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Nightmare Spankings


After Merit Badge in Babysitting was published, a correspondent told me of a dream – actually more of a nightmare – he had about that sort of event.  Dreams are not always rational sequences of events but often contain inconsistencies and conflicts.  Since they are not real that is allowed and should not be questioned.  This is such a story in part inspired by that dream.

* * * * * * * * * *

My life is not like those of my friends because my mother is weird.  Stop yelling that I’m being disrespectful until you hear my story.  I’m halfway through high school (doing well, thank you very much) but Mother treats me like I was in the fourth grade all the time.  When I get home from school I have to change into my ‘play clothes’.  After hanging up my school clothes, I have to put on a T-shirt and short shorts.  I keep my briefs and socks on but without shoes in the house.  If she is not home after school or Dad takes her out, she gets a babysitter for me.  To make it even worse, it is always an uppity teen girl who has the authority to spank me.  They all manage to find reasons to do so no matter how I behave.

That permission follows because she finds reasons to spank me at least once a week even though spanking has been rated as abuse, ineffective and teaches the wrong lessons.  “It was good enough for my mother and her mother and hers.” she tells me implying all the way back to Eve.  Dad won’t do anything about it even though I doubt that he approves.  I suppose that is because I’ve heard her spanking him in the middle of the night when the house is very quiet and I’m supposed to be asleep.

Anyway I got home from school this day in my dream (er, nightmare) and after changing I went for my after school snack.  As I sat down I heard “Your regular babysitter can’t make it tomorrow, Snookums.  Judy will be here after dinner so you can meet her and Mommy can show her where everything is.”© YLeeCoyote

How thrilling!  I desperately wanted to say that I don’t need a babysitter and to stop treating me like a baby but I just munched on my apple for that sort of remark always gets me a very hot red bottom.  “Yes, Mother.” I replied dutifully.

After dinner I was called into the family room to met Judy who was an attractive young lady.  However, I already knew her for she was in some of my classes at school.  Mother insisted that girls mature earlier than boys so that the young ladies who sit me are not always older.  Judy quickly got all the info she required and only had one issue.  “Mrs. Tarlow, I’m not sure about how to spank your boy.” she said.

Mom did not even blink an eye before she responded “Let me show you.” and then called me over and started to demonstrate the method.  “Just make naughty Timothy stand in front of you and scold him for whatever misdeed.  It’s best if his hands are on his head.”  She paused and snapped her fingers saying “Hands.”

She had trained me well for I instantly put my hands on my head and felt extremely vulnerable.  “Next you open his belt if he has one and then his pants like this.” she said demonstrating.  “Then just yank his pants all the way down and do the same with his briefs.”  Before I realized it, I was half naked before Judy and she could see my boy stuff.  Embarrassing.  Unfortunately, there is not much to see since I’m a late bloomer with a lot of growing to do so I’m still very boyish but see she did.  Even more embarrassing.

“I guess next is getting him over my lap.” she said showing her brilliance.

“Yes, Judy.  You just glide the naughty boy over your lap with a gentle pull of his arm.  He knows if he resists that there will be extras so he has learnt to cooperate.  Then get a good grip on his waist with your left hand and give his naughty bottom a few spanks with your right hand like this.”

And, of course, Mother demonstrated with a few hard spanks.

“I can see your handprint on his bottom, Ma’am.  Amazing.”

“Of course, you will hurt your hand if you spank just with your hand so then you switch to the hairbrush.”

“Oh, just like in the stories.”

“Right.”  Then I felt that big, heavy hairbrush whacking my bottom as hard as ever.  Mother only gave me three hard ones on each check.  I was on the verge of tears but fortunately she stopped.  “Into the corner, boy.” she ordered.  I immediately got up and hobbled into the corner.  Of course, my hands went right back to the top of my head.

After a few minutes Mother called me from the corner.  I was happy to pull up my pants and figured the horrors were over for the day.  I was terribly wrong for Mother told Judy to try it.

Judy was enthusiastic for straightaway she called me to stand in front of her.  She told me that I was a bad boy and that I was going to get spanked.  Immediately she reached for the button on my shorts.  Only by holding on to the sides of my shorts could I keep from putting my hands in front of my crotch which earn extras.  Judy noticed and snapped her fingers while saying “Hands.”  I put them on top of my head as she proceeded to open my shorts and yanked then to the floor.  “Tighties-whites next.” she said unnecessarily as she yanked them down.  Now she was staring directly at my junk.

