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The following story is fiction about an adult who would be a boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex in role play situations.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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A New Home and Family for Benny


Benny was a shrimp; a runt to be sure.  He could have blended in with a group of high school freshmen and even been thought the youngest because he looked so young and was so short.  Several times he had tried to grow a beard or even just a mustache but his facial hair was so wan that it was counter productive as it definitely made him look like a boy trying to look older.  If he had lived a century earlier he would have made the perfect office boy never growing out of the job either physically or mentally.  In these more modern times he was just right to be a delivery boy since he could work when school was in session and past the state curfew for juveniles.  Benny resided in a small, dark dismal rented room down near the old mill where he spent much of his non-working time with Pinocchio-like dreams.

Mr. Evan Riddle found boys just on the cusp of puberty most alluring.  He admired the seemingly endless parade of them that he saw in public – at the beach and in the park, at the mall and near the school – as the most delightful eye candy and grist for his imagination.  Not since he himself had been a high school student two decades before had he ever so much as touched an innocent child.  He was not even sure that if one of those angels had thrown himself at him, he could have responded such was his obedience to the law that made them untouchable jail bait.  It was an entirely different matter that he had virtual orgies in his head in the privacy of his bed that would have done a troop of satyrs proud.

Evan was a widower who lived with his almost fourteen-year-old son Jake in a modest house in a nice part of town.  Evan was quite proud of his son who would soon start high school for he did well academically, athletically and socially in his middle school.  Jake was a tall, well proportioned and very handsome lad.

One night when his son was having a sleepover, Evan visited a bar for he still desired intimacy with a male.  Perhaps there would be a youthful college man also searching; one that he could pretend was even younger.  There were a couple but, alas, neither was interested in him so he continued to sip his middle shelf scotch when he saw Benny nursing his empty bottle of beer.  The attraction was mutual although he couldn't believe one so young would be served like that.

They talked and Evan learnt that Benny was actually a twenty-four-year-old although he did not look half of that.  It wasn't long before they were in Evan's house and role playing.  Evan lectured Benny as if he was his son for being a most naughty boy and going to a bar, drinking and having conned the bartender with a fake id.© YLeeCoyote

"I'm sorry, Dad.  I'll never do it again." promised Benny keeping to his role.

"I'll make sure that you wouldn't, young man.  You are getting a first class SPANKING so that you won't forget."  Then he proceeded to strip Benny completely, even preventing him from helping one tiny bit.  Evan was most pleased at the small boyish body that he was uncovering.  Consistent with Benny having little facial hair, he did not have any body hair except for small tufts in his pits and above his small pee-pee.  Evan was delighted for he could imagine that without that most vile and inappropriate hair, he could pass as a little boy.

Once Benny was naked, Evan pulled him over his lap and began to spank him.  He loved spanking boys, but his own son never earned one and he was not going to inflict one unfairly.  On the other hand, Benny certainly was an extremely naughty boy well deserving of such discipline.  It only took a few hard spanks to turn Benny's nether cheeks bright red.  He even began to sob like a real little boy.  Evan delivered a long hard spanking leaving Benny sobbing and repentant.  A long cuddle followed.

Evan took Benny to his bed and proceeded to have his way with him.  Benny was totally submissive and Evan enjoyed himself in both his holes.  Only one thing was wrong, and Evan decided unilaterally to remedy that with his razor.  A few strokes on the three small clumps of hair quickly make things right.  They happily slept together as man and catamite for the first time.  In the morning, they had sex again and then Evan re-roasted Benny's tail.  When Benny left, he did so as a well-punished boy in every respect yet happy about it.

Jake, as already mentioned, was a smart and observant lad and he had realized that his father was certainly bi if not gay.  One day, he surprised his Dad by casually noting "Dad, I don't mind if you have company even if I'm here like you do when I'm on a sleepover."  Evan was a bit surprised so Jake continued.  "It's clear when you have shared your bed for you always do extra laundry then."

"You're a rascal, Jake." replied his Dad but with a smile.  It was soon after that Benny moved in to share Evan's bed regularly.  In that regard he was sort of a stepfather to Jake for the details of the relationship were kept private.  Soon after that the fast food joint where Benny worked, went under and Benny became a live in housekeeper because he could not find another position and therefore could not afford even that minimal room he had previously rented.

