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The following story is fiction about the humiliation and embarrassment of children.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story is written with the express permission and support of the author Mogg  It is based on characters and events depicted in the stories Anthony and the Play-shorts and Anthony Gets the Blame  Like these this is in UK rather than my usual American English.  You should start with Part 1.

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The Naked at Home Programme (2/3)


Y Lee Coyote & Steam Train <>

Arriving late at church, Sean and Edward could almost feel the Reverend Parks' glare upon them and then during the service he more than once looked directly in their direction.  The Reverend was pleased to note the worried looks on both boys' faces.

Still feeling uneasy about the Reverend's glares, Sean asked his mom as soon as they were out of the church, "What's Reverend Parks coming over to us again for?"

Anthony's ears nervously picked up on Sean's question!

"He's been very helpful to your Aunt Hetty and me since last Sunday, so I thought it only polite to ask him to visit us again this Sunday."

Anthony, Edward and Sean's anxiety level only increased when the Reverend Parks came over to talk to their mothers.  He was accompanied by the Parish Council Chairman Mr. Cobb and his son Charles.© YLeeCoyote

Anthony blushed furiously as he was introduced to Mr. Cobb as the first boy placed into the new Naked at Home Programme.  Mr. Cobb then introduced his son Charles as the second boy placed under the Naked at Home Programme, causing the blond Adonis to blush as profusely as Anthony.

Soon Edward and Sean were blushing too as their mother introduced them and Mr. Cobb asked the boys if they would like to join the Programme.

"We're good boys!" Sean was quick to respond with Edward nodding his head in agreement.

"My Charles is a good boy but I have put him in the Programme" Mr. Cobb responded.

The two Havering boys did not like where this conversation was going and were very thankful when the Reverend raised the fact with both ladies that Mr. Cobb was the inspiration for the Programme, and diverted the conversation away from them participating.

By the time Mrs. Havering and her sister turned to walk home, Mr. Cobb and Charles were also invited to join with the vicar and partake in tea at the Havering house.  As Hetty and Gladys walked along in private conversation, the three boys were left to consider the latest developments.

As they walked, Edward and Sean whispered conspiratorially amongst themselves about what had just happened, wondering if Charles would be required to be naked like Anthony?

Anthony however found Edward and Sean's lack of teasing on the walk to his aunt's house very unusual.  He knew they knew all about his new Naked at Home Programme, yet not a word was spoken about it to him, least of all in torment.

Left to his own thoughts, Anthony decided that maybe the vicar's new Naked at Home Programme was causing his cousins some serious concern just like it was doing to himself.  Mr. Cobb had actually asked his cousins if they would like to join in the Programme.  After last week's initial high optimism that maybe his cousins might actually be in trouble for a change, which had soon fallen into an abyss, Anthony didn't want to think of anything so happy this week about Edward and Sean just in case it again turned into as bad an experience as last week.

Still he had observed during the church service how the Reverend Parks was paying a lot more attention to his cousins than anyone else.  Dare he hope that the Reverend Parks had put two and two together after last weekend and maybe this was what were worried about?  But as excited as that momentarily made Anthony feel, he quickly squashed those feelings, It was always he who ended up in trouble not his goody-goody cousins and the vicar's glares were probably just due to his cousins arriving late and Mr. Cobb was probably just tormenting them.  There was no way Anthony was going to allow himself the happy expectations of last week!

As their walk home neared its conclusion Mr. Cobb drove up and parked outside the Havering house, bringing the Reverend Parks with him.

Mrs. Havering dispatched Edward to fetch Tiffany Webb and escorted her guests into the house.

Edward was quite perplexed by his reception from Mrs. Webb and Tiffany.  Mrs. Webb was ready and waiting to go to the concert, so she quickly locked up and sent Tiffany off with him, but whilst doing this Edward noticed that every time she looked at him, she had a strange smile on her face which repeatedly bought giggles for some equally strange reason from Tiffany.  With a wicked smile Mrs. Webb wished her daughter a pleasant afternoon and was off down the street!

