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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of parental spanking of teenaged boys.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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"GET UP TO YOUR ROOM AND WAIT FOR ME!  BOTH OF YOU." was the order given by his dad.  Max knew that there was one and only one acceptable thing to do – obey quickly and in total silence.

Larry, his visiting cousin, did not know his uncle's rules; the very strict rules and started to talk.  "Quiet, Larry." Max snarled at his year-older cousin.  "Dad means NOW."  He grabbed his cousin's hand and pulled him to the stairs.

"Maxwell, teach Lawrence the rules."

"Yes, Father." he answered softly and respectfully.  This was most certainly not the time to behave any other way.  The two boys made their way up the stairs and the man sat down in his den to cool off before doing what had to be done.

The house was eerily quiet as soon as the stairs stopped creaking after the two dashed up.  The man sat for some time before he was ready to deal with two very naughty boys.© YLeeCoyote

Larry was somewhat confused.  Certainly he knew that they should not have being playing ball in the front yard and batting the ball through the upstairs window was certainly bad thing.  He even understood his uncle's justifiable anger but his cousin's behavior was strange.  As soon as Max closed the door he started to ask questions.  He got answers, but not exactly in response to any particular question.

"Dad is furious at us and he's right.  He told us not to play ball in the front yard many times."  Larry looked at his cousin wanting more information.  "He going to punish us."

"No kidding, Sherlock!" snapped the visitor.  Larry was staying there for a two-week visit.  "So he grounds us for a few days.  We can play games and surf.  So what?  There's not anything to do here anyway."

"That's how your dad does it, Larry, but not how my dad does.  We're going to get spanked; spanked hard; long and hard!"

Larry's jaw dropped.  He had not been spanked since he was in the third grade and now he was in high school.  Max was a year younger and so still in middle school.  "Spanking is so, er, so archaic." he sputtered.

"Maybe; maybe not.  But that's how dad does it.  And there are rules to follow or it gets worse.  So you better learn the rules unless you want to do this again – tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow until you get it right.  And, believe me, you DON'T want to do that.  Understand?"

Larry, finally getting to understand that his cousin was really concerned, nodded and Max started to explain.  "We got to go downstairs in just our briefs, confess, get spanked on the bare and do some corner time before we can come back up here and dress.  Back talk is a no-no!  You will cry but it better not be until you cannot help it or you'll get extra – dad knows the difference.  Fortunately, mom and sis are out shopping."  Then without waiting for any further comment from Max started to strip.  Larry got the message and did the same.

In a couple of minutes the two were striped to their underpants.  Max, in his tightie-whities, went to his dresser and tossed a pair of briefs to Larry.  "Put these on.  It's only this year that dad allowed me to wear anything and he'll think those boxers are too much like shorts."  He could see his cousin getting ready to object so he snapped: "DO IT!  I don't want to get extra and neither do you."  The briefs were tight on his older cousin accenting his more developed maleness and high round butt.  "And you rather be wearing tightie-whities than nothing should Mom and Sis get back before Dad finishes with us."

"What does he spank with?" was the next question that Larry asked as they sat on the bed awaiting the summons.

"So far he only used his hand but he promised that he would use the strap when I'm in high school.  He puts me over his knee just like in the stories.  I don't know about you.  Maybe over his knee or bent over.  You find out soon enough.  Do what he tells you – fast and without any questions or back talk."

Soon they heard the summons from downstairs.  "Maxwell!  Lawrence!  Get your sorry butts down here, now."  The sentence was not finished before Max was on his way and Larry followed right on his heels.

There was really little to discuss.  Max had learnt that the best way was a quick and humble confession of wrong doing unless there really was something special to add.  There really could not be any excuse for batting a ball through an upstairs window.  Any additional comments would bring a longer lecture and spanking for forgetting previous lessons.

"Father, we have no excuses and should not have been playing ball in the front yard.  We deserve to be spanked." said Max in a low-key tone.  Then he pulled his briefs off, tossed them aside.  "I'm ready for my spanking, father."  He stood, unwaveringly, looking at the floor waiting for instructions.

His dad nodded and looked at his nephew "Lawrence, what do you have to say?"

"Uncle, Maxwell said it already.  We should not have been doing that at all." he paused a bit before continuing.  "May I have permission to repair the window?"  He then followed his cousin's example and tossed his briefs aside.  "I'm ready for my spanking, Uncle."