Just like Jake had realized when his father had company, now he was getting frequent hints of the relationship between the two men.  The clues came in steadily, both from direct talk and overheard nocturnal activities.  This in conjunction with Jake's observing what his father looked at when they were out made a consistent picture.  Jake analyzed the situation and realized that with Benny around he did not have chores as in the past and that his father was more relaxed.  He concluded that spanking (well giving them anyway) must be good.  It certainly was not unpleasant when he and his teammates exchanged slaps on each other's butts after a good play or winning a game.

* * * * * * * * * *

All relationships encounter rough times and the one of Evan and Benny was not any exception.  The two were in the front room, alone in the house,  arguing and as it heated up, Jake quietly returned via the back door.  He was able to hear everything the two adults were yelling at each other.  Although Jake knew that the two had an asymmetrical  relationship he had not realized that it was as extreme as it was to be that of a man and boy.  The words used were very much like he had heard his friends' parents use when yelling at their kids.

As he listened, certain that he should not intrude but not realizing he should leave, he learnt the precise details of the relationship between the two men.  To his father, Benny was just a preteen boy who would remain that forever.  He immediately realized that in just a couple of months he would turn fourteen and then definitely be the 'older' of the two of them.  Jake also started to wonder about his own relationship with Benny.  Was it that of a boy and a stepfather like adult or another boy like a stepbrother who was also disciplined by his father?  This made him think about how passive Benny was not only to his father but to him in that he never told him to do stuff but always asked instead.

"Your punishment shall start with a good hard spanking." snarled his dad to Benny.  "Come here, boy."  Jake immediately decided that he had to watch this.  He had previously heard his dad spanking Benny but it was always behind their closed bedroom door so he couldn't watch without improper spying.  This was, however, in the front room and thus essentially public he told himself to justify what he was doing.  He quietly moved so that he could peek into the room.  His dad was stripping Benny rapidly and soon he was starkers.  Jake had a shock when he saw Benny's junk for it was definitely small for an adult and even hairless like that of a little boy.  Just like he had seen a couple of friends get upended over their fathers' laps, Benny was pulled over his own father's lap.  The spanking began immediately.  As the target tail was facing him as he was able to see the color changes as they happened.  Benny's butt first showed hand prints, then turned pink and finally a deep dark red.  He had yelled while being spanked and ended up sobbing like a baby.

When the spanking was finished Benny was directed to stand in the corner with his hands on his head just like in the old stories.  Jake needed a drink, so he went to the refrig, got a soda and slammed the door.  To slam the outside door now would be an attempt to deceive, i.e., lying, as he did not slam it when he came in.  If his father assumed he had just gotten in and got a drink, well … he was not trying to deceive.  He walked into the front room and exchanged greetings with his father.  Neither mentioned the glowing elephant in the corner as Jake continued to his room to get ready for dinner.

Everything was normal until it was Jake's bedtime.  Benny was directed to go to bed also, using the extra bunk in Jake's bedroom.  Jake noticed that Benny was about to say something but then rubbed his butt, thought better of it, just said good night and headed for bed.

Evan was definitely unsure of what to tell his son about the recent events.  Jake definitely had not asked any questions and had previously been most astute in his previous understanding of the relationship with Benny.  Perhaps he understood much more than was apparent on the surface.

Jake also was confused by the strange situation.  Was his father's proclamation for just this night or the long term.  If the former, then nothing was going to change while the latter bode changes.  He would have to wait and see meanwhile he told Benny to get ready for bed.  While Benny was in the shower, he stripped and started his own ablutions at the sink.  When Benny finished in the shower, he got out and was unhappy that a naked Jake was there.  Jake was delighted for he was better developed and did not have a freshly spanked red tail.

"There nothing to be uptight about.  I've seen lots of naked little boys just like you.  There nothing to be shy about, Benny.  Of course, he noticed that Benny was looking at his package complete with its ample cock and thick bush (that he was already proud of) with envy.  "I'll give you some pj's when we get back to the bedroom."

"I'll get my own."

"Best not to go to Dad's room.  He told you to sack out in my room.  Do you want another bare butt spanking?"

A few minutes later, Jake dug out some old pj's from the closet.  They were definitely for a little boy as they were covered with superhero designs.  After Benny put them on, Jake told him that he looked very cute.  Benny was not happy with what had happened.  Although it was great to be treated as a boy by Evan who was an mature, older man, it was different when his not quite fourteen-year-old son did it especially as he was flaunting his well developed and pretty mature body.