As they walked next door to his house Tiffany was charged to the exploding point with a sexual curiosity and again took the opportunity to torment Edward about his earlier comments, being very careful not to let out any secret information.  Her mother had in fact threatened to add her to the Naked at Home Programme if she divulged ahead of time even the slightest hint of what was in store that afternoon for Edward and Sean.

"Time for some naked boy … hey Eddy.  Clothed female naked male, that's the way it should be at our age, you're quite right"

"Don't call me Eddy and it's only right for a twerp like my immature cousin, not for mature boys like me or for that matter boys our age in general!" Edward tersely replied.

Edward suddenly was not happy that Charles Cobb was at their house.  When Tiffany found out a second boy of similar age to Anthony was already in the Programme she would, he knew, be even more unbearable with her girls are superior routine!

When they entered the house most of the lounge chairs were all occupied by the adults whilst Anthony and Charles were standing next to their parents and Sean was assisting his mother to bring in the sandwiches and tea.  It irked Edward no end that Tiffany was invited by his mother to take a seat next to the Reverend whilst he had to stand like Anthony and Charles.

Mrs. Havering noticed how nicely Tiffany was dressed whilst wearing a pair of her mother's earing and just a tiny touch of makeup and complimented her on how grown up she looked.  Tiffany remembered her manners and thanked her for the compliment and snidely noted that Edward hadn't noticed.  Although she did not say anything she realized that it was another indication that older son was immature.

Sean kept making eye and head signals as he moved around the room to Edward about Anthony, obviously alluding to the fact that he was still dressed, but Edward unlike his brother was no longer so keen about the idea of Anthony being naked.  He still remembered the disturbing conversation with Mr. Cobb after church and did not want to encourage Mr. Cobb to again have similar thoughts!

Once tea was served to the adults, the boys were told to go out to the television room where there were juice and biscuits on a tray whilst the adults had a chat.  To Edwards further disgust, his mother then politely asked Tiffany if she would like to join the boys or take tea with the adults.

To Edward's surprise, she chose to go with the boys!

As the boys were filing out Anthony's mother called her son back.

Edward, Sean and Tiffany also stopped, guessing what was coming, which made Charles who was oblivious to what was going on halted as well!

"Anthony before you go into the television room to drink and eat, take off all your clothes and leave them beside the lounge, Aunt Gladys' house is like a second home to us, so the naked at home rules apply to you equally as much here as at home, beside you can't spill food or drink on your good clothes if you are not wearing them." said Anthony's mother.

Just like last Sunday, Anthony couldn't believe his ears, so much so that his mouth was hanging open in astonishment.  It just wasn't fair, it was always he who suffered not the other boys.  After last weekend however, Anthony knew it futile to resist his mother's order.  If he even hesitated to obey, he knew his mother would deliver some very sharp smacks to his bottom.

So, with all eyes on him, Anthony began to undress.  No fourteen-year-old boy would willingly strip naked in front of his mum, his aunt and his cousins, to say nothing of the Reverend Parks, Mr. Cobb and his son, let alone in front of a girl two years younger than I who from the smile on her face was not at all displeased to see him so publicly totally exposed.

As Anthony slowly undressed he kept mumbling to himself that it was not fair and he didn't see why he was being punished!

The Reverend Parks was the person who responded, "You are not being punished Anthony, you have done nothing wrong so far today.  This is just part my Naked at Home Programme which is all about a lifestyle change for juveniles so as to keep their behaviour and morals on a righteous path."

Anthony still thought it was very unfair and a punishment but wisely had learnt from last weekend and kept his thoughts to himself.

Like last Sunday, Sean again thoughtfully offered to help fold up Anthony's clothes, so as Anthony undressed he handed his clothes begrudgingly to him.  However, when Anthony was again left wearing nothing more than his school uniform white boys' underpants, he pleaded to be allowed to keep them on as there was a girl present.

Again it was the Reverend Parks who reminded Anthony that nudity at home included not just family but any friends or visitors who the parents considered acceptable.

