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The following story is fiction about strapping and role reversal.  The story contains a scene of a strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Naughty Uncle Gets His Due


It was ​9:15 in the evening​ (​2115​) when my phone jumped.  It was my kid cousin Tyler calling from the steps of the Public Library.  “HELP!  Dad has not shown up as he promised and does answer his phone.  How do I get home?”  I was staying with them for the summer.

This was not the first time this had happened.  Or perhaps I should say “not happened”.  Tyler had prudently confirmed with his dad, my Uncle Merle, that he would pick him up when the library closed and get him home while he was still at work just four hours earlier and was assured he would.  Tyler would have otherwise taken the last bus at ​8:30​ (​2030​) even though that would have reduced his research time for his special summer program studies significantly.  Now he was stuck without money for transportation for taxis do not accept student transit passes.

I told him to take a taxi and text as he approached the house so I would be outside ready pay the fare.  He was soon home and safe however I was out a tenner.  Uncle Merle was still not responding to his phone.

Tyler was most understandably pissed at his Dad.  The previous times it happened his mom had picked him up but now she was away visiting her mother for a couple of days.  I was frankly surprised at the thoughts the lad expressed.  Tyler bitterly observed how he was spanked for just being late doing his chores even though it did not make any difference except for some arbitrary schedule.  Never was anyone endangered by the grass being cut late or the garbage not being at the curb fifteen long hours, rather than just ten, before pickup time.  Not picking me up endangered me thus it was a far more important task.  It was his bottom line that really got to me: “THIS IS SURELY A SPANKING OFFENSE!”

After a few seconds, reality struck and he rephrased that to: “This should be a spanking offense!” although there was not any doubt what he really thought.© YLeeCoyote

“Absolutely.”  I could not have agreed more and then added: “I bet that Gramps would agree too.” I said thinking about the true spanking stories I had heard from our dads and especially Gramps about how there were often two glowing, hot, red butts in his house.

After a while, Tyler went to bed but I thought about things.  I went to the attic and found Grandpa’s strap that I had discovered when playing there when I was a little boy.  I called Gramps and we talked a while.  He agreed that Uncle needed a damn good strapping.  He asked what I planned to say to Uncle to get him to the garage for his strapping.

“Uncle Merle you have been very irresponsible forgetting your promises and responsibilities.  You have earned a long visit to the woodshed for many lapses.  Come along now.”  I replied.

“No. No. No.  You need to be much more forceful.  Even Tyler would laugh at you.” and then he gave me the exact order that he had used for years.  Of course, I thanked him for that.

I heard Uncle stagger in close to midnight having spent the evening drinking with his buddies.

The showdown came in the late morning with the three of us present.  I demanded to be reimbursed and Uncle paid up without objections.  But then there was the larger issue of irresponsibility that had stranded his son.  I said quite a bit and then Tyler, justifiably, let off a lot of pent-up steam which really stunned his dad.  Fortunately, his mom was away and did not hear the forbidden words he used which would have been a spanking offense had she been within earshot.  Uncle even apologized for forgetting as he had done several times in the last few months to both of us for his forgetfulness.

“And then you did not even respond when I called stranded on the library steps.” added Tyler.  That resulted in another fault admission: “My phone was dead.”

“That’s still another thing I get spanked for when I don’t respond.” observed Tyler.

Frankly, even at fifteen, I thought that my uncle was really irresponsible.  If either of us boys forgot a chore we would get yelled at and get our respective tails soundly roasted.  The lecture would always mention how he and his brother (my father) had been taken out to the woodshed for such horrid crimes by our grandfather with the heavy strap.  Uncle’s multiple current failings were far more serious since they put Tyler at risk and they were all repeated offences.  It appeared that he did not seem to be able to shed his bad habits.

There wasn’t any doubt in my mind as to what had to be done especially after my discussion with Gramps.  Now that the time had come, the fog lifted and I simply went for it using Gramps’ words as forcefully as I could.  “Listen to me good Merle Marco Monet.  You have been IRRESPONSIBLE far to often and have earned a sound ass whipping with the strap.”  Uncle began to babble and I paused until he sputtered out.  “Now to the garage with me this instant for your well-earned bare butt strapping, boy.”

As Uncle continued to sputter, I grabbed his arm and started for the garage.  Once there, I ordered him to drop his britches (keeping to Gramps’ word) and bend over.  I guess he felt guilty enough that he obeyed the familiar order.  Tyler has naturally followed along.

Then it was strap time.  I raised the heavy strap that was experienced in roasting not only Uncle’s ass but my dad’s as well and brought it down hard on the target.  I was a novice but the strap was an experienced professional that knew its job very well.  A big wide stripe formed on the target and Uncle gave a howl.  Perhaps he had forgotten how much the strap hurt in the two decades since he had last felt its kisses.  Tyler was grinning as his dad’s tail was feeling the strap.

Over and over I raised the strap and brought it down on Uncle’s increasingly sore tail which was turning a bright cherry red.  I appeared that it was glowing from the novae I ignited inside.  I gave him the full quota of fifteen serious cuts suggested by Gramps.  We left him to recover and returned inside.  Tyler was not sure what to make of it.  Truth be told, neither was I but the deed was done and, as always, I would have to wait to see what it would bring.

I can’t say how long the treatment was effective but it lasted past my visit.  Tyler is wondering if he will be able to use the strap in the same way.  Time will tell.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 30, 2021

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