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The following story is fiction about a very dominant young lady and older man.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving, femdom and role reversal.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The dominant young lady
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Never Cross Heather


Man and Heather's brother talking.

"Heather knows what you did.  You had best own up – pronto."

"Maybe she won't care."

"Of course she will care.  My sister is very strict and nothing gets by her.  Unfortunately I know it all to well."

"You really think it will help?"© YLeeCoyote

"The odds are against you but it's your ONLY chance to minimize your punishment."

"But she's only a teen.  I'm twice her age."

"Age does not matter to her.  She believes that females should rule.  Beside Mother will support her and you don't have any other options since you can't move."

"But it's not right."

"She thinks, no, make that KNOWS it is right and she definitely has the winning hand.  If you don't own up, you will surely feel her full wrath and you best be very respectful doing it.  To be totally frank I think that you probably will feel it anyway but it's your only hope."

"I don't know about this."

"There isn't anything more I can say.  You have to decide, Uncle."

A Couple of Hours Later.

"Ms. Heather, I have been a naughty little boy."

"Yes, you have boy."

"I'm sorry that I have been naughty."

"I'm glad to hear that, boy."

"I know that I should be punished, Ms. Heather."

"Most certainly, boy.  How are naughty little boys punished?"

"They are spanked, Ms. Heather."

"How are they spanked, boy?"

"On their bare bottom, Ms. Heather."

"Spankings are always on the bare bottom, boy.  What are they wearing?"

"Just their birthday suits, Ms. Heather."

"Kick off your sneakers, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

"Raise your arms, boy, so I can remove your T-shirt."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

"Put your hands on your head, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

She opens the boy's belt and then unbuttons and unzips his pants.  "Now these come off, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

"Lift your foot."  <pause>  "Now the other one."

She places her thumbs in the waistband of his underpants and pushes them to his ankles.  Again she orders: "Lift your foot."

"Put your hands to your sides.  You do not have anything to hide.  Now you are properly dressed in your birthday suit for your spanking, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

"Bring me the hairbrush, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

"Over my lap, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

She spanks the boy good and hard turning his bare bottom fiery red and sending great waves of pain through his body with each spank.  Soon the boy is crying uncontrollably.

She stops spanking and lifts up the boy.  She holds him as he continues to cry.  Slowly he regains a semblance of self-control and mumbles: "I'm sorry." and "I promise I'll be good." over and over like a seven-year-old.

"Thank you Ms. Heather for punishing me as I deserved."  (He is hoping that she will tell him to get dressed.)

"Put the hairbrush away and go stand in the corner, boy.  Think about the price of misbehavior."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

Fifteen minutes later.

"Come here, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

"You are a naughty little boy and not deserving of having grown up hair."  The boy shudders as he hears the hair clipper turned on which he did not expect and Ms. Heather grabs his pee-pee.  With a few passes of the clippers his big bush that he is, er was so proud of is reduced to just stubble.  "Lie on the bed, boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather."

A little shaving cream and a few minutes with a razor enables Ms. Heather to remove the stubble so that the boy is as smooth as a preschooler.  "You may go boy."

"Yes, Ms. Heather.  Thank you for punishing me." he says as he quickly scampers away most thankful that Ms. Heather did not put him in a diaper.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 16, 2014

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