Mrs. Havering jumped at the opportunity in anticipation of Edwards' own scheduled stripping to ask.  "Edward, what did you tell me about Tiffany and also what did you agreed with her about earlier this morning."

Edward saw how his answer would seal his almost naked cousin's fate answered fully.  "That Tiffany is practically family and that she is mature enough to deal with naked little boys."  Everyone save Anthony smiled at that.

Like last week there was only one way it would end of course.  This time Anthony had the common sense to not object and cause a scene, instead he reached down and removed his underpants and handed them to Sean.  Anthony didn't even attempt to cover up, but instead turned to his mom and asked her permission, which was granted, to go have his drink and biscuit, ignoring the giggles of Tiffany Webb who could not fully control her emotions when he turned towards her on his way out, allowing her to see in the flesh the front most private of parts of a naked boy for the first time in her life.

Anthony felt very strange standing around the coffee table in the television room having his drink and eating his biscuit whilst totally naked.  He was not in trouble but he was the only one there naked.  Despite the strangeness of his situation, he was actually feeling very proud about the way he was showing little outward signs of being overly embarrassed.  He even began to wonder if the Reverend's Naked at Home Programme might actually be having some effect on him.

Tiffany on the other hand was experiencing all sorts emotions.  She was hardly eating or drinking, her eyes glued on Anthony's genitals whilst Charles looked embarrassed to be there and didn't know where to look.  Edward and Sean were all smiles enjoying their cousin being naked in front of their younger neighbour Tiffany.

It was Sean who decided that a bit more tormenting and humiliation were needed.  "Well Cousin if only you had not confessed to masturbating so much last Sunday maybe you would not be in the Programme?"

Tiffany again broke out in a giggle, Charles blushed at the very mention of the word masturbate and Edward just smiled at his brother's taunt.

"Piss off Sean, I know for a fact that both you and Edward masturbate as well and that you even do it to each other."

Edward swallowed the wrong way and then spluttered and coughed at Anthony's comment!

Tiffany again giggled and Charles looked like he wished the ground would open up and swallow him.

When he regained his composure Edward confronted Anthony, "Sean and I certainly do not masturbate each other.  Where did you get that ridiculous idea from?"

"Sean told me a few weeks ago" Anthony smugly replied.

To Edward and Anthony's surprise, Sean just laughed off Anthony's accusation.  Telling Anthony he was so naive and immature if he really believed that he and Edward would actually do such things.

"I was just goading you into admitting how often you masturbated."

Sean then openly laughed whilst telling all those present "Anthony confessed to masturbating at least once a day, sometimes twice."

Poor Anthony from moments ago feeling very smug that he knew secrets about Edward and Sean, was now made to feel humiliated and stupid for believing Sean's boasts and being goaded into confessing all of his own secret masturbating habits.

Anthony needed to change the topic and quick and the first thing that came to him was to compliment Charles on his singing at church.

Charles too wished to change the topic away from masturbation.  He was the head chorister and he felt his position of authority required him to avoid such conversations.

So a very strange scene developed with the totally naked Anthony chatting casually with Charles Cobb about his singing and involvement in the church choir.  Even Tiffany moved over and listened in with interest, though Anthony suspected that part of her reason was just to get closer to his naked body.

Anthony had never had any conversations with Charles despite the fact that Anthony had seen Charles at church on sundays for many years singing in the choir.  Charles went to a public school and their social paths never crossed except on sundays at church.  Anthony had long envied his voice and even more envied how the girls seemed attracted to him after church.  There was no doubt that the blond headed Charles cut a striking figure.

Edward and Sean found themselves out of the conversation and soon decided to stir the pot some more.  It was Edward who made the move!

"Charles why are you in the Naked at Home Programme?  Your father said you were a good boy and you are head chorister as well, I don't understand?"

This certainly stopped the previous conversation.

Charles blushed profusely at Edward's question.

"You mean Charles has to go naked at home too like Anthony?" Tiffany asked as she looked straight at the still blushing boy.

"Ummm yes … Father has just put me on the Programme.  Not because I am naughty or anything like that, Father says it's a lifestyle thing designed to help me better cope with being a teenager."

