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Nephews' Spankings


My oldest nephew is, as they say, a strapping lad.  Although he is but fourteen, he is strong, big at ​five foot ten​ (​178 cm​) and still growing.  Already the East High School soccer coach has promised him a place on the team.  Puberty hit a couple of years ago and he was tough enough to tame it.  I'm not sure if he has leadership talent but he is surely bossy.  Ken definitely likes to boss me around even though I'm his uncle.  The problem is that he is already bigger than I am even though I'm three years older.  What he does not know is that I like his being that way.  I'm not really sure why but it turns me on in a way that does not happen when my Dad, Uncle and teachers are bossy.

One Wednesday my brother called me.  He had to go on a business trip and asked if I could take my nephews to the game in his stead on Friday evening?  I readily agreed for it is fun to be with them.  Rob is Ken's younger brother by three years, who imitates his big brother in every way he can.

On Friday, I put some extra clothes in my backpack and when school let out I took the school bus that goes to my Uncle's house rather than my usual bus.  I would have dinner with them before the game and we would take the city bus to and from the stadium.  Since I couldn't get decent connections to go back home that late I would stay over.

Ken was a very loyal fan of the Sharks and was certain that they would win.  I disagreed since I supported the other team, the Falcons.  We got very noisy about this at dinner and my sister-in-law made us change topics.  But on the bus to the stadium we continued the argument.  Finally, Ken said he wanted to bet but I told him he did not have anything to bet (not that I had anything either).  That silenced him for only a few seconds.  "I've got my ass.  I'll bet my ass then!"  It was my time to be flummoxed for I thought of very adult activities.  "Ten spanks for each point difference." he explained.  "Are you man enough to get over my lap and get spanked by MY hand on the bare, Uncle Adrian?"

Since I did not answer immediately, his brother chimed in.  "Cluck, Cluck" snickered Rob.  "Don't be chicken, Unc."© YLeeCoyote

I was trapped.  I would lose all respect if I refused.  "OK.  But it will be you getting over my lap."  He put out his hand and we shook to seal the deal.  One thing was certain: Rob was going to see a spanking in the morning.

It was a really good game.  The Sharks scored early in the first half much to Ken's joy.  I just told him that there was a long way to go.  Just before half time, the Falcons evened the score so it was 1-1.  It was then my turn to tease Ken.  But twenty-eight minutes into the second half disaster struck.  The star Falcon player got a red card.  Ken was delighted with good reason because, with one player short, the Falcons were doomed.  It was all downhill from there.  The Falcons played hard but the Sharks scored and then a minute later scored again making it 3-1.  "They'll never catch up now." chortled Ken, "Your ass is mine, Unc."  He was right, the Falcons almost scored again but the goalie stopped it and threw the ball far down the field.  The clock ran out and the game was over.  The Falcons had drowned.  If not for that foul, they probably would have won considering how they only gave up two goals when a man short.

The boys were positively jubilant.  "Uncle Adrian is going to get spanked.  Uncle Adrian is going to get spanked." chanted Rob over and over.  Even Ken felt Rob was going on too much about it and told him to stop.  But Ken did not miss his opportunity to taunt me on the ride home and suggested that I enjoy my sleep tonight because tomorrow it would not be so comfortable.

* * * * * * * * * *

They burst into the guest room in the morning after their mother had gone off with their little sister and we were alone in the house.  I was half asleep so they woke me up.  "Mom's gone so it's time for your spanking, Uncle Adrian." said Ken unusually respectfully.

"I gotta pee." I said after sitting up.  I went to the john and yanked my briefs down under my balls.  Even though I had closed the door, suddenly they were right next to me.

"Me too." chimed Rob and Ken was already unbuttoning his shorts.  I really could not chase them away with my hose already out and just starting to pee.  Ken immediately joined me with his still boyish pee-pee through his pj's fly.  Rob was much more open.  He was proud of his manly development which showed as his shorts slipped down a bit as he was going commando.  He had at least four inches soft and a thicket for a bush which was much more than I had.  I'm sure I blushed when Rob commented on how his brother had more manhood than I.  Ken shushed him but it was true and we all knew it.  Ken managed to hit my stream and deflect it.

"Here I beat you in yellow sword play; next I'm going to beat your butt."  He laughed about winning the dual and the bet.

