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The following story is fiction about body modification by a drug.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story was inspired the drawing by おうむがに (The Parrot) entitled お客様からの喜びの声 (Voice of joy from our customers) at  (Note that free registration is required to browse Pixiv.)  It is done as a advertisement about the effect of an imaginary drug 幼茎丸 (Yòu jīng wán which literally translates as "baby-dick pills"), the Japanese equivalent of Phalliminate defined by Chirenon, which causes the male organ to shrink to a nub.  The drawing shows the before (right) and after (left) of just a month's use.  The happy customer is portrayed as Mephistopheles who is holding the boy.  The important caption is "From 20 cm to 2 cm in just a month!" on the left side.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Never Laugh at the Big Boss


It was before I was sixteen that I knew that I was an extraordinary stud.  I had a great physique with well shaped and toned muscles.  I was movie star drop dead handsome.  But most important of all I had super cock.  It was a full ​eight inches​ (​twenty cm​) of rock hard, tireless fuck meat.  I was in demand.  I had lots of satisfied clients of all ages and both sexes.  I had lots of cash also.

I was noticed by the local honcho.  I was recruited before I was eighteen.  "You shouldn't be working the street like a common hustler, but need some class." they told me.  It also paid better.  They set me up with a nice apartment and lots of clients.  At first everything was super.  Life was easier and the money much, much better.  True I didn't see a lot of it because there were costs and fees that I had to pay.  Still it was better and definitely good and my wallet was fat.  Life was great.

Slowly things began to change.  They certainly kept me busy ramming my fuck tool into lots of hot holes just as I had when I was solo at the start.  But they wanted more.  They wanted me to bottom sometime but for clients and others studs.

I objected.  I refused.  They warned me and then they punished me.  One terrible morning these two gorillas showed up in my apartment and let themselves in.  They were strong and they manhandled me with ease.  A few yanks and I was naked with my clothes in tatters.  I admit that I was shaking like a wimp being tormented by a couple of big bullies.  In short order I was flipped over the end of my couch with my ass up in the air.  They had a prison strap and beat my ass raw with it.  I was screaming in pain after a couple of cuts, albeit muffled by the gag that they had stuffed into my mouth.

Later I saw that I was black and blue.  I hurt for more than a week.  I could hardly move about for the pain was so bad.  I had a visitor.  He told me that he had come to teach me how to be a good bottom.  He had the perfect answer to my reluctance – "I can arrange for another visit from my big friends."  This instantly changed my mind and I set about to learn how to properly suck cock and get fucked.  The next day I got a lesson in muff diving.© YLeeCoyote

The message was very clear.  I had better do the jobs they wanted me to do or I would hurt badly for some time.  Friends and acquaintances mentioned some of the nastier things that had supposedly happed to others that tried to cross the Big Bosses, several of whom had committed suicide after being, er, modified.  Actually, most of the time I was happy with my work for I was wanted as a top.  It was a year latter that I complained about an assignment.  They seem to let it side.

* * * * * * * * * *

Then I got a what I thought was the greatest assignment.  It was to go on to private island for six weeks.  I quickly found out that it was not what I expected.  Sure there was lots of sex demanded which was fine although I was expected to be bottom most of the time.  Akuma was the problem.  He owned the place and had not acquired his street name (Diablo to you Westerners) for nothing.  I had met him before and we did not like each other from the start.  Why he wanted me I did not understand.  Several times a week he required that I bend over for him while he took me roughly.  I had to pleasure him orally first each time.

I tried to decline but quickly learnt that he did not take no for an answer.  He may have been fifty but he was still strong from the time he actually worked the streets.  A slap across my face sent me sprawling.  He easily picked me up and tossed me on the bed and then took a paddle to my exposed butt.  After a few painful WHACKS I was begging him to fuck me.  It was a great relief when he roughly rammed into me even though I screamed.  After that I was required to beg him to honor a lowly sissy boy with the favor of his manhood.  That he was barely average sized made it ludicrous.  I tried to think of the money I would be paid after this was over.

After Akuma had finished with me I always went to jerk off since I was left horny.  I was soon prevented from doing that for they strapped a steel cage over my pride and joy and locked it on.  My cock and balls were caged and I could not touch them nor could I get hard.  I could pee through the holes.  My questions went unanswered except that it was Akuma's wish.  To make thing worse, they insisted that I keep taking the 'horny' pills.  "Akuma wishes you to enjoy his fucking you and they will help." they insisted.  They watched carefully to be certain that I swallowed every pill that they gave me.

After a couple of weeks, I got used to the pattern of submitting to Akuma.  Several times I even came close to cumming from his fucking but never quite.  I was perpetually horny since I couldn't reach my cock to play with it and certainly not let it rear up its proud head.  I even imagined that it was withering away locked up in that cruel cage like an innocent man unjustly locked up in prison.  I even had nightmares that it was true.  Of course, it was just some distortion due to the cage since there was not any room for it to get hard.

The cage had been on for four weeks when I was submitting to Akuma once again.  This time he used the key and unlocked it.  It fell to the floor and I looked at my junk.  I was horrified.  It had wasted away to a baby dick of a mere ​three quarters of an inch​ (​two cm​) and even my pubes were gone.  I screamed from the shock with tears dripping from my eyes while Akuma was holding me from behind and driving his little spike into my butt.  It was a while before I realized that his little spike was five times the size of my pitiful and useless nub.

It was then that I learnt the truth.  Those 'horny' pills were really Baby-Dick Pills which made a guy's junk irreversibly shrink back down to baby size.  Never again would any one – boy or girl – look at me and desire my cock for it was permanently like a baby's.

"Why have you done this to me?" I asked.

Akuma just laughed.  "Because you laughed at me the first time.  Now and forever you will be laughed at.  Never again will you be able to stick your little pee-pee into anyone or anything." and he laughed a lot more.

Many on the island decided that I was public property and took advantage of me.  I resisted a bit a first but a few spanks reduced me to a blubbering child and I submitted.

When I got back home, I found that I no longer had that plush apartment.  When word of my shrunken endowment got around, I was ridiculed by one and all exactly as Akuma had predicted.  I became a low level street rent boy without any status nor prospects scorned by all.

Life is hell!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 10, 2013

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