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The following story is fiction about boys being nude at the beach and a young girl becoming their babysitter.  The story contains scenes of spanking and child nudity.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Neighbor Boys


We were off to the beach on the first hot summer day.  We being my kid brother Teddy, myself (Jena), our next door neighbors Jimmy, his kid brother Kip and their mom who was taking us all.  At the time Jimmy was fourteen, Kip three years younger while I was twelve and my brother eleven like Kip.  Mrs. Linton was old as she was the adult (but you knew that).

Of course, I was happy to go on this excursion and was even happy that Teddy and his friend Kip would have fun as well.  Alas, Jimmy would also be there.  He was an arrogant brat who thought he was the Creators gift to humanity.  Even though his mother would be there I feared he would spoil the day.  It turned out quite differently I'm happy to say.

We had all been looking forward to the excursion to have fun in the water and on the beach.  There was something special that I remembered from last year and was looking forward to seeing again which were naked little boys on the beach with their little peepees flopping about.  They're so cute!  Back then my mother explained that prepubescent kids were allowed to be naked.  She also had to explain what that fancy word meant.  Then I was actually starting to get hair so I had to wear a bathing suit to 'protect my modesty'.  She pointed out that only the littlest of girls went naked although boys did not have to be modest at all like the bigger little girls (over four-years-old).  I was hoping to see some older boys like those ten or eleven.  I didn't dare dream of older.

As we drove to the beach I thought about the three boys in the car being naked.  I was sure that Kip was prepubescent and would qualify just like my brother but he probably would want to be in a swim suit like his big brother.  I guessed that Jimmy must have hair already.  But it is OK to dream.

As we started to settle down on the beach, Teddy noticed that there were a lot of naked boys playing on the beach and asked if Jimmy and Kip would be naked like they were.  He was very happy to lose his shorts for he remembered the fun it was last year.  That got an immediate reaction from Jimmy.  "I wear a bathing suit because I'm not a little boy!" and Kip said the same thing echoing his big brother.© YLeeCoyote

Mrs. Linton said that they used to go naked and liked it and they could still do so if they wished to.  In fact, she would like it as there would be less laundry.

I had been taking a good hard look at Mr. Teen as I made sure that Teddy was properly covered in sunblock as a good big sister should.  Jimmy had a hairless body except on the top of his head and his eyebrows unlike the older boys who did and his brief swim suit didn't have any more of a bulge than Kip's or Teddy did in his briefs.

All that gave me an idea.  If I could shame Jimmy maybe he would be better behaved.  "I think that Jimmy is still prepubescent for he doesn't have any body hair and his voice is still soprano.  Last year Mother explained that meant he could be naked." I said.

I was pleasantly surprised by Mrs. Linton agreeing.  "Boys," she said, "it is so hot that you will be more comfortable if you take off your suits and are naked like Teddy is."  Kip did as he was told and I was delighted to see his boy parts fully exposed and close.  Jimmy objected as one would have expected.  "Jimmy, take off your bathing suit unless Jena is wrong about you still being prepubescent."  I never expected that sort of statement.

He claimed that I was wrong but his mom did not believe him.  "Come here and let me peek.  If you don't have pubes, then you must not wear your suit in this heat."  He hesitated and she persisted.  After a couple of minutes she grabbed him and pulled his suit forward and looked.  That was the end of the discussion for she then yanked his suit down.  My guess was right – no hair.  He was still just a little boy and his peepee was just about the same size as Kip's.  Incidentally, he was short for his age, being only slightly taller than his brother, so he even looked about their age.

Jimmy was terribly embarrassed but I was delighted.  I would have like to have seen a big boy's stuff but those were always covered.  The blushing all over boy was practically crying as he complained that he was too old to be naked.  "You're short so everyone will think you're younger so you don't have to worry." said his mother trying to reassure him.

"Let's go swimming." I said.  I was about to drag him to the water when his mom stopped us so she could put sunblock on his now exposed middle.  I decided to help and applied the cream to Kip getting to touch his thingy.  He giggled when I did that after which we went into the water.  I don't think anyone paid any attention to us.  They probably thought I was the big sister taking her little brothers and friends swimming.  Once he was in the water, two things happened.  He relaxed a bit because he was mostly covered and his thingy shrank from the cold water.