"Yeah well I'm coping perfectly ok with being a teenager without needing to be naked around this house." Edward asserted.

"An interesting point Edward." the Reverend Parks interjected catching the four juveniles by surprise, no one had seen him enter the television room.  "Charles would you mind coming into the lounge, for your father needs to talk with you"

Once they had left for the lounge, Tiffany thinking Sean was too young to masturbate, turned to Edward and asked, "So how often do you masturbate Eddy."

"I told you, don't call me Eddy, it makes me sound like a little boy, I will be fourteen in three months"

"Oh alright EDWARD, so how often do you masturbate?"

Edward was going to say that he didn't masturbate, but decided that would make him sound too much like a goody-goody.  Plus it was to close to the actual truth.  The fact was that apart from the boys in his PE class at school no one knew that Edward was a late developer.  In the privacy of the PE change room his class teased him mercilessly as Can't-Cum-Eddy, the real reason he hated the name Eddy.  His school mates had guessed, based on the size of his genitals that he was incapable of producing any ejaculate but no one else in the world knew that secret and school boy honour had meant that his secret had stayed in the PE change room!

"None of your business Tiffany unless you tell first how often you do it?"

Edward could tell by the way Tiffany blushed, that he had cleverly got himself out of answering Tiffany's question.

Anthony, Edward, Sean and Tiffany never learnt what exact conversation took place in the lounge room, but about five minutes later fourteen-year-old Charles rejoined them in the television room, totally naked!

The four juveniles were speechless and just stared at the naked Charles Cobb taking in the very handsome boy's hairless genitals with his slender shrunken penis resting on his plump but not yet hanging scrotum, all of which was framed within a lily white area of skin which contrasted with the very noticeable tan lines of his tanned legs and chest.

Anthony could not hide his growing erection and Edward and Sean were ever so glad they were fully dressed as was Tiffany who suddenly felt very moist between her legs!

Aware everyone was staring at his naked body Charles spoke in a very nervous voice as he motioned them with a sweep of his hand in the direction of the lounge room, "The adults would like all four of you to join me in the lounge room please."

Edward was again pissed off when Tiffany was offered a seat on the lounge next to the vicar, leaving the four boys standing in a line facing the Reverend Parks, Mr. Cobb and Tiffany.  Anthony's mother was off to the boys' left and Mrs. Havering off to their right.

All four of the boys looked very nervous not knowing what was expected of them next.  Anthony was that used to finding himself in trouble that even Charles's stripping had not brightened his outlook.  Last week he had allowed himself the hope and brief thrill that his cousins might be getting into trouble.  Today he was not going to allow even the faintest hope that Charles, Edward or Sean might just be the centre of attention, not he!

Uncomfortable about waiting in a line with two naked boys, Edward made a move to go stand next to his mother.

"You'll stay right where you are Edward.  You too Sean… I want you both to stand with Anthony and Charles." the Reverend Parks ordered.

Edward and Sean were both shocked to be so sharply ordered about by the Reverend.

Anthony who had rarely seen his cousins dealt with in such a manner felt just the slightest tinge of a thrill pass through his body.

"Anthony has a boner, I don't want to stand next to him.  He should be punished." Sean complained still feeling indignant at being ordered to stand with the two naked boys.

"And why should he be punished Sean?" the Reverend asked.

"Because … because its wrong to have an erection in public."

"But we're not in public Sean, we are in your home, and both Anthony and Charles are naked because they are allowed and in fact encouraged, to be naked at homes that have adopted my Naked at Home Programme.  The Programme is all about encouraging a lifestyle that is designed to help teenagers better cope with their adolescent years.  One of the reoccurring problems for teenage boys is unwanted erections.  After he has been in the Programme for a while, I am confident Anthony will be better able to control his erections.  So you see Sean, the fact that Anthony has an erection in the current home situation is not something to be punished, it is just a part of what may happen to him, Charles and any other boys in the Programme as they become used to being naked and get over their teenage modesty issues."

