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The following story is fiction about the strapping of a teen.  The story contains a scene of a public strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Naughty Tourist


I first noticed the youth as I headed for the new subway station.  He was an ordinary youth of fifteen or so and nothing was anything unusual to pay him much attention.  That he was walking fast was quite normal here in New York.  After a couple of blocks, about ​0.1 mile​ (​160 m​), I realized that he was not alone.  A lady was lagging behind and he occasionally waited for her to catch up.  Most sadly it is not unusual for a youth to be inconsiderate and disrespectful to his mother.

They entered the station and I could see he was confused while he was holding and looking at his subway map quizzically.  "Need help?" I asked knowing that people, especially tourists, are often confounded by the wide-ranging New York subway system.

He pointed to his map and asked: "Where's the green line?"

His map was obsolete for it did not show the yellow line which only opened a few months ago.  "Further west about four street blocks worth on Lexington Avenue.  Your map is old and does not show this new yellow line.  Where do you want to go?  Where are you from?"  I sorta collect countries of the visitors I talk to and help.

Not surprising they wanted one of the many tourist attractions south of City Hall and they were from Spain.  "Buenos días señora." I said to his mother.  That is pretty much as far as I can go in their language but people like to hear their own language even with bad pronunciation.  "You can use the Q-train.  Change across the platform to the R or W at Union Square.  Get off at Cortlandt Street which is across the street from Ground Zero.  It's a block closer than Fulton St on the Green line."© YLeeCoyote

I thought that would be it but no.  The thick hard headed male had mapped things out and was not about to admit he was wrong.  He was looking back for the stairs to the street rather than the turnstiles to enter the subway.  "Not so fast young man, you are walking much too fast and tiring out your mother.  There is no need to do that."

"I've tried to tell Sebastián that, señor, but he won't listen."

She sounded exasperated.  "He needs discipline, señora.  Where is his father?"

"Ever since we lost his father he has been more and more this way.  I can not give him what he needs like his father could and would have if he was still with us." she said sadly.

"¡Madre!"  The youth exclaimed, blushing obviously embarrassed by her comments.

"It is easily taken care of señora."

"Por favor, señor."

That was all the encouragement that I needed.  I grabbed the youth and yanked open his belt.  After I pulled it from his pants, I opened them and yanked them down.  I left his underpants in place and pushed him over the turnstile base.  By now he was yelling but his mother spoke sharply: "Cállate Sebastián."

Before starting I yanked down his underpants to expose his butt. I swung the belt and connected right across both cheeks.  He did his best to keep quiet.  I stopped after fifteen licks when his butt was bright red.  I gave him his belt and told him to fix his clothes which he did as fast as he could.  "Ask the agent in the booth for a map." I told him.

"Muchas gracias señor." she said with a smile, "He has been needing that for a very long time."

I lead them to the platform and we all took the same train.  Although there were plenty of nice, albeit hard, plastic seats the youth chose to stand.  I explained to the him how the map is distorted so that the crowded lower Manhattan part can be read so to be careful judging walking distances.

When they got off she thanked me again and I noticed that he made sure she got off safely.  I trust that he behaved better – at least for a while.

The End

Author's note:  I was inspired by an actual encounter although the details differ.  I was exiting and they were coming in.  The youth insisted on going for the Green line even after being told the Yellow was as good if not better.  Walking there is when I saw how he was stressing out his mother by racing.  Even though I told him to slow down for her he kept at it.  Unfortunately, he did not get his just desserts.

© Copyright A.I.L. May 16, 2017

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