"You look very cute, Benny." said Jake with a smirk, "Too bad there isn't a drop seat to show off your glowing red bottom."  Benny said nothing but climbed up into the top bunk.  He did not sleep well worrying about his situation.  Lacking a job, he would be on the street without even a car to sleep in and there certainly weren't any prospects.  It was also disturbing that Jake knew that he had been spanked and thought of him as a boy.  He worried about what else Jake knew or suspected?

Jake had a lot of information to process.  His father's bedmate had been well spanked and exiled.  Was this a prelude to his leaving, a change in the relationship or just a bump on the road of life?  Although he was not certain about having a roommate, he knew that if Benny left he would definitely have a lot more chores to tend to.  No matter what, it was clear, Benny certainly was not an adult man but a boy who was younger than he (at least in his father's eyes).

* * * * * * * * * *

A month later it was clear what Evan had decided.  Benny was a houseboy (as in servant) and would share Jake's bedroom.  However to pay for his keep he was required to take care of all the chores in both the house and the yard, rather than going to school as would a real boy.  Of course, this delighted Jake no end since he was freed from much drudgery that his peers had to do.

On those occasions when Evan determined that Benny had not done his chores properly and on time, he would spank him even though he lusted for the body.  Since Jake already knew about these things, there was never any attempt to hide this from him and he frequently enjoyed watching these punishment spankings even imagining giving them.  Evan would sternly lecture the negligent houseboy and then slowly strip him.  Usually he would be wearing a little boys' outfit of a smallish T-shirt with a cartoon imprint and tight, elastic waistband shorts.  Foot wear was quickly removed and the other two items yanked off.  As underwear was not worn most of the time then the already naked boy would be quickly pulled over Evan's lap and spanked until his bottom was red hot and he was bawling.

A spanking early evening would be usually followed a few hours later with Benny sharing Evan's bed as a boy on the cusp of puberty and just ripe for a good rogering in his glowing tail.

Like his father, Jake had a dominant personality.  With his peers he was a leader and did not see any reason not to be the same with the preteen boy that shared his room especially since he was merely an inferior houseboy.  Benny had gotten used to the new arrangement and felt a lot like a kid brother especially when they were both naked.  As the big brother got more used to the situation he began to be more forceful in his relationship.

Like most youths, Jake had discovered the great joys of jerking off and had heard wondrous tales of other activities.  He observed that Benny tried to watch him when he was spanking the monkey and decided to press for more.  He was not subtle but direct and forceful.

One afternoon after school, he just grabbed Benny and pulled his face into his crotch where his hardon was trying to bust through his jeans.  Not surprisingly, there was little resistance from Benny and once he felt and smelt Jake's shaft he began to lick Jake's bulging jeans.  The excited youth, quickly opened his jeans and pushed down his boxers allowing his rampant shaft to spring free whacking Benny in the face.  Seconds later Benny engulfed the dripping cock in his mouth.  In a few minutes Jake was delighted with his first true blow job and Benny was savoring the after taste.  Needless to say, Jake started to have Benny service him at least daily.

A new plateau was reached one afternoon when he returned from school and found that his room had not been done while Benny was loafing in front of the TV watching some stupid sitcom.

"Benny get in here, NOW!" he bellowed.  Meekly Benny complied with the order and immediately found himself being berated for failing to do his chores.  The yelling was as withering as that from Evan and Benny felt himself shrink.

"I'll do it immediately." he whined hoping to pacify Jake.

That was too late, for Jake had already decided that some punishment was warranted first.  He grabbed the already whining Benny and pulled off his T-shirt and then yanked down his shorts.  Another quick yank and Benny was over his lap and he immediately locked him into place by placing a leg over Benny's and gripping his waist firmly.  Then he started to spank.  He spanked as hard as he could pounding, Benny's ass vigorously with his hand.  Jake was delighted with how wonderful turning Benny's butt red felt.  But there was something missing – crying.  Jake knew that a stronger measure was required.  He paused the spanking so that he could open and extract his belt from his own pants.  He folded it in half and then wrapped it about his hand so that the folded over section stuck out.