Anthony didn't think he'd felt quite so happy about being naked and having a boner as he did at that moment hearing that he was not in trouble.  His sense of excitement and tingling of expectation only increased when the Reverend then addressed Edward.  "Edward I heard you make an interesting observation before when I went to fetch Charles out of the television room, something like you were coping perfectly ok with being a teenager without needing to be naked around this house?"

"Yes … Reverend Parks." Edward cautiously replied not knowing where this new conversation was going.

"Well your mother and I do not agree."

Edward shocked at the response did not know what to say, so all that escaped his lips was: "Ohhhh…"

"From this moment onwards, you and your brother are joining Anthony and Charles in the Naked at Home Programme.  Step towards me Edward so I can undress you whilst Sean, you go to your mother!"  Mrs. Havering moved quickly to sit on the other end of the lounge.

Anthony could not believe what he had just heard and as the tingling inside of him reached a crescendo he let out an audible gasp which was ignored by everyone thanks to Tiffany who brought attention upon herself by giggling out very loudly.  Her giggle was not ignored, with the Reverend threatening to speak to her mother about entering her in the Programme, if she could not act more maturely!

Upon the Reverend's threat to Tiffany, Charles' slender penis gave a noticeable jolt and quickly rose to its full ​four inch​ (​ten cm​) erection to join Anthony's much longer ​five and a half inch​ (​14 cm​) erection!

"What … what Sean and I … naked …  nooooo." Edward moaned.

Anthony was having a hard time suppressing a smile.  If his cousins were made to undergo even half the humiliation he had had to endure under the watchful eye of the vicar the last few weeks, Anthony would be quite satisfied!

Gladys Havering had reached for Sean and was already undressing him despite his ferment protests.

Edward was faring no better.

Despite Edwards polite but frantic protests, the Reverend Parks soon had him stepping out of his shoes and socks then unbuttoning his dress shirt and removing it in such a way that he could inspect Edward's arm pits.  There weren't any signs of hair there yet, but he had his shaving kit ready in his bag next to the lounge for Edward's pubes.

Sean having recovered from the initial shock took secret comfort in the fact that he had pubes.  «As soon as they see my big bush, they will all know that I'm a man.  Not only will I get my trousers right back but Tiffany will have new respect for me. » he thought.  The boy would not have been so certain had he known of the shaving kit the Reverend had brought for use on Edward would be immediately repurposed.

Tiffany did not know which way to look with both her neighbours being stripped at the same time.  She concentrated her attention on Edward as the vicar was stripping him faster and she expected that the older boy would be more interesting.  She too noticed Edward's lack of pit hair.  Being still quite naive about such things she was wondering when boys got their body hair.  Neither Anthony nor Charles had any and they were fourteen.  She was only twelve and she was already shaving her arm pits and she knew she would soon have to start trimming her pubic hairs as they were becoming quite bushy and untidy.  All Edward's bluster about boys being more mature did not seem to add up.  Still Edward was nearly fourteen and she would soon see what he had to offer below the belt!

Her attention was momentarily diverted to Sean as his mother gave a surprised gasp as she removed his shirt to discover that he already had a few short scattered hairs in both his arm pits.

Just as Gladys put down her son's shirt the telephone rang.  Hetty looked at the caller ID and said: "It's your boss, Gladys.  You better answer it."

As she got up she had a wonderful idea that would enhance the Programme for her son.  "Tiffany, will you please take over for me." she said rather than asking her sister to take over as she headed for the telephone in the kitchen.

It was not clear who was the most shocked – Sean who was totally horrified at the idea or Tiffany who was absolutely delighted.  Needless to say, Tiffany immediately took the seat just vacated in front of her young blushing neighbour anxious to continue Sean's stripping.

When Tiffany looked back at the vicar, he had undone Edward's belt and zipper and was sliding his chinos down his hairless legs exposing his grey designer label boxer shorts.  Tiffany did the same to Sean who was revealed to be wearing blue designer label boxer briefs as his chinos slid down his also hairless legs.

"Oh please vicar, don't remove my boxers." Edward pleaded in a very panicked voice.