Back in the guest room he sat on the bed and patted his lap.  "Time to pay up, Unc."  I did not immediately jump so he added: "Looking for a way to weasel out?"

"No.  I'm not going to welsh out."  I knew that they would never respect me if I did and might even tell their father who was fully capable of pulling me over his lap to enforce the payment of the bet.  I walked over to Ken with my heart racing with excitement.

"Those will have to go.  They did not lose the bet; your sorry ass lost."  Laughing, he grabbed the waist band of my briefs and yanked them down.  Since he grabbed them in the front, they did not snag on my half hard rod.  In just a couple of seconds they flew past my thighs and to below my knees so my ass, the target, was fully exposed.  Of course, he got a better look at my equipment and again saw that it was smaller than his.

"My Sharks WON by two points so you get TWO sets of TEN SPANKS." he said as he rubbed my ass checks.

I was not really prepared for the force of the first spank.  He hit hard.  Not as hard as I recalled my father had years earlier but hard enough for me to know I was being spanked by a well-muscled young man.  I certainly made some noise and Rob giggled.

"Count them, Rob." Ken said.

"One spank."

The second one was just as hard on the other check.  He then alternated as Rob counted.  "Two spanks,…, ten spanks."

"That's round one."  He rubbed my hot tail some more while he paused before the second set.  I was terribly excited that he was spanking me ever so well.  "Ready for the second set, Unc?"  I nodded.

Once again the boys surprised me for Rob stepped closer and delivered the next eight spanks.  Naturally, they were not as hard as his big brother's but he was having fun.  I guess they must have worked this out before because he then stepped back without being told.  Ken gave me the last two and they were very hard indeed.  I hoped he had not noticed that I was hard all through the spanking and extremely hard at the end.

"That's it, Adrian.  Your debt is paid in full.  And you're a good sport."  As he helped me up, he sent Rob off to shower and dress.  Then, when we were alone, he gave my hard cock a squeeze and he surely also noticed that I was leaking pre-cum just as I noticed how his shorts bulged now.  "It's obvious that you really liked this, Adrian.  Next time I'll make you cum.  That's a promise."  Grinning, he left to shower and dress.  Somewhat startled by the brashness of my bossy nephew, I headed for the shower where I spent some time relieving the internal pressures and wondering about how worldly Ken was.

Things were different when we got together for breakfast.  Ken was nicer now that he did not feel the need to prove that he was better than I.  I'm sure he thought that having spanked me and realizing that I liked being submissive to him, he had already proven it.  Rob was very happy at having seen his brother spank me and actually delivering some of the spanks himself.  When he kept going at it, Ken got very stern with him and explained that this was our private affair and essentially a secret that was not to be talked about to anyone.  Additionally, some people – like Dad – might not like it and that could have unpleasant consequences.  Rob promised to be quiet about it and not even tell his best buddy.

We played some video games and Ken was really good at them.  He crushed me every game even the ones I had played a lot.  After lunch, my sister-in-law drove me home.  When I checked my email, I found that they had both sent nice thank you notes for taking then to the game which they otherwise would have missed.  I, in turn, wrote my brother a thank you note as I had enjoyed both the game and his sons' company.  I mentioned that they had remembered their manners.  Of course, I did not mention either the bet nor the consequences.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was very late when Ken IM'ed me.  After a few trivial exchanges, he got to the point.  adrain   i think that our relationship has changed for the better   everything is much clearer now   im certain that you agree

guess  I responded for he would know that a 'no' was a lie.

next time will be a lot more fun - especially without rob around.

suppose  My heart started racing again.  What was he planning?  I was afraid to ask now that he knew that I liked him being in charge.

its time for little boys like you to go to bed
so turn off the puter and get to bed boy
we'll talk more tomorrow

A chill ran down my spine at his direct order.  Something compelled me to obey, immediately and without question.  Dutifully, I keyed:  thank you   bibi

I shutdown my computer, turned out the light and got into bed.  I had a lot to think about.  It felt good to rub my tail where Ken had spanked me.  Then I turned my attention to a hard, throbbing need while thinking about being over Ken's lap and his promise.  I found release very quickly and slipped into sleep with images of a large, powerful Ken in my mind.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 28, 2008

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