We met some other kids and played with them.  They all thought that Jimmy was younger than I and did not think anything unusual because he was naked like all the little boys.  I stopped playing with them when they were making sand castles but made sure that I got lots photos.  I doubt that Jimmy noticed for he did not say anything.

Some of the time I chatted with Mrs. Linton and remarked how immature Jimmy was both physically and emotionally.  She said that I was right about that and noted that boys mature later than girls do generally.  We had both noted that Jimmy did not complain nor try to cover up when we were on the blanket for lunch.  Best of all, he let me put sunblock on him while he was lying on the blanket before lunch.  Just like I did with his brother, I got to handle his stuff and he even got hard.  He was the oldest boy I touched although still immature.

When he was hard I whispered to him that I thought his thing was 'cute' and much nicer than those with ugly hair.  He questioned me about that and I explained I had seen my older cousin and his friend when I visited a few month before.

I had a pleasant surprise when I took the boys to pee.  The attendant at the facilities said that naked little boys are not allowed in the men's room by themselves so I should take them into the women's room with me.  We got into the roomy handicapped stall and I watched them go together.  They were so interested in dueling with their yellow swords that they did not care that I was watching.  I had them wait outside the stall while I took care of my own business.

After lunch the little boys went back to building sand castles until it was safe to go swimming again after eating.  When it was time to go home, Mrs. Linton called the boys.  My brother came back but the other two wanted to continue with their sand construction.  After a couple more calls she went and dragged them back to the blanket by their ears.

They must have known what was coming and they pleaded: "Please don't spank me, Mommy."  I almost laughed at Jimmy using such a babyish word.  Of course, their begging did not do any good for just seconds later, Jimmy was over her lap getting his comeuppance.  She did not have to waste any time taking his pants down as he was already naked.  She used her hand for a dozen spanks and then switched to a flip-flop.  He was soon bawling like a well-spanked little boy should.

"Should I deal with Kip?" I asked hopefully soon after she started for I love spanking boys.

I was delighted when she said "Please do, Jena." so I pulled him over my lap and copied what his Mother was doing to his big brother.  It was a delight turning his little bottom red.  I mostly used my hand but gave him a few spanks with a flip-flop so that his mother would be satisfied because I thought the real naughty boy was his brother.  Both boys were most contrite after that.  Several other kids watched but when we stopped Mrs. Linton shooed them away.

We then resumed getting going and we all had stuff to carry.  Mrs. Linton went to the car and asked me to help wash off the boys.  I was delighted and did Teddy first.  I was very gentle and made sure to use lots of water so that the sand would not scratch.  I was very thorough starting with his hair and getting down to his toes letting my hands touch him everywhere.  I sent him to the car with the stuff he had to carry and immediately started on Kip.  He quickly got over that I had spanked him for he was enjoying it.  He even thanked me for being so gentle and said it felt very nice.

Of course, Jimmy wanted to do himself but there was only one shower available so he had to wait his turn.  Jimmy actually surprised me when I started to help him to wash.  Apparently after the day as a little boy and being spanked he was as docile and accepting of my hands on his body as was his little brother and got the same TLC treatment.  Then we carried the rest of the stuff back to the car.

Mrs. Linton had forgotten to extract the boys' shorts so they were buried in the trunk so they had to ride home naked.  Kip and Teddy were already sitting in the car and Jimmy just got in when told his shorts were packed without a fuss.

We stopped at a drive-in near the beach to get dinner.  Mrs. Linton ordered at the takeout window and parked.  "Get a table while I get the food." she said.  I saw that there were several naked boys at the tables.  When Jimmy hesitated, she asked if he would rather eat standing after another spanking.  That shut him up.  Only some giggling little girls gave us more than a glance but Jimmy was terribly worried that someone would recognize him.

Jimmy was certainly a changed boy after just a day naked on the beach.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a week later when Mrs. Linton explained to me that she had been keeping the boys naked in the house and yard since they returned from the beach and they have been well-behaved.  She thinks that they actually like it although she doubted that they would admit it.  She wanted me to put her theories to the test.