"Oh stop your begging Edward.  Your mother has decided you are in the Programme so accept it like a man, Charles didn't have a single complaint when his father stripped him." said the Reverend Parks.  Sean kept quiet seeing how his brother was being treated and wishing to avoid that.

This is turning out to be such an awesome day Tiffany thought to herself as the vicar hooked his fingers inside the elastic waistband of Edward's boxers and with deliberate slowness began to peel them down, causing Edward to groan out aloud with humiliation and embarrassment!

The first thing that both the vicar and Tiffany noticed was that Edward unlike Charles had no tan lines, and his skin was all a pale white.  Pausing for a moment the Reverend Parks could not see, even at his close range, the slightest hint of any pubescent peach fuzz let alone the top of Edward's expected bush of pubic hairs.

As the Reverend resumed peeling Edward's boxers down, his very boyish semi-erect uncircumcised penis flopped up onto his totally hairless belly.

"Would you look at that, Eddy looks like a little boy." Tiffany eagerly exclaimed while staring wide-eyed at the now totally naked Edward Havering!

Poor Edward, totally and utterly humiliated and embarrassed, could only stand there helplessly, his hairless little boy genitals now exposed for all to see.  Even Sean was surprised and immediately understood his older brother's shyness.  Also he realized that he possessed a powerful advantage in sibling rivalry with his brother.

The Reverend Parks looked perturbed at Edward's lack of development and looked over to Sean as if to confirm his thoughts.

Tiffany needed no added encouragement, so she placed her thumbs in the waistband of Sean's boxer briefs, causing Sean to moan out loud in utter misery and humiliation.  Excited far beyond anything she had previously experienced, Tiffany slowly lowered Sean's boxer briefs, exposing genital development that far surpassed his older brother.

There was also a gasp from Sean's aunty when she saw his totally naked groin.  He had a small but thick bush of curly dark pubic hair.  His penis was uncircumcised and his foreskin stretched over the head of his penis, creating a bulge where it covered the head, then tapered to a fleshy point that hung off the tip.  His penis was quite thick for his age and beneath it his scrotum hung down low containing two good-sized testicles.

Tiffany was equally shocked.  Edward who would be fourteen in a few months was to all extent and purposes still a hairless little boy, with by far the smallest set of genitals on any of the boys there.  Sean on the other hand was younger than she but he was on the whole so much more developed than the other boys.  Anthony's genitals were the only set amongst the boys in the room larger than Sean's, which left her even more confused!

Gladys Havering exclaimed in shock when she returned to the lounge room after completing the phone call and observing for the first time the very marked differences between her two sons: "Who would have thought that Sean would have been more developed than his older brother?"  Edward to his horror knew that Sean would take advantage every time he could because of that.

The Reverend had bought his shaving gear to use on Edward, but it was Sean who became the recipient of the Reverend's shaving kit.

The Reverend sensing that Sean was particularly humiliated and embarrassed by being stripped naked by Tiffany decided to compound Sean's discomfort by directing Tiffany to trim his pubes with the scissors he had brought with him.  She immediately knew what to do, having recently decided that she would soon need to trim her own pubic bush.  Her mother had already spoken to her about the need for females to maintain a high level of personal grooming.

"Please be very still Sean, so I don't cut you." Tiffany instructed as for the first time in her life she took hold of a penis, feeling it's fascinating silky smooth texture and moved it around out of the way on the petrified boy as she quickly reduced his growth of manfur to insignificant stubble along with his self-esteem.

"No hair – it is all right to be bare!" the Reverend again recited as he dispatched Edward to fetch a bowl with warm water and a towel and when he returned, proceeded to have Tiffany shave off the stubble that remained of Sean's once proud thick little growth of pubic hair!

The Reverend handed Tiffany a spray can of shaving cream and she applied some to the stubble on Sean's pubis.  The Reverend gave her the razor from his kit and then held the bowl of warm water that Edward had fetched.  Tiffany was very glad that she had experience shaving her arm pits and legs as she proceeded to remove the last traces of Sean's bush with a couple of dozen razor strokes.  He had a nightmare moment when he expected her to powder him like a baby when she dried his now hairless junk.