Jake resumed the spanking with the short strap and Benny immediately started to howl although he could not do anything else.  Jake was most delighted with how red stripes first appeared and then seemed to spread across the target.  Even better was that Benny was feeling them much more than those hand spanks.  Jake hadn't any doubt since Benny was howling about the pain.  Jake was delighted that he was being effective and that Benny's little boy bottom was turning bright red.

There was also a most pleasant side effect for Jake.  He got a super duper erection.  Even harder than usual for a potent fourteen-year-old.  It had several causes among which were the testosterone rush of being so very dominant, of doing the spanking, of seeing the hot red rump along with just being fourteen.  When he finished the spanking, he pushed Benny to his hands and knees and tore open his own jeans allowing his super hard cock to pop out.  He didn't waste any time before ramming it into Benny's most alluring hole in the center of his bright red rump which he fucked hard although not for long before blasting his load deep into the faux boy. «I'm not a virgin any longer!» he thought most proudly as the afterglow faded.

Later when his dad noticed that Benny had been spanked, Jake simply explained: "Little Benny neglected his chores so I spanked the naughty boy, Dad."  Evan praised him with a smile.  Jake was delighted.

* * * * * * * * * *

Don't think that Evan lost his little catamite to his son for he most certainly did not.  Evan had exiled Benny in the first place because he did not really want a regular bedmate but the special allure of an innocent cute boy being taken with a hint of rape to spice it up.  With Benny in his son's bedroom, he was more of a boy.  Additionally, some complex role playing scenarios were setup to achieve this objective such as the two that follow.  It wasn't completely clear if Benny was absolutely happy with these arrangements but he was trapped just as if he had been a real runaway boy not wanting to be returned to an abusive home or orphanage.

On a Saturday the father and son went to a remote area of the city park which was thickly wooded to explore together.  For the trip, Benny was hidden on the floor behind the front seats so that they felt they were alone.  Once they arrived, the faux boy separated from them and headed for a little clearing and settled down in an almost cave in a rock face as if he was a runaway boy.  Evan and Jake started to explore the wild area as a normal sort of father/son activity.  In due course, Jake separated from his dad and "discovered" the cold, hungry waif huddling in the cave and befriended him.

Being good citizens they, of course, generously fed the laddie and upon hearing his sad tale even took him home.  Once there, Benny was stripped and given a much needed hot bath by the generous Mr. Riddle (now in just his underwear to prevent his clothes from getting wet) who paid close attention to his cute little boy butt.  Since running away is such a very naughty thing to do, once he had dried the boy, Evan lectured him and took him over his lap for a thorough spanking.  This turn of events "surprised" Benny and he howled but it was already much too late to stop this parental like spanking.  By the time his bottom was glowing red, Benny was bawling and anxious to be comforted.

Of course, all this excited Evan so with the lad on his lap hugging him, he let his hard rod out through his boxers and proceeded to penetrate the captive boy before he even knew that it was happening.  Soon after that, Benny begged to stay in his new and warm home with a loving father and brother.  He even insisted on sleeping with Evan as he was scared allowing for more hot and naughty sex.  After these times, Jake always did his best to catch up with both missed spankings and the "protein" deposits he loved making into Benny.

After playing this game a few times, they got more daring moving to the mall.  There they started in the video arcade where a broke and lonely Benny was hanging out watching the other guys play games.  Of course, he was ignored until Jake generously flipped him a token.  "Pick a game, kid."

"Gee, thanks, man."

Then after playing a few, they went off to the food court where they met Dad.  First they solved Benny's immediate problem of being ravenous by getting Benny some food and then Evan lead both boys away.  A side door provided a quick way to the deserted loading dock where Benny found himself being lectured for risking terrible things that happen to helpless laddies because of wicked, evil men.

A scared Benny tried to flee but it was too late.  Here away from the prying eyes of the public, he lost his pants and got a long hard spanking turning his butt into two glowing stop lights.  But those stop lights don't stop Evan.  Au contraire, the view was most exciting and Evan quickly bent him over some boxes and fucked him hard.  Jake was not denied either for he face fucked Benny as the most pleasurable way to keep him quiet noting: "Dad, this is really fun."  None of them noticed that Benny made a mess as Evan pounded way at his love nut to cum in his poop chute.

Once the fun was over they return home, father and son having grown closer for their shared quality time screwing Benny.  Even Benny was happy knowing that he was wanted and had a home as boy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 30, 2012

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