Luckily there was another very hot day so I put on my swim suit and with a naked Teddy went to the Linton's house as she asked me to do.  The boys were playing in the sprinklers and we joined them.  We exchanged greetings just like we had in the past even though they were both naked.  Neither of them tried to cover up which supported their mother's theory.  A little later over a snack, Mrs. Linton explained to her boys that she was considering me as their new sitter.

Not surprisingly, Jimmy objected saying he was too old for a sitter.  He surely was astonished when his mother agreed and explained that I would be sitting Kip and she wanted their opinions.  Kip liked the idea because I treated him very well that day on the beach.  I told him that when the boys I sit don't behave well, that I deal with it right away with a spanking just like I did on the beach but only after the boy has refused to obey repeatedly.  "I think she'll be OK, Mom." he said.

Then she went back to dealing with her other son.  "Jimmy, Jena will be sitting Kip not you however she will be in charge of you also.  If you do what you should – homework, chores, bathe, observing your bedtime and whatever – then she will leave you alone.  But if you don't, and behave like an irresponsible little boy then she is empowered to act just like I would include spanking you."

"But she is younger than I.  That's not right." he protested.

"But she is far more mature.  If you want someone older, then we can continue with Brigette who is sixteen and you will be sat just like your brother.  Which will it be, son?"  Even I knew how they complained about her especially her tenancy to spank when the wind blew.

Jimmy realized that I was the better option.  "OK, Jimmy, remember if you don't do what you should, then I'll spank you just like I'll spank Kip and on your bare bottom." I reminded him.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next few weeks I sat the two naked boys a dozen times.  Things were quite routine.  Kip had mixed feelings based on how he acted.  Although I love to bathe boys, it is not any fun if they resist so I let Kip decide if I should bathe him or not.  Since I do it gently and with lots of TLC the boy enjoys it.  I'm very careful not to get sexual but let the boy dictate how I should wash his junk.  I've had a few 'complain' that I skipped doing that and insist I wash them throughly hoping for an orgasm.  That is lots of fun for both of us.

Fun for me but certainly not for the boy when he is naughty.  Kip managed to be naughty during the third time.  He tried to talk his way out of the spanking but that was a hopeless cause.  I told him to fetch the spanking implement but let him chose it.  His first pick was my hand but I said that was just to start with and to get something else.

A few minutes later, he got across my lap and with a very sad look handed me a big wooden spoon.  I started with my hand and turned his bottom nice and pink.  That is always a joy and then I got serious with the spoon.  That first whack generated a howl and a dozen later he was bawling.  I stopped soon after and held him as he cried until he composed himself.

He was well trained by his mom and apologized and promised to be good.  And he was for a few weeks.

Inside I was delighted when Jimmy messed up and earned himself a spanking while outside I showed proper anger and disappointment of his errant behavior.  As I scolded him while he was standing naked in front of me, he looked so young because he was short and a late bloomer.  He was extremely embarrassed and blushing because we all knew his real age (and mine) unlike at the beach where people assumed he was much younger.

When I finished, he apologized for his misbehavior and promised it wouldn't happen again and therefore spanking him was quite unnecessary.  "A spanking will help you to remember that, Jimmy.  Now go and fetch the hairbrush without anymore delay."

Since he was about my size, I sat on a regular chair and got him over my lap just like his mother did with him so he would feel like a little boy.  I got a good grip on his waist and patted his little boy bottom before giving him a dozen hard spanks turning his tail deep pink.  That gave me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling even before I switched to the hairbrush.  The brush was most effective turning his butt deep red and making him howl and then cry.  I even parked him in the corner so he could contemplate his poor choice.

I had to wonder what Kip was thinking as he watched me spank his big brother to tears.  His little cock was super hard and pointing straight up which I've been told indicates power and dominance.  I think that it's likely that he would like to have been doing what I was doing to his shrimp of a brother.

I had no need to tell his mother which would have violated the 'spanking clears the slate' concept.  However, I was certain that she would see his still red tail at breakfast and he would have to explain.

It has really been a great start to the summer with Jimmy almost civilized rather than an obnoxious brat.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 28, 2019

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