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This short story was inspired by ZJ's recently posted picture "Car Wash" which is no longer available in  It shows a woman with a freshly spanked red butt wearing only a T-shirt washing a car in her driveway.

The following story is fiction about a naughty mother getting punished by her teen son.  The story contains scenes of tawsings and implication of humiliation.  It is set in a universe where the teens are in charge of the adults including their parents.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Naughty Mom Pays the Price


"Mom was very upset.  She well knew that she deserved to be punished for her failure to tend to her chores but was not prepared for the consequences today." was what I told my cousins when they came over that day.  Of course, they had seen her in the driveway washing the car wearing just a T-shirt.  Yes, in just a T-shirt with her bright red butt hanging out to cool from the tawsing I had given her less than an hour before.  My aunt (Mom's sister) had driven my cousins over to visit me.  Since Mom was late doing her chores, I had set my aunt to preparing dinner for my cousins and myself while we sat on the cool deck under shade trees in the backyard and talked.  My aunt was in her maid's uniform, as my cousins had ordered, as she brought us snacks and drinks.

The trouble with Mom started even before I got up.  Not only hadn't she washed the car but she hadn't cleaned up from my party last night.  It had only gone to 1 AM so she would have had five hours of sleep if she had gotten up at seven as she should have.  She was still lollygagging in bed when I got up at eleven after the recommended nine hours of sleep for youths.  I gave her a right proper wake up call with the tawse.  I walked into the little bedroom she shares with dad (who is on a business trip) and saw her lying prone.  I gently pulled back the sheets to reveal her bottom.  I raised the tawse brought it down on her butt hard.  I quickly repeated that action before she jumped.  Once she was awake, I had her kneel on the bed and gave her another four cuts.  I ordered her to clean up the family room and kitchen immediately since my cousins were expected in only a couple of hours.  (The other chores would have to wait.)  I did allow her to pee rather than risking an accident but not to waste any more time by eating – chores came first when she was late.

It was only a couple of minutes before my guests arrived when Mom started to wash the car.  I allowed her to wear that T-shirt to protect her from the sun's damaging rays.  I doubt that she would have been as comfortable with anything on her red-hot buns so I vetoed any other clothes.  Since she does not have a bush, she won't attract much adult attention.  It will also encourage her to work faster so she can get to her inside chores.  I think that being half naked where the neighbors can see, enhances the effectiveness of the punishment.  It's particularly effective on a weekend when the kids come and stare.  They seem to be equally happy seeing either her rosy cheeks or hairless slit.

When she came to report that the car was washed, my cousins and I checked it.  It was satisfactory.  I had her remove the T-shirt so that I could hose her down.  After which I had her soap up and then rinsed her off with the cold water.  I told her to put away the washing stuff which gave her some time to dry and then to get dressed in her maid's uniform and finish with making dinner.  Oh, she was only allowed to put the top half on since she was spanked that day.

I mentioned to my cousins that Mom was going to get another six for not getting to wash the car on time, my cousin Jake who is only twelve asked to watch as he wanted to learn about technique.  I was able to do better than that by letting him actually give his aunt the six as I gave him guidance.  First, however, I showed him some things and let him practice on a cushion.  Then he had the pleasure of tawsing his aunt with his mom watching.  It would help her understand how effective the tawse is with naughty moms.  I particularly made him pay attention to the sound a proper stroke makes connecting with a proffered rump compared to a wimpy one.  Beside the six she was due, Mom got four that were substandard so that they did not count..© YLeeCoyote

Jake and I and our sisters had a very good visit and an excellent dinner nicely served.  Our moms (aunts) are always on the their very best behavior when punishment is so fresh in their minds.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 4, 2010

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