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The Naughty Boy in the Botanic Garden


Once upon a time there was a girl exactly twelve years and a day but certainly going on twenty and an immature boy although with a puberty mustache at fourteen who chanced both to be in the Botanic Gardens one glorious summer day.  They did not know each other but they both would remember their encounter for a long time.

The girl, Stephanie, was very elated at being twelve for now the state now permitted her to be herself.  She was excitedly looking forward to being the [baby]sitter rather than the sittee.  She relished the stories of freedom she heard from her small town cousin who was three years older about how she could get on her bicycle and do things that before required being taken and retrieved like a parcel neatly wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine.  It would be like a taste of being able to drive.  In at least one way it was even better because her bike was always available while the car required special permission to use.

The boy, Vance, was not a bad lad by any means but he had a talent for getting into trouble.  It wasn’t that he was even mischievous on purpose but just that he had a predilection for opting for the improper choice.  Such a behavioral nuance was beyond the comprehension of his father who was a firm believer in spanking whenever a boy did anything wrong.  That it did not curb the errant behavior totally escaped his attention.  He just felt he had sired a very naughty boy and hoped that he would grow out of it sooner rather than later.

* * * * * * * * * *

Stephanie first noticed Vance at the entrance gate of the Botanic Gardens when she overheard the boy’s father cautioning him to behave properly or else.  The swats that the man gave his son as they walked into the garden left her without any doubt that a serious spanking was the ‘else’.  The boy and his parents planed to enjoy the conservatory together and then separate.  The parents would be attending a lecture and discussion while the lad would explore the garden.

Stephanie was there alone having decided to exercise her new freedom.  She was thrilled that now the state did not require her to have a sitter and that the subway enabled her to get everywhere in the Great City now that she had just turned twelve.  She planned to see the special exhibit in the conservatory and as much of the rest of the exquisite place she could before she had to return home.

As Stephanie followed Vance and his parents to the conservatory, she wondered if he was a good boy or otherwise.  Was the father just being very proactive about telling the lad to behave or did he have, as the police say, a rap sheet as long as your arm.  By the time they were in the conservatory, Stephanie was leaning to the latter case for she had seem him step into a flower bed and touching things that should not be touched.  His father had snorted at him a couple of times.  She wondered if she might be fortunate to see a good father/son spanking perhaps with his jeans and more lowered.  “Time would tell.” she said to herself enjoying a special frisson that was becoming more common.

Time, in this case, acted with haste for the boy kept pushing the boundaries as they all moved through the conservatory exhibit.  She followed him into the courtyard where the lily ponds were.  He was not content to stand on the surrounding walkway but stood on the narrow raised edge.  She could not restrain herself and said: “That’s dangerous.  You could fall in and disturb the koi and lilies.”  He was not impressed by her concern cum admonition but just laughed at her.

After they had all exited the conservatory, Vance’s parents went to a lecture leaving him free to explore the gardens as she was.  Stephanie decided to keep an eye on him sensing that he would misbehave.  Her expectations proved true for he continued the mildly naughty behaviors he had shown when with his parents.  Stephanie could not help thinking that he would benefit greatly from a good spanking.

She found that the rose garden was fantastic and both eyed and smelled those beautiful flowers for a long time.  After a while when she looked about Vance was no longer in the area.  “Perhaps it is better for now I can concentrate on the flora and ignore the uncivilized fauna.” she mused and continued to enjoy more of the garden.

It was an hour later that she spotted Vance once again.  They were in the woods but he was not on an official pathway.  This was a pretty serious offense and she watched him from behind a tree.  She even got a couple of photos and then realized that he was even urinating which she found interesting.  Then he even compounded the violation of the rules by masturbating which she also photographed.

Stephanie was absolutely certain that he was a very naughty boy and should be thoroughtly spanked for his many transgressions.  Then in an instant many visions flickered through her mind all of a boy being spanked by a parent, a babysitter or even a younger sister on his bare bottom.  Soon she was at the viewpoint which was most enjoyable when Vance returned to the official pathway from the woods.  Once again Vance sneered at her.

“Vance Vella you are a disgustingly naughty boy and I hope that your father will spank you right here in the Gardens when I tell what you did after your parents left you despite your promises.”  He was shocked that she knew his name and she explained that she heard him being admonished and saw him being swatted at entry.

“My father won’t listen to a silly little busybody girl.” he scoffed.

“Your father will believe me about the earlier stuff when he sees you pissing and jerking off on my phone.  And the pictures are safe on in the cloud along with this one of your face.” she said and she touched a few buttons before showing him the incriminating images.

Vance’s attitude changed instantly.  Suddenly he was a polite boy who was ‘pretty please’ asking her not to say anything ‘for daddy will use the strap.’

“If I don’t tell then a very naughty boy will not get the spanking he so richly deserves.  That would not be right.” she said.  “I’ll have to tell.”

After a long pause he begged her once again not to rat him out.

“No!  You must be spanked.  It is only fair for you earned a spanking.” she declared most firmly.  Vance whined some more and she sensed an opportunity.  “I won’t tell…” she started and when he brightened up continued “… if you get spanked by me here and now.”

The two beat around the proverbial bush a while and then he reluctantly agreed after she promised several times.

Stephanie sat on the bench and placed her bag besides her and indicated that the naughty boy stand in front of her.  For the first time she open a boy’s belt and when she started with his jeans he objected.  Of course, she insisted that spanking are always with jeans down but she could tell his daddy instead.  He quickly shut up.

She guided him over her lap and started to spank him on his undies.  After a few spanks she yanked them down in the back and resumed spanking.  He objected again with the same result and then she ordered him to rise up so she could pull them down completely.  She had to remind him that she had already seen his pee-pee and even photographed it before he complied.© YLeeCoyote

Vance was not a happy puppy with all this happening but he rationalized it all as the girl did not spank nearly as hard as his father did.  He was in for a shocking revelation shortly.  After a few more spanks when she admired her blurred handprints on his now rosy botty she extracted her wide backed hairbrush from her bag and started to spank him with that as had zillions of women done to their errant boys for many centuries.

This caused a new reaction from this naughty boy and she was enthralled.  She continued spanking as hard as she could.  Vance was feeling this but was without any viable options.  Soon he was sobbing and then she stopped delighted with his flaming red bottom.  When she got him up she was enchanted to have a good closeup view of his privates.

This was an experience that they both would remember for the rest of their lives.  It also affected each of them many nights as they relived it in their minds.

Stephanie found herself in trouble when she returned home.  Her parents had to explain about the difference of a small town where her cousin could roam and a big city where she was more restricted.  Also that they had to know about her plans.  She chose to have dinner standing up that day.  It wouldn’t be long before she only remembered the first spanking of that wonderful day.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 10, 2022

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