainly did not hurt that the group leader, Zane, had two very public sexual encounters.  He had shown that gays were not just lisping, limp-wristed hair dressers but were also strong male types both in top and bottom positions.  Many wanted to learn more although they were certain that they were straight and others were much more comfortable with their sexuality.  The most important point Zane made that day was that everyone is a mixture of gay and straight – i.e., bi – to some degree.

Second Tuesday

Most of the guys stripped just like they had the previous week in sympathy for the five that needed the makeup day.  The few that did not were quickly encouraged by their classmates to do so.  Perhaps a bit forcefully in a few cases.

Principal Tibbetts ordered that everyone be record as having completed The Program except Fernandez.  He was most relieved that this nonsense was over – at least for this year except for a few visitors from other schools.  He was confident that his boys would behave properly having been through The Program.

José had also been found by the Truant Officer and returned to school.  He had bolted because he felt ashamed at having been fucked.  It turned out that was the least of the reasons that his friends rejected him.  The first was that he tried to welsh on his bet rather than accept his loss like a man and pay up.  Second, he lost to a known fag who was a bit smaller and who he should have beaten easily.  Third, of course, was to have come while getting fucked proving (at least to them) that he was a queer.

Second Thursday

"You all heard the bell, class.  I graded your essays about how you felt about The Program last week.  Some of them were very interesting.  I would like some of you to read them aloud.  Mr. Silverton if you please." said Mr. Lewey to his junior English class.

Jeramy stayed still until his classmate and friend gave him a push: "It's good, Jeramy.  I saw it before you handed it in."

Somewhat slowly Jeramy went to the front and took the paper from the teacher.  He cleared his throat and began.

I was petrified when I heard that The Program was coming to Bedford and that everyone was going to join in.  Not since my accident have I been in a locker room with the other guys.  I haven't seen them nor been seen naked except by the doctors et al.  Now I'm thrilled that it happened.  I'll even consider volunteering next year when either BA is co-ed or I'm in Central.

It was a great revelation Monday morning when everyone, everyone but me, stripped in the hall.  It just like a big locker room for them, I thought although it's a revelation for me.  Sure I knew that some guys had great bodies (like I see on TV all the time) and other didn't.  But to see them in the flesh was different.  Chem lab is very different from the lecture.  Lots of the guys had great bods with lots of muscles but there were also skinny ones like bean poles and those that made me think of Alfred Hitchcock as skinny.

But it was the groins that taught me the most.  Somehow, I believed that puberty happened before ten and that if it didn't happen until twelve you were retarded in development.  That idea was destroyed when I saw the freshmen.  Half of them did not have pubes and neither did a lot of the sophomores.  Boy, did that make me feel better since I did not get them until I was fifteen.

It took two periods before I listened to my dear friends

"Thanks Ralph and Kevin for pushing me."

and took off my shirt.  Their first reaction really made me feel good.  "You got a great chest and big biceps.  Show them off.  A lot of guys work very hard to look like you do."  It really got to me at the next class change when I saw the reactions in the hall.  I even heard some nice comments that proved that my buds were on the level.  I saw myself differently than before and it was only lunch time.

The Program was working for me.

More important was that Ralph and Kevin were working on me also.  As we headed down to hall to our next class, with every dick flapping in breeze or standing tall they told me in no uncertain terms: "You got to lose the pants, Jeramy.  You look like a freak in them.  You ain't got more to hide than the rest of us.  And if you do, then everyone will drool with jealousy."  Even I laughed at that.

"But I do have something to hide." I protested.

It was their turn to laugh.  "Everyone knows that you have to wear diapers because of the accident.  You been here two and half years and it hasn't been a secret for thirty months.  Nobody makes fun of you."  They had said it out loud and no one reacted.  They were right.  How could I have thought that no one knew that secret; my secret?  That was just simply dumb of me.  I did not pay much attention in that class but I asked them to help me shed my pants by the next one.

The next big step was just mine.  To remove the diaper or not.  Well, that was not a really practical question.  I needed it or I would make a mess.  I figured out the compromise – I opened the diaper so that I was just sitting on it.  Although I can not control those muscles, I know when I'm peeing and figured that I could just bring it up to catch the mess.

I never felt so liberated as I did then.  Everyone was naked and so was I.  I was not that different.  Sure I have limitation that keeps me in this chair but others have their limitations also.

The End

The class applauded.  "Are you going change anything now?" was the most interesting question.

"Yes.  I'm going to speak with the coach to get into PE with the rest of you.  It will be more fun then physical therapy."

Again the class applauded. 

"Thank you, Mr. Silverton."  Jeramy rolled his chair back to his place as the next student was called on.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 15, 2005

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