Strangely, it was somewhat of a relief that she pulled me over her lap so I was not so exposed.  But it was a very short relief for she started to spank immediately after caressing my butt.  She was most enthusiastic and even more so once she switched to the big, heavy hairbrush.  She whacked my innocent bottom very hard and this time I sobbed.  Fortunately, she stopped after just a few whacks and exiled me to the corner.  Judy was a terribly fast learner.  I already knew that I did not want a spanking from her.

They talked a few minutes and then Judy called me from the corner.  I thought it was all over but it was not.  When I turned around after pulling up my shorts, it was not just Mother, Judy and I in the room for there was also a whole bevy of girls anxious to learn to spank a boy.  “OK, Kira, it is your turn.” said Mother.

Kira summoned me and began to lecture me for being a naughty little boy.  And then my shorts and briefs were down once again and I was being spanked with hand and hairbrush.  This time I was crying when I was sent to the corner.  Now I worried about how many more girls would take my pants down and spank me this day.

I can’t tell you because I soon lost track of how many girls were part of horde that was there to learn to spank with me as the practice spank boy.  It soon all blended together as one great big horror.  Mother showed Judy out and I was sent to bed.

It was when I was laying prone that I thought about what had happened.  I was sure that Judy was real but I was not positive about any of the others.  Were they real or just fantasies?  As I pondered about it, three of the spankers stood out in my mind.  First, and foremost, was Judy who was certainly real as she was scheduled to sit me tomorrow.  Would she be mean and find a reason to spank me even if I was good?  I could see some good in today exercise as there wouldn’t be that extra horrid first spanking since that already happened.

Second was Shari because she was the youngest.  I was sure she was under eleven but she was probably the most enthusiastic spanker of them all.  She hit very hard so it was fortunately that she was still small.  I pity any boy she sits and decides to spank.  He would be crying very quickly.

Third was Henry.  Yes, a boy who was younger than I.  He was the most efficient of them all taking my pants down the fastest.  He did not waste any time with hand spanks but went directly to the hairbrush and spanked hard and furiously.  He got me bawling which none of the others had.  “I need to get a proper paddle not a woman’s brush.” he mumbled as he banished me to the corner.  He also remembered to thank Mother for the lesson.

I did not sleep well that night due both to the pain in my bottom and my dreaming of more and more spankings.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next evening just before my folks were about to go out the doorbell rang.  “Get that, Timothy, it must be your babysitter.” yelled Mother as she and Dad came down the stairs.

When I opened the door it was Henry.  “Hello Timmy.” he said arrogantly.  “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Tarlow.  My sister is caught on the other side of the stuck bridge so I’m filling in for her so you can enjoy your evening out exactly as planned.” he continued.

Mother started to wonder but Dad wanted to get going.  “Come Dear, I’m sure that Henry is as responsible as his sister and we must hurry so we’re not late.”  A minute later they were gone and I was alone with a younger boy as my babysitter.

I closed the door.  Henry hung up his blazer, picked up the information sheet Mother prepared and headed for the family room.  It was only when he put it on the coffee table that I noticed he had brought something.  “What’s that thing?” I asked.

“Oh.  That’s a proper paddle for a naughty boy.  It’s been in our attic forever and I even played with it as a kid.  I do not want to use a hairbrush like mothers do.  I hope that you will be a good boy for me this evening.” he said with a great big evil grin.

I looked at the thing.  It was about ​a foot long, three inches wide and three-eights of inches thick​ (​thirty cm long, eight cm wide and a cm thick​) and made of wood.  I could not tell if it would hurt more than Mother’s hairbrush just by looking and did not really want to find out.

We were watching a movie and everything was going well until he said “It is your bedtime, boy.”  I pleaded that I wanted to see the end of the movie but Henry wouldn’t be reasonable.  He told me again but I insisted and that was a big mistake.  It was a very big mistake.

“Timmy come here.  You are getting a spanking for disobedience.” he was pointing at a spot on the floor.  When I hesitated, he barked “NOW, BOY!”  Scared I jumped to obey like he was Mother.  He snapped his fingers and said “HANDS.” and my hands flew to the top of my head by themselves.  My shorts and briefs were at the floor in an instant and he made me step out of them.  I don’t understand how it happened but Henry was definitely in complete control.  He did not pull me over his lap but over the end of the couch.  I quickly found out why.

Henry held me down with one hand on my lower back and whacked me good and hard with his paddle.  I yelled and he whacked me again and again.  I think that by the seventh or eighth hard and painful whack I was bawling and now I knew that the paddle hurt more than the hairbrush.  Eventually he stopped paddling me and put me in the corner to think and cry.

When he said to brush my teeth, pee and get to bed, I ran to obey.  I cried myself to sleep with my bottom throbbing painfully.  Mother was disappointed with me in the morning although she was pleased at how red my botty still was from Henry’s spanking.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 26, 2021

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