The man looked at the two boys.  He had noted how Max was being much more macho than usual as he was being observed by his older cousin.  Certainly the I'm not the baby/little kid you think I am syndrome was in effect.  Of course, Larry, a year older, had to be even more macho.  They were properly penitent so he could skip a long lecture and get away with just a brief comment.  But there was a bigger problem of how to do it.  "Lawrence, did Maxwell explain how I punish him?"

"Yes, sir.  He also said that next year you would switch to using a strap.  Since I'm a year older that is more appropriate than being over your lap."  The idea of being spanked like a little kid was most repulsive to the high school boy.

"It will hurt more, Lawrence."

"Yes, sir.  But it is more, er, dignified."

"Very well, strapped you shall be."  His uncle pulled the wide belt from his pants and doubled it over.  He gave a gentle slap to his hand and both boys realized how hard it could strike.  But Lawrence no longer had a choice unless he wanted to prove that he was a wuss to his younger cousin.  "Bend over the armchair, Lawrence."

Larry positioned himself over the well-padded arm and waited for the first cut.  He did not have to wait long.  His uncle raised the strap and brought it down hard on his naked butt.  He heard the loud SLAP of the leather belt hitting his butt and then the pain registered and reverberated in his brain.  He successfully fought the urge to yell. «I'm not a baby!» he thought.  Again and again the strap was raised and brought down hard on target.  His butt turned red and hot.  The pain was intense but Larry bit his lip to keep from yelling.  He almost cried but his eyes only watered.  He was determined to be a man – not a baby.

Then his uncle said: "That's all, Lawrence.  You may get up."  He sprang up and clutched his butt and rubbed it in the hope of driving the sting away.  "Maxwell, your turn."

Max had been watching intently.  He could see that the strap hurt more than his father's hand and that his cousin had not cried.  How could he get over his father's lap now?  His cousin would call him a sissy; a wuss; a baby!  That would never do so even as his father sat in the spanking chair, he went and bent over the armchair as Larry had done.  "I'm ready now, father."

It was immediately clear to the father what his boy was doing.  He did not want to be treated like a little boy when for the same offence his cousin had not been.  He wished that the boy had been more grown up and followed the rules earlier but he was still proud of his son.  He put the chair back in its place and picked up his belt.  Should he give him any instructions he wondered briefly.  No need, he decided as he stepped into position.  "Ready, Maxwell?"

"Yes, father."

He raised the belt and brought it down hard, just as he had on Larry a few minutes before.  He watched as the red stripe formed on the target.  Probably more rapidly than his hand print had done when he had spanked his son.  Max was fighting the need to yell as the pain reverberated through his body.  This definitely hurt more than his father's hand but he was not a baby anymore; he could take it just as well as his cousin had.  Over and over the strap seared his butt and his psyche.  He desperately wanted to scream in pain but, as he saw his cousin do, he bit his lip.  He clenched his fists.  His eyes filled with tears but he endured.  It seemed to go on forever but then he heard "That's all, Maxwell.  You may get up."  Just like Larry had, he grabbed his butt and rubbed.

"OK boys.  Stay in your room until dinner.  No toys.  Larry you may fix the window tomorrow.  Better hurry before the women get back."

"Yes, Father." and "Yes, Uncle." said the two and dashed back to their room briefs in hand.

Back in the privacy and security of their room, they examined their tails.  They were hot, red and painfully sensitive.  "You did not cry like you said.  Does a spanking hurt more?" Larry asked.

"No.  This hurt more; a hell of a lot more.  I don't know why."

"Little boys cry; men don't." said Larry trying to be macho although with more truth than he realized.  "And what happened to corner time?"

"Good question.  I don't know.  Maybe it is only part of a spanking?  Maybe because you're here?"

Meanwhile Larry was digging in his sports bag (which he used for luggage) for something.  "Eureka!" he exclaimed triumphantly holding up a tube.  "I thought that this would be here.  I use it after practice.  It's great stuff."  Max looked at him puzzled.  "Lie down and I'll put it on you; then you can do me."  Max did not know what his cousin planned but  seem so sure that he lay down on his bed.  "No, dummy, with your butt up.  You don't want this stuff on your rod."  Max turned over relieved that the weight on his hot butt was gone.  Larry squeezed some cream out of the tube and rubbed it over his cousin's red hot butt.  In answer to the question – "The guys use this after practice and games to relieve the pains.  It should do the same now."  When he was done, they changed positions and Max covered Larry's red hot tail with the Sportscreme®.

They stood and talked until it was time for dinner letting their butts cool and the cream do its job.  And it did for they were able to sit more easily than Max could usually after a spanking.  After their evening shower, they reapplied the Sportscreme® to their butts and Larry got a different tube out of his bag to use on their rods.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 21, 2006

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