The act did not take more than a few short minutes to totally lay waste to Sean's pride.  Earlier it had been Edward's moaning out loud with humiliation but now it was Sean who was equally as devastated by the loss of his prized sign of masculine maturity.

Once the shaving was finished the Reverend Parks again recited his mantra: "No hair – it is all right to be bare!"

The Naked at Home Programme was not a punishment and so the four boys were allowed to return naked to the television room to play.  Tiffany of course again accompanied them, taking in and enjoying all the eye candy that was now flopping about in front of her in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but all hairless!

Some hours later Mrs. Webb on her return from the concert, found Tiffany in deep conversation with Anthony and Charles who she noted looked very relaxed despite being naked in front of her clothed daughter whilst the equally naked Edward and Sean were sulking off by themselves, looking anything but happy about their new naked status.

Mrs. Webb couldn't help smiling when she noticed how poorly developed and immature looking her obnoxious neighbour Edward was revealed to be.  She just knew without even needing to ask her daughter that she would have enjoyed Edward's stripping the most as there was no love lost between the two of them and that Edward would be a lot less of an irritation especially to her daughter.

Mrs. Webb was not a member of the Reverend Parks church but was very pleased to be invited into the adult's ongoing in depth discussion in the lounge room about the Naked at Home Programme.

Over new cups of tea, the Reverend Parks was keen to hear Mrs. Webb's opinion about girls and the Naked at Home Programme, for as he pointed out, from his vast experience, girls from ages ten to fifteen were often more trouble to their parents than boys!

Tiffany out in the television room was still greatly enjoying being dressed whilst the four boys were naked around her, unawares that the conversation in the lounge room had just moved on to a discussion that would have a great bearing on whether she would remain dressed for much longer or whether she too would be entering fully into the Naked at Home Programme!

Mrs. Webb had major misgivings that her daughter would gain any benefit from being placed in the Naked at Home Programme.  Hetty and Gladys tended to agree with her but she did concede that Mr. Cobb's point that girls being in the Programme would remove the mystery of girls for boys just like it had done today for Tiffany about boys.  If the mystery was removed the Reverend had said, then the chances of boys and girls experimenting with sex would be greatly reduced.  Mrs. Webb knew her Tiffany would never do any experimenting like that, and Hetty and Gladys were equally convinced their sons would never as well, but all three women were sounding less adamant in their opposition to girls joining the Programme when the lateness of the afternoon resulted in the Reverend and others deciding to continue their discussion on the Programme over dinner that very evening!

Mrs. Havering on the advice of Mr. Cobb, decided to engage Tiffany to babysit her sons along with Anthony and Charles.  Edward and Sean were once again horrified at the instructions their mother gave specifying bedtimes and that they were to be given baths.  They both protested but were warned that life had changed for them and any disobedience would immediately earn them a spanking.

So that concept would be tangible upon her two sons who had never ever been spanked, Gladys asked Tiffany to have a practice session with them.  Delighted to oblige, Tiffany sat on the couch and in turn called Edward and Sean to get over her lap for a spanking.  With their mother present they did not dare to object and each got over their new babysitter's lap for a few light spanks.  The excited Tiffany took that opportunity to also remind Edward of his statements earlier that day about how she was qualified to look after immature, naked, little boys like him even though she was only twelve because she was more mature like most girls.  That she was still in her most grown up good clothes enhanced that position.

Anthony instantly had an erection and almost creamed himself in front of everyone, so excited was he to see the tables turned and his cousins finally spanked even thought with just a lighter than a birthday spanking.  His mother noticed his reaction but a hand signal to her from the Reverend saved him from joining the punishment demonstration.  The Reverend did not want anything to distract from Edward and Sean's humiliation.

Tiffany went back home to change from her Sunday visiting outfit into more appropriate clothes for babysitting while dinner reservations were made for the adults and dinner delivery ordered for the four boys and their new babysitter.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

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